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2019 Men of the Year Awards Show

2020-01-02 | 🔗
The gang steamrolls into 2020 with an extra-special episode to honor the <em>Washington Free Beacon</em> Men of the Year. Make sure to read the stories of all these heroes over on the <a href="https://freebeacon.com/men-of-the-year/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Men of the Year page</a>.
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The programme that you about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners, although it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, but go ahead, make mightier. Ladies and gentlemen, this is their Harrison coming to you, life and free beacon, world headquarters in Rosalind Virginia. I am joined to day for a very special free beacon, podcast episode by my what
Full co host, who you all know and love Ellie on a job and editor in chief of the Washington Free, Beacon, kitty, you pre culture style, celebrity consultancies here in studio today for this very special episode, desperate a beacon force one. This is the third episode of the Super Show trilogy two in two thousand and nineteen as we steamroller had into took twenty twenty of big you're ahead and, of course, as always, the chairman of the Washington Free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, the very first I believe in history licensed Republican, consultant, who is a man about town and a man about this world and one of the most powerful figures of twenty nineteen. He is not eligible for an award of a man of your award, but I guarantee you folks. He would have earned it his merits alone, a man above all else, we don't take bribes, build a hardline it with TAT one of our other host today, who you will
China and from time to time as free beacon, legal analysed. Victor matters is with us as well, It is now more important than its legal chops, his food and beverage. Thank you. He had some good Loggia Burke you once again shadow to bill cold of cold vineyards, who has also been supplying this extra special. What episode of the free beacon podcast with his fruit basket, the fruit basket has been going down with very easily being chased by a bottle of Kentucky. Bourbon of some of you may know it as Pappy Van Winkle. That's right! We ve got the finest bourbon in the world here for the finest people in the world, and I have one more special shout out to r r r esteem producer. Paul crooks has been working very hard all year on on the free beacon, podcast, and let me tell
folks, something this episode? He will work harder than ever trying to get it condensed down Erasmus, perhaps to a normal timeframe and taking out all the inappropriate naughty language that is often used on the show. So, let's break it down folks who are listening to the third episode of the trilogy, the suit of twenty nineteen super show. It is the man of the year podcast, where we will be celebrating the men who did more than any or any other people on this planet? Anyone else in this plan to make this country great again and their names are not Donald Trump, because we all know that if we were going to be giving out an award to somebody who has made this country great again, it would go to him so that, as it does a universal understanding wrong same page, let's get into it with the award ease and the winners.
They twenty nineteen free bacon men of the year. Will you can read about it? Free beacon, dotcom in there will be some others. We take it to the show. Today we got about forty of em, but we're gonna get into him to day this special winners, we're gonna, let it off with a guy from a lot about his name is turning no bar. I need a William bar Bob Hearts, the other guy yeah diaries, the ala we work. We work on a teleprompter here and just like RON Burgundy. I read every word that goes into that. Teleprompter pilloried start that over two one. Now, let's this is. This is live, live podcasting body for doing it, but her bar bill bar our hero, the guy who called out by law in his Smitty little the email that he said, and he you what he did want you. What I mean I don't look. We talk a lot about among the previous, shall I dont really
spend a whole lot of time on. Is there anything that we left off we're talking about bill bar that we need to get back into right now? The only thing we can say is: like he's mic he's like the Cheney of the twenty tens. You know well said: you're also came out of his folly for like animals. Thracian that you know look they want some. They they want the Gulf WAR, not a bad administration, but it was not the administration. You expect to be like a forge of conservative steel to produce the Dick Chinese and Bill bars the world, but it did it did here. They are the boomers of regional boomers for all that, all the flat they ve gotten in twenty nineteen of really come through female. It. That's a good idea for peace. How could the George H W Bush administration have been the greeting breeding ground for these, like men, men right, you got to one of the whip, use presidents of the twenty first century produce.
