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What outdoor living trends will help carry your home into fall?

2020-09-14 | 🔗
COVID-19 caused a demand on everything from outdoor furniture to pools over the summer; home contractor Skip Bedell on what trends can be expected this fall.
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Jedediah demand for essentials, Jedediah demand for essentials during pandemic, as temperatures cool down now is the time to your space with the fall gadgets here, his favorites skip Bedell. I know you have good stuff for us today, good morning, im out here sitting by my outdoor fireplace. This thing is amazing: this is from RTA Outdoor, the same company that made our outdoor kitchen. These things are incredible. Come in a system, a kit delivered to your home, can you build it yourself in a couple of hours, whats, really, nice. You have a lot of different options with these different sizes, different types of stone panels, brick even a weathered wood look. This is a stone that matches our outdoor kitchen. Its eight feet wide by five feet. High gives you real feeling of indoor living room, but provides enough heat that we can stay in here right through the fall and winter time as well. It really extends your outdoor living season and thats. Really, all the things im going to be talking about today is what we can do to stay out here even longer. This is an amazing fire feature from RTA outdoor.
Let me show you in this is also from RTA outdoor living. This is a 5 foot fire table. Can you sit at this and dine at it? Bluetooth technology, this whole fire table? Can you control with smart phone turn it on and off and adjust the flame height? It allows you not only to get the fire but Diane at dine right. I love these. These are hand made right here in America. This is the halo fire torch, so this is different than your average tiki torch. This uses vortex technology. If you look at these glass panels, what it does is pulls the air in so unlike regular tiki torches on a windy night, they might blow out the more wind the bigger the fire gets. Okay, so it comes in different styles, like this table top version. It also comes, like you see, on see o
that you can put in the ground or patio platform using vortex technology. All of these will allow to you stay outside stay outside Cratsd like a nice, am ambiance Jedediah. Thank you so much governmental to skip Bedell dot com.
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