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Voters are entitled and deserve to know if Biden will reshape judiciary: McEnany

2020-10-12 | 🔗
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also weighs in President Trump’s upcoming rallies, coronavirus relief negotiations and more on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Guys, Brian thanks so much Griff Kayleigh Mcenanys been preparing for all this, as she recovers from the Covid 19 virus White House, press secretary, of course great to see you firstoff. Does it surprise you at all that the Democrats have been regularly meeting to divvy up their plans of attacking what could be Supreme Court Justice Barrett? Does that worry you? No it doesnt worry me in the slightest Democrats really exposed themselves during the Kavanaugh hearings. The two lowest points were impeachment and the Kavanaugh hearings, and here we are again they will do the same antics. They will go down the same sort of attack lines. They may not attack her character, but they certainly will attack her faith as weve seen them do before talking about the dogma within her, which is a really disgusting attack on a mother, a woman of faith and someone whos an upstanding citizen and would be a great justice Steve. You know. In the
meantime, we know that Kamala Harris will be questioning her, probably tomorrow, via zoom or however theyre going to set it up remotely Joe Biden in the meantime has been asked repeatedly about hey, listen. If you are elected president of the United States to dilute the conservative majority, would you pack the court its a simple, yes or no question, and it would have a simple yes or no answer? Does he do that watch this here? He is in Vegas Friday, Sir ive got to ask you about packing the courts, and I know that sure you said yesterday. You werent going to answer the question until after the election, but this is the number one thing that ive been asked from viewers in the past couple of days. Well, theyre, probably Republicans who dont want me continuing to talk about what theyre doing to the court right now? Well, sir dont. The voters deserve to no. They dont im not going to play this game. Hed love me to talk about ive already said something on packing. The court hed love that to be the
discussion. Instead of what hes doing now Steve, he made it very clear we dont deserve to know until after he is elected, which makes you wonder what other surprises there would be Kayleigh if you are a moderate undecided, voter Democrat or Republican youd like to know one way or the other yeah. You certainly would and youre entitled to that. This is how seriously President Trump took his promises to the american people. He put out a list with the very names of who he would put on the Supreme Court. He didnt owe that to voters, but he gave it to them because hes transparent and wanted voters to know exactly where he stands. Yes, voters deserve to know if he will reshape the judiciary, eliminate the filibuster. Voters deserve to know, and that was a really elitist remark from Joe Biden. Ainsley weve heard a lot of people say by not answering the question. They just assume he will pack the court, but he was against it in nineteen. Eighty three look at this video that we found.
President, Roosevelt clearly had the right to say to the United States, Senate and Congress, a proposal to pack the court. It was totally within his right to do that. He violated no law. He was legal, listically, absolutely correct, but it was a bonehead idea. It was a terrible, terrible mistake to make and it put in question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body, including the Congress, in my view, the most significant body in this country, the Supreme Court of the United States of America Ainsley. He answered the question in 83. Why isnt? He answering it now in two thousand and twenty, because the answer is he would do the exact opposite of what he would do back before AOC and the radical left became his puppeteers thats. Why he cant say it out loud Joe Bidens, former self. When FDR tried this, it was a
boneheaded idea and one that the Senate excoriated him for make no mistake, thats what Kamala Harris the most radical senator and Joe Biden and AOC plus three his handlers would do to this country, Brian. So, by the way they formed their own group. Now, to really try and push Joe Biden before the election, so lets talk about what the presidents schedules going to be its going to be hes going to be in Sanford Florida. Today then hes going to be in Johnston, Pennsylvania then DES Moines, Iowa, then Greenville North Carolina when it comes to these events, will anything be different. Kayleigh in terms of the distance and the more I guess more deliberate. When it comes to putting on masks, we will have the same policies that weve had in place. The campaign has always handed out masks, encouraged people to wear them provided hand sanitize or, ultimately, you have a right in this country to show up and express your political viewpoint thats why we have peaceful protests. You cant have one standard for
the protesters out there on one side, but not for those wanting to express their first amendment rights in support of this president, Steve Kayleigh, Dr Fauci, has a taken exception with one of your campaign ads where he is speaking positively about the federal government response to coronavirus in the early days that was taken out of context. Ive never said anything. You know ive never endorsed a candidate in my life career. What do you have to say about the fact that he says he was taken out of context and he shouldnt be in your ad? Well, I would encourage viewers or to go watch the full context, which is on your channel on Mark levins, show where Dr Fauci said that our response has been impressive. He cant imagine anyone doing a better job ever those were Dr Faucis words. He noted that the travel restriction saved lives and what this president has done, putting those in place when the Democrats were calling him xenophobic. So I would encourage
folks to watch the mark. Levin interview, Ainsley, a debate on Thursday scheduled for Thursday, has been canceled. Essentially they want it. Virtually. The president said he wasnt going to do that. Presidents now asking to reschedule that debate. What have you heard from the commissionsome? Nothing, radio silence. They are a bunch of partisans. The daily caller did an expose and exposed the majority of folks on the commission are never trumpers anti President Trump. They do not represent the country you have one hundred and seventy five doctors. According to the New Yoyork Post, that ha said this is medically safe to do health wise. This is safe, but the commission on presidential debates can is covering for Joe Biden, who had a disastrous debate. Performance Brian lets, move on and talk about the something that would help a lot of people in this country and thats a stimulus bill, another rescue package. When you look at people like Cory, Gardner and Republican Thom, Tillis Joni Ernst fighting for their seats, they seem to really
think thats what the people of their states want right now. The Republicans are at one dollar and eighty cents trillion Nancy Pelosis at two dollars and twenty cents trillion. Why cant a package come together? What do you say to Senate Republicans that dont want to go along with what the president wants? I believe Senate Republicans would come along. The president noted that yesterday we believe Senate Republicans are not whats blocking this. It is Democrats, you look at both sides. One side has been move being and it has been the Republicans moving to one point: six trillion moving to 1th one point: eight Nancy Pelosi is sitting staunchly and I dont know if shes in the salon or back in Congress, not moving us. The american people deserve better Steve. Speaking of Covid governor Andrew Cuomo has gotten praise over the last six months or so for the way the New York State Brian hes got a book out Steve yeah. He does, but at the same time there are
stories that Joe Biden would like to consider Andrew Cuomo, governor of New, as his attorney general and in fact people inside the Democratic Governors Association are so concerned, theyre talking about how to fill his vacancy if he becomes attorney general. What do you think of him as a dot g? I think its ooh another radical left decision in the administration thats what Joe Bidens looking at in terms of the covid response. He went against CDC guidelines by shoving people with Covid back into nursing homes, not utilizing the extra capacity in hospitals. There would be a lot more people alive today if Andrew Cuomo had done his job as governor listened to CDC guidelines and not put people back into nursing homes, Ainsley Kayleigh, Brian wait. A second have you tested negative twice yet I havent tested yet, but I will be back this in probably forty eight hours so im looking forward to it Ainsley. Oh, my goodness.
I know you want to hug your baby. I do.
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