Nothing. We would all about mammary offspring and you know inspiring future leadership. These guys are the men least man, the Middle EAST men manliest, in the Middle EAST, with Colin Powell. He was right up the money. We look. I think we just get dragged for all the praise we given bar over the year, if we didn't mention in the free being copied cast men of the year episode. So, that's over to see about him. Leave you alone, who asked you S errand in the previous show, which I feel like we just did amazingly, how much time flies soup, and I hope I wasn't that again. It was a great Christmas by the way you did ask. I think you mentioned in the previous epizootic, barely remember about my connection, to build barn I wouldn't say I was not surprised that he's gonna do such a great job to do so, a because I knew him for backing to to embed administration. When I worked at the Justice Department as an intern and I had my opportune to meet him and he comes over with the supervise my supervisor and some
excited to meet me comes over to shake my hand and then the supervisor says: oh, this is VIC. Manners are our entered and then immediately stop shaking my head. So if you look on us a credit to have better than
you on guy knows: what's our power was, then that's right that it wasn't like you know the little asian and they know it wasn't me. Maybe you could have been like a thought or maybe a fundraiser something under outlet. If you look in the photo on my office, if that's what you thought you were legacies issued Maggie someone. Did he added? Yes, I thought I had the orders and- and the two of us are just standing there in the photo disabled and I met a man several years later weekly standards. It was a stand up, guys very good. Ok, wasn't Dago Bill bar consuming a much larger portion of this, but Pakistan anybody ever anticipated, but that just goes to show you what a miseries next up, our next award ie and once again you can read about all of these twenty nineteen free beacon men of the year at Free beacon, dot com. There are lots of profiles to go through there's a lot of folks that maybe you haven't heard of who on deservedly there there your stories were swept under the rug, what we called the entire internet too.
Bring you the most important matter, twenty nineteen- and that brings me to our next consequential member, now look just like time magazine from back. In the day we give it divisions and we give it the heroes. These are people who who are significant like who had the biggest impact twenty nineteen and its hard to say that there was any more consequential fit consequential man in the public eye. Then one hunter fighting Harrison. You don't need a qualified by saying here as an villains, he's a hero, he's gonna, bring down Joe Biden campaign was is, and this is a they dont tiptoe around it. I'm not I'm not. I've made no judgments are qualified hero, our report and while the tape back, but I made no aspersions on his character, are just like you that there is a disclaimer so how people can listen to the show how they would inform it's like it
Greek, comedy or tragedy year. One of the other I mean this guy must just feel in his heart of hearts like he is in Jenks. I mean everything he has touched over. The last ten years is coming back to bite him. In the end, it was a charmed existence for a very long time. Kitty. In your travels, you spend a lot of time in southern California is a lot of time in the streets Manhattan watching as almost all Zawoiski calling you know, she's working or american angle. She's working sources left right down, as was anyway, ok, so kitty gas hotter by Gimme a quick, quick take on what she thought his twenty nineteen was like. You know from from your perspective in, and what do you think he's going to be doing forward into twenty twenty cocaine. Attic that can't pull out of a driveway is all I know I by Europe must offer careful out. Are you I mean a man is going for like a basketball team of children? At this point, I think turn it around. You know
bow to become the Trojan man Kay, doesn't know. I know turn around its a pivot. I comes out, he says like fives enough. I'm gonna like how are you doing a lot of fire, you needs money. You know he's got that beautiful. Reform, we ride. Ok, I just think there's like a pathway for him to you, know, embrace prophylactic and become a spokesman sorts for a new hundred, but I know don't think he'd ever turn it around, like it's kind of like watching the train right, not in his new. I stop it. You know he's not gonna change and no labour changes there prince my second husband, didn't this guy isn't gonna no way you're gone for the third out. No, I'm already. I had done the third under that before you went from you and from thousand there are two million two billion.
