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Whitaker: 2020 election a defining moment in American history for addressing crime

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker breaks down the 'stark contrast' between President Trump and Joe Biden on law enforcement.
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To learn more go to sleepnumber dot com Ainsley, we have been telling Ainsley. We have been telling you about violence, surging in Americas cities, the homicide rate up twenty five percent in fifty of our largest cities, Steve Steve, thats, shocking Ainsley, Joe Biden is not addressing the problem, accusing him of quote. Pandering to the Antipolice radicals, Brian here, to explain author of above the law. Matt Whitaker, Matt thats your book about your time in the White House, try to create some law and order leading up to the release of the Mueller report. Let me ask you: when you see the unrest in Chicago Portland, Seattle and New York, what do you expect Joe Biden to do if he was a law and order law and order leader well Brian, its good to be with you this morning good morning? What I see is the left, including Joe Biden and Kamala
Harris, are unwilling to really say anything positive about law enforcement to support the men and women in Blue, and this surge that we have seen in murders and crime in our major cities is going to have to be addressed with more law enforcement. Not less, and I see this campaign really is a defining moment in american history. Do you want to continue what we had done in the first two or three years of this administration, lowering the crime rate, including violent crime and murders? Or do you want to see a continued surge like we are seeing in Minneapolis and other in Chicago and other places, and its really stark contrast, Ainsley, Matt, im sure this is a concern when you hear Joe Bidens stance and Kamala Harris stance on defunding or redirecting or supporting police, because they have given different messages. After George Floyd died, we heard defund and then Joe Biden was asked about it. He said lets redirect money from the police department
and then just last week he is saying now I want to give police more money to help with this God awful problem that they are dealing with, but then Kamala Harris she praised L Dot as mayor for slashing the Lapds budget for one hundred and fifty dollars million. What are democrats going to do? Who do we believe yeah Ainsley? I think you have to watch their actions and what they are friends are doing in these places like California and where they control, and that is that they are having the police retreat. They are making money away. This is a time where we need more law enforcement, better training for law enforcement and we need to invest in our communities, so every child can play safefully their front yard right now. We see too much pandering to the radical left to the violent extremists that are really torturing and tormenting many of our major cities. So I would expect that this ticket for the Democrats would take money away from the police
and make us less safe, Steve. I dont get that Matthew. She has referred to herself as Californias top cop. She was the attorney general of the golden state, and yet now you know, given the national narrative about whats, going on in some of the nations biggest cities that, as the president has pointed out, are run by Democrats. Do you think she might redirect Joe Biden another direction or she s? Is she all in with him yeah its very interesting? How it appears that Senator Harris kind of on the issue of supporting law enforcement has her finger in the wind in twenty ten, she wrote a book where she suggested that, actually we needed more police to keep our communities safe and protect our liberties and now in two thousand and twenty, she is praising, for example, in LOS Angeles, reprogrammed or cut the police budget by millions of dollars, and so I think this is one of the things that is really the american people are going to have to seriously consider is: do Democrats really support less
police and less public safety, unlike President Trump, who continues to send federal law enforcement where needed, to support and buttress these local police who are completely under attack and are being attacked not only physically but also through you know, the allies in the press Brian AG is in Portland and AG until Seattle not doing anything Portland. Five hundred and fifty cases handed over by law enforcement to the d dot a one hundred and forty were felonies. Only forty five are being played through the rest. You are free and clear to attack a cop and destroy government, property and wreck the place, unbelievable its very easy to stand up against this type of anarchy, but they are not. Yesterday. If you went to antifa dot com went to a Joe Biden website to support them, and we know that black lives matter same thing. It goes to a super PAC for.
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