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Will Cain: Court packing is fundamentally radical to American justice system

2020-10-09 | 🔗
‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ co-hosts Will Cain and Pete Hegseth weigh on Joe Biden stalling court packing answer until after election.
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Going to have to wait Steve what you will know my opinion on court packing when the election is over. Look, I know its a great question and I dont blame you for asking, but you know the moment. I answer that question. The headline in every one of your papers will be about that other than other than focusing on whats happening now. Brian here to react. Fox amp, friends, weekend co, host, PETE Hegseth and will Cain PETE hold your fire im going to go to will first, okay! Is that all right with you absolutely Brian will? Is that acceptable to you? I know you want to talk about whats important, but I dont want to make headlines so im going to leave PETE. Okay, of course, its will, of course its important to me Brian. You might want to know what a presidential c candidate believe before you elect him. I dont think that many people know what court packing is. Whenever I talk about this on social media people come back.
What is the g dot op doing, whats Mcconnell whats trump doing forcing Amy Coney Barretts nomination its not the same thing its important to note this is radical. The court has had nine members for one hundred and fifty years nobody has tried to pack. The court increase the number of justices since FDR. It would delegitimize the court set up another arms race with the next republic president adding another three twelve to fifteen to eighteen. This is radical to the american justice system and it needs to be explained by Joe Biden Ainsley its the wait and see approach. We are familiar with this because Nancy Pelosi wanted to do that in twenty ten. With the Healthcare act watch this we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy PETE Pete. This is the most absurd thing I have ever heard a human
being say: thats, not hyperbole, wait. I know you want to know its a good question about packing the court, but I cant answer it because if I give you an answer, then you are going to talk about it and im running for president. So wait in the day after and then remember in the debate what he does every time he goes make sure you vote, make sure you vote everybody. How stupid does he think we are and heres why he is doing it two things one. He knows the media is entirely uncritical. They will let him get away with it. If they can, they will effectively say well. He just wants the highlight the Amy, Coney, Barrett hearings and so thats why he is doing it its absolutely absurd in that context, how in the tank the media is, but at the same time, with Joe Biden, he also knows his left wing. His left wing wants this. They believe its necessary. If you want to radically change America, you add justices to the court to prevent what Donald Trump has done.
He knows. Listen. The polls say that the president is behind thats what they say. Okay, I dont buy a lot of them, but thats what they say. Those are registered voters if Joe Biden particulars off his offticks off his Basethe hard co lose the radical left. So I wont answer the question. Of course I will pack the court, if I can Brian lets talk about what else is happening. The debate on Thursday supposed to be moderated by Steve Scully. His resume must upset the president. He internsd with this guy named Joe Biden, interned there and then in two thousand and sixteen its right there on the internet. He is arm in arm with Joe Biden, big smiles on their faces. Okay, thats, a little disconcerting. He tweets out after Trump is elected, never trump. Never I dont know Donald Trump took issue with that. When it came to
light, I cant believe this team would allow it or have a say in it. I dont know how familiar Steve Scully is with social media, but he did this publicly. He tweeted right at Anthony Scaramucci, who has become one of the presidents biggest critics Scaramucci. Should I respond to Trump Scaramucci writes back, ignore he is having a hard enough time more bad stuff about to go down. Oh really, so there is a plot in the plan. Nice to know number two is thats the moderator whats, your reaction. Will, I will tell you this. I will be interested to see if PETE, with K muster up outrage for this im. Unsurprised PETE, im, unsurprised, im, not blown away by this. All of us have been involved in the media for some years. How many people do you know who have interned for the democratic congressman? How many people do you know in the media who have had some position in the democratic administration? Maybe people who host morning shows on other networks, perhaps even spoke for democratic
president at some point, perhaps those who write for the new Yorker or politico, you could name the names who serve democratic administration. You cant do that in reverse. By the way you cant point to anyone who worked for a Republican, congressman or republican administration who is somehow being played off as objective journalist on some quote: unquote: mainstream media organization. You cannot find it im unsurprised. We are constantly being fed this idea that if you come from the left, can you somehow become all of a sudden objective? Im unsurprised disappointed, I guess but Unsurprised PETE Pete. Will you just took away all my outrage? I was going to be outraged, but you are totally right. Its absolutely Podesta pedestri no debate. Moderators are Democrats who used to work for Joe Biden that should make your head explode, Ainsley PETE from what I know about him based on our friends in this business. I think he is supposed to be fair im not expecting him to be biased when he is up there on stage asking the question PETE. He might be a nice guy,
thats, fine, but watch the way in which he frames the questions they all do it. Do it in a way that helps the Democrats and impugns the motives of Republicans thats, exactly how they do it Ainsley. Do you think he thought he was d dot Ming? Did he intentionally tweet that PETE? I think his level of technology is about the same as Joe Bidens. He probably thought he was direct messaging, Anthony Scaramucci Brian im, worried about what Tony Scaramucci said at the end, something coming down makes me think there are forces there.
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