I have made every time there is otherwise there is no point in there were lucky for you lucky, for you are audiences, truthful of them. They write us all the time asking force jobs from you like guy size, five right, my better break that men are know. He was actually three years ahead of me, a Georgetown. So when I want in I was a freshman. He was a senior that's why You know I didn't have my fake idea at the time, so I was going for you, you couldn't. We know little hundred light doesn't check. I just goes right to the empire club because check right it. I'm just marry mister, Archibald action were straight to the vip section as road. That club is terrible if anyone goes there. I've never been to his report
we'll all my guy, the clubs of your ball. She I would, I have ever been the one. Where were you all? Six happened, it's great not until you tried it. Even my mom's guide, repeat patient I, along with only hold on pc twenty twenty. I need you in here and are you? Are you have your my gone? Yeah, ok, you're, giving Aliona thumbs up whenever something for industry club, some of us on this way caught young gentleman, my colleagues and I swear- I answer when a lady right look polio, Just like a bus boy had good guys wanna, I swear. I pretty sure I've seen you in a club for running a note, no, never end. I was pretty when I meet other people who are as ignorant ass. I am, I think I should take both of you
guys, reboot and scrap of twelve May well. Now, let's go for a debate about the length of stay afternoon, but ok, ok, aura, smiled aid! Is that my peril, but I think my soon to be husband, Tis only ever been one time when as I have already do, ok That is where we get a move on folks brought from talking about men of men to boys who are becoming men. The next free beacon man of the year that needs discussion here on the panel was a significant figure in the culture of twenty nineteen and I'm talking about none other than one Nick Sandman Fromme Covington COM, What Highschool did, if you for those of you who have forgotten already- and I don't know how you could he was young man, who was accosted bike GNP and on the steps of the Lincoln Immortal, and then he was accosted again by the mainstream media were claiming that he was shouting racial epithets because he was wearing a mega hat and,
citing a riot all forget the black him. He will remain alive and murdered people. You know two weeks ago in Jersey City, yet we all know those are peaceful for peaceful protesters, but so we ve got mixed animal a high school or who was dragged so high in the mainstream media on twitter. You are in this horrible monarch, culture. That route that is like the richer jewel of that is a great great comparison. Yeah I mean there's really something to it, it just totally tartan feathered by the media and then it turned out totally innocent and they did wreck his life. I mean they made him that he's gonna have that hanging over his head. His whole life that is gonna, be like a defining incident for this poor kid who did nothing but keep to himself, and you know the other thing. I think that this whole incident points smirks? What would that? Was it no mark that that the part that drives me crazy? The most is the white that you know the smoke office, there's no she'll expression you could have had that would have had them say: oh hey, he's a nice guy, no matter what he would have looked like, they were gonna, get him anyway. Any time you hear a lot
Roma. Are a member of the media? Talk about how the mainstream press is neutral and are only concerned about the facts, bring up the name Nick Sandman to them, because there is no more emblematic figure of the liberal press in this country than what happened to him. His story was because liberals pushed a Bush agenda that the liberal media she's, like their narrative and anyway, was evident from liberal twitter to the liberal media to near to the streets of the country, and it was really benefits it? Sucks Cosette was the it's not even at a high school is already get his name just dragged through this anytime anybody. Does it cool, search and examine half the people that read it you're going to think he's a racist in good luck getting to the actual truth of the matter that that he was just there because it supports presently was on their high school travelling within the March for limits for life rights, wrote this online each I mean it
While again, I just take the idea of the oh look at that look on his face. There's nothing. He was trying to look respectfully had this sort of this smile legal, but it wasn't. It making for a guy relative evasion, confused what she says: a white face off your head. What do you suppose tat we re not going to not only sets out, looks likely that nobody looks like ok guys, I've been told that allow when I got yelled out as young kids like weight that smirk off your face researcher to you in this off, that's it you're safe. I finally gets yet how can you aren't we're onto the world sports folks will remember. I named Darrell more. He is the GM of the Houston Rockets, the NBA franchise in Houston, who tweeted support for Hong Kong protesters back in the early part of the fall. Now this caused an incredible firestorm, not only in Shine China amongst the Commies, who apparently re Twitter all the time from Random GM
