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Beto’s Bucks, Trump’s Numbers, and the Generational Ambassador

2019-03-19 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang discusses Beto's big haul, wonders if a roaring economy is enough to ensure President Trump's reelection, and welcomes back Generational Ambassador Paul Crookston, who has thoughts about the Zoomers.
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Turning me from the right today is rebuking editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as meet the press daily and reliable sources. You can follow him on Twitter at cut Nettie, hello, Matt, hello, live and, furthermore, that's right is rebuking. Pay Erin Harrison who has never had to apologize for his teenage poetry or not exactly sure it around the office. Besides, the Czechs and that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison Heavy alleged final day of winter was thanks A first on right and writer present Trump has been on a twitter tear lately calling clan Conway's husband, a total loser, hitting John Mccain for his involvement passing around the dossier and the fake news media for not reporting. He donates his four hundred thousand dollar salary back to the government and defending vaccines, hosts Tucker, Karlsson, engineer, Piero, saying quote: be strong and prosper or be weak and die
Meanwhile, trumps approval rating is taking up seven and ten Americans say the economy is in good shape the highest since two thousand one and Trump is more popular new. Work than Commie Millennial, Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez, Matt, economy, comes along and its Donald Trump secret weapon. You know he pledged to restore the vitality in the american economy, gets back to growth, get the job Martin going again when in twenty sixteen, we almost flirted with recession their briefly and had been slow and he has achieved. It is a combination of his policies, and so he deserves credit for it The other factor in the Congo is the distant actual businesslike. We ve had a very long recovery, but nonetheless his his policies of help and it is key to his re election. If you turn- all the noise of the all the tweets, all the media, hammering about Trump
every day, Americans are doing pretty well, we have prosperity and we have peace and those are usually the factors that go in to a real elected president. Well, as you all know its tax season, and I actually have a letter from everyone's favorite little girl, lowly vodka Who wants a chicken right? She's, oh yeah area should surely be hostages, sloth, she helped dad dad do his taxes, wow and when she saw they don't want us lowering when she me- was that this war after she puke Danube was look. There's been a lot of vomiting going on in our household called Seasons, Lucy's in his really step gaming share right before taxis and data, usually pukes after paying, is tackling this year. He had no need, not necessarily so what does she said? She wrote this little letter right here and she says dear which one of you to read.
Read this on on air to the president, because, as we all know, he listens and yet she says, dear president, Trump. Thank you so much for giving my mama and dad dad the two thousand dollar child tax credit in the tax cuts and jobs ACT which we passed last year. And now they can use that to go by me presence. Thank you! That's it that's, She wants present silent when very eloquent. I mean look, this answer, details and others. I just want to boil your fun, but you know who was behind the text: the family tax credit who hope, Mr Markov maybe I'll, listen, low, Marco for all his warts in calm overs.
Low Margo at least has been solid on tax policy. I am a fair arbiter of truth around here. I will give credit where it is due, but lilies art is elated that her parents now have more money to go by her presence whenever they want. So that's, presents Frumps job approval is taking up all throughout taxis, and this year April, sixteenth, it may be a new at a new record up next. Are you students accosted Chelsea Clunton when she was attending a vigil for the New Zealand Mosques shootings because Chelsea
is personally responsible for that attack, because she caught anti semitic comments, Anti semitic, the radical student wearing a jobs for all Medicare for all college for all and justice for all t, shirt wanted Chelsea to quote, feel deep inside that forty nine people died because of the rhetoric that she put out there. What was that dangerous rhetoric quote? We should expect all elected officials regardless of party and all public figures do not traffic. Anti Semitism Harrison what a nice base the Democratic Party has done. This is who they are. This is what they are doing. This is where it's going to go for them for the rest of the primary campaign that none of those gonna last the next thirty years or whatever. That seems never end with all these candidates running
This is more of an indictment of the accuser than anything else. The attacker. I will call her an attacker forecasting pregnant poor Little Chelsea Clinton, my real caught look. I know that that is where the hard left of the Democratic Party sits these days. My question a question her sanity, because why she caring about what Chelsea Clinton says anyway, Nearly every Chelsea Clinton might be the most relevant person in american politics today and so he, wants to kill her more shocking stones and insults at Chelsea Clinton of all people I mean perhaps the they fear, something that fear as well, which is that Hillary Clinton gets back into the presidential race. I believe that her window is wide open. Nobody scaring her out of it, and I e supposedly, that is biggest fear that Hilary gets back in and beats Bernie again, because these were Bernie people and they are As the heart of the Anti semitic left. It's the bird please it's the Eo Seas
You are no more all of them that the radical, but that the terrorist trio of how she hit they're all out there they're all they are all against jewish people. They are against Jews. They, Israel, and it is something that is really really ugly. I am less why the ugly The democratic party is going to have to police its own. Maybe these sympathy is engendered by looking at present Chelsea Clinton. Getting accosted in public is going to cause them to do something and start policing their own party, but I just think it it is. There in the wilderness in the wild animals are running. The problem can that be other of all non sequiturs yeah I suggest that condemning anti semitic rhetoric somehow leads to the mass murder of Muslims.
