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Boring Buttigieg, Trump’s Third Term, and a Gas Investigation

2019-11-21 | 🔗
The gang asks if any 2020 Democrats are benefiting from the debates, looks into how Trump can get reelected after being impeached, and investigates Eric Swalwell's flatulence. This episode is brought to you by Circle, the easiest way to manage screen time on all your family’s Wi-Fi and mobile devices.
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The programme that you about your contains material that may be offensive to some listeners, although it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, but go ahead. Make my dear fellow and welcome to write and writer the official plant cast of the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by circle? I'm your host Alyosha Then the editor in chief of the Washington free beacon- and you can follow me on twitter at Aliona. Why Johnson, the free beacon Pot- asked is available on Itunes, Google play in stature. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a review joining
from the right today is free, beacon, founding editor Matthew, continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets as blogging heads, real, clear politics and the Claremont Review of books. You can follow him on at continuity, hello, Matt, hello, early further to mats right is freebie, President Aaron Harrison, we don't know what Does around the office, Buddy Science, a checks and that's good enough for us. Welcome Harrison good morning, good afternoon, good night, returning to the programme- is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery unlicensed Republican? Could sultan. He always gives our path. Was in line hello. Go far up. First, the democratic vat candidate convened in Atlanta. For the fourth democratic debate on Wednesday evening and nothing happened, The most boring democratic contest contest thus far, none of the Tenders went after new front runner, PETE Boat shoes, Buddha Judge who emerged from the EU
in unscathed, perhaps them Exciting moment of the evening was when the free beacon staff collectively realise that one hundred and fifty year old Bernie Sanders was suddenly wrinkle free Matt. What to make of last night's proceedings, well, since I don't watch them, I don't really have many keen insight so say I was struck by a take your best gases to what happened, and I think you ought to maybe we're gonna sell, didn't know what I was struck by was this morning. Although my good government, liberal friends like Ye J D Own and the guy from pointed dot org were both. This was the best debate ever oh, it was all jobs, and yet every other reporter and or political I'd. I'd twitter is this was the worst debate. They didn't do anything. No one laid a glove on anybody. There all focused on Trump and they
the round the edges about you know: what's the right way to soak the rich, I think the Democrats look. This is a roller coaster, ride there always Epson flows, but democrats of real problem on our hands. All of these candidates are extremely weak. In recent head to head, ouch ups Trump is gaining. Ok Emerson has a new pull out today. There is the market university pull out yesterday even in the sea. Paul's o, which came in early November trumpet. I invite incite up driving. I can win men on gambling. I bet on it. What has gone from extremely strong. Do Curiously, at no credit away in the last month, I run by television has gone from week to proved, and ahead I mean did so. If you look, he was behind within the margin of error in the Sienna Poles. Battleground at the beginning of the month is now ahead. Also within the margin of error, but ahead in the new battle
I'm poles were getting in the national. Had two heads Emerson gets caught, it's called Mega Mental set back at the mega mental trumps back in and match exactly right. You know if you take a collective generic Democrat, that consistently out poles trump ahead head because trumps not actually running against anything. You just running against a word and those in the match ups. But if you look at all a team of them, when you seventeen way, Meseemed dropped out. Yes, Gabert Michael Bloomberg in an address, but he's ok, he's not he has announced a moving target set out in a rating had thirty I saw, but if you look at each each one of them when they get their chance to speak, and you ask yourself, could this person be present? of the United States, the answers that over willingly. No, when you look at each individual one of them on their own merits, they are, they are the most collective pathetic punch.
