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Will Cain details his all-American road trip with his family

2020-08-15 | 🔗
Getting to know the newest face of the 'Fox & Friends' family.
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We love having him here. We are excited to have him if you tuned in earlier. You saw the package about the life and times of Will Cain. He will be running in president for two thousand and twenty four based on how wonderful it was. He is an awesome guy. The video does justice to it more recently, his family, he and his family took a all american road trip across this great country and we have got it for you. Watch my family went on a road trip this summer we covered seven thousand miles and fifteen states. I wanted my family to see. America we have two boys, Charlie is twelve West is nine. It was a unique opportunity to pack a lifetimes worth of trips into one big month into one big month we saw Texas Mount Rushmore. We saw Texas Mount Rushmore,
Yellow Stone, Zion, Bryce, Cannon Montana, the Grand Canyon laughter dad is freaking out. We saw America, we talked about its history, we talked about its values, we hung out together as a family, its absolutely one of the best experiences I have had in my life. When I was a kid I bought dime store novels of old West outlaws. As we went around the country. I tried to get my kids into some of those same stories. We went frog gigging. I did not grow up frog gigging, but frog gigging is catching a big live, Bullfrog and im. Talking like this big, you see there. They are
you spotlight them and they will freeze in the spotlight. You creep up behind with a big gigginggigging pole, its a clamp and get as close as you can usually leap and catch, and it big the frog in gigged a frog. Look at that dude. By the way we did catch and release its all humane. No animals harmed just a lot of big smiles for children. When I was twenty five, I moved to Montana to write a book. I was essentially adopted in to this Montana family, which were ranchers and hunting outfitters for generations. On this road trip, we got to go back visit that family introduce them to. My boys, hang out on the ranch ride, horses shoe horses and generally experience the great people of Montana America is awesome. It is gorgeous, it is awe inspiring.
Every single state had some surprising geographic beauty and history that was worth seeing and learning about, but more special than anything than I saw in Americas. Natural beauty honestly is her people. They are innovative, they are resilient, they are obstinate and independent, but they are considerate. They are patriotic and they are friendly. Americans are even more beautiful than America is there you go. I know that sounds a little sack critical condition, but its one hundred percent- true, not fake, sweetness America and its people- are awesome. Seven thousand miles. Fifteen states only four car sicknesses, only four across the whole time, Jedediah wow same son, all four Jedediah. You had me at catch and release with those frogs.
I know now that you are Anna Mall Lover, and can I support all that you do that you have a beautiful family. I think this was important message that you shared at a time so polarizing and divisive, but we all should be able to appreciate the beauty that is this country, and you just did a fantastic job of illustrating that and so greatgreat to see that you and Y family had that time together, exploring that great nation PETE that was really well done makes me jealous. This is my road trip that I took in an rv summed up kids shut up sit down, were almost there will car sickness PETE, no car sickness? Maybe the rv helped with that, because you could sleep, followed wills trip check it.
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