The same is so insane it doesnt. I dont know I. I don't even understand the logical steps that take you from statement. A two statement be unless you suggest the two to criticise any muslim official. It is doing a loaded. I'm here lots a obese incitement, and that is an exception. That is, we do not I a democracy, the the problem is Harrison says is that this attitude is being mainstream by people like Linda, SAR Sore, who said basically the same thing and who stood by the verbal us alter the heckler of of Chelsea Clinton and it's a dangerous, because our sore is connected. The Louis Farrakhan and yet she's a Bernie supporter and heads Harrison says He is the one he is the he's not saying these things himself, but all the people
these bringing into politics. Believe it and he's mainstream and he's the instrument of the mainstreaming of this type of rhetoric, and it's it's gonna led to us, situation like you see in the Labour Party in England, where it's so beset by Anti Semitism scandals people didn't know they don't like Teresa may, all that much or so too fight of the alternative and cheer me Corbett that they continue to back her government that such a good point you bring up. It's you always hear the left in the media talking about how Trump, since dog whistles. The way on the premises out there. In the end, the radical radius out there that that are you, don't causing mayhem and and havoc all over the world. And you know hear them say the same thing about Bernie. Why are they so afraid to call a burning doc whistles there, that you know they do back flips to call out and make up
rob dog whistles all over the place, but they are too afraid to call out Bernie in his ilk in that party at next. Nato is using the most of his privilege ass, a white straight. Oh and raise a record six point, one million dollars on his first day, but of course, he's already apologies driving force, said white privilege. And his totally normal poems. You wrote as an amateur computer hacker in which he fantasize that cows scrubbing his balls and running over thirty eight children with his car in a murderous rage meanwhile who pulling shows Biden with the commanding led an early prime. Restates at thirty nine percent. But this race is an over yet build the Basi O drew Sandra Van level crowds in New Hampshire event, attended by six people, Matt Impressive, better than five repairable. We ve got the browser with the plaza right. Even his is aid Serbia
noble idea, rattle. I wonder if he takes the hand, I don't know he doesn't seem like the guy who, who read social queues, baby you're has my support in the debate. Beta, there's this divergence. The media has been highly critical of him and emphasizes gaps and his kind of bizarre behaviour, whether its as a young person or is propensity to jump up on surfaces seem to like are declining like any pals mottoes fire plain and much easier than locked down to the people from about one photo, I saw he was kind of squatting on the counter yeah. Well, I'm in love with a pin, here's the deal, so we make fun of it about the voters seem the like it and see him drawing he's crowds, and he has this he's garnering interest.
