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‘Weatherman Umbrella’ donates $50,000 to veterans’ organization Folds of Honor

2020-11-28 | 🔗
‘Weatherman Umbrella’ founder Rick Reichmuth presents donation to Folds of Honor founder Lt. Col. Dan Rooney on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Jedediah over to you, Jedediah thanks will sings two thousand and seven folds of honor has helped raise money for the families of injured and fallen heroes, and our own Rick Reichmuth has been supporting their cause. Pete, he sure, has sales of limited edition, Weather man umbrella raises over get this one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars, and today he has a huge announcement. Rick joins us now, along with folds of honor, founder lieutenant, Colonel Dan Rooney, author of the great new book fly into the wind gentlemen, one on the show friend of the show friend of all of ours. Rick talk to us about this effort. These fantastic umbrellas have you at weather man, and how have you at weather, man and how you are
number one on golf digest to number one on golf digest to get to have the worlds greatest umbrella and changes of life. Everybody is out there doing black Friday shopping, buy the best umbrella. Have you ever had and say thank you and change the life of a military family. It doesnt get any better than that and we are blessed to be part of the weather man, umbrella team and im going to hit it again. Rick said: if you want to change a life, its weather man, umbrella, dot com, and it will give us five dollars for every umbrella sold, so please go out there and get the worlds best Umbrella, Jedediah Rick, im going to toss over to you for any thoughts. Have you specifically today for thoughts on this Rick? Here is the final thing with after today guys I had a little arts and crafts project made this on my own this time. Instead of getting it printed, laughter, Rick there you go fifty thousand dollars more pardon my signature, there weather man umbrella. I made a mistake on it.
There you go fifty thousand dollars more gets us over twenty thousand dollars to folds of honor, which is amazing. I never thought we would be able to do something like this three different years. We do a different design of a patriotic umbrella each year, which is incredibly fun for our team. We are already done with next years by the way the design launch that next fourth of July here did you go fifty thousand dollars Dan for more folds of honor. You will. All of our umbrellas are on sale, twenty percent off this black Friday. Everybody needs a deal right now at the end of twenty twenty and we are so thrilled. We can do it. Pete Rick, you better, put that check in a big envelope and send it to Colonel Rooney, thats official Steve I PETE up late shopping and buy one hundred and dont realize what you did PETE. I might do some shopping at weather, man, umbrella, dot, com, Rick, one hundred gifts to awful your friends, PETE, friends and family. Will you are going to get one of these thats? What you get
when you own, an umbrella company, you give everybody umbrellas for gifts. You are new here. This one is coming your way will I have got one coming all right: PETE outstanding.
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