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White House announces President Trump to unveil COVID-19 therapeutic 'breakthrough'

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel previews what to expect from the 6 p.m. ET news conference from the White House.
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Jedediah today, President Trump is set to announce a major therapeutic breakthrough from the fight against Covid 19, in a news conference scheduled for six p dot m Eastern here to discuss Dr Marc Siegel. Welcome to the show. As always, this is obviously great news, not sure whats going to be discussed in the briefing but good news when it comes to any breakthrough. With respect to this virus Jedediah good morning, you have to understand the virus. Doesnt know that an election is coming up, and so a virus cant be involved in the politics here and the president has said. You know that hes concerned about the FDA being a little bit too political right now, and one of the things that happened a couple of days ago was that the FDA delayed an emergency use, authorization on convalescent plasma, thats, the antibodies you get when youre getting over Covid 19,
and the fact is that those type of antibodies have been used for over a hundred years successfully for other diseases and a study out of Houston Methodist in three hundred patients just showed a dramatic impact at keeping people alive longer so theres. Those antibodies that could be on the table that people recovering have synthetic antibodies are being studied. We have a steroid spray that a may help early in the process and stem cells for people who have prolonged symptoms that are getting over Covid 19. All of those things are currently being studied aggressively, but it was eyebrow raising that the FDA did not issue an emergency use. Authorization on the antibodies- and I dont know for sure that thats what the president is going to discuss, but its on the table, Jedediah yeah, obviously any FDA delays. I would potentially be problematic well hear from the President
today at six p dot m and find out more another topic that you have talked about quite a bit and you have a recent op ed of which the headline reads: classical damage of closed schools, worse than the risk of the virus, but this is a lot of fear right now. Around opening schools, parents are nervous. Teachers are nervous, whats, your take on it all. You know, Jed were also burying the headline of Good NEWS, and the Good NEWS that occurred was six hundred and sixty daycare centers were just tested in Rhode, island very carefully over the month of June, where the rate of Covid 19 spread was very low, and you know what the CDC found they found almost no cases in nineteen thousand children that went to daycare centers. Only four cases have spread thats right. Four out of nineteen thousand and Dr Redfields been talking about this of CDC and saying you know. If protocols are in place and theres physical, distancing and people are taking really a lot of caution and
care. He thinks that schools can be opened in areas which are not big with hot spots, where the rate of transmission is low. My own sons, school horstmanen, Horace Mann, by the way, is opening with the tents outside and they have to meet their teachers and the teachers have to meet them to know whats going on. You cannot start the year online and socialize properly. Jedediah thinking outside the box and tents outside is a great idea. This will be an ongoing conversation. Thank you, Dr Siegel, as I.
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