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Wheelchair-bound GOP candidate calls out politicians and athletes for refusing to stand for national anthem

2020-09-14 | 🔗
Madison Cawthorn, congressional candidate for North Carolina, vows to stand up to 'liberal mob' on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Over to you, Brian Brian thirty, one minutes before the top of the hour g dot, OP congressional candidate, Madison Hawthorne, calling out politicians and athletes for refusing to stand for the national anthem they kneel to the violent mob. They kneel to socialism im tired of being represented by cowards, who kneel I will never kneel. I will stand Brian Hawthorne famously took a flag for our flag during the g dot op convention. First off, I guess Madison. The question would be: what did you think this weekend? Where there was scattered protests, some teams stayed in the locker room. It looks like some locked arms, bengals and chargers stood out and locked arms during the national anthem. How did you think the NFL handled it? I think the players of the NFL, where you can see there is a significant majority who are choosing to stand this season im so thankful for that Brian. When you look at
relations in our country, do you see progress in our country and do you think, can you play a role in that? I do think think we can always move forward. I represent a generation one of the least racist generations in the entire history of the world. I think we can play a role moving forward of just being a more inclusive society. I do believe our country is the most forward thinking most inclusive country. There has ever been Brian whats the disconnects, because there seems to be such anger and then there are people so disenchantinged because of the anger whats going to bring the sides together. Well, I think its a two fold problem. On one side, you have a liberal left who is wanting to hijack race relations in order to move forward their political agenda and thin on then on the right, CO, Republicans, letting them run away with the ball thats. What I wanted to signify when I stood up it was, as a bee con to say there was a new generation of conservatives who are coming, who arent going to back down to a mob and put America first
thats, every citizen, Brian, I dont think many people would call TIM Scott, a liberal and TIM Scott put together a proposal to modernize or reform law enforcement. Do you think progress has to be made there? I do. I will tell you. I think that TIM Scotts Plan was really really well thought out. You saw the Democrats shoot it down because they want to just continue this vitriolic rhetoric. I think there is always room for improvement in every single agency, especially with law enforcement. I do believe we have the greatest law enforcement in the world in our country and they protect all of our citizenry. Brian. All right lets. Look at some of the things on your agenda. We put a few bullet points together. You want a balanced budget amendment therm limits for members of Congress, combating the rise of socialism in America. Now do you expect to pass term limits on people that dont want to be term limited? Will I think we need to make it part of the national conversation. You know we got term limits past the constitutional
amendment to have onto the presidency a lot of people didnt, think that would be possible term limits will have to happen because career politicians are running away with our country and they do not represent normal Americans Brian. Lastly, Madison: what has the response been when you introduce yourself to the nation outside of North Carolina with your appearance at the Rnc overwhelmingly positive? I will tell you just about everywhere. We went, I think my message resonated with a lot of people who feel disenfranchised by both sides of the political aisle right now. Such a partisan divide, people are looking for a hope.
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