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Biden’s Brain, Israel’s Enemies, and Larry King’s Thermostat

2019-08-21 | 🔗
The gang discusses Joe Biden's aging mind, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib's opposition to Israel, and the ongoing controversy around where to set the thermostat.
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we thus five star rating and writer review, so the big This week we have an updated standing in the democratic field, in addition to John Higgins, super withdrawing from the we now see that binds lead is actually grown. According to CNN, some Matt Matt wanted to get your your take on how this is playing. Well, it's playing out, basically, as it has since early this year. This race for the democratic presidential nomination is remarkably stable. Biden has always been in the lead. His he jumped up to a wider widest led was right. After he announced in the spring than that kind of narrowed. Slightly now back up her to about thirty percent. In the CNN Paul.
Really only the real movement. I think long term we ve detected is that Elizabeth Warren has eaten into Bernie Sanders support, that's not to say the Burmese going anywhere he's about like stuck it about fifteen sixteen percent, and that's because is a very loyal and durable base probably not enough to win the nomination and the multi candidate field. The other big story out at the CNN pole is commonly Harris's collapse. People on Twitter were saying: well what happened a comma since last paw and I'll tell you what happened. Posse gabert happen. I think Tal seek exposed. A combination of toll, see an Biden. Pushing back on Kamel is incoherent. Stanza Medicare for all pushed her back out of the top tier of candidates. I think we're looking at of Baden Warren Race for the nomination.
I think that's right about this. I think it is coming down to Biden in war and it's a question of does: is the Democratic Party still the Democratic Party of the past? or are they going to embrace their new liberal progressing of socialist communist future with Elizabeth, Foreign or Bernie Sanders policies for that data, mildly, under the weather rules horse here a little horse. I owe you at a W w e match no less than I was at a local tromp phone banking and your colleagues Falada. Yes, I ve Lobo call like it was early one morning I appreciate Mc Morris not mentioning the fact that I am wearing half of my morning cup of coffee, I'm sure you're doing your best. I've tried to hang in under adverse circumstances. A generous host, but back to the Democrats in this blame feel that they have. It is getting more pathetic by the weak
the Harris implosion me talk about peeling that the mask off of a fraud. I was impressed by Kampala for little bit because she was able to play this role of this tough prosecutor? Who is going to prosecute tromp on the stage when she was attacking Biden? That's the message she was sending to the democratic voters is that she could prosecute Trump in the same manner, unfortunately were not dealing with the very candidate here we're not dealing with somebody. That's really passion about anything other than her own political ambitions and she's falling into the same trap, the political that Kristen Gingerbread fell into what the people just a handsome atley, just see them as politicians that don't really have any true Pratt passions or and can easily be replaced with another member of the thirty percent clown car. That's running for president right now. I think it's been a very good run for Elizabeth Works,
he's still sit as crazy as she is. She still seems to be the most serious candidate about taking it to bite in question is: will the Democratic Party subtle with the status quo, which is Joe Biden and I've, got some question bout him. After reading some of his coat of some of the comments from the man's brain surgeon from back in eighteen, eighty eight, for those who don't know Joe Biden, brain surgeon has been tried. It out to refute claims that binds continued gaps and ridiculous statements and misstatements have demonstrated signs of aging and not just aging, but dementia hadn't his is it. His brain surgeon has come out and said: no. This man is absolutely fine, he's not going to melt down and forget where China is Tom. Election season is this. Is this
a sign of strength. The fact that were already trotting out under surgeon said with a little bit different. He said. Don't worry, he's always been an idiot. That was a surgeon. Is it did not worry. There's no change he's been mouthing off for thirty years. Which is true. Anyone who is covered Joe Biden for any amount of time knows that he has a habit of Malaprop bosoms and what are called gas or speaking incorrectly, and they ve been piling up in recent days saying he was the vice president during the parkland highschool shooting, which happened in twenty eighteen, saying that the email, K and Bobby Kennedy assess, She took place in the late seventys when they were both in the spring of nineteen sixty eight, which he was alive for both I had it is kindly he was in the Senate for both known. Are we going
very well for years before he was elected and seventy two, the em right he was an adult. Do you hear the comment about the poor kids can perform just as well as white kids that's not gonna hurt at all, but you know it hasn't, hurt him. That's the thing it people, I think, just factor all of this into their support for him, because one they know who he is right meant they know. Who is he was in this even in politics for forty plus years he's device prevents the vice president for eight years he was the vice president to an insanely popular democratic politician, Barack Obama, and they most importantly, the Democrats who support him think that he is the only one in this field who has a chance of being Donald Trump and they're. Probably right. So I don't, I don't think
