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Bolton Takes Center Stage, Bernie Surges in Iowa, and Bloomberg Bombs Airwaves

2020-01-30 | 🔗
The gang has you covered this week on everything from the coronavirus to impeachment to Japanese hashtags. With John Bolton taking center stage in the latest impeachment drama, the gang analyzes whether he's trying to get back at President Trump, sell some books, or do something else. If Mitch McConnell wraps the impeachment trial up in the next few days, it may turn out well for sales of the book but badly for Nancy Pelosi's future as speaker. The gang disagrees about whether Pelosi can last as her party's leader if Trump wins reelection, and a friendly wager is made. Meanwhile, the boring Democratic primary continues and Bernie keeps climbing. Mayor Pete has tried to get nasty, but at this point Bernie is well positioned to take not just Iowa but New Hampshire as well. Matt says nobody knows what is going to happen, but Harison sees it differently—this is Bernie's race to lose. Will that prediction pan out as well as his guarantee that Trump would win in 2016? Matt argues that Bernie has none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to thank for his comeback in the polls, while Harison has to be reminded that she cannot, in fact, be his running mate in 2020. Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, has been bombing the airwaves with ads for his long-shot candidacy, and Goldfarb has a conspiracy theory about his advertising strategy. Vic drops in to update everyone on Hunter Biden and Michael Avenatti, while the culture discussion has Beyonce, Barbies, and even a little Joseph Schumpeter.
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Editor Matthew, continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media best sellers as the K Street gang and the persecution of Sarah Palin. You can follow him on twitter at continuity. How a man alone further to match right is free beacon. President Aaron Harrison Fresh ever from Capitol Hill orchestrating the defence President Donald Trump. We don't know what he does around the office, but signs of checks in that's good enough for us one. Two, three four get you woman on the floor. Coolio better, no six, I just copy you do so. You Just returned from war on China now I will not go anywhere near whew, Hon or whew Tang or any other place over there, and back after two weeks off is international.
Man of mystery and licence republican consultant, Michael Gulf BAR. He is here to keep our paneless in line so good to be back up. First Shelton John Bolton dropped a bombshell, presumably intended to force republican senators to vote in favour of calling witnesses in the impeachment trial of president from details of buttons book. Manuscript mysteriously found their way into the hands of two New York Times. Reporters and the book will reportedly say that Trump explicitly linked ukrainian security aid to the investigations. He wanted. The new government to undertake Matt, who is going to win the show down between cocaine Mitch, who wants no witnesses and jolt involved in well. I'm have actually sure Bolton wants witnesses either. You definitely wants to sell books
and I think it was good for him that the information was released now rather than when the book comes out, because then he would clearly take a lot of flak from media. Saying well, why don't you tell us is first, regardless of motives and were I think, right now, a word speaking and Thursday evening. I think it's likely that Mitch Mcconnell will be able to get his caucus too and the trial in the next thirty six hours. Okay, so impeachment we think, will be wrapping up in the next day or so. What have the Democrats gone for it as it away?