Of candidates I've. Ever I write that I've seen since the two thousand for democratic primary that which I thought nothing could get worse than that can't get worse. You just for a more pieces of crap the possible primacy, take away last night. I fell asleep for a solid twenty minutes there towards. In the second half of the debate I woke up, I went to bed, I thought sleep on the couch. You don't like. You were just sleeping recently. I How did you know my life right now believe you were. There are one point, not lastly, going on here and now that he's right, that's right, so I guess I pass out in Joe Biden apparently he's doing pretty. While he was coherent for the most part. Stuttering, stammering, not lie doesnt act. I wake up. Everybody is just like. Oh my god, what happened a job? I thought he had a stroke or something by the way
pundits we're reacting afterwards. They were these said that these just emulated in the last ten minutes. A clearly stamina was not there. It was seventy seventh birthday. He had a huge Newsday leading up to the event. We gotta talk about new grandfather, lotta changes going on with the with Obama or with with Biden. So he had a big night, but here aimed at the end. That was awful sounds best singer. The night, by at least in my opinion, was when I personally got owned the hardest, which is one Kemal Harris herself referred to the president. The president. As a her now known guys could combat, but we got out when she did that never been a woman president and she had the audacity to use. But what am I Jane the Office of yeah. What about they or their or well they
their pronoun is that why does it have to be a gender? Well, listen if people very binary of her people just wants to step up and lead that cause. I mean, I think, that's the the hanging curveball that he needs to get his hands around so anyway. The other thing that I notice that this debate was the lack of charisma, and of I don't know what it is kit candidate, magnetism that that makes people get fired up for a candidate and as PETE bullshit. He is so listless that is the most bore candidate they could ever put up. The guy has no passion. He sounds like he's reading from us in encyclopedia I get it you're, a road scholar. You really smart. You have no experience. Not I don't know how old is. He looks like he's like twenty three are already: yes, ok, you maybe presently nice, don't ask that force, because I know the answer to innovate and dangerous answer, but PETE Buddha Judge
Has no business being up on that stage. Andrew Yang out shines that guy by a mile. I think that was the Buddha one guy last night, who made a big difference in in his prospects and they will call on the wooden calling on that. Guy actually is engaging. What he's talking and Oregon on state and Bernie couldn't movies face, so he was a non factor is burning. Even alive did he die on the table so, like the dearth of Stalin as they say you make facial it or graven Brezhnev or under one of them, report die, they kept it a secret. I mean it's, it's all. It's all right, but mayor peep, when he got attacked by tall, see he did give her the business. Like a he's good at learning literally in the last four minutes of the debate, but I would say: did they didn't, go after may repeat until nine. Until ten, fifty six p and that's when they had seen and bad man. You know where they could break the pool
you over his leg and he's like we got one spot in the organization, is one of those guys didn't fight. I dont understand they didn't go after worn when she was in in front, because it's only really and now they didn't have the balls to go after PETE. I don't know what they're waiting for its getting very late in the game in the hold a major new means that the debate matters also did not try to draw out differences between the candidates are put them against each other at all, which is like a big being women or men and their unlike. Let's see some fireworks, it was vagina monologues. It was really bad. I am what look we're. I just thought that it was the most cowardly attack because we're going after tall see who's. Clearly, the weakest per Follow Rachel, eight and there they do the fair, fair point and also Harris was good one. Only point you Harris already decapitated tolls. He gathered by the time may repeat, decided you take is shot from behind, it was way was weak. Oh,
what happened in those a cowardly way to attack somebody's from the back. Many dollars or those of running up next in peace. MC gone wild speaking of the Democrats, impeachment inquiry one: this week with star witnesses on the big stage attesting to President Donald Trump. Corrupt acts, the take away the report, the council must be impeached through his probing questions Doktor Fiona Hill, former National Security Council senior director, told the house panel. While she was initially frustrated with Gordon Salmon, she sucks when we realized he was task. Would they demand? political error and while she and her colleagues were trying to conduct foreign policy, so she shouldn't have named him for leaving her out of the loop. Thank you Republican Council Matt. What's the table from these hearings. I believe you had a counter intuitive take. There might not be a vote,
that's what I'm heading. I think having a counter included there, I'm totally counter it is. Actually this is what happens when you don't watch any of these things anymore? It's wonderful! You have you a regional perspectives on them at the distance. Look at the calendar year to do we record this. On Thursday there are no more public hearing schedule. The house goes into recess for two weeks. They return in December for another session that lasts two weeks today have enough, based on what the public hearings have revealed, to write up articles of impeachment and conduct a vote by Christmas. The New York Times doesn't think so the New York Times nearer to toil today