the age factor will be an issue at any time. Anytime soon, I really don't as long as they think that the elect ability is still there in violence core, but just wait if he gets a nomination because then trample put it from centre. Where I disagree, I think that the age the age factor is creeping on Joe Biden and the reason I say this is because almost universal, since you are being since people have started to be we introduced to Joe, but that the take away is typically like use can hold. He is kind older than I thought that the reaction I think they were hoping for- and I think this is one of the reasons that you saw this article come out where his doctors defending him in saying. Oh, this is just a natural degeneration of his brain. If his brain functions- and this is just natural aging- is because that's the take away the people are
you're not coming out saying oh well, that's a real. Soon seventy six year old. Seventy seven Europe, I don't know how to use anymore, because our holy knows that is actually shrilly, damn old and I think most people take away from this. Is that he is old and he looks old compared to the people like Elizabeth WAR, income acres, not newsprint, chicken herself looks old. Taken has too few years older than she that's. My point is that kid looks bad compared to hurt, despite the fact that that is only a couple of years older than she is at its worst gotta, be at his my got terrifying, but then prove you. Ve also got a much younger crowd. That's out there you ve got Booker, you ve got outta judge you ve got Kristen Jill a brand new suit. You have a younger comparative, compare
send a binding and they are all there are stuck at the bottom. They are settled. I don't hate their stock on what I'm SAM I'm just saying this is a creep acting as the age factor is a slow burn, and I think that when we get what would that we may be seriously talking about Biden still being stuck in the twenties of of the support Britain. Party in January. Why me, when you, when you look it by the fact that he leads, he has not only a poorer Eddie lead. He has more support than Warren Sanders, combined which, as you know, the second second place in third place in the polls, and it doesn't
MIKE work, we're going for the spring chits about, even when you had the two them centres and warn you get about to wear fight in his. But then, of course you have twenty other candidates, and you have to wonder well when you eliminate those twenty other candidates, you probably if you just aside it equally, maybe give by abiding, will come out ahead amid this narrow and look you it's the same. It's the same dynamic that happen for years ago. You haven't establishment politician, and then you have the progressive alternative. What's the bizarre thing about this races. Instead of running to be the establishment, everyone is decided to run to be the progressive alternative to the establishment and that's insane. Because energy is, if you had a younger if you
younger, moderate, Moderate Democrat, who you say with somewhere in between mere peat and Kamel in terms of age, but but had basically, I wanted strengthen Obama care. I were the most important thing in this election is returning to a pre trump understanding of civility and public discourse. I'm not gonna rock the boat in foreign policy. About way. I I support free trade, which is now of popular position, some bite and does so. If you just had those same things, we all want a middle class hacking help the middle class wanna help education, the same that just the typical democratic things. If you had someone like that, they would be defeating Biden instead, because all of the energy and all of the competition is on who can be the craziest? Who can promise the most and who can just say the good work
while this thing's bite it binds left there, and I mean this lies as long as he is the alternative to a left that looks like it. It wants to do everything it can to lose. I think he's gonna come out an we saw out with Harry, read this week of former Senate Majority leader, he's coming out in saying, of course, better care for all is a bad idea. Of course we can decriminalize border, Ah, we actually see previously the most powerful democrat and the planet. Aside from the president, We saw him this, we taking shots entire democratic field, is. Is this going to be a divide? They can be reconciled. Come general election: no, this is the war with it. This is, I dont have faith in the demo, Party. I think that these are the old dinosaurs that have been put up the past year. I mean Harry Red. On his way to the glue factory Joe Biden,
Not what farther not much farther behind that serious about this? What were the energy is not settled himself. The energy is with the left these in that's what leaves the direction of the party, because you are the only ones that are screaming from the mountain top. Nobody is out there. Boarding. Tim Ryan nobody's supporting set Malta. Nobody is supporting any of these guys, a claim to be the moderate, sensible, younger alternatives with a distant go back in time, go back in our hot tub time machine to twenty eleven, and you would argue all the energy and the Republican Party is at the extreme, at the French is the Tea Party ACT and Bobo who did they nominate the best Romany in twenty Twel, why not nominal grudgingly, didn't Bachman or or the inner Herman Kane?
