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Would picking Karen Bass for VP help or hurt Joe Biden's campaign?

2020-08-10 | 🔗
Tiana Lowe, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner, weighs in on the VP debate.
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Ainsley well with the Ainsley well with the democratic convention one week away, presumptive nominee, Joe Biden, still mum, the word on who is going to be his running mate. Last week, more than three hundred Dnc delegates and members signed a letter urging him to choose Congresswoman Bass, theres her picture saying this. She is the best choice, among vice presidential candidates, under consideration to help unify our party and move our nation forward. Joining us now to react is commentary writer for the Washington examiner, Tiana Lowe Good Morning to you good morning Ainsley. What do you think if he does choose Congresswoman Bass? This is the congresswoman who recently in twenty sixteen referred to Castro. As speaking Spanish, I dont know if the voters in Florida are going to Joe Biden was losing among Latinos in the primary to Bernie Sanders, except in Florida, because of that extremely diverse cuban anti communist latino population.
Only two Democrats have only one the presidency by losing Florida most recently Bill Clinton in the nineteen. Ninety two spoiler election I mean, if Democrats all they have to do, is not throw the selection and not make it a referendum. On Joe Biden, will choosing Karen Bass give the Trump campaign in kind donation, Ainsley showed clip from Jill Biden when asked who he would pick as vice president, someone? Is he comfortable with and shares his values and thats what he always had with Barack if she is sympathizing with Castro, those are her values or once were at least what does that say about Joe Biden, so Joe Biden won the entire primary by bucking, the party base that has moved increasingly far to the left he rejected Medicare for all he rejected the green new deal, and now AOC is on his climate change panel Stephanie Kelton,
who is a believer in the monetary theory on economic panel? These are increasingly left wing decisions, the more he does this and allows the Trump campaign to define. Who is he and quite frankly, making it quite easy by not leaving his basement? Why is Jill doing all these in person interviews and he is not so choosing someone like Karen Bass, who is a democratic establishment, referred to as a compromised candidate, frankly, its nuts no other way to describe it than that Ainsley? What do you think about his time being one week away from the Dnc? Is that a mistake or really rally his base and get more excitement and people watch on television? So this is sort of the Fun House Mirror version of the Clinton primary she actually clinched. The nomination relatively late and Joe Biden did so relatively early because Joe Biden is not as unlikeable as Hillary Clinton. It might be a benefit of him to give all the oppo research about candidates coming out now, but
he did really box himself in by saying he would only choose a woman and now, increasingly, the pressure is on to choose a woman of color and predominantly a black woman. Unfortunately, given the political reality, there are no black governors in the country and only one black woman Senator Kamala Harris this really that paper, this rows down his options and means it sort of turned into this intersectional catfight of Susan Rice and Kamala Harris and Karen Bass dumping on each other, leaving him with very few good options, not that late. In terms of the historical scope of this think about it, he will be older on inauguration day than Ronald Reagan, our oldest president, ever on his last day in office. This is not a great position for the front runner of the race. Ainsley tiana Lowe with the Washington examiner latest headline is bidens. Vp choice can only hurt him at this.
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