I don't think so. I mean I'm just looking at some numbers. No trumps approval rating is basically the same as it was in the hour, cp average on the day that she announced this impeachment inquiry. Nine twenty four nineteen, Joe Biden Negative, have gone up, his unfavourable number has gone up and Joe Biden Margin and the head to head against Tromp has narrowed. It's only about four points, which is winnable by Trump. Suddenly, this early on. So basically, I think the way to understand this whole episode is Nancy. Policy wants to remain the leader of the Democratic Party after the election. One or two things will happen in this election trump Trump wines and Democrats maintain control. The house, in which case policy needs,
Support on the left she wants drawing, don't you think she's dead than man now really know she'll make the case. Shall make the case of the cheese I think either way? She's now she's gonna be like ninety seven when she said that she wants to be here for at least and typing twenty twenty two's. What she says. I think I think if he wins, and these, but even tat the house, then she's fine. What is it may never die exactly. I think we're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. I just think if he wins the dams will be so frustrated. They will turn on their leaders and humor and policy will both be removed from leadership. That is my bet. I bet you fuck dollars right now, I can make it like a cool Romney. Ten thousand, if you want, I just think
can't survive trumps arriving. Ok. My question for Harrison is I've been struck by the strategic manner of these bottom leaks. First, he game and said that he was going to make himself available to testify, it wanted him to then came the bombshell of what the book manufacture of nowhere soda writer common, so Harrison always Barton. This boltons portrait still belong on the freeway and swallowed here s where he saw what is a cop, its wild legend strangle. You work here, I don't know what will send you to freedom class, one that back reeducation camp, so listen. The Bolton situation is a little perplexing, but when you think a little deeper. It's really not Bob Gaming system, the an operator but he is always commented that Bolton gets things dawn
whenever he is really interested in, like he's gonna execute and he's one of the smoothest shrewdest operators to ever exist in federal bureaucracy. So what you have here, as he is executing a strategic campaign to sell his book and it's kind of brilliant now from if I was if I was bolt. What I would do now is, I would say, our call press conference. Let's go to the national press club. Let's get everybody lined up out the door and then hold the press conferences say: listen folks, I am ready, to tell all I'm gonna way at all out everything that I saw or heard, or even heard, secondhand or like red comic books or on the internet. I tell it all in my book out February thirtieth I this year we will see you at the bookstore kids orders in now at Amazon you learn the whole story, that's what he should do and I think I think trotwood respect and move golfer. You know I like John
very much. I have always been a fan since I first came to Washington twenty years ago. I admire the man. I respect the man I think he's been poorly advised and served in this case because you know look from an him, obviously did not get along great. There was frustration on board sides of that relationship and it come out of the White House and decided he was gonna stab Trump in the back out of it Oh, you know they're big boys and boys boys and knew no trump chopped his head off and then only gonna come back and stab in the back. Like that, When I runs in Ronnie whatever this is not the most honourable movies plumy. Let me finish. Let me finish so. I would have received didn't. If he just came out- and just you know, I wouldn't, greed with it, but I wouldn't like understood it and if he does to keep his mouth shut. I would have agreed with that and understood it, but in this case it feels
of tawdry an unseemly, because it feels like it's part of a book promotion campaign. They veil, the Amazon link. You know that the New York Times. Story breaks their plan footsie with the times to promote book they send in the script for review right in the middle of the impeachment and I'm not sure, I even believe the idea that it was the White House the leak, the script. I mean that doesn't make any sense to me. I think it was Bolton, his people who leaked into the New York Times, and I just think like is a guy who has a great career and a great legacy and It's a shame that, like whichever de I would have supported. I would have respect, whichever way you'd gone, but the idea to do this to like HAWK a few thousand extra books. It doesn't feel right to me which, by the way but be real here, this books good sock, I'm hidden, that we're talking like that most newsworthy thing in the book is a completely
arguably incident, like whatever you heard on a phone call which ultimately, as can be played out the Senate through an acquittal it's going to be, It's gonna, be in the whole book is a book about nothing which I bet when people open it actually read it. They are going to be asleep within twenty pages. Here is the thing about about these inside the White House inside the oval office. You can either make it up like who is the guy who made up all the time the book, came out early on the left. No, no, no, the fire of your ear. I will write like you, can make up and then its and entertaining reed, ok or you know, ISIS back boltons going to reveal a series of facts about Donald Trump, which trumpets don't in public in plain view: they like. Yes, there were matching and corollary statements behind closed doors that relate to statements he made in public. So oh,