They they nominated Mitt Romney, and so I would say you write that the left is taking up all of the space in terms of the national discussion, but they do not represent a majority of democratic voters. They do not. So this is I'm going to keep in mind? We will find out now one thing Harry Red didn't autism is bathed in the democratic base in the Democratic Party writ large is refreshing, that's an optimistic view, I'm not I'm a pessimist when it comes the dams and socialist and communist from all the same. Now one thing Harry did not call crazy was buying Greenland as Trump as proposed to do. I think this is sponsible decision. Is he really in the wrong here? Man no
not at all- and I think it was John Roberts on Fox who said that he is now the third president to think of doing so on. My reaction was three times a charm and its get. It done, I think, of trumpets reelected. We will own Greenland by Inauguration Day twenty twenty five, a lot right right on this election, including the acquisition of a new territory, and, as you know, one thing I want the people are to appreciate that President Trump is: he does have a political imagination. He is willing to propose things that are maybe off the wall or at least seem like, that at first but it's nice, to have someone who has out of the box thinking right, I mean, speaks force space for sub. Remember you wanted the solar panels wall. I love that idea.
Get energy from it and we have a visionary. This is what made him so successful in the private sector any limit owner- and this is, I think, a moving and talk about the media bit. Waited its covered is well look at just tell the Danes who never accept this in Greenland says it's not for sale, and this is the beginning of a negotiation. Of course rule its diet is floated, they all say no than the Prime Minister says that digest absurd and bad Matthew S Trump cancels the visit. This is just this is the beginning of a process,
that I and I hate predicting, but I will say conditional on trumps reelection. Greenland will be ours, an you see it as a territory, be you don't see it coming in his estate. This is now you can argue. We can't bring any more states and because of the nature of the political balance in the country. So the only way you could bring it in his estate is. If you also said Porter Rico became estate in them anything. I don't think that B. I dont think that have support, but I'm not sure about that. I think that we can annex Canada next we're in circling them. As we speak, we need to get the Russians out of the arctic
We need to control Canada. When you do we do we need to get grin Greenland back. That's that's how we grow this country. The idea of American Imperialism is who is a worthy noble want? We should be trying to take over the world we should be trying to colonise, though the forty thousand people that live on Greenland. I think it's good for them, it's good for us, and also this really puts the Democrats in a bind, and I want people to start thinking about the contradiction of their opposition to Us Act or acquiring Greenland They have been preaching about the dangers of global warming. For so long think about the invest. Opportunities in Greenland when the ice, it received. That is going to be resort. That is going be a tourist gold mine. It will open up the resources beneath it. Talk about the the that that is a long term. Investment Not that is everybody talked about swords folly. When we put purchased Alaska last has been a fantastic purchase for us, everybody thought
was an insane thing to do a hundred years from now Trump land is what is going to be called, and people were Revere. This purchase this acquisition because It will set the future. The twenty second of sensitiveness Trump LAMP vote, demand. Think we already live in Trump land outlets link is its washing these long term. Surgeon Now we we also saw controversy this week with Rashid to wave and eleven Omar Nothing is real. I know it's a shocking again development of very surprised. Can you believe that Benjamin Netanyahu didn't welcome these guys with open arms? Yes, I can, and I support his decision. They weren't. You know their complaint is that there are banned because their Muslims that that's ridiculous their ban, because they support media
ass, an goal of media asses and anti semitic boycott against Jews and companies. It do business in Israel and I think we're Sheeta, but you know, is for by nationalism which would end Israel is a jewish They are the enemies state of Israel and letting Israel in would have just created. We can't created a in what they would have done had they gone in terms of the media circus is already a media circus here, but I think from Israel point of view. You rather have the media circus happen here then you'd at the western wall? Or here then them lying down in front of some settlement. Construction and creating international scene there, you just don't know with these two: they are committed: Anti Zionists, right and anti Semites that the dead these these two women they did. You say, oh, what a surprise attack the only issue-
They have devoted attention to for the majority of their time in Congress. The same month is Israel and America's relationship with Israel, and you know, Rosita went calling for a boycott of Israel too, when Bill Mark. Said you know, baby is kind of bad. She called for boycott of Burma. Who is jewish? Who did not suggest nation she wants. The boycott is individuals enough, so with what is striking, I think is. Does the story which happened last week has continued into this week? I might be because of the August old rooms was not much else.
