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Will Joe Biden's call for a national mask mandate go over with voters?

2020-10-03 | 🔗
Congressman George Collins reacts to the former vice president's call for all Americans wear masks.
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Pete we are back with a first PETE. We are back with a first alert and a live. Look at Walter, Reed Hospital, where President Trump is undergoing treatment for Covid 19. The president shared this message where heading to the hospital. I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support im going to Walter Reed Hospital. I think im doing very well but were going to make sure that things work out. The first lady is doing very well, so thank you very much. I appreciate it. I will never forget it. Thank you. Will the presidents doctor, echoing those sentiments saying the commander in chief, is doing very well and quote resting comfortably at Walter Reed Medical center? Dr Sean Conley says the president finished first dose of remdesivir therapy. He will be monitored as he continues to run the country from the hospitals, presidential suite Jedediah. Meanwhile, more high profile, Republicans test positive for Covid 19, including Rnc chairwoman, Ronna Mcdaniel and Kellyanne Conway, PETE and, as President Trump
undergoes treatment at Walter Reed. Joe Biden is turning the diagnosis into what he believes is a for voters. This is not a matter of politics, its a brazen reminder to all of us that we have to take this virus seriously. It means wearing a mask in public and it means encouraging others to do so as well. It means having masking mandates nationwide Jedediah here to react. Georgia, Senate candidate and Congressman Doug Collins Congressman welcome to the show good morning Jedediah. I didnt hear anything different from Joe Biden there to me. It seems like pretty consistent messaging that he has had throughout, with the one caveat that he has pulled down negative ads. Do you think what he is saying here about a national mask mandate will have any mandate on voters given what he has said before? No lets be honest when you start out by saying this is not about politics, its about politics. Is he using a point to make against what is going on right
now? Look he has been hiding nut basement. He has been in a basement. This is his choice, thats. What exactly we need to understand? He has chose to do that and stay away from the people. The president has been out leading the president. Has been taking precautions you just go around, they have been doing everything that they can and the president still got it. What were actually looking at here, though, is a reminder, as I was hearing earlier in your show today, we do as a country going to get back out and as we get back out, the threat is still here. Until we have a vaccine, we need to learn Howe to deal with it responsibly, washing hands wearing a mask. What we can do, we can still do that, while getting back out and running our country, the president is showing that PETE yeah congressman the president has stride to trie strike that balance you need to be responsible, but give you individual choice. Opening up and respect businesses are risk calculations and respecting their customers. How do we maintain of OEA tempting to reopen and not slide backwards? Reflectively and emotionally at this moment, well its going to be a
possibility that people will use this to say no, we need to go back again, the president number one he has always led from the front. He is our president, but he is also a man who is now going to deal with this, along with the first lady and others lets look way its going around in different parts of the doctrine here in Georgia been opened up a long time. My numbers in my hometown across my state, going down consistently going down. We are seeing it managed in a very responsible way, but what we have got to understand is there is also a political cost, but not only an emotional and economic cost. To this idea that you just shut down everything, remember shutting down everything will not get rid of this virus, it will slow the virus, it will still be there. We have got to make sure we are taking into account responsible opening, but responsible living. The people and our economy has to have that keeps us strong, while we keep physically and mentally economically to that point, as well will speaking of not shutting down, lets talk about Senator
Mitch, Mcconnell saying the Senate will move full steam ahead in their nomination process, their confirmation process for Judge Amy, Coney Barrett. In your estimation, this order of business, along with by the way, a Covid 19 relief bill in the house. Where are we on moving forward in the process of governance inside of Congress? Well really, since the 116Th Congress started governance concerned about the November third elections, we have gotten doing things for a long time. She never got down to say when it came down to this past week of finding relief package, she stuck to unrealistic number that added more to a political calculation than it did actually helping businesses and helping people. So look, I think, thats just unfortunately stuck right now. I think the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is something that can move forward. They can do it safely. There is no reason that this should stop, and I believe that Senator
Graham will actually hold those hearings. We will get it onto the floor and it will be voted on before the election. You can do that. The problem I have had with Congress right now. We viewed ourselves, especially speaker Pelosi and others have viewed ourselves as something other than essential part of government and that they can centralize control in leadership. The problem is, we all needed to be there. We all needed to take tests and take precautions. We could actually do our job. People need to see Congress in action. They didnt see that, especially from the house in the last little bit, will a lot of the businesses and people need help under mandates to shut down. They could use a government relief effort when it comes to Covid 19.
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