You know they said he is like doing stuff for earth. A wan and z on the corporate front will He goes right out and says he link the z t stuff to China Trade deal. He linked the Weiwei woman, whose under house arrest in Vancouver to the church. Trade deal trump has been very here that he is willing to use the american justice system to further? trade negotiations. Now. Is that right or right are you coming the case. Either way is certainly not impeach able conduct. You know it is what it is. You know trumped says: what's on his mind, no matter who the audiences, I just don't, think, there's gonna, be anything that regulatory cause trumps s crazy down public at next. In case you ve forgotten. There is a democratic primary under way and we are just four days away from the ILO Caucasus. Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders still held at three point, led in the real, clear part to politics, polling average in Iowa and a whopping
on that point. Lead in New Hampshire, as Bernie closes in on victory. Things are getting nasty with even nice. Guy P Buddha judge attacking his opponents by name gasp and many of Buddha. Judges underlines adroit, alleging micro aggressions against him against him, and his campaign met this burning race to lose. I don't know I don't know, I don't know who's gonna win our. I think that that leave it that you say that, but you just don't know I mean I know you know. I know running a lamp. We're going to regulate, let's go ahead, put it on put on the books and resisting arrest. You can save it download. Oh, you were right about twenty. Sixteen, though, of course, I would also say that you ve been predicting Hillary Clinton entry, twenty twenty. I can pay wages on vat and the deadline, events invention and look at it burns coming out of the gates to know the AIDS
but now there are two: it doesn't in the race there, because every three now because he's been ahead in Nevada for awhile and now I just eyeglasses, come before the Ladys of all out of California. Super too they Callum always been strong. He is doubled up. The next closest person to whom he is a thirty percent is losing and Pennsylvania, believes and other put up ass, not by much nets. State for once Scranton Joe Biden, you know contrary I thought made the interesting point which maybe, on top what about it, but that maybe the earliest? don't play the way they normally do, just because there is not the focus on them, the way their normally is and soldiers. Maybe if Bernie does go to know, maybe that doesn't clothes. The breast of the race down the way it would have in the past, but I'll Bernie, there's gotta me and I could think he could win for sure. Sorry for me to put myself in the shoes of some commie pink. Oh no Democrat, whose life
actually engaged in this thing and think these people are acceptable choices to lead the country. I just can't really per day I will dare not ruling out. I just think now. I have just decided not to predict anything, and I think it too very close race an hour. I was notoriously difficult to Paul. You dont, I need them. One thing, though, is that job I'm not getting crowd owing now. Certainly I have any her out. I have a lot of in terms Bernie still gets hard to say I'm burning gets a crap, you know who gets across Elsie and I think if he does go to far to know you have to credit her. I think she turned around his campaign. I really do because, if you remember he had the heart attack, he was he was kind of a horse during the eight, and then she decided to endorse him and not one, and I think that's why he started on burning making number one draft pigs to be VP at this point should not Odin, unofficially device is that it is not. My four vice president is weltering got off oars. Thirty. We
check, because I senator I won't let area I would say what about that. Did this stuff with worn, because I feel like that was a real inflection point too, and she won't you is already ascending, but it definitely did not have an effect. It didn't stop him. The whole attack the sexist cards. Filling the bottom fella. Maybe the bottom was already falling out on her, but whatever she was, she was poorly based on that, then why I think you're right that the first to stay, this time or I may not be as significant as a vice president to be thirty. Five. She kept shut to be asked. You gonna run for president in twenty four glitter of again you I mean why If you look at nineteen, eighty, four, the dams, thine, the barber deny when either Iowa or New Hampshire other than theirs of labour rights and Bloomberg is like everywhere. He said no scrutiny autumn yet, but is rising and all in all the policies for Tuesdays. Can it be that that's the thing to watch this year in its look? It's only
but the way- and if I don't know, so the mare of these all these measures are endorsing Bloomberg. Muriel Bouser just endorse Bloomberg, so if Biden collapses, which is a possibility, then it's blue, and Hamburg, Verhagen Bernie Kyar Hive Limber conspiracy, theory here sure. Ah, I wonder if our listeners have noted as I have that every Bloomberg add I see- is justice positive out for Bloomberg. So there's all this press coverage about Bloomberg spending all this money to trash, Donald Trump and water Republicans gonna do to deal with this onslaught of ads from Might Bloomberg, attacking thou from I've seen. One add from this guy that attack dies Roma, that some of the initial adds attack, Trump and now they're, just all tolerated and its working form does go up in the pole. I don't the contrast spots work form, I don't think they're doing, I think you're gonna do won the Superbowl, which will
the media after it and keep everybody thinking that there are like really running and tromp a really there. Just there, just formal number have you seen the Trump and in a single I've seen it Oh you ve seen it not drop today. Always is an awesome. I don't want to ruin the surprise avenue. As I said, will you really only really know March in the game? It's a really effective that Trump trumps in a good place. I think for reelection excited what you wrote to that point, MIKE the the attack trumpets where the Sty rat for the most part we everything Hilary at and they pay around the tab ads and there you know that they didn't like makes a good point, the contrast at what it You already know you think about tromp right. Oh maybe tell people believe that yourself and you might get some support at next. The spread of the corona virus is feeling xenophobia, the New York Times reports getting to the real story. With the half; ok, what that's just because we don't he bat super. Here in snow.
