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What happens if the 2020 election ends up in the hands of the Supreme Court?

2020-09-20 | 🔗
Former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush Brad Blakeman joins 'FOX & Friends.'
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Especially on an issue like this tune in dont miss it well move on with the vacancy left by the passing of justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What could happen if the twenty twenty election ended up in the hands of the Supreme Court? Our next guest was in Florida for the Bush V Gore Recount Tis Dispute in two thousand, a recount was ultimately thrown out by the Supreme Court. Will here, with the political implications, Brad Blakeman, former deputy assistant to President George W Bush and an advisor to the Bush Cheney campaign. Thank you for being with us. Brad pleasure will lets set this up. This is a potential catastrophe. If there is not a presidential nomination to the Supreme Court before the election and one that takes place essentially before the legislation results come in were set up for a four four court that could potentially be passed with deciding the election. Is that right? Absolutely let me quote Chuck Schumer. I dont often do that in twenty sixteen, he said every day that goes by
where we dont have nine justices is a day that justice isnt done demanded back in twenty. Sixteen with the nomination of Obama, his Supreme Court justice in an election year that it be done and all of sudden now it is improper to do it. It has been done sixteen times prior in our nations history. It should be done, it must be done, and not only is this election hanging in the balance, but every decision that Thehe Supreme Cour makes, while there is a vacancy, is a missed opportunity for justice to be fully and appreciated. Pete Brad, you have been in the middle of this. I had the pleasure we had dinner. You shared the shenanigans what went on in Florida. It is really amazing when you hear the entire story. What is the potential of what the left may do? We talked about court packing this morning, the ballots recounting? What are you anticipating? Well, im, anticipating chaos?
This is exactly what the Democrats are sowing theyre telling us how chaotic things are going to be yet theyre, making the rules and theyre fostering and festering the chaos. They hope will take place, the more uncertainty that happens. They figure they will be beneficiaries of it. Lets take Florida back. Almost twenty years ago there were sixty seven counties in Florida that were machine recounted as a matter of course, and then Gore picked only a handful of counties for hand recounts that was a mess. Can you magnify that over many states and thousands of counties we dont have the wherewithal for oversight? Mail in balloting itself invites chaos just by the sheer volume alone and manpower it takes to count those ballots. So Democrats are hoping that there will be chaos that they will be able to benefit from it
either in the reef count itself, recount itself, state or federal. We saw it in Florida we saw battle, keeping recounts, honest and transparent. We saw a battle in the state courts. Eventually it made its way to the Supreme Court around. They ended the shenanigans Jedediah Brad Blakeman thanks so much for being here. People are deeply concerned about a potential constitutional crisis. The more we hear about it more likely. That could unfortunately be the case, but the cure is get out vote in person get out to vote.
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