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Why economy in South is outperforming rest of America

2020-10-18 | 🔗
Georgia state lawmaker Rep. Vernon Jones argues 'good leadership' is the reason on 'Fox & Friends Weekend.'
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Will state economies real from coronavirus, lockdowns? A new report reveals the economy down south greatly outperforms the rest of country with unemployment in the region, the lowest across the? U dot s here to react, a Georgia state Democrat who is voting for President Trump Vernon Jones lets. Look at the unemployment rate across the south right now put up a graphic for everybody. It is at six point nine percent. The south is represented by the red line for what it is worth. The north line is the yellow on your screen. You can see it is the highest Patten, zero point, nine percent, so, Representative Jones, why is the south outperforming everyone else? A lot of it has to do with good leadership. N the state of Georgia. We have Governor Kemp. As you know, Georgia is number one place to do business in in this country. It is about striking a balance between the covid, taking it very seriously, listening to the scientists listening to the
health experts, but at the same time, realizing we have a economy here prior to the pan. As you know, this economy was on steroids. Thanks to President Donald Trump were striking that balance businesses need to be open. A lot of people need to go to work, kids need to be in school. So as a result of that and not trying to shut down our state because of politics likes, the Democrats are doing who literally want the virus to stay around. They dont want businesses open. They dont want kids in school. It is all politics for them, but those like minded governors, an local chief executives who care about the american people who understand that the president is here, giving as much resources as possible to have the doors stay open. It is making a difference in our economy. People are working, will balancing the seriousness of Covid 19 against the economic effects of lockdowns is clearly what everyone should be doing. It is clearly benefiting the south. Unemployment is better consumer spending through the
pandemic and lockdowns in the south, significantly better than across the? U dot s better than the? U dot S average. We have to ask you about this. Representative Jones. You were at a Trump rally in Georgia. This past week we have video of the level of your enthusiasm. Here is a still picture. Youre crowd Surfing Representative Jones. Tell us about that. What was this is this a first time you ever went crowd surfing. Let me tell you this really is not about me and, as those liberals on the left are trying to make it about me and Covid. What this is about is electing Donald Trump. You know what, if this is about me, dive into a crowd surfacing show me the next crowd. This president has been there for american people. He is working hard. There is a solution to this whole thing right around the corner, but I can tell you this. That was about a leap of faith, because I believe in Donald Trump, I believe in the people who caught me.
Let me tell you when I jumped into that crowd among all whites. Well, you know what that is a demonstration that black lives matter because they caught me they protected me. Will you took that leap in two thousand and sixteen a lifelong Democrat going over to President Donald Trump and, as you say, took the leap into that.
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