X and whatever the hell else. Really people are eating that caused this. Damn it is play its culinary leaders. Them until hops, will actually knobs the deserted phobia it that the times reported onto that was fascinating is happening. Oliver, Asia, so the hashtag hashtag Chinese don't come to Japan is trying to trending on Twitter. Well in Bangkok, residents are avoiding malls that are particularly popular with chinese tourists. A plastic surgery office and began norm neighbourhood of South Korea work programmes, while campaigner, if oh yeah, as instructed employees the day, only some chinese customers, if they can showed that they ve been in South Korea for over two weeks, which is the period that the virus can lie. Dorm without exhibiting symptoms. Do excuse me Goldfarb. Are these fears founded. Oh my gosh. Well, you know
I am a little bit of a proper Mysel or would you do a nose job on somebody who has been in the country is in what is Doctor Goldfarb say about yeah. You know he's been you're playing golf in the Dominican, so I they, I don't think there been any cases there yet resize eager. So I don't know, I don't know what the hell to make of this thing. I started on by the hype. To be honest, I think it's mostly bull there. Ways height the hype why is there nothing ever lives up to the hype anymore, but the markets are buying not really, I mean the markets down like a tiny little bit it still like above. Where was hang sang of six weeks ago, I mean my chinese investment, Sir, are heard not doing as well Michael died on human. I don't like the chinese markets as I do. I don't know ass in the chinese markets. I take from the chinese market, sets a lesson Harrison
capital, one or one right there, for you know- I mean if half of China disappeared, You still have a country, that's like twice the size, the United States. They still a pretty good market. I In other words, like Wilbur, said it would be very sad, but maybe the jobs come back and um. You know that could be. There could be some positive ramifications in the long run. I feel, like China have likely Santos option for China. No look! I am for a smaller China aid divided China and and they could anyway, I can get. A policy should like have like the beside gang style plan in the air background of like a slower The slow soundtrack allow a lot low level soundtrack discussion, brazen levity too. It is time now for are legal update and for that we go to the free beacons. Chief legal correspondent, victory.
