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Will ‘Hidden Trump voters’ be in play for 2020?

2020-10-28 | 🔗
Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell provides insight into the role of the ‘secret’ Trump voter in the 2020 race.
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Down hill from here Ainsley over to you Ainsley, thank you Janice many credit credit, the Trump voter can we expect the same, recalling secret trump voter this year, Gianno wrote about this on Fox cop thefoxnews dot com good morning Gianno. Thank you for having me Ainsley tell the people who are watching why you decided to write about the hidden voter. You know what this is very interesting phenomenon. In twenty sixteen, we saw voters who hadnt voted in the previous two elections or at all, come out to support President Donald Trump. Now we have seen media saturation of negative press toward the president, two thousand and sixteen President Trump said something something very important to black America E. He said what do you have to lose flip that statement on its head? I would say what do you have to gain? President Trump has made an investment, and his administration has made an investment into african american
and hispanic hop labor relations, and I will mention first Step ACT: opportunity zones, funding for historically black Cleengts colleges and universities, and by virtue of that president trumps numbers with blacks and hispanic men have trended up to a point that is so significant that it can literally change the course of the election. So when I talk about the hidden trump voter, there is other demographics of hidden Trump voters, people clearly afraid of being considered racist or any of these negative narratives that the media has put out there. The hidden trump voter in part is the part of black and hispanic men. Look at the numbers in terms of among african ameriricans Becaus. We are talking about younger folks. Those are under forty five, thirty five percent of those who are eighteen to twenty nine black Americans, like president trumps, strong demeanor and for Hispanics under the age of forty five. He is attracting over thirty five percent of those individuals and in places that really really matter we are talking about swing states. Meanwhile Joe Biden FLIP
flopped more Times South Beach, when he talks about his policies and impact for African Americans and those hispanic as well. At this point, I dont believe that a lot of Americans even trust Joe Biden enough to do what he says he is going to do. Just look at fracking Ainsley. We hear a lot of people saying they are going to vote for Joe Biden as LA referendum on Trump dont. You think there is that group that would vote for Trump as a referendum on the progressives. They are worried that Joe Biden is going to be pulled in by the progressives. I a podcast out loud with JI, an know, Caldwell, pc culture, listen and like and give five star rating. I talked with Herschel Walker on this very topic. He was saying he believed people would go out and vote on behalf of President Trump because they dont, like the other side and thats an important point. People are not going to capitulate to this. Forcing of you have to vote for this person because everyone else doesnt
like him or the media doesnt like him, generations, z and folks, born between the year nineteen, ninety seven and two thousand and twelve. These individuals are going to be the largest voting block to vote this year. They became voting age. You are talking about twenty five million people. These individuals hate to capitulate to what the norms are, so they in some cases will definitely buck Joe Biden and vote for Trump Ainsley. Okay, Gianno, listen to your podcast and go read his.
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