is that what been uncovered is so disturbing that the Democrats shouldn't rush into a holding the vote. They need to extend the proceedings so that you get more testimony and more facts about what actually happened. Remember at the end of this, we still don't actually know who held up the aid under which it would be interesting to know, and we don't know because a lot of you weren't talking. Nonetheless, so you have pressure from the media. On the one hand, to keep these things going, then you have the countervailing pressure from the democratic senators running for President
You don't want to be stuck in the chair and the trial in the middle of the most important month of their lives, which would be February twenty twenty. When you have I, when New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, I think the pressures on policy are beginning to reveal themselves. She can't obviously what's come up is, in my view, not good. What trumped did he should have done it, but it does not rise to the level of unimpeachable fence. So the obvious answer is hold the resolution of censure, but the problem with that is the less would go bananas because they want him out on this on the sidewalk and you take the heat off the republican senators, because the vote for a resolution- essentially they ve, already settled. They haven't censured him officially, but they ve had through resolutions against withdrawal
Syria. They had the resolution that some of the voted against its against them. You know the emergency declaration for the wall. So what are you gonna? Do? I don't know I mean, probably in a likely they discuss had along with this party line vote that has been in a now divided nation, where support for impeachment is slowly subsiding. I think the Democrats are in a very precarious political position, Now what is mitzvah Kaldu, though we can arise on senators, are saying they wants to draw out the public statements. I've read from him is that he continues to think that this will just be very quick process. If they hold the vote, may teach him. Then he might move too to just either a summary dismissal, a very brief trial and, of course humor would want that too, because Sanders and Warren and and Booker
they want to be an harrassing. They want to be on a tray on such a troll. Just think of it. Now I was down a long trial weaker to this way or that way like he's gonna. Well, because it is remember, what's our complaint, a blip Republican complain about the house process is that we have been frozen out that way, haven't been, the Republicans haven't been able collar witnesses. A year from Hunter, exactly what have they done? That's my point. What happens when the Republicans have the opportunity to call we're not environmentally Biden into called the Marines people and turn this into an attack on the one candidate who would have to sit for the trial and that is by so this is a mess. I think it's a mess. We democrats believe hunters are currently vacationing. An elbow with Prince Andrew
slow down when you James Bond villain here contemplate well, I've been contemplating during this fascinating discussion, and I think I've come up with a compromise solution is the best way for cocaine midge to handle possible articles of impeachment incentive is to draw out I'm talking draw out almost a year draw out about September. Get tired hold the vote in Impeach President Trump in September of twenty twenty, by then I have bad news for a lot of the lives and the Cox out there, but Donald Trump will already republican nominee, so he will be on all the ballots in. I don't see how impeachment would impede him from running for election to the office of the presidency, so we would get two months to form
The President Pence, who would also be on the ticket yearning vice President peach, meant conviction, removal and then lose all nomination. Third term. This is how you get the victim of a third The first term was never completed, never completed so constitutionally he's ladder once more times. This is the and strategy that I am prescribing through you. Never one observed a full term rut and you are entitled to two I may we should look up the amendment, but is each man will no longer be hanging over his head, always put it that way and if they want to teach him again, it'll, just given metrics used to run for a fourth term Harrison you in that Republican Council should gain The good cracking measure replaced the council, whether I am more than happy to take one of those online degrees. I have several I'll run before. Let's get going jurist doctorate, ok before we go, the two are chief legal correspondent. Quick word from our
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Hello Aliona, so you know part of being a chief legal correspondence is being able to analyze and investigate and I have to tell you the story required me to be very anal about the details. So we all know democratic represent Eric squabble. He loves to to his own horn, but this time He has ignited a controversy. On Monday night, the California congressmen was hanging Chris Matthews on Hardball and he was fuming he was in the middle of a long winded attack on trumpeted seems to have backfired in the middle. Response? Listeners could hear a very audible ripping noise, I'm talking about a genuine being blower, the old bottom Europe now don't be too gaslight or anything, but that Details are sort of hazy swallow told by. Feed it wasn't him so that puts Chris Matthews under this cloud of suspicion. Then emissary said it was neither. Rather, it was supposedly the sound of a coffee mug scraping against the desk. But if your coffee