Dull drums there's not much else to talk about, but it is also because ill Hano MAR and receive the plague and, to some extent, Alexandria, Kazi quarters will take up the mantle of leadership in the Democratic Party of the Democrats. Don't stop him from doing so, and the Democrats haven't stop them from doing so, and so they are now the most prominent faces next to Nancy Policy of the Democratic Party but which one as the president tweeted earlier this week, he's suggesting that perhaps all of the attention that two Laban and Omar are getting is. Planting a yo, see the head cheerleader of the squad This could cause could cause internal strife eyes, Prime Minister,
Yahoo for a little bit, because I think he made a strategic area. I think he should have welcomed these two into his country with open arms and detain them. Never let them out, mixing in China all over again, it would have been, would have solved a lot of problems for a lot of people would be. I would benefit both sides, they would get to live, they would go They would get to see for themselves which are always saying that your first hand what what it's like to live over there and we would be free of them, and you know blue with just the two less Democrats in Congress. Why I thought, because it's definitely be all holding their seats. I wouldn't call special election had been good super. Ever the squad is going to try to cancel Israel. A squad is going to try to cancel Israel, but not cancel the squad. Be great did so it in terms of I think we ve, we ve, talked a lot on the show about Trump coming out and targeting these guys to make them the face of the democratic
party by seven therein, bad mouthing, Eo C and really driving focus on Omar and waved it? Do you think he's recognising that she's, the biggest threat She could be. That has the potential to be the most popular in those. Why wasn't? Might you know? Look? It exists in respect of your approach. Couple shows which that he doesn't. He does not typically criticized the how one seize the hot one out of a squad. He doesn't want the hot being the number one out of the squire. Ok see since that was as I've got to see, wants that he wants the duchess. They are the less attractive members of the squad leading squat. While she also I mean she wasn't part of this trip.
Kay. You know she I mean it, I'm not actually sure I assume she's she's voted with them on the media s bill. We have to check we'd have to check that but Israel does not. Even though she I mean she likes german carbon she's, an anti scientists to that's not as high value for her. I say the green new deal or open borders right. She doesnt emphasise the issue to the same extent, that delay been Omar, that she will run interference front for them when they are attacked, but she doesn't. It doesnt bring it up on her own as much as probably does not an issue. She is without understanding, as was evident at last year when she gave the interview with Margaret Hoover's Distanced doesn't have the backing. I think that the that the others too
do because they are obsessed from that's. It comes out with that with with them the more use that they are obsessed with, damaging Israel and damaging the jewish supporters of Israel and the United States. That is there. That is their goal. That's what they're that's what their representation in the United States Congress is about, and you have to wonder: will their constituents in particular to labour constituents because remember too late, one her primary narrowly against an establishment african american woman of from her district, and you have to wonder whether her constituents mere how why shouldn't deliver in other ways right where she not keeping up constituent services, if she's not talking about economic development in her district bringing home the baking right, bringing home that the brain
benefits, but spending Oliver time talking associating with groups like myth, tar and and trying to getting bogged down in the onset trying to talk. What's nonsense, harbour right, get devoting all over time to Israel and in jewish supporters of Israel, United States. You one big wonder whether these voters might say come on lady. I you know I mean. Is this really why we sent you to come? One would hope once again, that's optimism, the Democratic Party and its future, What else is indifferent? Indefatigable now? No former liver, Marion presidential Candidate way now and rude came out on Tuesday and said, and this is a direct quote this is the greatest president for Jews and for Israel and the history of the world, not just in Erica Trump is the best president for Israel and the history of the world and the jewish p
love him like he's the king of Israel. They love him. Is the second coming of God Harrison what's wrong. With this statement, people are treating it poor, lad, when we now on route would know better than anybody what would you won't even for me he did say he was jewish by Birth Matt, meeting. Will ya Will you know why I'm either? The first reaction is crazy. No, why Trump loved it is his praise of Trump. The second reaction is Trump, obviously very popular in Israel. I dont know how many israeli Jews view him as the Machine
