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Yearbook photos show Hilaria Baldwin at Massachusetts prep school one year before she claimed to move to US

2020-12-30 | 🔗
Actor Alec Baldwin's wife faces growing backlash over accusations she faked her Spanish heritage.
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A real firearm, Rachel Rachel, thank you Griff this morning is there is growing backlash for Hilaria or Hillary. However, you want to say it over accusations. She faked her spanish heritage, newly unearthed yearbook, photos showing Hilaria graduating from POSH Massachusetts Prep School a year before she claimed that she moved here from Spain. Will he is span? I cant. She is also listed by her real name: Hillary Hayward, Thomas CEO, a hispanic recalling expert and joins you now to it will react Lily. Welcome to the show. How did Hillary think she could get away with this when there are yearbook, pictures and all these other documents in the age of social media? You know, will Rachel recall this. It was a matter of time when this was going to happen. You cant do this. There is too much open information, public information, its going to catch up with you. You know what I have got to give her some credit.
She picked up on the cultural equity of all things latino and latina, and she wanted a little bit of it, its back firing in a big way. I feel sorry for her now Rachel. It is this is now infamous clip of hers from the today show it very few ingreed yents we have tomatoes, we have. How do you say in Epg? Be English could cucumber cucumbers Rachel? She forgot how to say. Could you couple cumbers? My mom is from Spain. That accent is not very, you know, can a stillian speaking spanish speaking English. If you listen to a real Spaniard, will they sound like Penelope Cruz? I know we were not paying attention but again its going to catch up with you at some point once again, to put it in perspective, maybe having an accent sometimes for those of us that are immigrants trying to get rid of it when you get here,
but then the other way around people like to say highest paid television actress. So maybe there is something here, but you are right. We should have picked it up earlier and good for all those detectives on social media that now are outing this out and we are setting the record straight and she is not alone in trying to adapt this. We have seen this with politicians like Beto, trying to change his name and pretend like. Maybe he had some hispanic heritage too for advantage, I know. Well, I guess the name you know for those of us that are native spanish speakers. You do pick it up um huh. That must be one of us. It goes beyond that dont. Just patron nice me sound, like me, show me you care now. I have a challenge for Hilaria. If you love so much spanish culture. Give us some is lines in Spanish, because I have yet to hear her speak a full sentence. Rachel end this with saying
that you think legit Latinas should be flattered by this are in the era where everybody gets so overly sensitive about everything. I think imitation is at greatest form of flattery, so lets take it own it, but she should no longer be listed on those latina magazines best dressed or anything like that. It should be you Rachel, laughter Rachel or you lily. I lobbied to make this entire show, because I love this topic. I think its hilarious, but we are so happy that you joined us.
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