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Who is organizing Louisville protests?

2020-09-24 | 🔗
Turning Point USA Spokesperson Rob Smith provides insight into violent Louisville protests.
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Steve Ainsley and Brian back to you in New York Ainsley. Thank you. So much mark lets bring in Rob Space Smith, author of always a soldier and Iraq soldier good morning Rob good morning. He said there is video of a U haul. Truck and protesters are unloading, shields and riot gear and antipolice signs. There is the video right there looks like it could be coordinated, whats your reaction to whats happening there. My thoughts as soon as I saw that video is who is funding this? Who is organizing this? Who is out there exploiting the pain and fear and emotions of african Americans on the street right now in Louisville, in order to incite riots and violence and destruction, this stuff was obviously planned. So we really need to know who is funding this stuff? We really need to know where the money is come from and need to know who is behind this stuff. When I saw that video, it was shocking to me how obviously
coordinated it all was. I want to know who is out here exploiting peoples pain in this way. Brian. What happened is over the course of months. There was an investigation by a grand jury. The nature of the grand jury is secret. The deliberations are not made public. The attorney general looks at that and makes the announcement yesterday. The sergeant would be the one charged, but not for the shooting death of Breonna Taylor says thats, not justice. The attorney general says I understand the pain, but you have to understand. There is facts to this case that are different than being portrayed here. He is yesterday the decision before my office as a special prosecutor in this case was not to decide if the loss of Ms Taylors loss was a tragedy. The answer to that question is unequivocally yes. I understand that Ms Breonna Taylors death has become a part of a national story and conversation,
but we must also remember the facts, and the collection of evidence in this case are different than cases elsewhere in the country. If we simply act on emotion or outrage, there is no justifiable mob. Justice is not justice. Justice sought by violence is not justice, it just becomes revenge Brian, she was shot six times. Rob your reaction to the verdict. The attorney generals announcement the Grand Jurys decision, I think, first of all, before I say anything, you always have to say when im talking about Breonna Taylor, that her death was a tragedy that should have never happened. I watched every second of that press conference yesterday. The thing that struck me, the most is one of the first things that he said that was a result of the independent investigation was that officers actually did knock and announce themselves at the door. Steve thats right
when I heard that it threw the entire narrative that had been pushed by some mainstream media outlets and a lot of entertainers activists over the last six months. This no knock narrative had been pushed to the point that Senator Rand Paul, who is advocate for criminal justice reform, actually introduced the justifiable for Breonna Taylor ACT, which sought to ban no knock warrants. This is how pervasive that narrative had gotten in the mainstream media. When I saw that press conference- and you saw that the facts came out in that narrative was sort of destroyed a little bit, and I think the question is- and this is a question that Daniel Cammeron brought up in the press conference is that do we want a truth or do we want a truth? That fits a narrative, and the unfortunate thing is that this narrative had been solidified so much over the past few months that people were not going to accept anything but an indictment of these officers and they were primed for some of the protests and the violence
that were seeing happening right now. Steve right, I agree with you completely about the new news about what was the deal with the no knock warrant and he very effectively rob walked through the prosecutors case and what the grand jury was presented and clearly they agreed of with him where apparently, the officers, the grand jury and prosecutors felt, the officers were justified in using force because what they did was they went to that apartment. It was the wrong apartment for who they were looking for. They went they knocked on the door, nobody came so they breached the door and Breonna Taylors boyfriend thought they were intruders and shot one of the police officers in the leg and thats when the shooting started and thats when she was killed, but nonetheless, when he was laying that out. One phrase that he used yesterday Rob was mob.
Justice is not justice that got a lot of attention on tv yesterday. Watch this. I question the judgment of the Kentucky Attorney General Saying Quote: mob justice is not justice. He said it becomes revenge. The president, having said that, if Joe Biden wins, the mob wins thats what he says. We know this is very politically loaded language. Your death is irrelevant to the law in the state of Kentucky. This was a black lives, dont matter ruling. Let me say this is a black woman. He does not speak for black folk. Is he skin folk? But is he not kin folk because he is up there with a black face? He does not speak for all of us. This was not a tragedy. This was a murder. He should be ashamed of himself. Steve Rob, I know you were in Minneapolis after the George Floyd verdict as well. So how do you square what you heard yesterday about the attorney general? Well, you know its unfortunate but expected, and you know he alluded to this in his remarks.
I think he had made a remark. That said there is going to be entertainers and activists and celebrities that are going to tell us how to feel none of them know the people of Kentucky. I think he said something like that: Daniel Cammeron being Black and up there. This is not somebody who was appointed as Kentucky attorney General because of what happened he was already there. He is not there to speak for black people self there to speak for the people of the Commonwealth of Louisville Kentucky thats. What he did its not surprising to me that he is the subject of attacks from a lot of people on the black left, who want to tie him negatively to the president, who want to call him. You know the slurs that they use for black conservatives and for me it is unfortunate because this isnt, a republican or democrat thing, this is somebody who was on the side of facts and truth and very emotionally and very methodically laid all this out. I dont know how anybody could have watched that press conference and said Daniel Cammeron, doesnt care about
black people or black lives or doesnt care with Breonna Taylors family. He was overcome with emotion more than once. During that press conference Ainsley, you wrote an op ed on Fox NEWS, dot com. Last night, you talk about H how the Attorne General was unjustly criticized. Why was it important for you to write this? It was important for me to write that, because there is a lot of racialized language that comes from both the black and white left when it comes to high profile african Americans that are Republicans either people like me, that are commentators and influencers or people like Daniel Cammeron, who are actually in power its really important to start calling that stuff out it does nothing to bring us together as a country. It does nothing to bring different groups of african Americans that may see this case differently together, and I think that it is very important to call it out for how destructive and divisive that kind of language really is. I somebody saying on one of the other cable networks that the
Kentucky Attorney General was eating. Coon flakes thats, not a good thing to say about anybody, and we have to start talking about how destructive that language is to people as a black conservative. I have been on the other end of that stuff as well. There is going to be a lot of people that hate me right now for basically just trying to be on the side of fact and reason when it comes to this tragedy and trying to figure out a way to bring Americans together as a result of this, and so people with get the reforms that they are choosing but that they want. But, like Daniel Cammeron said you know, mob justice is not justice. It gets to a point where it becomes revenge. I think there are a lot of people with a lot of positions of power, particularly within the african American left, that are more interested in revenge than they are in building up America and bringing Americans together after this tragedy, Brian yeah, we are running out of cities to wreck because of verdicts people dont, like Rob Smith. Thank you so much.
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