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Will Lady Gaga joining Joe Biden for a final campaign event make a difference?

2020-11-02 | 🔗
Conservative Partnership Institute’s Rachel Bovard, The Hill media reporter Joe Concha and Army veteran Jeremy Hunt discuss on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Hear thanks so much Phil Steve over to you, Steve Thanks Ainsley Pennsylvania emerging as one of the most hotly contested battle grounds. Pittsburgh Post gazette recalling President Trump first time backing a Republican since one thousand nine hundred and twenty seven when it comes to the presidency. This as Joe Biden will be joined on stage by Lady Gaga when he campaigns in Pittsburgh today. What does this say about? The must win state of Pennsylvania. Well, lets talk to our panel Rachel from the Conservative Partnership Institute, along with army veteran and Yale LAW, school student, Jeremy Hunt and media reporter for the hill Joe Con challenge good morning to everybody. Good morning I cant hear Steve lets start with you Rachel. The president got that great endorsement from the Pittsburgh newspaper now Joe Biden and Jill Biden are going to show up with Lady Gaga who, according to the Trump campaign, is an anti fracker.
So what message does that send to the people of western Pennsylvania? Well, nothing compels rural voters like seeing someone who has an absolutely nothing in common with them, not just in her political views but in her attempts to pander lady Gaga, most recently put out a super cringe, Instagram video dressed in camo drinking a beer because apparently thats what she thinks compels rural voters. She ended up throwing a full beer on the ground, which I think offended more people than would think otherwise Steve. There goes good beer last minute attempt to sway voters that I dont think is going to work Steve Jeremy. What do you think is going on campaigns who is advising Joe Biden? Someone is getting paid handsomely to give quite possibly the most out of touch political advice. We have seen this year so far and it makes you think just like talk to a voter on the ground like what do you want to talk about?
I am sure that many voters want to talk about the issues they dont want to get lectured from Lady Gaga, Steve. Well, Joe Concha. You know a lot on the political left, love the celebrity endorsements and she is a very big star, but at the same time the question becomes what is more important, driving the vote or perhaps having somebody realize, hey, wait a minute. She is anti fracking which, according to the campaign, she is yeah. She signed off on Yoko, Onos Anti Fracking group. A couple years ago, lets be clear. Lady Gaga was infinitely better than than a star is born. Its all subjective Pennsylvania is obviously the most crucial state. Forget the national polls ask the twenty sixteen democratic nominee, who won by more than three million votes. What did that get her
got her a one way: ticket back to Chappaqua and Charredden Chardon Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and then Pennsylvania or Michigan. If the president captures any of those four states all four of those I should say Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, then he wins the elelection. Everything else does not matter but again, if you are going to start campaigning with somebody who is against fracking one day before the election in a state, you must win to the point made earlier. Who is advising the current democratic nominee right now, Steve all right, lightning Round predictions Rachel start with you, what happens tomorrow? Well, I think we talked about a record number of votes being cast. I dont think we are going to know instantly, but this race is still very much still in play. Pennsylvania suspect for grabs its a jump, ball, Steve, all right, Jeremy, I dont think were going to know exactly tomorrow exactly what the election is going to look like.
We will have at least some a feeling of what might happen maybe later on this week as the votes roll in Steve and finally, you Joseph November is going to be a long decade. Steve were not going to know who won this election for probably a long time. Remember, Michigan Wisconsin are not even going to start counting the mail in ballots until election day. The question is in Pennsylvania. The president does have the momentum, but is it too little too late? Given all the votes already cast before Mr Biden made his comments on fracking, Steve Steve, it looks as if the election is going to be so two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty has gone so far.
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