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Veteran-owned company helps medical community

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Chris and Amber Cruise, co-owners of Cruise Customs Flags, have donated a total of $75,000 to two hospitals in Kentucky.
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To learn more go to sleepnumber dot com, PETE owners of a veteran owned company, Cruz Custom flags joined us back in March with patriotic way to raise money for medical workers on the lines they make american flags out of old bourbon barrels. All proceeds go to the medical community will, since March, five thousand flags have been sold. The company donated seventy thousand dollars to two hospitals in Kentucky Jedediah joining with us. An update are co, owners of Cruz Custom Flags, Army veteran Chris Cruz and his wife Amber welcome to the show Chris. Thank you for your service to our country. These flags have been enormous success. Theyre, so beautiful give us the latest update on sales. What it felt like to have them be so successful
what it felt like to make the amazing donations to front line workers at this distressing time. Yes, absolutely it has been really surreal. The way to put it America showed up in PA very big way. We were actually able to sell over five thousand flags, donate seventy five thousand or seventy thousand dollars. Thirty five thousand dollars to various hospitals here in the Louisville area- and you know we were able to do that in sixty days we got an overwhelmingly amount of orders and we were able to sell a flag, never State PETE, Amber. You were able to hire more people veterans. This improved lives of people you donated to but grown your business. It has. We were able to help veterans w the money we donated with me, like some others. On the front lines, weve been able to do amazing things with the money we created dens relaxation
space. We can go to get a mental break from this. The money has been used to feed all of us during these long hours. You know it just seems this virus isnt going anywhere. This time soon the generosity of America was leak. Chris said these flags are still available to help us give back to the front line workers. It has been amazing. Will Jed brought up the service of both of you Amber? You are on the front lines, fighting the coronavirus, im kind of new here to Fox AMP friends. From what I understand, a lot of money was raised from you, viewers who watch Fox, AMP friends daily got introduced to you tell me a little bit about that who is buying the flags who is helping the cause. When we received all the orders, we saw a lot of gift, giving it was kind of a trifecta. If you will of a gift, people were buying gifts for health care workers, one they were giving back to a
fellow health care worker thanking them for their help. Then, at the same time they were helping a veteran owned small business. Then we were able to donate so much money. So a lot of surprise gifts, believe it or not. People were giving gifts in the mail Jedediah. Thank you both Chris Amber. Thank you so much for joining us. I hate to cut you off.
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