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Warnock’s debate answers on court packing, abortion showed his radicalism: Domenech

2020-12-07 | 🔗
The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech weighs in on the state of the Georgia Senate runoffs and President-elect Biden naming California Attorney General Xavier Becerra as HHS secretary.
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Im really not focused on it, im really not focused on it, and I think that too often the politics in Washington has been about the politicians im a pastor. He also is distracting from the fact that he would pack the Supreme Court thats outrageous justice Ginsburg said that nine justices is the right number. He would pack the court with radical justices that would legislate from the bench to fundamentally override the constitution in our laws in the country and Georgians need to know thats wrong for Georgia and our country Steve the two people that would like to be senators. One is from like to be senators. One is from Georgia.
If someone asks you, if you pack the court, you say no, I mean, even if you actually want to do it, you say no, its fairly easy to say. No. The other Democrat running in Georgia, Jon Ossoff, has said no Ainsley hes a preacher. He cant lie Laughter Ben thats, a great answer that explains the whole thing. No seriously this guy. When it came to this issue and when it came to answers on questions about abortion, you know they just really kind of set this message of radicalism. I called my uncle Rick, who is a Georgia voter, very engaged in politician and asked him what he thought of the debate and he felt that the questions that were being put to Reverend Warnock. How do you balance
liking, kittens and puppies at the same time, and it really was softball after softball and yet he managed to come across on the cultural questions as being someone who seems pretty radical and thats, something that I think is definitely going to be a factor in this election Ainsley. If you look at the polls, real clear politics have them neck and neck, and if you look at what happened at the beginning of November, they said this was big blue wave and there wasnt you had an uptick for Republicans. Democrats lost seats. So do you think when you look at the two seats? What is it really going to look like the next day after the election Ben? I have so little trust in polls a handful of them got it right. We have to say that theres, so many different, like systematic problems with this industry that still need to be resolved and im, not sure how much faith we can put in this. These are close elections neck and neck and its about motivations. I think the president made a
very good case for coming out to vote for both Senator Perdue and Loeffler, and if you want to see Trump agenda, this is the kind of person that you need to vote for, in the instance, im, not sure thats. What we want to hear from Washington Republicans revert to the way everything because before President Trump, I think that will be a problem for both of these candidates to navigate over the coming weeks. Brian, I did see in Washington Post that they did informal poll. Twenty five reporters asked republican if they believed the president lost, and they said no, and basically they would not comment, so they are still united behind him or afraid to cross him. If it is job becomes president on January 20th, they made another selection announced last night. The the attorney general of California, Xavier Becerra, would be the health secretary. What does that tell you about
the type of president that he would be would be. Ben unity. Stuff is garbage hes extreme on the issue, someone who tried to force all sorts of different christian nonprofits to advertise in favor of abortion in his own state, hes, someone who is absolutely a radical and so naming him to a position like Hhs, something that he hadnt been considered on. The short list for is really a shot across the ballot. Anybody who thought this was an administration that backed off the culture war pressure on so many things, nuns are back on the menu, my friends we will get in legal troubles Steve. I saw you on time doing analysis and I saw a woman named
Angela in LA and she was going youre not going to believe this. They close med down and ive got a tent that looks like NBC, has in the parking lot and its legal. What do you make of its legal? What do you make of this hypocrisy in California movie are essential businesses and its hypocrisy and insulting and offensive honestly, I feel so sad for the small businesswoman and everyone else who is being affected by this in such Ineach ways. This is ridiculous. We have to get away from the hand handed approach it isnt based on science, but who has got the bigger lobbyist and who has more access to throw at politicians to get what they want its absurd. I have to tell you Steve im in pretty good mood after this week, because I accomplished something which was a home
repair project. One trip to the home depot, which I did not existed, Steve Amazing. What did you do? Ben Megan? Some blinds fell in the nursery and we needed to put in curtains, and so turning that around is rapidly as it was. I dont know I felt good about this weekend. I tried to focus on that Brian. I would have had to take classes first.
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