And that money Hall was big and I think it sets a marker for bite him, because if Biden gets in, as is as seems to be expect, next month and doesn't draw that amount of money right away, get get out either, and I has today nine ceiling, yadda floor and a of people are going to be looking to beta fraud has weaknesses to be the one who can try to stop They always need a new savior. Does anybody actually think Biden is going to raise that type of money especially from the small norm? Downers no! Well, no burden is the most traditional politician in the democratic feel he's gonna. He will put forth a large large donor number, but the problem with those donors, as we all know, once there cashed in yet they don't come back like it's over yet neither their limited? They can't continued to flip over five dollars here, ten dollars there is signed a petition and give us another twenty bucks here, which is what this
all donors do and that's how you continue to fund these campaigns throughout the duration of a primary Biden that this is not exactly right. He is it a ceiling right now, thirty, nine percent, and that is what is that as a number. That is not scaring anybody out. Hillary Clinton, which always over fifty percent democratic, primary, leading up to actual votes is a big problem. For him and with Baino I'm just struck by the love that Baino gets from the the Obama carcasses. What I'm going to call for of the democratic Party? It's that NATO's rhetoric is just like Obama's it. Empty nothingness, there is no vision there is. There are no answers to anything just so long as it sounds good in it really that he's too far less eloquent did Obama ever was the research hits? It really is just a. He is a poor man's Obama, but you gotta whereof t shirt. What's he's gotta work you sure, got sweat stains. Every time I always wearing the same shirt is put on a t, shirt well
I also I like have really embrace escape board. A Obama Obama were too sure just we're teachers, that's not an authentic. What my real question is, what the hell was better doing renting a minivan he's a billionaire just go by can boss do like you can do this. It is not you don't get penalised for dumping, your own money into your campaign. He is out there Taking that he is another, may I gotta get we're gonna spend months criticising and making fun of a stick. Even ass. I am already over not a mean, but why but the one thing- and we saw the money, but am I look at the polls? because you know he was riding high in the polls in December. Then he sank and then Bernie an Kamel of had the best, a launches and Biden. There sits there and top like that. You know high pressure system,
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ass be get com and stop stressing. Now it is time to check in with our generational ambassador, Paul Turkestan, hello, Paul hello is what's going on well, because the children are our future. I wanna, you guys on the generation following mine,. Generation, Z or as yes as some of us like to call them zoom errors, zoo worse, we call them that people on the internet. Mobile telephones and what not now you ones porn after nineteen, eighty, six or so and home there. The vat majority of undergraduate students right now and loss. Journal report shows the having a little trouble dating. You might have heard of carry Cronan philosophy, professor bussing college. She did you them freshmen course. Western culture. I haven't heard of it because I see the she's she's, actually she's, she's
quoted in some of these think pieces about the younger generation for years about signing. No, she assigns her freshmen students to, someone out on a date- and she says Zuma, is the toughest case. Yet that sounds actually like a little bit of pressure that you know what why Would they be pressuring that actual lyra scale, yeah how's is allowed in the meat to era will use, which is why the likely they helped people discover them up to see these diamond? It's pretty simple. Someone out in person, go on a one in one day and dont get physical. It's a way of learning by others people and one self that is so late well, you know, is the goal of your college, professor, in that The homework. Will you spoke to good name? Is a panacea problem yeah? Why? The idea is the physical stuff can happen, but just it shouldn't be. That is not the very area hook. You don't even led to get physical to get nay hundreds of it
but anyway, so the students, because of these requirements there actually hailing this as a revelation ones, so they ve never gone date before we. Yes, yes, exactly once one student said going on a deep helps us get over our fear of another said we're Fraid of human interaction. We imagined the worst case, scenario so best not to over think it another said it makes us feel more vulnerable and that vulnerability helps learn more about ourselves the soldiers you out loud and about their feelings. This is bad, exuberance need to learn about themselves, though they ve been so they ve been so micro managed. You know through our high school and stuff, but no pile parents I'll get to national time later. These parents micromanage, everything that their kids base, our exports get to the real news here, and that is something you were just talking about before the show, and that is a movie review well