Messiah, not sure, that's really and not allow hesitating Megara Messiah like even have, but I would say this next to Harry Truman, its national. Conversely, I think I think, next to Harry Truman and Richard Nixon. Paradoxically, Trump has been incredibly supportive of the state of Israel, and I also George W Bush, I think, was very supportive of the state of Israel. So I'd say that those four presidents won the first one recognise the state of Israel, pretty important. The second one Nixon I and the seventy three war,
I basically threatening nuclear escalation saved the state of Israel. The third George W remember he he basically cut off the Arafat, have and and said look we're not going to have any progress, but this is the first term. His second term was not as good, but his first term as very positive point is that we can have a progress until the Palestinians uptake their institutions and democratize them that heads in an anti semitic consequences as well by the election of Hamas happen unless he was, he was wrong there in two thousand and two, but but the up, but maybe even actually Trump gets an edge over w right. So, yet to that he'd be number three in my ranking now number one in mind. But I say what you like about George W he's, not the king of Israel. Now, speaking of celebrity, we have our celebrity correspondent kitty. Do pray,
with Us Kitty, what's going on things, are having me again, I didn't think I'd be back, so they sir shaking up in Hollywood, similar celebrity couples, couldn't handle the heat of the summer and decided to have cooled off he had Miley, Cyrus and Liam hands worth last week, and now we have two more relationships that a flat lines there's one couple: no one He knows about an one publish trying to divorce for the second time, do you guys have any ideas no come on so good? This is just divorced for the second time. Well, he put in a petition, but he withdrew at. A second time overruns does is Larry King, I heard Larry King was getting divorced again. He Reed's harm heads is a time to a second wife. So I'm praying that I have some running in this from the next time the ninth wedding will be beautiful. You guys are all invited wouldn't lose our celebrity corresponded to Larry King God willing, God willing,
on the other cabal. You may not know any other. Given Sunday, news may have been different, but three days ago news broke that Dawsons Creek actress Katy homes in triple threat. Jamie Fox have called it quits they shockingly dated first six years, despite Jamie Fox, never publicly Jim. Being on couches over her? It is rumoured to have ended over Jamie's tress with other women, but now back to the more pressing news. Yesterday at the right age of eighty five, my favorite crept keeper and divorce idle Larry King has filed for divorce for the second time from a seventh wife, Sean King, that's a lot of I must be so broke from divorce. Its that's. Why you still working. He's, got things. That's I see him there most every house he had had a really how gamer saying that's where I need a big
We got you out lying across the country, but yeah. That's where you can find him. I mean I could be bikes, dull further. I won T now you already are you're from all you here. You know I gotta like really solidify it, but since I was so ill prepared for last week with Miley in the kissing photos, I decided to make it up to you guys were. I'm photos of layer collusion hours. There varies dandelion, we ve got some top, was Larry King photos or holding in our hands and noticed there. It's all I mean we're seeing Marlon Brando, which I actually felt tied in to last week's very well. So I feel, like everyone needs to listen to our last week when we referred to freight out. Yes, even though he is not frayed Earl, but in those waters. Today, that's true very soon, and while these are scandalous photos, you didn't hurt. Now did you. If I went away,
I put my number in their combine math so that thank you. Kitty do where's? I hope I don't have more break eighty five years old. Yeah he's five nine. How tall you I five five back and work with he already you go, I don't I don't fluff my hair, like I don't bat comments. I don't have to worry about that. I'll make an attractive couple is no here. Thank you for letting handsome when people say handsome couple. I know it's just not good. I think I'd never say back. Ok, you sitting here I mean this is this: is the coverage that Joe Biden should be getting? I said people like audio binding, so old nasty every like Larry King he's just he's put himself out play the field again at the age of eighty five, like that, that's the type is covered. The Joe Biden
could be aspiring to Doktor Doktor Joe Biden just say that I am no doubt his wife doktor. She is sixty. Eight Eureka is added so how they say he is almost seventy eight. Mornin, nineteen, forty one, how me and I was I was given him way too much credit earlier. I want a society had symbolic tax or something like he could have done. That made us all happier with Islam. Now. If you added up the ages of everyone of every one of Larry Kings wives, would it while sixty eight his anxious cradle robbing all the time machine king, any fifty nine o clock. So he can turn her anywhere in your model. I can come. Kennedy Robo Helper For them sorry violent turns. Seventy seven ok was born. I thought it was born forty one whose one forty two November Ford also, so he would be seventy eight and twenty twenty correct.
