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What makes peace deal between Israel, Bahrain, and UAE so 'historic'?

2020-09-16 | 🔗
Syrian-born American journalist and host of ' The Untold with Hayvi Bouzo', Hayvi Bouzo explains on 'Fox & Friends.'
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After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle EAST. These agreements prove that the nations of the region are breaking free from the failed approaches of the past. Todays signing sets history on a new course. Brian all right, first, entrepreneurship makes first, entrepreneurship makes Historypresident Trump Makeshist journalist spoke to the government about how the Trump Administration succeeded and everybody wins, except IRAN joining us now, Washington, D, DOT c reporter thanks so much for joining us. I appreciate it. Thank you Brian Brian. First, off put it in perspective. What happened yesterday? Bahrain, UAE and Israel will exchange ambassadors trade and they recognize Israels right to
exist. Yes, this is look. I was born in the region. I have been covering the policies in the Middle EAST for nearly a decade. There is no exaggeration when you hear people saying this is a dawn of a new era of the Middle EAST. These Treatstreat itreaties are ones with Jordan, diplomatic peace, but also among the people. The region couldnt be more ready today. To do this. Major change and the region really needs this positive piece of news. This is definitely the best news I have heard coming out of the Middle EAST in a very long time. Brian you mentioned that. Did you interviews yesterday being at the White House, and here is one of them with Israels,
minister of regional cooperation. After all these years, Trump worked. Why President trump his team, and mainly the presidents advisor Jared Kushner, succeeded in their diplomatic efforts. What did they do differently? I think they were very direct. The economy is the base, its the bridge to peace, Brian. He says economic exchange, innovation, correct, yes, and this is something that I think the arab countries realize is that Israel is the Silicon Valley of this part of the world. It has a lot of high tech innovations. Many innovations, the region desperately needs, such as water, distillization, agriculture, things, the whole country needs Brian. They also have intelligence and look at IRAN as the chief enemy and the previous administration scared, the heck
out of the entire region by seeming to kiss up to IRAN and alienate Israel, they didnt like that, so they created relations below the radar. The president brought it up and formalized. It is that correct. Well, definitely, the relations have been improving between Israel and its neighbors, specifically Gulf countries for a while now, but IRAN, as you mentioned, was absolutely empowered under the Obama Biden administration. This definitely pushed these regional countries closer to each other, and now we see an alliance, an actual front that is being formed today, as we speak, and that wouldnt have happened without this administration president Trump his advisor Jared Kushners, new and fresh approach. That was not afraid to challenge the old views and old narrative that Washington has been using for decades, which actually didnt deliver any results. Brian right now looks like Saudi Arabia is
up for the deal and could be seven or eight more countries there see if you can get cutter Qatar things are changing. Iran cannot feel comforted sadly left out again on their.
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