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Writer sparks outrage over defense of looting

2020-08-31 | 🔗
Turning Point USA Rob Smith calls argument 'absolutely ridiculous' on 'Fox & Friends.'
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Welcome back the author of a new book, sparking outrage coming to the defense of looters, telling NPR quote: looting strikes at the heart of property, of whiteness and of the police. It gets to the very root of the way these three things are interconnected and also it provides people with an imaginative sense of freedom and pleasure. Joiningjoining me now is spokesp for turning point USA and author of always a soldier Rob Space Smith. Tell us your spouts on the show that of the message that Vicki is putting forth there. My thoughts is absolutely. This is absolutely ridiculous. Look. We have to be clear when were talking about stuff like this, when we have these white liberal writers, like Victor Osterweil or anybody who says looting, is a good thing and trying to romanticize this. For a liberal audience, these people rarely live in the communities that looting strikes.
These people rarely engage with any of the citizens that this looting and rioting and destruction actually damages. So I was on the ground in Minnesota. A few months back go fund me one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars to donate to small businesses that were disseminated by the riots in Minneapolis. But what I had saw when I spoke to a lot of people is that they said we dont have a target. We dont have anything you know their communities are destroyed and when these people are making these ridiculous arguments, that looting is somehow anti strikes at the heart of getting back against whiteness, or this is just a great thing. These are these very weird academia, conversations that have no basis in the lives of real people and that have no basis or even thought or consideration for the people whose lives and livelihoods and neighborhoods are destroyed by this. Behavior
rob speak to me about the amplification aspect of Lunancy being put forth in academic world. You just described boots on ground thats, normal people contributing to a go fund me to restore people back to their businesses right. They are donating to their community thats. What matters to them and them have you that amplified is that being circulated amongst the people, so the real messaging isnt getting out there that people want to support their community and foster ownership, absolutely being amplified a lot of what we are seeing with the unrest going on in the streets right now. In these conversations, this is from basically voices that would have been completely fringe of ten years ago that are being amplified by social media, its the only most fringe voices on the left that are amplified and all of a sudden having somebody writing a book. Looting is great and doing interviews
with NPR and being spoken about right now on national television, so you have with the amplification of kind of that fringe stuff. It really really helps it does not hurt of the people in these communities. Guy back to Minneapolis again, Minneapolis Jewels had riots back in one thousand nine hundred and sixty seven right, and when I spoke to people on the ground, they said that they were just. They said that they were just now. Getting back will will will will? Will businesses destroy it? You really think what is the end goal of people who are actually out there amplifying the message that this sort of looting and rioting is a good thing. Will Emily? Oh just that lasting.
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