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Bernie Battles Biden, Pocahontas Surrenders, and Symone Sanders Brings It

2020-03-05 | 🔗
The gang had lots to cover on this special post-Super Tuesday edition of the podcast. With Joe Biden turning his campaign around in a matter of days, the prospects for Bernie Sanders's revolution are looking dim. Harison believes it is time for the Bernie Bros to think about the appropriate means of resisting the party establishment. Since when do revolutions play by the rules? To Matt, this stance is indicative of the outlook many of Trump's fiercest supporters have. There was another contender in the race when the dust settled Wednesday morning, but Elizabeth Warren's campaign was not long for this world. She was pregnant with defeat for a long time—and once she started showing, she quit. Regarding Chuck Schumer's threats to Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, Goldfarb is offended by Schumer's poor grammar. But whatever "release the whirlwind" means, it's clear Schumer is better off if Biden is the nominee, even if he's currently falling victim to self-inflicted controversies. <em>Free Beacon</em> legal correspondent Victorino Matus chimes in with an update on Harvey Weinstein's incarceration, and he also brings up the exciting moment when dairy protesters rushed the stage at Biden's Tuesday victory speech. We didn't learn much about cows, but Biden adviser Symone Sanders certainly impressed us all with how quickly she flew into action. Continuing the new <em>Free Beacon</em> Advice segment, Harison explained how to profit off and enjoy the chaos and carnage sure to ensue at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee. The Bernie Bros will likely be out for blood, and locals would be wise to heed Harison's counsel.

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