Harris VIC hit us below our young boy. Do ass a great news for you in two days time Joe Biden newest grandchild begin receiving child support from proud new Papa nor bided. That's right to avoid in order to it and show causing Arkansas Circuit Court in that paternity case, with This is what a Roberts hunter by is now agreed to pay monthly child support and back pay dating to November twenty eighteen. We don't know exact amount part of its because it's under seal and the other parties, because that could change. We actually gets the filing those disclosures. So what he says spot himself some time here to march one to provide those documents so that we can figure out what he owes. If he doesn't mean that deadline, he could still face contempt of court ed if it turns out, he owes more the judgment, what is the new fee without even needing to file a new motion so in a way that judges set up this back door options in the back door? she's Michael, have a naughty remains in the Metropolitan Correctional Centre, while the night
Extortion trial can mentions this week in new, city avenant ease, accused trying to shake down the sports giant for about twenty five million dollars. Jury selection was completed, but it was not easy accordingly, post potential jurors, were asked to write down what they felt about Michael Avenue, naughty, as one does. Mr wrote quote: already be in prison computers have also provided court filings that reveal what he typed into Google prior to his arrest, and those terms would be in cider trading and Nike. Put options. Put options, give you the power to sell stock price point, regardless of what trading ass or even if it plummets, you still sell it at a high price. Frankly, he should have been searching for how to make a shift. Everyone's having a field day with this, but maybe just maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. His lawyers maintain that he never acted on those search terms. He just type it in chocolate
to research, for instance, I'm doing along investigative peace on the dark side of japanese animation, and I got my because all over this story back to you, thank you back. We go now to our pop culture. Expert kitty. Do kitty. Everybody movie, move over Karla Santana there's another guitars infiltrating the fashion game. Queen Brian may is adding designer to his. Unlike Santana only sets in on the meetings he wanted to break free from the standards in its only fitting that a rock star with a physics degree could help design the perfect brought out bus Ladys, combat gravity his leggings car are have all. With fat bottom girls thing I want at all in your my best friend for his at leisure. His designs are heaven for everyone. The astrophysics jet g
as designs are out of the world and now out of stock. Even after all, these years, the Phd Rock STAR is proving he's doing all right. There is only one kind of checks, spicy enough to roast beyond, say and Popeye's fast food chain is the one to do it beyond sais coveted clothing line. Ivy part collaborated with Adidas in released its will. Newest collection, consisting of Maroon Orange and white collar, which are the exact same tones is Popeye's. They say imitation as the highest form of flattery, and these too, have a very close pod beyond say, has been said well go about her love for Popeye's that the fast food joint gave her a card for free chicken for life as if she can't afford it, who paralyzed richer re, like worse red lobby, this whole. I do not always always in wide information register. Get it happens. We gotta red lobster. I want He does the right. Well good advice.
The model is like the adzes photos and the peril range from ten dollars all unite. Do not listen to him. Ok I gotta go this the audience because Michael Goldfarb doesn't know the bees say catalogue, you know from on his years, never listened to a beyond, say: scientists, entire life, I'm bored I drew one, have this two lemonade front, the back seat. The in the video treats and the Red lobster reference. I have to spell it out because my elderly colleagues. Over here don't get. Can we play the song? We could play the very likely get like eight notes, letter somethin. I also expressly said yes that when Jesse your good shit his two red lips. She dies
I once wrote becoming religiously every night blurs the fact jack. Beyond the apparel ranges or ten dollars deformity and the limited collection has a hundred per cent of the proceeds going to the poppies foundation very different than Ivy Park, which helps, more ways to emasculate J C. Instead of putting his things in a box to the left, I got that references Here I am trying so hard with the musical references. The good guys go, visit, big shot. Gruner me we now and for tackling the ivory that he was not tickled pink this week New York Zone, Billy Jaw had his mansion broken in two and twelve of his motorcycles, where vandalized piano man has sixty motorcycles in can build them to. It doesn't seem like the burglar stall. Anything