the NBA, but also here at home, with the more woke set of the NBA in Ireland anybody's potential world sports of last couple years, knows that the NBA is viewed as the more progressive of the major sports. That's only addresses these guys. Shut up and drivel yeah? Well, that's that's exactly right. They support their players speaking out so long as they are in the best financial interests of the teams and the league itself, and not in this case, not for freedom as well. And that's the thing is that sometimes freedom is an inconvenient thing to advocate, for when the NBA Freedom fighter is, is apparently approaching a billion dollar mark. How super folks, these hazards, with hoarding guy during Join dismantle bill called that his jam you, this pennies wrote or I'm not your sweet pepper jam- is incredible from eventually
comes across this with the cream cheese and he knew I'd rather cold vineyards first called vineyards, but back to the back of the rock anyway. All this all the showed us that he treated its don't want. We want. We caused a big asked firestorm. It basically got the NBA suspended from China from participating in China, the broad James James harden. They both came out in support of the chinese communist and somehow, like this guy's you're, the guy who's tweets. Oh, I know stand with Hong Kong protesters is the guy in all of this nearly lost shop. Nobody is instigated. I look. He is a man of the year for starting this. Sort of wish he would you know get at it. I refuse to delay the tweet gone back to the well, whatever it is, how you know, but look he's got a more each to pay. I'm sure he's got kids to feed, I get it, but he did instigate an entire sort of
a bit of a wider problem and thy peace, not remember that no legitimate quit bringing your passing one. He started something. This is, is force like a re examination in this entire country of what it means to have exposure to the chinese market and what kind of coercion that can come with that and you know, there's no doubt it was like a net positive that at least people now see the issue. People then ready the issue before he totally. He expose the extent of their influence. I go back to mention the Braun Harrison. Remember that the tweet it had something to do with not saying things without realising the global consequences or something the actions of your word, because apparently people can get hurt. So you gotta think before you tweet, because people get hurt apparent and then and then the other apologies of course, were too like. We apologise to the people of China and we love China, how many people, how many of them
but when China on Twitter right right there you go, I mean it's ridiculous, I mean is very obvious what that was all while I accept for shock, I think Shack took Darrow Maurice identity because he does because he's also in those Columbine commercials which Lila he. That is why I had my you're one celebrity commercial. For me, it would be shocked by the greens got that sales man, whose good Old Europe, obliged under the general there for that, this is all the while I gotta jewish financial advisory is very is of I like a mountain. Right now we are speaking of advisers. Our next man of your ward happens to be married to a very prominent adviser. We are talking, of course.
Of the one. Normally George Conway everybody manner the year. Everybody knows George Conway. He is the guy who is married. Anyone Yell CNN, an embassy MSNBC, will make the answer. You dear pay attention for twenty minutes. You will read his most truce, whose twenty most recent tweet screens that that on Twitter so hard for me to follow twitter being on it all, but that we are here. We are talking about George Conway, a man who is very twitter famous, but even more famous for marrying white, how senior adviser, Killion Conway and this relationship. I dont like talking about other people's marriages and I'm going to go into their two status, their marriage, but I'm going to go into the status, calls mouth because his tall appears to be his mouth period be connected. So I don't understand why this guy gets the attention that he does other than the pure tabloid
voyeurism that that the lives and the press like to engage who had never engage in that area. Now I would never do that, but I see a man of your house and what he's a man of the year, because he is somebody who you know has proven that you can rise to the top in this country by marrying a power for woman. It's it is a strategy that is not often rewarded enough in this country. I think that there are a lot of them guys out there that have been able to marry way above their class. Have you read the man of the your profile of Dr Conway You didn't hear Descry me an email. So why is the amount of the early on what it hasn't even relation of the year is. He makes all you guys look like dreams of a husband. He may You guys I dont crap on my wife and public Sousa good husband. Now No, I never never! Never never know I mean he is the worst
can husband in America. Can you imagine like having to have a dinner conversation with this guy like like what are his goes? I think AIDS, loan anymore, because, unlike the guard written here, definitely was in line with our allies. The married men of America salute you, George Conway, for making us all looked her risk. You may not have gotten your dream job at the Justice Department, but your behaviour has earned. Do the prestigious title of Washington Free Beacon man at a year, you guys ending needed by flight. Where's, your wives, like this guy yeah, making you guys like a man who was this- is that you know action through inaction, recognition, three, wouldn't when she leaves at some point the administration. Whenever that is they're, gonna have a shot right, I mean that's the plan all night Can it be Amber our holy warrior? It be a reality. Show would never have been the things tat make millions well done.
