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What should Biden focus on in the final days before the 2020 election?

2020-10-28 | 🔗
Joe Biden 'should be spending every minute and every dollar' in some of the states President Trump flipped in 2016, pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson tells 'Fox & Friends.'
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Steve well in a last minute, Steve well in a last minute. Push for Joe Biden, former mayor MIKE Bloomberg, is shelling out: fifteen million bucks on tv ads in the states of Texas and Ohio in an effort to put pressure on President Trump in states. He won back in twenty sixteen this as the former VP campaigns in Georgia, while Senator Kamala Harris is veto visit the Lone STAR State, where a new poll puts Biden in a slight lead, but do these states have a real chance of turning into the Biden column lets discuss with the Polster and Fox NEWS contributor, Kristen, Soltis, Anderson Kristin Good Morning to you good morning. What do you make of Bloomberg? Putting fifteen dollars million into Texas and Ohio thats a head scratcher? It is well Texas, is a state that I think Democrats have had their eyes on for over a decade. It would be a huge prize for them and, as a result, have you got a lot of Democrats that if they feel confident, perhaps overconfident
about their chances of winning the election, they may be trying to run up the score. At this point, Texas? Is a state also where there are a number of races further down the ballot, especially for house of Representatives where Democrats would love to expand Nancy Pelosis Majority? If they can, I think, thats why Texas is on MIKE Bloombergs radar Steve? You could be right. It was a couple days ago that Joe Biden improvised essentially his upcoming travel itinerary. He said he was going to go to Iowa and to Georgia, and he was in Georgia yesterday, but to a lot of risks. Averse Democrats, they are going wait a minute. Is this going to be Hillary Clinton, two thousand and sixteen all over again Joe Biden needs to park himself in Pennsylvania and in Florida and dont go to those other places. Otherwise, if he winds up losing losing,
he should be spending every minute and every dollar in some of those states that Donald Trump flipped from glow red four years ago, every minute he spends somewhere else is them trying to run up the score in a way that feels strategically risky. Now Georgia also falls into that same column of Texas, where the state Democrats have had their eyes on many years. I think emotionally they would love to be able to sort of steal. That prize from Republicans. You also got races further down the ballot, but Texas and Georgia are also the kinds of places that have spawned big national democratic stars. Even though Stacey Abrams and Beto Orourke Lois those states statewide big leaders in their party. I understand emotionally why Democrats want to win there strategically any minute they are spending or any dollar they are spending on t those states. I not a dollar theyre spending, really Suring up, really solid wins in this race. Steve got to figure that Biden
team is sitting, internal polling shows them. They are up by a certain amount and thats why thee feel comfortable at the same time. You know this. The x factor in this whole race is the so called shy. Trump voter polster asks you are did youing to vote for Donald Trump or Joe Biden. You would be more likely to say Joe Biden over Donald Trump because of all the baggage that comes to the person who feels the polster is asking. Oh, how could this guy be supporting Donald Trump blah blah blah? All that stuff, that really is the unknown in this at this point, how big that number is to me, the big unknown, is actually the sky high turnout. If im trying to think of what the case is for why the Biden team is looking at states like Georgia and Texas, it is the sky high turnout. These are states where you already have seventy percent. Eighty percent of the ballots cast that were cast in twenty sixteen and we still have a week to go with sky high turnout. Anything is possible that doesnt necessarily mean
that Biden has got this in the bag. Steve all right lets see what happens.
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