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Will 'Unhinged' draw audiences back to movie theaters amid COVID pandemic?

2020-08-23 | 🔗
Russell Crowe's thriller 'Unhinged' makes its debut as movie theaters start to reopen across the country; reaction from movie critic Mike Sargent.
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Bring your a game: cuz youre gonna need it PETE Russell Crowes latest movie, unhinged. Opening this weekend will the first major movie release since the start of the pandemic, but will it draw movie goers into theaters Jedediah here to discuss is MIKE Sargent. This is a fascinating topic, because movie theaters were suffering even before the pandemic. Then it hit and really really traumatic for their industry. So will this movie unhinged draw people to the theater right now? Well, I think it will. I think there are people who are dying to get out dying to go to the movie theater. Are that experience? I think weve all sat at home in our living rooms watching movies streaming for a long time, and I think this is the kind of movie
that plays best with the crowd now how big those crowds will be and whether this will safe the movie save the movie industry. I think thats something else PETE. Can the industry do special things to entice people back AMC trying to get people back with tickets that just cost fifteen cents? Apparently those are sold out theyre going to up the prices. After that, but I mean what can they do besides put a quality product on the screen? Well, I think theyre doing it. I think the whole idea here is youve kind of got to dip your foot in the soup here in the bath just to see how hot it is, and I think everybody going and buying all these fifteen cent tickets, even some of them for old movies. You know, empire strikes back, was playing. I think its just the whole idea of that experience I mean going to a movie. Is a communal experience watching a movie at home? You think about your most memorable movie experiences its not when youre sitting at home watching
a movie its generally with an a audience, so I think right now with the economy being what it is and people unsure of the future a cheap movie ticket, I think, is a very enticing thing. Will you know MIKE? I spent much of the last couple of months in quarantine in Tennessee my nephews went to the drive in movie. Theater WAL Mart has recognized it converting many of its parking lots into drive in theaters. Do you think this is momentary or are they on their way back? I think that theyre on their way back, if you go to the WAL Mart Drive in sites every single screening at every single theater sold out until October. This program ends in October. So I think yes, I think there are a lot of people. You know myself included. I can remember vaguely when I was a cud e going to a drive in, but I think a lot
of people would love the that I appearance of going to a drive in movie and again, something thats been missing from our lives is socializing, so a new way of socializing I mean drive ins lasted a really long time in this country, so yeah. I think I think, theyre definitely making their a way back will drive in movie theaters you dont stream, you dont sit at home, you get in your car PETE I knew WAL Mart did a lot of things. I didnt see the drive in movie theater coming. I really didnt. The most surprising thing to me is that everybody you have to have an FM radio wow. I didnt know people still PETE to hear the audio for the.
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