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Why did House Democrats fail to expand their majority?

2020-11-06 | 🔗
Moderate Democrats attack progressives for losses in the House; 'Fox & Friends Weekend' panel with insight.
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Shouldnt have lost, shouldnt have lost the number one concern and things that people brought to me in my district that I barely won was defunding the police. We need to get back to the basics that brought us across the finish line in twenty eighteen. We need to not ever use the words socialist or socialism ever again and if we are classifying Tuesday as a success from a congressional standpoint, we will get bleep torn apart in two thousand and twenty two and eggs ciewx the profanity, but bleep thats the reality Steve. We degree create the Brady Bunch grid where we will be on the top and we will have the weekend crew on the bottom of the grid in just a moment, so lets bring in PETE and Jed and will Cain who you will see on the channel over the weekend on the channel over the weekend.
Good morning to all of you, Ainsley, we are working on the Brady Bunch Box. Steve Nancy Pelosi is going to hold her first post election press conference and it promises to be a barn burner, because we have already heard that leaked phone call. That was not supposed to leak where the moderate Democrats are attack. The super frozens. What were you thinking about this defund, the police, socialism, and get rid of fracturing stuff PETE? The Democrats who they are, we know who they are. They are a far left party, those voices saying we cant talk about defund the police and stop fracking. Please stop saying socialism thats a dying breed. Nancy Pelosi is the old guard with the old power of the fundraising and the gavel right now, but she does not represent the heart and soul and base of the far left, which, with all the votes, still being counted by the way networks do not decide elections. The people do
so with votes, still being counted. Transparency necessary, our president challenging results in places where he wants. You know the legal votes to count. All of that said. You still saw presidential election defined by the far left for the Democrat Party to run away from it is going to be a very challenging task, because that is who they are they just it was exposed. They are not able to hide it anymore. Voters saw it. I think thats, why so many people also came out for the President way more than two thousand and sixteen Ainsley do you believe they truly thought Americans hated Trump? There was going to be a huge referendum and thousand. Are they waking up, shocked after election day and stunned? That Republicans did so well, I think they thought it would be a run away. That was the fantasy land they lived in. Polsters lied to them. The media lied to them. They lied to themselves, they dont know any Trump supporters. They con descend to them. The Republican Party and Trump supporters came out in droves. Now we will see how the contest ultimately plays out. There was no blue wave and certainly not a referendum for the far left.
If anything, patriots came to the ballot box and we will see what happens. This is not over Brian, it isnt and I just love the fact that on the call they said, defund the police, the Neil those issues killed. Our members having everybody walk the plank on unqualified immunity with cops that hurt our members. No one is taking responsibility for it. Lets see if they have the guts to stand up to the Madam speaker, who has been nothing but the other definition Jedediah of divisive. She thought it was great. I ripped up the state of the Union and MSNBC wants to book me. Congratulations. You alienated most of the country Jedediah. You know when I heard in that call from the congresswoman at the beginning, and I understand her profanity and frustration. Frankly, not just stop saying these things, but stop doing them that the country is not with you on these particular issues, and I said for a very long time that the defund, the police movement was going to be key. I think socialized medicine was also key, as people looked at a pandemic and looked at how
medicine unfolds in countries that have socialized medicine does not want that for themselves and their families. When you talk about saflted and security, having police in your community is not at partisan issue that an issue that people across the board support- and they know that, when trouble strikes at their own home, they need to be able to pick up that phone and call a cop who is going to come help them. So I think the call there you are seeing great division in the Democrat Party for sure and the call was saying we need to take a look at what we stand for on these issues that have gone far left and I think, thats what you are seeing in a lot of these races. Too Brian. You are looking at Republicans picking up seats in the House and Senate, even people who support Joe Biden- and that includes some independence and some Republicans wanted that check on Joe Biden, because they were afraid that he would be co opted by the hard left wing of the party Brian. They dont have the Senate. Yet, though, Jedediah Kamala Harris and AOC right exactly, but they are working very hard and you see whats happening in the House and the Senate very well may go that way. They wanted a check on. That is the point and I think in the house.
They have achieved that, and that is a concern for Democrats, that they should look at and say, hey, wait, a second. Why did this happen here? What were people actually saying on these key issues? Leaning left Steve? Will? Where are you on this? Will Brian, sometimes you say a lot by not speaking will I have lost audio? I will let everybody else handle the business Steve, all right, very good who is coming up this weekend? Pete, you start PETE. Yes, we will give extra time to will on the weekend. Dont worry. You will hear plenty of will. He has great things to say: we have a great lineup, Corey Lewandowski, David Bossie, seen him at press conferences across the country. Legal challenges have been reported on the weekend. It will continue into election weekend every morning. I turn you guys on. You said it this morning. The race is still not called, I think, tomorrow morning and through the weekends we will be carrying the baton, just like you, guys,
Brian. What about on Fox nation, PETE, PETE Fox nation, by the way we are coming up on veterans Day, so we have been consumed with election day. Veterans day is coming on. The 11th fox nation has a great special through November 12th. This is through November 12th. If you get a subscription to Fox nation, we will give a five dollars. Donation Fox will to the independence fund, which is a fantastic organization which supports catastrophically wounded veterans. I love them. They do great work. Also, if you get the Patriot plan, which is a one year two year or three year, deal I humbly submit, you will get a free copy of my new book. Modern warriors real stories from real heroes: honored to write it fifteen of Americas greatest heroes in their own words. You will get it for free if you get a year or two or three of Fox nation celebrate Vets Day by celebrating America Brian, you take your series and put it into the book so able to expand on that series into the book new show coming out as well. But these stories are amazing: Brian, you guys know this and hear them in their own words combats come back
Brian in this generation, thats great Ainsley. You are normally in your office with all the Red white and blue behind you, I sea a sea horse, undisclosed, location, Ainsley, little fun fact for the kids. The male sea horses have the baby Brian, which Aqua Man rode on in.
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