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What are the top concerns for Black voters in 2020 election?

2020-10-31 | 🔗
Rapper and TikTok star Topher weighs in on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Pete next star is praising the outpouring of support. Tofer joins you now. Thank you so much for being here this morning. Your service, everything, I would imagine Halloween, is a big tiktok day. Im sure have you stuff in store. When you see black Americans coming out being very pragmatic and saying listen, I want my life to be better. I dont want to pay all of my income to the government. Is this reflective of you who more and more black Americans are viewing the race, absolutely everyone? I want to say good morning. Yes, I think PETE Good Morning. I think people need to take into account whats going on with the black race. I just want to make it clear before we go ahead. We are talking about the two presidential candidates, presently that we have when we are talking about Joe Biden. While he was concerned about his kids growing up in a racial jungle, Trump was receiving awards along Muhammed Ali and Rosa Parks, and, while Biden was working alongside
Strom Thurman and coming up with bills such as the comprehensive crime bill in nineteen forty, eight and later on, the antidrug abuse acts which led to the citizen disparity between crack and cocaine. Later on talk about the crime bill in nineteen. Ninety four, which introduced the three strike rule which put away people for a long time for nonviolent offenses and President Trump working alongside Jesse Jackson, increasing the minority representation on Wall Street. If people sit down and have a logical comparison, its not even a close race compare, this trump was halfway and the track, while Biden is still sleeping at home. Forty seven years, late, laughter, Jed, gentlemen, you know T Topher african american vote. We have seen that over the years. Do you think now times have changed? We can look at a couple of polls to islet that, in October of twenty twenty eighty percent for Biden, fourteen percent for Trump two billion, sixteen million two hundred and one thousand two hundred and ninety three percent obama-
only six percent for Romney. Of course, we are towering about the african american vote. There do you think now the times have changed in the sense that african american voters are really zeroed in on policy. Taking a look at policy and saying maybe there was a heavy lean towards democratic candidates in the past, but might be time for a change because of the very distinct policy distinctions that President Trump has magnified absolutely so a lot of the voices that we see coming out and speak for the black community, or at least representing what I like what they are doing, is showing people that ice Cube said it himself that I dont have to like somebody to go out here and work with them. I just have to make sure they have my best interest at heart, so I always prioritize policy over personality, and I encourage anybody to do that, because we have seen someone like Obama, who had a civil tongue and talked to us in all kind of great sweet nothings. We got nothing from it now we have trump, who may not be the most well spoken person when it comes to issues getting his
point across, but his heart is in the right places putting America first and make sure that he is elevating the black community in the same process will Topher race has always been used republican candidates? I dont think anyone has been accused of that more than President Trump over the last four years. So how do we reconcile all these accusations of racism with growing? And I think that is undoubtable at this point with Growinggrow growing support in T black community? I think at some point in time people have to wake up and realize the rumors may just not be true. If you have so many people, people coming out and supporting trump typically sit back and do research. So many people vote Democrat because their parents told them to do so. I was one of those early on in life. I never voted Democrat, but I was on that same mindset later on when I did my research and looked into the policies and issues and the candidates, I realized typically leaning
more republican anyway and thats, why I kind of said: hey im a Republican im going to vote for Trump in two thousand and sixteen definitely voting for him again in twenty twenty next week. So I think wux people sit down and compare the two and look at it. Easy decision, the reason throwing the word around racist once you say that word, given our history in America, black people turn off the ears and look away. They know its effective. We are in a climate of hyper sensitivity, given the riots and everything thats going on a lot of people. Dont want to hear nothing that has anything to do with racism will yeah. I think if President Trump come back next week, one hundred and fifty two thousand and twenty five percent of the black vote in this country. One clear lesson will be social media and mainstream media. Cable anchors are terrible indicators of where this country is headed Topher. Thank you so.
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