Funny, I enjoy talking about George Conway you're talking about Killion Conway, but I really enjoy talking about our next manner the year our next wordy in the three big meter, lady Killer, Willie Brown speaking a lady killers
I get a little help myself did. I did I get us out of life were slight. I backed all those, that's all just head on over the Willy ground right now. Let's do it folks, because I really Brown is a very consequential figure in the twenty twenty presidential race. Now many of our listeners may not know this, but really Brown was formerly romantically involved and served as a professional political mentor to one former candidate for President Senator Khumalo Harris from California pretty sure I'll. Listen. I ate up kitty excellent question. This is something that Kitty Pre will be getting into on future podcast episodes, but Willie Brown, a power broker on the streets of power broker in sheep's apparently has launched one of the what we launched a very promising political career, Comma Khumalo Harris up
EL. The fact that she dropped out disappointingly in early December, having run out of money and run out of support, VIC, I'm gonna, let you take the pond from here on out on Kemal Harrison, Willie Brown as to why Willie Brown is deserving of twenty nineteen manner. The Europe of Public put me. Spot others, whether I had a question actually before so they had a relationship when he was still more but not before he separated right, he separated and then they This relationship is, is it? Is it ok to have two to that's, not Will you stop when I suppose I can clash all measures? Yes, it's totally her will I found it also surprising that the media didn't wanna, ask his opinion more about how he helped her in his or her career. I think the only people that were asking them about this were that was Washington, free Beacon in my mistaken on that, while we
ass a washing a lot of problems. Ass ever there was a. There was a quote which was on one of the great courts in the history of politics. Having, frankly, which was she loved me, I loved me. It was a perfect relation and well set Willie Manatee, ok that is a good time to break into a message from our newest sponsor swag right dot com If you go there now, you can sign up for a twenty five dollars a month subscription that will get you a swag right item. This is a political peace, a political paraphernalia, political merchandise, little shop in your mail box once a month for the rest of the year, twenty five dollars a month. It's these are cool items. Folks, like you, could get a t shirt. One Monti gonna happen next month to get a whipping cushions.
Next month you get up another pen coaster, maybe you can get like Achior pet or something I don't know what will do something radical and and fund but tat. We ve been working with these folks for a couple of months. They host our store. They host a couple of other political websites, merchandise, Well, if you gotta swag right dot com, then you'll see a little drop down. Menu for storage will fund the free washing of rebuking store their check it out, swag right dot. All right. Moving on our next man of your wordy is a You really need so introduction, especially among this lovely ricochet audience set that DOB Ho saw a lot of our podcasting sponsors. Us. A lot of support encourages us every day. But this is a hero to many of those listeners, I'm speaking, of course, about the one and the only max HU. Ladies and gentlemen, MAX Boot, boil allowance lands with one side. A key did only your crickets and the audience. What MAX boots manner the year he is.
A notable columnist. I never leader in the never Trump movement he has written such inspiring pieces. I just read that ill crystal and continuity of the leaders of the never trust men, that's organised movement with the headquarters. You're too, I consulted our principal at fact about them. It is apparently only have true actors like two Pinocchio true, when half ok, max boot full on leader of the movement- and I dont know, if you guys have ready need this latest works, but one of them is. I am not a republican anymore. He follow that up with the I will never vote for another Republican again and the other one is. I believe it was called. Donald Trump is Satan and I'm going to kill myself now. Those were those where some of the most influential pieces disguise written, but once again, just like George Conway, you can catch him pretty much. Twenty four seven on MSNBC Cnn those title sound
the bad now like you know those cities are you get like now? Is music sit volume sixty eight like dollar those entitled Sally, lay my childhood a terrible music, a thicket first, there are obviously have you read one of em, you read em all end up at that qualifies you to be a an expert republican strategies for the main stream press. You can remember the Washington Post, of course, probably the New York Times that we wanted to because, as you all know, the easiest way to get mainstream pick up in this country is to be a republican criticising other Republicans and in this case a guy who is no longer a republican sad day for us all, but tat a good happy day for backs boot, who can probably go around and say that he is twenty nineteenth rebuking manager,
Do you think he's gonna put that on a resume? God willing, I hope he dies and we got two more to go before the super show reducing where I may have missed this list before it reaches its mammoth, cataclysmic, cataclysmic. Orgasm conclusion I believe second to last is a man who needs no introduction. This guy's world famous use the first billion air athlete his name Tiger woods a big come back and twenty nineteen for Tiger woods culminated with a masters when, in April, Tiger was once counted out because of numerous injuries to his knee and his back. He had multiple surgeries and he was blue.