makes that South South you say: stop Venier coffee, but chilean sour. We have these soda cans, although we were able feared. I can someone dragged out here that at sea became somewhat it sounded like. No, not a less hours, annoying going on a label paused and looked like he was wanting additives right. So you know, as you know, I analyze the tape. What does your Britain's Zapruder film right and I and listen to this video over and over again exactly what you're getting at Let me just cut the cheese I mean the chase. It is virtually impossible to speak normally and break when, at the same time, that's just science. Ok, you don't have to stop everything and then continue on your way and that exactly you know what I'm talking about all the muscles, and that is good We would urge swallow did around sixteen second mark on the free beacon video when he claims President, asked the Ukrainians quote to help
Well, that's not how he says it and study says the help of cheap, and then pauses float the air biscuit and election. How many times did you watch this about an hour about an hour, so I believe swallow in the end before he paused crop dusted. Some online you go. That's exactly that's exactly raptors. It's up even Liddy ran out that door. Ok, I mean, but at the end of the day, will we ever know for sure the answer really on it is blowing in the wind back to you that nothing on Hunter Biden and the paternity test, the Arkansas Democratic Gazette on on Wednesday reported the DNA results are in for a hundred vine. He is, in fact the proud Father of an Arkansas baby. The mother is London, Alexis Roberts, who had a brief relationship with Hunter right. When was that this is this been the topic of discussion at the continuity, When was the relationship with the Arkansas woman like
in London one leg this loud and allow access in Hunter had a they. They trade and I will get back to you next week- my parallel with illegal working with the downward with their age at your watching too far? It that's why I've format, but this seems to have been right. It was she was. Rebound after he broke up with rather's. Where are you writing? I mean who gathered? It was either concurrent it's unfair, because, of course, that relationship is also very strangely vary between Hunter Biden and his late brothers widow. Right and they had a relation. If it was concurrent how wondered at Last- and why that was happening. He had this fling with London from Arkansas, but according to the files Hunter will not challenging challenge the finding so that makes him what you call in in legal terms, the acknowledged father, not the presumed father, so this is acknowledged father, which means child support and here's very interesting thing. Child support has to reflect the fathers lifestyle.
So the kid depending on how can I can I be added Craig, basically what that's rather like down it established gun down, but is Mickey cows pointed out on twitter now, thank Goodness Hunter has the very small payments, because they no longer thy hand or directly to new. His wealth is not as new son, it's probably say the biggest news Matt since Arthur flecked found out his father was Thomas. We it's the biggest thing that Joker out it's a joke, Reverend. I still at all. I'm sorry, ok, well, listen, but, but I want to leave that offer. You ought to discuss. I have to tell you that as much as I have at the moment, because the previous topic really took the windowy. Thank back, on the other hand, to our pop culture, expert kitty. Do pre kitty, hello, everyone? I have to say I really am
that Morey wasn't the one that announced that Hunter Biden was the father, but that one of the first of these rights is where is it his brothers widow, this great wine but anyway? So why shout Beethoven, Mozart, an Mick Jagger, the ever humble Conny West is throwing his name into the ring to compete in their category of greatest human artists to ever alive, he's bipolar and my gas currently off his meds canoes. So convinced of his greatness that he wants to change his name to reflect that his desired new name is quote Christian Genius billionaire Conny West end quote the born again. Christian has been holding services to praise God in many cities is elves merchandising lemonade there and I'm wondering if anyone who attends has ever heard of Jonestown. If I knew it is legit about Christian, I hope he is and diving all the money he is making off of Jesus with is a hundred and seventy dollars sweatshirts and other expensive apparel minimal
did she ever gone years, will become the official Messiah of his new church following and file for attacking tax exemptions. I listen to some of the less I like it. I thought it was good about and listen to the whole thing that the part that I listened to the toilet afterwards, pretty good airways, twenty seven minutes, if Jesus waxes, what people say it, but I've listened Yad back that monotonous, but but Jesus is a big character than the up. I hope he doesn't try to become visas, and I apologise that further swine, but I believe in equality, so with all of the Amazon mail but plaster coverage. I want to sound the trumpets for female, wrapper he be and her, but Bassoon see other than this answered for align or for a letter words, but this one is so rancid that Anna winter wouldn't let it out in public vogue, ass parties. Seventy
questions arise and open as what her caught her guilty pleasure was. Her response was quite a stinker for some already bluer own horn inside it smelling her own farts bites the word fire. It was believed out here miss Winters guilty pleasures, don't include dairy or cutting the cheese she approves. Word by earlier in the interview but window loud talk about flageolets of the dairy sector with all parties they acquire, who else I'd better parts like rose register. A fort podcast, now literally just far jukes, my dad so that the right now I don't know where we go from here, somebody to crack.
