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Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin’s calls to 'defund' Walter Reed Hospital

2020-10-10 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Joey Jones, U.S. Marine Corps veteran joins 'Fox & Friends Weekends' to discuss the backlash Rubin faces from both sides of the aisle.
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I will have more to say about all of this next week, Jennifer Rubin, sparking backlash after she slammed the Walter Reed Medical Center for allowing Donald Trump to return to the White House. Never trump or Ruben, tweeting commerce might want to the fund Walter Reed. It is a public health hazard tell that to our next guest Marine Corps Bomb Technician, Joey Jones, the men and women at Walter, Reed saved his life. He joined us with more help me out. What is funny is in nearly 2000s when we had a Walter, Reed scandal. I didnt hear many people asking to the funded a few years ago when it was such a bad place where veterans were dying with had sores, not a big deal, but God for bid. They treat
the president of the United States and let him return to his home. She wants to defend the most important military facility in the world. What would she think if she heard terrorists get injured on the battlefield, those same corpsmen at Walter Reed? I wonder if she thinks we should put them in jail for that. This is shock jock political. This is shock. Jock political commentary Ray Mavis, the Secretary of the Navy, 2009 2017, look at what is happening in the navy during happening in the Navy. During that time pass legislation it was so bad Ray Mavis agreed. The reputation asked Walter Reed was worst, it has ever been.
If he wants to take credit lets hold a congressional hearing because he has some explaining to do Jedediah. Anything Donald Trump touches has to be evil. This woman works for the Washington post. This is getting their fifteen. This is getting their fifteen seconds of fame seconds of fame and safe enough, and they have no confidence in life. I dont know these are ways to attack Donald Trump because they think it will be lucrative in their lives. They are responsible for my
life idea you to come at me with anything other than stupidity. That is always tweets are. It is ridiculous. It is not a part of a conversation now places preface no people or Purpose Walter, Reed, isnt perfect, but people there keeping us alive. It saved your life. When you hear that comment does when you hear that comment, does it just show? Is our politics so far gone given to a president? Cant be sacrosanct, one hundred percent any stone. You can turn to find a worm. That is all these people are doing and if youre doing it on the right side, with the left side stop it, we can receive Joe Biden on
ideas and policy position and Nancy Pelosi is establishing a commission to put Kamala Harris in charge, and we can talk about those things. We want security. We want freedom, dont become a Jennifer Rubin. We are better than that. Dont become a Jennifer. Rubin might be the last statement of the morning. Talking about the care he got with Siegel with Siegel didnt feel strong, and I had none of that. There is something a little bit off and the doctors at Walter Reed were incredible. It is good to be president. They were really great people.
What else can you say the President of the United States just experienced an illness? That is a good thing, because he will take every opportunity to save american lives and treat Americans more seriously from this day forward. For anyone not to focus on that. From a debate or horrible tweet to a column in the New York Times or Washington Post, that is malpractice. This is an opportunity to pounce on the fact that our president knows what this feels like and will work harder to help the entire country. That is something to take away. That is something to take away from this Joey Jones, not Jennifer, Rubin featured in the New Fox NEWS polls. Modern warriors real.
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