Brandy Irwines brain with a golf club and nine iron by his now Ex wife Ealing Nord over and I'm so proud of her, for that it was the highlight of the Obama administration, but is the free beacon has documented in chronicled during the Trump Administration Tiger, Woods has MIDI resurgence come back and inspirational story, he has gone, his life on track, he has not gotten remarried. He has made his way through a series of morally acceptable babes in in the field of sport and the feel of entertainment field of service service industry employs many many other than a service, and these back on our professional. That Lithuania is, is that tigers once again able to freely exercise his freedoms in this country, and it is put his mind in a better place. He is happier in America and I think that everybody can agree that when Tiger
Is going well, so is the country and aiding a nice jewish girl? Now eight he gets around currently high yeah. That's it maybe your girl, we ve, brought bread, my we're just the little googling asked hay and I called it even before we wikipedia her. It was she's, she seems seems like a real pain and to be honest, muslin and I, besmirch area like Harrison. I believe the man of the year is actually it's too for that one or two to four it's tiger and the guy who bet on Tiger got a great point there. Yes, all friends, not bad at all. Let me see no hope now that, what's he arrives Elinor whenever this is MRS tough radio that were do right here when we look at the picture. Z in all Israeli go away. To put, I highlighted our friend and she will be the first image that we're looking adorable she's still hot for him. Well, he's gonna be leaving here and now we,
So did I the guide, Redstone Tiger Woods right? Gmail Little Authority. Actually I so fine. One of our listeners told me that I guess I insulted bald men. On one of our partners and minds. Both. I knew him that both are said to me that I can't alienates seventy five percent of our listening devices. Nothing as I can't apparent. We can't say anything: insulting, to manage your resolution on about your position on the subject has evolved. It was that it was an alley and I will take full blame for this. I have dated above man. I won't go back their sorry gentlemen. You come with me, you gotta, have look? You can't blame yourselves for that folks. It is just simply that the previous ball guide left a bad taste in her mouth. Ok, when we me just quickly say: yes, So the guy you could she gets a tiger woods anyway. He puts all his life. Savings ended to heat the fourteen to one that
that was forty one audited when the? U S open eyes and asks the masters answer now he's a milliner. I hope he be should a parlay that presidency, when, from a couple of weeks ago, Tiger is rolling into twenty Twond actually hotter than ever. And this brings the super show trilogy to a final pollution with our final Well. Yes, our merciful conclusion with our final freebie, man of your word winner. That's right! Folks! You you ve heard about this team for the better part of the last year. This was a revolutionary team, we're talking about a new sport that not a lot of people in this country, pay attention to, or care about, or ever watch we're talking about. De boyfriends,
the husband of women's National Socrates there they supported their women through through and through, and at the end of the day. The credit goes to their support system at home, because I think it's pretty clearly say that without their men behind them, these women would not have achieved the heights they have achieved in twenty nineteen, a big world cup when and if there is one thing that that the rest the world can know it's not. The american study at home are truly the driving force behind female success in this country. I am I wrong about that Ladys. I think you are wrong because I think, in this case, behind every woman is a good one.
And yet we are back on Katy help us avoid soccer right thinking when you walk out Shea well folks and with that, and that is gonna bring a final conclusion to two thousand and nineteen an end of a decade and end of an era, but the free beacon podcast will rolling strong into the next decade. Twenty twenty here we come. Thank you all for listening this past year. We couldn't have done it without you. We couldn't have done without the booze that you sent us, we couldn't have done without cheese, you sent us, we could have done it without the jellies and the job AMS and all the other lubricants and sexual items that keep showing up in my mailbox,
virus, all folksy. You know how to reach us and we look forward to our having a brand new fresh show that is separated from the Super show trilogy in the future, and I will see a next week folks for a regular episode, right right or pocket sized happy
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