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Wynonna Judd launches ‘Harmony’ CBD products

2020-12-09 | 🔗
The country singer discusses her battles with anxiety and how the pandemic has affected her life and career on ‘Fox & Friends.’
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Farm where she has been quarantining for months Ainsley all right, Wynonna Judd joins us. I apologize for Brian. He has a thing with names: laughter, Brian Brian youre, getting a star on the walk of fame too. Why not its America Ainsley? We love! You grew up listening to your music and your moms music. Congratulations on the star were going to talk about that coming up, but first wanted to find out. How is this affecting you? In the music industry? Many of us had tickets for concerts were getting e mails, saying theyre going to be rescheduled next year, but I know you employ a lot of people. How is this affecting you and your artist friends? I dont know how much time we have. I have an idea every week you all need to put me on for a farm report, and I can tell you whats happening in the Rural America Steve the that would be great im very serious. Im ready ive, been on a farm nine months and weve had to learn to be practical and sweet and simple
its not easy, but with feed the animals we cook we clean and we try to keep our people employed, and I do concerts for those of you who dont know were doing virtual concerts to give people something to look forward to December 20th im doing a show for the fans ten dollars, my moms going to sing with me December 20th, im here and ive, been here since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four and im not going to stop the and im finding joy and sorrow here on the land, so its called real life. I guess Steve absolutely are listen. I grew up in Kansas. We have the farm report on the tv news at noon and at 600 at night. So if you want absolutely, if you want to come back and talk about whats going on in Middle America, that would be great lets talk a little bit about. In addition to the concerts, which youre doing youve also got a brand of cbd- and you know so- many people
are helped by Cbd. Lets start with your story, how you discovered it and how you come up with harmony, which is the name of your Cbd brand. Okay. So im constantly talking about my healing and recovery process, I was famous at eighteen im. An introvert and ive battled anxiety since the beginning of the Judds, and when I came home in March id had a bit of what they call a breakdown and a breakthrough. I discovered that silence can be isolation and also solitude, so im working that progress thing and I just needed an option other than the three medications I was taking. I chose to say: okay lets get real and im detoxing from those meds, and I just said I e need help and I reached out to the people that you reach out to, and I said what can I do to be a part of the solution, not the problem, Steve right and im, just walking it like
every other American who finds themselves look im an artist. I feel deeply and I love you guys. I you know that im here ive been here for thirty seven years and the fans know me im talking to the people and were all stressed. Anxiety is through the roof and I need harmony in my life always, and so it just makes sense for me to teach what im Learning Steve, hey. Some people use Cbd for Pawn relief and others use it, because it is calming yes, both ive had a lot of accidents in my life, ive lived dangerously and ive im, just a part of the process and im a work in progress. Harmony helps me to just you know what I move through my dayment I got up this morning. I took a shower I put on my great bra here. I am America Laughter, theres, no secret guys were all struggling to find a way,
Steve youre right. For me, I sing because im in pain, I sing because im happy. I sing to the friends I say: hold your had up high and dont be awe grade of the storm awe grade of the storm Brian. I know one thing: thats going to get you happy. The Judds receive a star on the Hollywood walk of fame sometime in twenty twenty one. I mean theres, nothing, theres, no downside to that. I think we need more celebrations. I know that everybody watching were all trying to find something to believe in. I believe in miracles, my mom I justed had dinner with her shes coming over to sing on the 20th I played cards with Ashley over the hill last week. We agree to disagree. Look were trying to find a way to just connect in a world thats somewhat divided. I am part of the musical tapestry of America. I just recorded a song with Robert Weir from the grateful dead on the farm im texting
Cyndi Lauper about how were going to do this technology thing. My fans have kept me alive for a long time. Brian. I hope we get you back on stage very soon, youre finding creative ways to do it. I think Americas got to do the same thing. Do the same thing: Steve Harmony by Wynonna, dot, com.
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