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Why aren't Biden, top Democrats denouncing Antifa?

2020-08-13 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce discusses the Biden campaign and her new op-ed on the Kamala Harris VP pick exposing the 'hypocritical' treatment of conservative women.
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Should they publicly denounce, should they publicly denounce Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization? They should, I think they are afraid to its in my book, its virtually a part of their campaign Antifa. The Democrats act like gee. I dont know exactly what that is. Take a look at Portland. Take a look at any place. You want to take a look at. They are all over the place. Theyre all over the place, lets bring in Tammy, Bruce Fox NEWS Tributer at Fox Nation and the President of the independent Womens Voice, Tammy im sure you saw the president yesterday make those comments about Antifa for a little while yesterday pranksters redirected, if you went to antifa dot com, it would take you to the Joe Biden website and then have you got the President saying he should denounce him, but he has not so far. Why not thats a good question? We heard the attorney general speak.
Is he very concerned, as everyone should be, that Democrats have not condemned this Nancy Pelosi? When asked about the general violence said effectively, people are going to do what they are going to do when you have got a major american Party, a woman in her case, who I think is third in line for the presidency, who is not naturally denouncing extraordinary violence against law enforcement against each other against regular citizens, a story in the New York Times about a week ago about the horror of what was going on in that chop zone in Seattle. You know we have seen this. We see it around the world. This is not a local dynamic. There is a reason why they have been designated a terrorist group, so you have got an operating terrorist group in american cities around the Democratic Party leading Democrats, the democratic nominee for President Kamala Harris should be asked. This is a no brainer. This is not. You know a
strange thing to wonder about, but yet the Democrat, the president is genuinely sounds perplexed as all of us are. Why arent they doing it and is it because they are afraid, and why would they be afraid, its leadership, its the very lowest rung of leadership? To be able to say, you are against violence, and you want safety for your communities when you see a carpool up and they pop the trunk and in come a supply of bats. When you see pal letting of bricks being dropped off, when you see groups with roads in their ears, where theyre communicating form of defense against police law enforcement, and then you come to the conclusion that they have swamped the racial justice element sings the George Floyd death and put their socialists anti american anarchist principles. First. This is an easy one for Harris and Biden and theyre refusing to take the layup lets talk about where this race is right now 538, which was really defamed after the twenty. Sixteen election got
another conclusion they used their delicate mask to say Joe Biden has seventy one percent chance of victory November. Third, does that sound familiar? It does its Groundhog day again its exactly the percentage that they declared. Hillary was going to win by Brian Oops Democrats. Look at that and get nervous. They clearly have learned nothing if there was any messaging from two thousand and sixteen its this predictive model. We saw saw, of course, the failure with the coronavirus predicted models and the experts using their numbers, which completely discount the human condition, and what is going on with the individual come up with in very often scientists see and find what they want to see and find. We know. Kato poll just recently found that sixty two percent of Americans, almost two thirds, are afraid to speak openly about their beliefs because of todays climate.
The only people Brian who are comfortable speaking openly are people who identify as strong liberals. So look. There is a reason why Trump was elected and the sensibility of being afraid of being able to speak up is even higher now than it was when Trump was elected, so Americans see whats going on, they dont like it, and polls are troubling because you are reliant in a large part, crunching the numbers of other polling and those we found. You know they can show you larger trends. Can you look at that, but the larger trend here is that polls see what they want to see. Often you cant trust them, especially in this kind of unique dynamic where the american people are rebelling. Even the Democrats, you know these last primaries have shown. Democratic establishment is also under threat. Incumbents are losing to challengers, and none of that is figured into any of these polls. Brian interesting
Ainsley Tammy. I know you wrote an op ed on Fox NEWS. Dom come spent a lot of time. On that article, I would love for people to go and read it, tell us about it and why you wrote it well. This is about very important dynamic. When we speak about the impact on the american people, a group of democratic operatives, women who then created an ad hoc group called we have her back, sent out a memo to media organizations effectively its the Democratic Party and the Biden campaign telling media organizations that they had better be careful in how they cover Kamala Harris that anything that is critique that they dont like will deemed racist or sexist. This is, of course, not that they have to tell legacy media to be good soldiers and toe the line. This is a message to individuals who might think about actually looking seriously speaking honestly about Harris Record, but also this is not. They say its about women.
You know if they were worried about women in the arena, and there is sexism- and there is racism in this country. But the fact of the matter is is that when they are doing this for her and with Sarah Palin as an example who was treated like a piece of meat on the Serengeti and Ivanka Trump and the first lady Melania Trump, how they are treated by the media and by the establishment its hard to take them seriously. But they tell me that in this memo its a two and a half three page memo single space about all the things that you are not allowed to do things like speaking about a womans ambition or talking about whether or not women can be good leaders. The fact of the matter is, as we have seen in Chicago Lori, Lightfoot or Seattle, with Jenny, Durkin or the governor of Oregon, sometimes women, arent, good leaders, and that this memo, I contend, is the height of sexism. They are arguing that you had better, not treat a woman or a
woman of color the same as you would someone else, because they are infants they cant handle the heat in the arena. Thats the sexism and to become a good leader means we have got to confront it, but you know: have you got to give them credit for thinking that the media is going to follow their orders because they certainly think they are going to Steve? Well, if folks would like.
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