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Witness details horrific attack during Portland protest

2020-08-19 | 🔗
Police identify suspect responsible for assault; 'Lives Matter' host Drew Hernandez speaks out.
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Brian all right thanks so much lets move on this story. Now the next guest witnessed the entire assaulted and posted the video joining me now is the reporter and host of lives matter on Youtube. Drew Hernandez, drew how horrific was that to watch. It definitely was traumatic. You know I am an investigative reporter. I have seen a lot of crazy stuff, especially in Portland, but what I witnessed this particular night literally was, in my professional opinion, based on what I saw and what they did from beginning to end in context was border Wall execution an attempted execution by the time they had him on the floor. They had already punched him kicked him. They brought him down strategically with some pretty impressive, combat moves twice and he was already submissive on the floor. He was almost pretty much waving the White flag, hey im, not
aggressive, and then they dealt that kick to the back of the head, which was completely unacceptable. Brian. I want to get clear on exactly what happened, spinning the story and saying he was trying to run them over, and he was a white supremacist first off that woman by the door and gets tackled from behind what was she doing? Well, she was just trying to defend them because they were being attacked. This was a series. This was a see events from beginning to end because black lives matter was holding a rally that night and the rhetoric was extremely dangerous. The guest speaker that night was saying things like she believed that police officers should have been choked by their own umbilical cords when they were babies. She was saying all kinds of bizarre statements saying that she is willing and ready by any means necessary to achieve justifiable and the way this started was a few black lives matter advocates militants whatever they were about, three
of them in front of the Javits center started, accusing this young white man of recording them and they aggressively escorted him away from the Javits Center and then, as they were escorting him away, they physically assaulted him and started beating him up in the middle of the streets in front of a 7 eleven. So at that point is when you see that transgender woman begin to defend that guy. So then their anger gets shifted onto the transgender woman. They rob her, they start beating her or they whatever they identify as but as they are physically assaulting her and robbing her thats where the truck driver comes in, he was actually starting to defend her. They shifted anger and completely started going after him or his wife or girlfriend, not too sure who she was, but they started punching them in the face they tackled her to the ground. They were punching him in the face through his truck window
thats when he got this n his truck to evade the situation. To be honest with you. If that guy wanted to run a bunch of people over, he could have done it, but he didnt. If you watch the video, is he very cautious? Is he trying not to hit anyone Brian? I wonder if he regrets that thousand trying to evade the investigation. They chase him down the street until he eventually crashes thats, when you see him out of the car and they just execute him, in my opinion, very violent Brian. He is in the hospital right now, the guy that the police are looking for is Marquise love, employee of star protection, security, firm office in Portland, the CEO told Fox love was employed, but he was unarmed guard, even though he was wearing body armor. They said he didnt keep it from his old job. Do you know this guy? I dont know who this guy is. Personally, I will say that this morning, At00 a dot m. I have the entire video in context from
beginning to end this isnt, the on guy, that needs to be brought to justice. There are multiple individuals that were involved with this, that assaulted, physically assaulted, multiple people that you will see on video and I know law enforcement is currently in an investigation in Portland its not just this one guy. There will be multiple people brought to Justice Brian. We will look for that posting and have you back and everyone has to all hands on.
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