please. Yes, our audience. Your latest reaction to up to a film you Yes, so, unfortunately, Tyler Parrys, Medea family funeral tat was a major disappointment. And it's the last entry actually for the media character, and it really feels like just sending off your best creation. On the worst note- and I have seen yet the army of the Medea movies have you seen operate at? How many are there There's like it doesn't know. How do I thought your fan? It's basically recent reason: convert idea. Movies are basically this versions. Are this generations version of the earnest movies from the eight slag earnest goes to camp like Medea? goes to family had her. My next. Have you ever seen the earnest movies you know. It will help as you as our millennium ambassador. Why would he beckoned you do so so with it
Have you seen what was the one that you do so Medea immediate family funeral you. We were disappointed, yeah it's really it's not fresh in it. It unfortunately I know a shocker right after all, the other issues that have come out, but it's a little too there's a lot of deaf there's a lot of funeral was in the title. Yes, yeah emanates Amelia Funeral, so you you wouldn't go and you expect like it is rightly expire at the end of the movie. Now, like a lot still kicking up listening now to talk about smoking always come back yes, and I think some people are assuming that's gonna happen
The Perry says no, no gonna Medea goes to help, get, are all making Paul so not using a duration of hers. The dark out your round, the varsity police college admission scandal and shine a light on the disturbing trend of snow plough parents. Helicopter parenting is so twentieth century. The New York Times reports as affluent parents now act as plows for their children, quote clearing any obstacles in their childs path success. So they dont have to encounter failure. Frustration or lost opportunities sometimes and starts even before the child is born, getting them on a wheat preschool weightless. It continues to rout Highschool, getting the cannon sports teams and then, of course, getting than them accepted to the best com just where the kids end up leaving because they can't handle everyday life problems like encountering sauce.
Quote: one came home because there was a rat in the dorm room. The times reports some dinner, like their roommates. One didn't like to eat food with sauce. Her whole life, open France had helped her voice sauce, calling friends before owing to their houses for dinner at college. She didn't tell how to cope with the cafeteria options covered in saws. Kids at Stanford have had their parents had played AIDS to meet friends as well. Matt are you? A snowplow apparent, I don't wanna be back. I don't wanna be, but I come in and if you read that I'm thinking here there might be a kind of a silver bullet to all these stories that we spend so much time discussing on right and writer, and that is a future Supreme Court, empowered by the judicial philosophy of Randy Barnett. The libertarian La Professor Georgetown needs to use the ninth amendment to strike down all
labour laws because refer here now that children are not economically necessary right now that children have become basically eight very expensive consumer good. We we pamper them, we spoil them. We treat them like pets, their right and because the ones it on the ones of us who don't have kids have pets, but though it like a large number of young parents today or not so young parents, but people were in their fifties like a lorry, lawful types who were implicated in the college admission scandal their treating their children like pets hoped oh, Miss, Katy doesn't like sauce. No more sub can't give her saw ass bright and it's it's wrecking psychological havoc on these children is put him to work. That's my solution.
And led least Lilla Bonkers, independent. Already. Writing letters of the present an Sloan be a sepia apparently closed. It is tax if she's been moving bricks and she was six months all ok. She moved a lot of bricks, laboratory lol tat. Yet, while she's not, I shall be back at the castle ups and downs. While there is a child whose working the right things, gotta go out. She's she's Erna, her newly brick moving bricks. Tax Latin American GM writing very eloquent letters, the present state of real influence, or which is a big thing in Paul's generation, and I guess she technically is Zuma, so When did the rumours end? Have they cut off yet Paul? I think if your love years from now
according to the US. I think they probably stopping thereby stopped being born like six or seven years that we were we all at all right. So technically, then, from you have a child under six. That's the generation after the summer here they're gonna need a name once they are like. I know I can but his taste on my waist. I my children, kid there's gonna, be the reactionary Jim you should go nuts? If there's any is an arch and five all we're going to need you're going to need it Harrison like, because don't we're done, I thought you were getting to some well she's. How could he, when a my comment, was so definitive right now, there's other living on climate state? Is such an like shy, pretty much work for her that true next Taco Bell, hot sauce has saved yet another life after a man said ended in a snow storm in Oregon for five days was able to survive on nothing but Taco Bell hotspots packets, another man's life has been spared the take out
