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Will Cain introduces his Montana ranch family Dan and Ret Ekstrom

2020-08-16 | 🔗
L Diamond Ranch's Dan and Ret Ekstrom review their year living on a ranch in Montana and working as ranch hands
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Things ive been through over the past self years and particularly the last several weeks, PETE Jed. As you know, we took a trip across the United States. We covered sixteen states, one of the reasons we stopped Montana. I spent a year in law, school living in Montana, working on a ranch one of the best years in my life, guys absolutely incredible, not just for the physical beauty of Montana and the work, but the people I met there. I would like to introduce you to my quote: Unquote Montana: family owners of the L diamond ranch in Clinton Montana Good Morning, Dan and Rhett good morning will. Will I will turn it over to PETE and Jed? They can ask you the kind of questions. What kind of cowboy I was. I will say it at the outset. Dan. Where is your hat? I made one request. Wear your
hat. I told him to wear it. Youre not supposed to wear a hat in the house. Will PETE there are rules. Will thank you. So much for being here were glad you loaned will to us. You had him for a year twenty years ago. Tell us about the will Cain you got to know over a year there. Well I dont know he is pretty incredible. Fellow ill tell you that much very quick learner. He can do the hard work and and everything else I can only think of maybe in the whole time that he was helping us. He only got lost with a load of horses once he found his way back without too much help other than that I dont know of any faults will Jed. I will tell you this. What he is talking about, I got
lost once with a entire trailer. Full of horses got lost in a valley had to find ply way back. I had to follow a ups truck, but Dan I found my way back eventually Jedediah before you ask before you told that story, I was going to ask if he made any big mistakes. Obviously working on a ranch is really hard work. What are some of the things that will had to learn how to do before? He got there. The thing with him when he first came over our mom, had called and said that this junk gentleman wanted to come over and see the ranch he did. He came over, but he came and somebody said he made the remark that Danny was a redneck will. I would never. His hair was a little bit bushy, so he tried to stuff it underneath a baseball cap. We met him, he helped Danny and they were bucking bales and putting things in the barn
they back in that evening and after they were done, had his hair and it went whoosh. It was out from underneath the hat. He said that is the hardest work I have ever done. Will Jed. I learned how to stretch and little bit how to shoe morses that is buckets bales of hey lifting stacking 80 pound bales of day all day long Jed PETE. I hurt from my fingertips down to my toes I wasnt worried about the long hair. I was trying to hide PETE you cant. What about will coming back this summer, getting a chance to know his wife and kids? We cant even describe it. We never met Wes before we had been back to see, will and Kathleen in New York in January to the PBR was in Madison Square Garden, but Charlie was just little then
so it was a great pleasure to have them stay with us here. For a few days will Dan Rhett. I know it is early in Montana youre used to getting up and early working. I appreciate you to get up doing a little bit of television. You know how much I appreciate you and your family and the state of Montana youre part of our family sweetheart your whole family is will thank you very much Dan. I will say good bye to you guys Dan wants everybody to know the ranch is for sale. There you to.
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