Be seventy eight after the other. What, if inaugurated you'll be seventy eight when it becomes presence of net? Now, We cannot look at Larry Larry's doing fine, but we really want an aging countries. Joe Biden is no Larry King. Do you think that Larry King five, nine with his hunch or without his hunch. Probably without ok, that's a good question We should not ass. Ever I saw the big thing. People do shrink as they do not know. If you do become Larry kings, eight wife, God willing What what's the thermostat gonna be set a cold pretty easily? Aren't you why I really I really like you haven't got were members of the exact think I might be too old for Liam size. We're gonna have to go for areas where, where do you set your through? Mr normally people, don't let me mass with.
So your personal loggers hygiene, it's gonna, be higher kitty, as a global travellers spoke steal, a lot of folks here on all our peoples couches, that as room great for runs out surfing, if you ever heard of it, you just need a picture of a couch and you can make friends and they let you sleep there and most time, they're, not creepy, yeah. We we gotta hold out. They have to come to us but acts where I've been going wrong in the dating wear out there you go sit, so the feds are now saying that our thermostat should top out I'm sorry bottom out at seventy degrees. Eighty two degrees is what they're saying is optimal to save the planet. Is this is this looming? Is this the deep state? What just. Mining trump. This is this. The stupid state, they, I hope, prompt the limit this was an executive order. Wiping out this ridiculous I've seen
federal study. I was shocked that that that was the conclusion here that they claim that you can save three percent off your monthly luck bill for every degree. You increase your thermostat I'm right number one. What's the point of having air conditioning in the first place, if you can't ISIS baby down like sixty eight Greeks, that's the point. That's why you air conditioning is so you don't have to live at seventy eight to eighty two degrees. I sleep in an ice cold cave at home. It is set at sixty two degrees sick It is a little brutal. You dont hydras freezing the here, but that doesn't matter Ebay, studio that yeah, that's we're blankets or for I'm, certain inherent shorts and a t, shirt right, and I'm actually sweat, breakin sweat its eyes. Offers. I argued very generous office thermostat of sixty five degrees. That is only
no guys like me now. How does little Volga feel about this loves? It loves it. She loves were dead, makes a cold work, as I am all the more clothes that she can wear, which he goes to bed at night when she wakes up and morning just costume change after wardrobe chain. To me I thought I was, I prefer to lower temperature, but who is ours that seventy? Actually, since we came back into between raised Seventy one and as comfortable now I'd like to each their own, but I just then I saw that the recommendation. Seventy, a preposterous! That's why you have arising in the first, but guess what are they just say? The rhetoric should have air conditioning. Ok, just say that, because it's that that's what their effects are. Another thing that they said was that they were like. Oh at night, one of the ways to cool down your house is
open up the windows level that cool airing? Why don't know they live on the EAST coast, but there's no such thing as cooler at night. It does not cool off at night and actually adding someplace detaching hotter at night. Now we see, I can actually see myself setting the thermostat to seventy degrees because with every child I have I by raising a degree just to cut down on the bill. Your website, I know now with four kid I want also to I do- have to warn kitty, though, because Larry Kings, Thermostat, is probably said it. Seventy eight or higher I think I'll, be ok with back when you age, you know, you'd prefer the you need warmth, because you lose that body mass you get. I mean nozzle with him as wow body heat activated. I have to touch me. That's fine early of coffee. This been the Washington for Beacon, podcast, the official podcast of the Washington Free Begin,
it is always to our guests: MCA, Nettie, Erin, Harrison and future. Mrs Larry King Kitty do pre and thank you to the listener for tuning in feel free to give us a likes Dr and writer of you on Apple podcast sticker, who,
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