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White House race hinges on four key battleground states

2020-11-05 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Sarah Sanders weighs in on the 2020 presidential election being legally challenged by the Trump administration.
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Press secretary and author of a great new book called speaking for myself good morning to you good Morning, Steve, and there is the book right there. So Griff was talking about these lawsuits that the campaign is filing across the country because they want to make sure that all of the votes that are counted are legitimate votes, but Rudy said yesterday he announced that they were taking legal action to stop rampant corruption that is happening across the country. Any idea what he is talking about, im, not sure on specifics that Rudy is talking about, but I do know that the campaign wants to make sure that every vote that is counted is a legal vote, and I think that we have a responsibility to do it. We want to make sure that we have transparency in the process and that every person that showed up to vote that those votes were counted. I think the campaign is right to pursue that this race is too close, not to make sure that everything is done correctly. I think thats what they are trying to push for in these you know last twenty four hours and in the days moving forward
Ainsley states still up for grabs, Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska and if you look at build back better dot com, Joe Biden already has a website put together. Coughing excuse me and says Biden, Harris Transition, and the only thing it has a picture of him and the only thing it says is the american people will determine who will serve as the next president of the United States votes are still being counted in several states across the country. Coughing. Excuse me. The crisis facing the country severe from a pandemic to economic recession, climate change to radical injustice and the transition team will continue precinct at full Speed Biden. Harris administration can hit the ground running on day, one too soon. For that you think what are your thoughts about? What is happening right now? I definitely think its too soon, because the election hasnt been called. There are still too many states out there that are too close to call for them to make a determination. I would actually add Arizona to
that list. Pathway for the President, Arizona and Pennsylvania are key for the president, both places where he still has a path to victory, and so I think it is incredibly too early for them to make that type of announcement, because we have votes still to be counted and has to be completed before we can determine the winner of this race. Brian Joe Biden would be fighting in the same way with different lawyers for the same thing, especially last night, Arizona which they called it seems that Donald Trump picked up. Eleven thousand votes last night so were going to see what happens, and you have a recount that could be underway in Wisconsin could be underway in Wisconsin, because that is so close. Your thoughts, an what I said, can you pass if you want? Certainly Joe Bidens team would be doing the same thing when Donald Trump won in twenty sixteen, they spent months actually years questioning his actual
Brian four four years to be exact, I dont think they ever accepted the results of the twenty sixteen election. One thing is clear: this race has not been completed in terms of a final winner. They have got to make sure they count every ballot. One of the other things big stories of elections day that hasnt been talked about a lot. Donald Trump is the person who actually expanded the republican base. He is the one that brought in a new voting demographic for Republicans, working class, whites, blacks, Hispanics. He has done historically better. That is a huge story of the night. He will continue to be a force in american politics. No matter what happens, he is still the leader of this party. He still has a strong, passive Pa Arizona for the next four years
Steve. We have learned so much about different states, election laws, because every state has different rules because they are passed by the legislature. One of the things that has upset a number of people who voted for Donald Trump and the Trump team itself is the fact that the laws in Pennsylvania were the laws as written until last Friday in the Supreme Court in Pennsylvania, said, you know what you dont need to have a positive id to drop off something into one of those drop boxes. You know what we are also going to change. The legislatures law, where you have got to have the ballots in by election day, were going to take them until Friday August sorts of things like that. I can understand the problems with it. At the same time, we have never been in a pandemic before there are certainly unprecedented challenges. You also have to keep in mind. No
is in charge of the counting and process someone who is unapologetically a hater of Donald Trump and has posted many times publicly on social media, just how much Brian, the attorney general, how much they hate this president. That does create a problem for Pennsylvania. I think thats. Another reason that we have to have transparency in this process. We have to make sure that there are members of both campaigns that get to be part of and make sure that each ballot that is Countside a legal vote and should be actually added to the final tally its important. We have that transparency, particularly Pennsylvania Ainsley. It seems our country is so divided and a lot of people looking forward to the election being over to we can come together as a country. The gap posted a picture of this sweatshirt one side, red and one side, blue, the tweet said. One thing we know is together: we can move forward, they decided to take it down Steve. They got a lot of blow back Ainsley exactly
just too soon. For this message, we remain optimistic that our country will come together to drive positive change for all. Maybe it was too soon. This is a sign that the cancel culture not going away. If you dont agree with us, we dont like your opinion, then we dont want to hear it. You know, I think, thats incredibly sad. I dont think there is ever a bad time for a country to come together. That doesnt mean that there arent, certainly political divisions. I think they most certainly exist, and we have seen that over the last several months. There is no time when its not a good thing for the american people to come together to work together. I think that should be happening now. Lets work together, get a final tally on this race. Obviously, I hope that it is in favor of President Trump Withbut. At the end of the day, are all Americans and I dont think that there is ever a bad time. I think its a shame that they are so unwilling and so cowardly to actually stand up for a positive message. I think that just goes to show you how dangerous and how bad
cancel culture is. In America, Brian gap used to be able to shop in New York City was right across the street. They thought it would be better idea to keep everyone unemployed. This is not actually a sweatshirt. This is actually an idea of coming together thought it would be good for the brand and maybe the blow back isnt that bad whats wrong with having people come together. Essentially, the other thing real, quick CNN is reporting. The president is in a dark mood since then and kind of knows he lost Couldwould. You describe that the way I dont think thats accurate. He certainly hasnt lost. I think we have to make sure these votes are counted. There is still very much a pathway for the president. His team have to continue fighting and make sure they get again a final tally here in this process. I think he is very much still alive and we will have to see what happens over the next few days. Hopefully, we will get.
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