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Widow of slain cop reacts to ‘Free Mumia’: Kaepernick is disrupting our family emotionally

2020-11-20 | 🔗
Maureen Faulkner weighs in on former NFL player Colin Kaepernick calling for the release of a cop killer.
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To be free, free, Mumia Ainsley, Mumia Abdul Jamal was convicted of murdering Daniel Faulkner during a traffic stop in nineteen eighty one, his death sentence was overturned and he is currently serving a life sentence. Now joining me is Maureen Faulkner, the widow of the slain police officer, Daniel Faulkner Good Morning, Maureen Good Morning, Ainsley Ainsley good Morning, im, sorry for your loss, you lost your police officer, husband. You were married three hundred and ninety six days and it changed your life. This push to free your killer. A lot of celebrities have jumped on this bandwagon for years. What do you say to folks like Colin Kaepernick? First of all, I would love to speak to Colin Kaepernick. I would like to sit down and talk with him face to face. He is spewing lies about my husbands case. He was just a young child when my husband was murdered and why
he has taken up this cause. Our whole family disrupts the entire family emotionally and brings hurt to us, and I dont know why he is. He is bringing this cause to at this time. It really baffles me Ainsley well Maureen. He said that Mumia Abdul Jamal was innocent. He was framed. He goes on to talk about Fernandez over one slash. Three of the officers involved in your husbands case were convicted of corruption, extortion or tampering with evidence in unother related cases. Is that true, no, its a lie, and I can prove it hes lying Ainsley? How do you prove it? I will bring up the facts. I have the paperwork. I can show the facts of what happened, and this is not true what essaying its rhetoric, Jason, Goebbels one time said a litel. It big enough, tell it often enough and it becomes truth
thats. What Colin Kaepernick is doing right now, with this case Steve Maureen. I know you wrote a book about this. I want to hear your evidence, but first tell the folks at home what happened to your husband on that day. On December 9th one thousand nine hundred and eighty one, my husband stopped a blue Volkswagen for going the wrong way down a street at 13th and locust when he called for some reason when he stopped the Volkswagen he called for a backup. Then he approached the car. There was someone in the car by the name of William Cook. William Cooke was Mumias brother, William Cooke handed my husband, a license which was not his license, and my husband asked him to step out of the car when he stepped out of the car, William Cooke punched, my husband, in the face my husband turned around hit him on the side of the head with his flashlight and started to
frisk him at that time. Mumia who was hitting in a hack taxicab. He was sitting in a taxicab across the way ran across the alleyway shot. My husband in the back, my husband, swung around shot him in the chest, fell to the ground, lost his gun and at that time Mumia emptied his gun into my house and leaned. Over and within fourteen inches of my husbands head between his eyes, he shot him. He executed him Ainsley, you have the evidence and Mumias brother was there. His own brother was there and to this day his brother hasnt said someone else. Did it. There were four eyewitnesses that saw what happened that night that came forth. The police back up showed up within seventy seconds of the murder, so Ainsley. Normally you shoot a cop. You go to prison either you
get the death penalty or go to prison for life. He was already convicted in court. So why are all these celebrities backing him now and why has he been on death row for so many years and wasnt he supposed to die and then they changed it to a life sentence? Why did that happen? That was on a technicality that they let him off and gave him life without possibility of parole. The case can go on and on. I cant explain it all on tv, but he did get on. He got off on a technicality life without possibility of parole, and he has been in prison ever sense. He ended up getting help. Hepc WH was in in prison, solitary confinement. He got Hepc, which is interesting. I dont know how he got it. However, our text dollars Gilead gave him ninety thousand dollars for Hepc for him which our tax dollars paid for this man has been coddled all his life,
all his life Ainsley. He wrote a book and made a lot of money too. On your husbands, death. We are out of time, but im so sorry for your loss. Thank you for speaking out. I wish you all the best. I wish this were not the path for you. I know you wanted kids and wanted to buy a house in the.
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