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White House says they'd hope to avoid repeat of Kavanaugh confirmation process 'travesty'

2020-09-19 | 🔗
Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says White House will encourage Democrats not to treat potential Trump court nominee as they did Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
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Guys PETE, thank you very much mark appreciate it lets bring in Kayleigh Mcenany White House Press Secretary Kayleigh. Thank you so much for being here. Thanks for having me PETE, I think two things can be true. At the same time, you can disagree with the arguments she made decisions she had, and people like me and others would disagree, but you can ultimately still appreciate the authenticity of someone who fought hard for what they believed in and was respected by her peers PETA thats, exactly right, I remember being at law school at Harvard where Ruth Bader Ginsburg went when she was one of nine women out of a class of five hundred. When I went there more than half or around that were women, she paved the way, and I remember you always paid a little bit closer attention when it was a s Calia or Ginsburg descent. These people left their legacy on the court and Ruth Bader Ginsburg knowingly going to law school. Her husband get cancer and shes raising a three year old on the law review. She really paved the way and
made a place in american history. That will never be forgotten will kayleigh all those points are well taken who Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not just as a juris t, but as a person we move forward to what happens next waiting for Joe Biden to put out a list of potential nominees he might put forward. Should he become president of the United States. President Trump has already put forward names that he could potentially be nominating some examples, including Senator Tom Cotton, Senator TED Cruz, Josh, H, Olly Attorney General Daniel Cameron of Kentucky Paul Clement. That argued before the Supreme Court and Noah Franc, Isco. So Kayleigh you brought up Ruth Bader Ginsburgs important trail, blazing as far as a woman on the Supreme Court. What will guide President Trump in finding a replacement for Justice Ginsburg? What will be his primary focus on finding a replacement? Well, its a good question. This president has always been
squarely focused on putting people on the court who are constitution. Abiding judges who are text youllists and believe the words on the page of the constitution or a statute are the plain meaning of what they are. Someone who protects the right to life. Someone who protects the second amendment- this is a president who is guided by the founding of this country and the constitution, and you look at the justices. Hes put in place, Neil Gorsuch, you look at Justice Kavanaugh. These are great justices who fall very much in that, and those are always that have always been the guiding principles of this President PETE Kayleigh. I know you and the White House have been careful to pay the proper respects not rush to the political aspect of it, but the reality is. We are forty five days from a historic presidential election out of necessity. A lot of these items quickly become political, the horse race of what happens and when it happens. What is your sense as far as the presidents timeline on this Mitch, Mcconnell signaled?
It would move to the Senate before the election. What is the White House current thinking on timeline? Dont want to get ahead of the president on that right now, his current thinking is honoring. The life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg last night had ewas on the stage. He was unaware that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had passed and he found out when he went to gavel with the journalists there in the pool, and he said then this is an amazing woman, theres, nothing more. You can say than that and hes very sad and were praying for her just over my left, shoulder the flag is at half staff and ill leave it to the president as to how we move forward, but right now, hes honoring, her legacy and youll hear more from him this afternoon, when we go to North Carolina will Kayleigh. I appreciate your desire not to get ahead of the president, but that is not the desire shared by many others, including of course vice presidential candidate, Joe Biden, who is saying that theres no way president Trump should be making a nomination before this election. In fact, he said it as recently as last night.
I want you to listen to Joe Biden and get your reaction, its clear that the voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider this was the position of the Republican Senate took in two thousand and sixteen when there were almost ten months to go before the election thats the position the United States Senate must take today and to I should do this with full consideration and of my hope and expectation. What will happen will Kayleigh? You can hear Joe Biden referencing, two thousand and sixteen how again, with respect to not wanting to get ahead of the president. How do suspect the administration will move forward? Well, look the former vice president in all due respects. Instead of telling the current president, what to do. He needs to tell voters where he stands. We dont know whose, on his Supreme Court list, we dont know what kind of
justices he would nominate. We know very squarely. This president has been very transparent, putting forward two lists as to exactly not just what his justices would look like, but what their names be. This is paramount importance to the american voters. This is now a Lynch pin issue of this election and Joe Biden. You know: where do you stand? What do your justices? Look like some? Do they believe and abide by the constitution? He needs to answer those questions before telling President Trump exactly how to move forward. Pete. Well, Kayleigh youre right, we dont know the names of who former vice President Joe Biden might pick, but we do know what that person or woman would look like here is a flash back to what the former vice President Biden said in June about possibly picking a nominee. The president says its hes going to issue an updated list of potential nominees for the court. You had said you would put a black woman on the court, but
there are groups calling for you to release a list of specific names. Are you going to do that? One thing I hesitate to do is follow anything the president does at all, because he usually does it all wrong. We are putting together a list of a group of African Americans woman who are qualified and have the experience to be in the court im not going to release that until we go further down the line and vetting them as well. Pete Kayleigh, our politics have been consumed by identity, politics does race or gender have a factor in who the president ultimately chooses here. No principles are at the heart of who the president chooses. I remember exactly where I was standing when Justice Scalia passed. It was a heartbreaking moment much like last night with the passing of Justice Ginsburg, and I remember just before presidential debate. In fact, when Justice Scalia passed and it became this laser focus on the Supreme Court, which is
always of importance to voters, but now more than ever, this is a lifetime appointment. These are issues that hit at the very core of our liberty. Like the second amendment like the right to life, the first amendment freedom of speech. These issues determine the very values of this country, so knowing where he stands, knowing these names is very important to voters, and really the own us is on him now to put out that list will the who is incredibly important, both from Joe Biden and ultimately from President Trump as well. If I might Kayleigh, I just want to return to the win, and I totally respect that you dont want to get ahead of the president, and I respect that now is also a time for reflection on Ruth Bader Ginsburgs life. But everyone watching is wondering when this fight, when this nomination might take place well get to who that may be. But Senate Majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell said if the president puts forward a nomination that will go to a vote on the floor of the Senate before the election. Should we expect the president to make a nomination here in the mid term, yeah again ill leave it to him.
Youll be hearing from him in North Carolina im sure hell talk to reporters today, and I want to leave that to President Trump to make that announcement and to decide how we move forward, but make no mistake. This president understands the importance of this issue understands the importance of the court, and he has a legacy now of two Supreme Court justices. Nearly three hundred judges on the federal court would have been appointed under this president and they are good hard working judges who respect the constitution and the values of this country, PETE Kayleigh, when you consider what was done to Justice Kavanaugh when you consider the firestorm that was more or less a transfer of equal votes and it was sort of a moderate for a more conservative justice. This is the balance of the court on issues, as you mentioned, as fundamental as right to life, which people have dedicated their careers to pursuing the overturning of ROE vs Wade. How would the White House approach this confirmation process anticipating what was done to Justice Kavanaugh
yeah? Well, should that happen? What we would do is encourage our democrat counterparts to be respectful to not malign people and what happened to justice. Kavanaugh was a travesty in this country, a good man who was respected prior to his nomination to the Supreme Court, respected by both sides of the aisle, a principal led man, a father, someone who was a great character who was completely dragged through the mud all because he was appointed by President Trump. So should that happen, we would encourage our democrat counterparts to respect the process and to respect people who are very well principled and have a great record of scholarly work. Pete lets hope so Jedediah Kayleigh its definitely going to be an interesting next few weeks, to say the least. Thank you so much.
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