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Veteran sounds off on flags honoring lives lost on 9/11 being removed after 20 years

2020-09-06 | 🔗
New Jersey Department of Transportation deems the flags a distraction; veteran Mark Tolley explains their importance on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Jedediah, after twenty years, an array of flags honoring the lives lost on September 11th are being removed, PETE the New Jersey Department of Transportation, allegedly calling for the removal of more than seventy flags over the wood bridge overpass on the turnpike, deeming it quote a distraction. So a group of local veterans are talking them down first for safekeeping, hoping to get them flying high again as soon as possible will mark Tully. One of those veterans is live at the overpass, with the a preview of a rally happening later today he joins us now mark I should mention, as I understand it, you were in Petes. Platoon is that right9 that is correct good morning? Will thats awesome help me understand the why I hear the New Jersey Department of Transportation, calling it a distraction
how that, after being up over a decade, theres, never been an issue before the last twenty years. Its definitely not a distraction. Pete is so whats. The ration sergeant rationale sergeant. Why now they say these flags have to come down. They claim that they received complaints that theyre unsafe theyre not secured properly theyve, given numerous reasons why they want to remove them and its a shame. They do it at this time, right before September, 11th Jedediah Mark you and others have worked so hard to maintain these flags over the years. Why is it so important to you? I served as booth knows we served together as PETE knows my familys very patriot. You can this whole community supports law enforcement veterans. The flags should be up. Will its been important. As I understand it, this flag has been there, as you pointed out since nine Slash eleven
sergeant Tully. Do we hear by the way weve reached out to them and they have not gotten back whew? Do you think theyre asking for them to come down now? I believe that theres, certain groups that are anti police, that want to defund the police and thaw made complaints. They made complaints and the authority listened to them. President, real quick, do you think its a reflection? Theyve been here for twenty years, a symbol of resilience? Is this a symbol of us sort of, sometimes forgetting? Where our freedoms come from absolutely its America, you should be able to display american flags PETE its America. You should be automobile to display american flags sergeant. Thank you so much for being here, my rsvp for next weekend. Absolutely can I say one more thing. Thank you to our military veterans, law enforcement,
firefighters, first responders, and our nations corrections officers who are often.
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