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WSJ’s Jerry Seib on new book explaining rise of populist movement

2020-08-21 | 🔗
Jerry Seib, Executive Washington Editor for the Wall Street Journal, previews his book ‘We Should Have Seen it Coming’ on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Room on a very busy Friday morning see you soon Steve. Meanwhile, former vice President Joe Biden and Democrat S, shifting the narrative during the Dnc that just wrapped up making this election a choice between darkness and Light Donald Trump doesnt deserve to call himself commander in chief for another four minutes, let alone another four years. I did hope for the sake of our country that Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously. Donald Trump has divided our country diminished. Our greatness and demeaned everything Steve, but after four days of attacks on President Trump was uniting the country really. The message from the Dnc here with a discussion, the executive, Washington, editor of the Wall Street Journal Gerald Sibe. I went to journalism school with this guy Jerry Good Morning to you thanks, Steve its a long way from Lawrence to here. Isnt, it
Steve a couple of journalists right now Jerry. How do you summarize what we saw over the last four nights with the Dnc? Well, you know it was interesting because I thought the two things you learn from this convention. This campaign, at least according to the Democrats, is going to be much more about character than about issues. You heard a lot more about Joe Bidens personality and empathy than policies, and I think that leads you to the second thing I learned, which is, if you had any doubt that the fall campaign is going to be a referendum on the incumbent, and the Democrats are happy to have that thats what youre going to see and I think, thats what we saw and in the convention and its what we saw in the vice presidents speech last night. Third point surprised me a little bit how much of the speech was devoted to the coronavirus. The coronavirus is still a big issue, its not going to be a central issue, and that tells you Democrats, the magnitude of the problem is still weighing on voters. Minds Steve, you know. Donald Trump is a big part of your brand new book and people got to get it its terrific called. We should
have seen it coming and what it does is. It looks back over about the last forty or fifty years of the Republican Party and how it has morphed into what. However, you would describe it right now under Donald Trump right, yeah, its different look, I think its morphed from Ronald Regan to Donald Trump, and that happens to be kind of the ark of my journalism career, so im fascinated by this four decade period, but also morphed from Reagan, conservatism and the overall message of the book really is that people were shocked by Donald Trump in two thousand and sixteen in the Republican Party and out and the message of the book is you shouldnt have been. This was building this didnt just happen overnight. It happened with Pat Buchanan and Sarah Palin, Steve a whole populist movement right, absolutely building from beneath the feet of the establishment leaders of the Republican Party, and they didnt really appreciate it. Steve sure and Jerry Donald Trump has changed. The republican relationship with the business
community hes changed conservative ideas. When it comes to trade and immigration, I mean hes come a long way. I know he mentions Ronald Regan a lot, but hes come a long way from what Ronald Regan stood on and ran on yeah exactly and thats in part, because the Republican Party is a different party now fundamentally different than it was when Ronald Regan came in. You know Reagan brought in a lot of Reagan Democrats, so there was kind of a beginning of what the Republican Party is now, but its now much more populated by a working class blue collar voters who moved into the Republican Party because they wanted to be there for cultural reasons. Didnt like gay marriage, didnt like transgender rights, really didnt like abortion rights being expanded, that pulled them into the Republican Party and then when they got there, they decided conservative economic messages, didnt work for them. The globalization didnt work for them. The free trade policies, didnt work for them and Donald Trump walked through an open door because he appreciated and realized that more than most people in the Party Steve Exit question when it comes to the first Tuesday in November,
do the Republicans, who have kind of been drifting in the middle. Do they come back and unite around Trump thats? The question, I think, and you go back to Joe Bidens speech last night. There was a fascinating message in which he said I want to be the president for all Americans. It was an overt appeal to moderate Republicans and independents to stick with him theres. Another question Steve, which is a similar one, which is: are there still hidden Trump voters out there, people who hadnt yet been activated in twenty sixteen and available now Steve check out his new book. Sir. Thank you very much.
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