ports, a Florida man was dining in an attack o bell when he decided to get up from his seat to procure more hot sauce. Mere seconds later, an elderly man crashed through the front of that type bell with his car, hitting the table where the hot sauce retrieving customer had been sitting just moments before Harrison. The sauce moves in this, His way such certainly does, and is somebody who's consume, multiple gallons of talk about hot sauce over the course of his adolescence is adulthood and his Zuma news, as is It's not a single word yet become a Sumer I'd like your born of their drivers, Zuma, with Alzheimer's cannot eat, saw a woman, I'm one of these guys like in between generations. Either five saw I dont. Have women now emerges age than well? Listen, it's not the first. We have a very condiment heavy culture segment
Only look it's not the first time that packets of condiments have saved some people, nigh. If anybody recalls the most famous episode of the guys I'm barons the lives of Polly Walnuts far out in that, we're trapped in the van in the middle of the pine barons they I have another package solely wasn't gonna share it with Christopher no, but they kept them alive. They were out there for an excess of about ten hours and they nearly starved to death. Honestly, that's probably the one reason that the Russian allegedly survive, because they had to go back because they were so hungry and in it that eats and catch up. So look at these little packages. They last for decades, is what I'm told and good good for talk about and also create for them for giving this guy. If we talk about four year Matt, I just want to say I've,
missing someone so animated by a topic on her show. Paul was as you are reading I've just curious. Why, over this had this story? Has it all you ve got Florida man saved by Taco Bell? You ve got the old geriatric who's driving into bill. I think I think lines a lot of alum and no one was hurt. It said I had a good story online closure. No, my eye We saw a Virginia vanity played on a truck this morning, as I walked into work that said, Ethel a man find him in jail. That's gonna, get what I do. I do have a little bone depict with talk or bell hot sauce. Now cause they changed the the primo formula that they had back in the day used to be mild and hot, and then these then they like revamped it about fifteen years ago and they brought out fire sauce, unlike some other, so it's like I'm and they said to implicate, still have hot and they still have fire like. I don't really understand the difference between the two other than hot,
become a new medium yeah. You're. Exactly so, I could not always always was very confused to talk about what I'm get my burrito supreme in my taco Supreme and Mount Nachos Bell Grundy as to what sauce I was really desiring on those things I. Finally, the world's oldest semen, is still viable. Fifty years after it was first, or I didn't see this on, the liner, creepy scientists took frozen, sperm, from a ram thought it and use it to impregnate, thirty for Sheep and Australia, meaning the donor, Sir Freddy, is still got it after being dead. Since nineteen sixty nine nice The scientists believe it is the oldest sperm ever to produce offspring, and it is the oldest viable stored semen of any species. Harrison. What are your expert saying? Well, this is a biochemist I have looked into this and I gotta tell you: it's gonna take somebody of much
greater iq than mine to fully comprehend how you are able to freeze living seamen and reanimated years I dont understand how that works. Like I've seen demolition means, and I think sunny that's what it's Sonny's top like Emulous ion is among. Those of all time also has Taco bell. Also was the only Jane, that's love, no don't talk about is the only restaurant left in the world in demolition man, which makes it the perfect yes out of her mouth wrong, restaurant in us and you can't you salt. Yes, it's a progressive utopian sure well when they had sly in the trash lie and die, and Simon nix trapped in the liquid, solid nitrogen that it really describe what but there was like a little blue capsule that would come in and reanimate them. So I don't know if that's how they would like our friend, I don't know, that's probably
yeah. I don't know what the electrical probe is, the cattle proud or whatever they they put on all the Jews but like to get it to come back to life. But to me it just doesn't make any sense if you can free, sperm and reanimated fifty years later. Why can't you do the same with human bodies? Ted Williams is head still sitting in a cryogenic freezer right now we are eating wound him and beat my without contract. I would love to see Jedi Ballgame back in again fortune. Ok, that's all the time we have for today's additional right writer like to give special. Thanks are producer l before it. Of course, our freebie can guess magical many an Harrison and Paul crooks than remember funds on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free beacon, please subscribe to friends and we may pose a review like listener just in J, one who says fine, listening Missin episode and you miss real insight on what. Fed to you by the left until next.
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