what is there to steal since he doesn't have an amazing liquor cabinet anymore. No suspects have been found. I figured since it took place in Long Island and he's a recovering elbow. I like that Billy Jonas, oh somebody money, but is current network, is two hundred and twenty five million. Billy also stopped feeding without an John. So if I can't crack this case, I highly doubt that law enforcement can hook plastic bags, which his tentacle off the table thank you giddy and finally, in the beacon culture around quick. One today is one story that really captured my fancy. The already anyways, so Barbie is becoming more inclusive, the New York Times reports and they have a new doll that his bald and another one that has a prosthetic limb and another does curly hair sweeps away
her face dissociate to show she has video. I go a condition that causes patches of scanned. That's what a local trial had. Yet the idea suppose the adage of accounts, the globe so quoth they are amongst every new barbie does that Mattel his hailing as its quote, most diverse doll line that features quote more skin tones, hair types, embody shapes and every browser so saw one is in a wheelchair. Let's say: oh yes, the dolls, which were unveiled Tuesday are the latest attempt by the company to shift away from barbies image as the impossibly then blonde icon, blame for distorting on children's idea, beauty, skin tone and body shape, yet a professor, Marketing were where does it say it? Basically, the sky warns us is still not reflect he's a professional marketing attempting to prevent our marketing. I was Harrison when will
avant garde be getting the foe new line of ivy from the town. Look. I think this up great is long overdue. Lily vodka. Obviously you know it aspires to be the super skinny blonde ideal that is Barbie. It's been sold dewar, you know, since since the day she was on room covered in Barbie posters all this stuff, but I want her. Feel that pressure trial, We went out of my way bought, her wheelchair bar, and I want her to be able to like welcome Cheer Barbie in, unlike scooter around, make sure that she gets to all places. She needs to go I'll like an amputee barbie. We take them. Off and put it back on. We take it off and we say: look at listen now: Barbie can hop around and get all the other per shopping in the dark shopping and the Ferrari shopping that she can get to Lily Gaza has welcomed. These barbies into her play area. The house and an she. I think it's workin out great and I didn't
little I go Barbie, I'm gonna, be totally honest. Don't accuse me be in racist out there. I just didn't notice, pure ignorance on learning to accept new bar he's in our life. Video. Bobby. I am looking up on Amazon as we speak, the order will be placed for the over the ship you a barbie girl alone- and I was not at all but does not. Surprise me gotta, you to say I'll have not! I have nothing against. You know if Had a kid in a wheelchair. I think it would be nice to have a doll. The Nike give the kid and would make them feel good. I want like kids with problems to feel good What bothers me is the king. You know virtue, signalling both that accompanies it. Why does the companies have to act, There are somehow, not you know, horrible people. Now they're like they got the wheelchair barbie. So now they're not like the tools we thought they were. No. There still just like Reno patients company that is
like ruining the do the girls lives and giving them an impossible ideal, but they did something nice. Ok, you just see did something nice. It doesn't have to be like, let's rap ourselves now in like look how woke we are. No you're still bad people, so here's the warning in the article that even in these new does the faces are still perfectly symmetrical. The nose is put in the bodies will not all red, then any more still, not reflective a real american body. So this professor says I like what Mattel is doing. It's a curvy barbie, but if you were to match their weight with the weight of the average american woman or man, it is still way off. If people claim there representing society in every fashion and facet they're, not none of us are perfectly proportion asymmetrical. Like these,
that's what MR potato head for dialogue. While the mistake is you get the ideals from the doll? The doll reflects an ideal, so you can have a doll. That is, you know, obese and is face. Looks like eight Picasso portrait no one's gonna buy it because no wants to play with it. They don't understand related always about our kids, the kids don't this this is a left wing theory that we get everything from our advertising and hidden persuaded manipulate our decisions. No! Yes! you should better says. Even the best add cannot convince a person to use a bad cigarette right, and so it's it's all this silliness. Well, I think we have to close down the fairly rapid.
To ship. It are probably and free free anything why, but we ve got our silence ensued. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have left for today's edition of Right and writer. Special thanks for producer poker, extend and, of course, rebuking Guess, Matthew, can't any errors. Errand Harrison. I could go Prague victory. No manners and kitty debris. Remember: fineness on Itunes, Google, Playin stitches, just search for free beacon, police subscribe. Tell your and leave a positive review like one listener who writes, I was initially concern. When I heard a CNN contributor was taking the hum of right and writer away from the fantastic was Harrington, but earlier has done well and more importantly, in her age is readily available online with Lisbon was not meaning for meaning. Forty plus great called bargainers. Tell next
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