Window smells great in here and less than alleys. Honourable mentioned a serial victim Taylor, Swift. She exhaust means is looking after which he had some dramas, so anybody feels incline. They can google that bad. I will stand by my opinion that Taylor Swift will always be the Hillary Clinton amusing. To me she keeps coming back despite no and asking for, and ultimately never winds. Ouch, almost right of Harrison's retail trade and finally, in the beacon culture around up. First, a special request from Goldfarb
didn't have their script. British backpacker Grace Moline was a quote naive. Member of multiple beady s M dating sites and encouraged partners to choke her during sex. According to an evidence introduced at the trial of her accused in New Zealand. I'm just gonna turn it over to Goldfarb commentary. Will I I was reading some twitter this morning and I see this story. I was familiar with this apparently it's it's got quite a bit of attention internationally near post has a fantastic right up of it, and this girl, was into meeting random, guys online and then and then going to their place and letting them choke her out and just coincidentally, She also died in one of these trysts M was proud,
we buried in a forest somewhere, casinos like awkward situation. The guy was nervous that, like people, I believe that you know it just like I don't happen. Kind of thing. Guy was nervous year. He was nervous, so put it, it does not. Guy lived the australian earth, I didn't read all the way through the story. Matt I just perused. It is us replacing the Redskins I don't know anybody that place already and I really like she died after sex with the twenty seven year old, New Zealand man after a tender David. Lastly, I run after not fake news here, I'm telling you what happened and
then a culture identity after violent sex- oh my god, he buried her body and a suitcase in the woods because he was in shock and knew how terrible the death look to fully was good. This is so awful Jeffrey dollars. Victims died after a deal with him guilty, or were they like into guys who trot people up and ate them in them at the moment, you know what a group chair for that and then after what it was like. Oh my god, I can't believe she died from getting try to lobby. The cannibalism is not part of the euro, the dating add, but God knows what else. The least surprised matters in this comes across, because the left is now taking the view that, like mentioning her weird Some fetiches is like a form of lot, shaming right and so in there. You these two story should be totally on intertwined. They should be this aggregated and ITALY
if you have a story about her kink? And it's like praiseworthy this and it's ok? If you have a story about her murder but to merge, the stories is like a violated wet before the EU. This just comes down to one of your great bugaboo four years, which is that you want equality of treatment of perversions idea That's not you know. Well, that's why you imagination received by the story, is because you're seeing her vices, legitimate it, and yet all of yours contains society still frowned how my head you having to be taboo. Yes, ok my peace, illegal? Ok, do we have a lot of good cause? You're, sorry straight up. Next diversity. Training is big business. According to the New York Times this field, known as, according to the Times D, I diversity equity, inclusion at the times. Reports is booming, creating new career pass and rolls institutions and businesses are trying
correct power imbalances, which means a growing need for experts who can help address and define issues like unconscious bias. So the times reports that leave this field is that job postings. In this field have skyrocketed twenty five percent over the past year quote: how does one bright into the D. I feel some universities, including Cornell Georgian and Yale, are beginning to offer certificate programmes and online courses on this subject. She made me think Harrison. You are a natural candidate for this curriculum. For now, industry leaders have a range of backgrounds, social justice, sales, marketing, political activism, mine, Eddie studies writing and more some according to Ms Basil just have a natural gifts for heavy did good conversations or defusing engine in a room if this doesn't
Erin Harrison written all over it. I don't know what does well. I would just say that, but we are a pioneer in this field. If you notice, if you go the free began website, all those categories are you just talked about, they will all fall into a tag on our website. You can about all of them extensively so were studying these issues, basically around the clock now wanted, a jar violations, nature conversations, uncomfortable things certain employs one share with me. If they find that I am a good listener, I'm somebody there. Listen to them and then I would kindly escort them out with secure as soon as you can see. We are we hardly for we are at the forefront of these innovative employment and employer relationship techniques. Ok- and my last item is another times article: what if porn had no pictures and
about. Of course, a woman backed pornography company female run. Businesses want bring audio pornography to the imaginative, ethically conscious masses was maliciously porno books tape like VIC has a bunch of dozens of you. Think it's better. That way, you don't want to see how they really. What like it's terrible. It's like when you hear noise, all the other side of God, but I will tell you what I'll ask you better off imagining something else, because the realities always I would well. I think I found their first customer there's now decide either Ass guy Augustine be okay, so vague, you're, exactly right. This article says
Audio porn leaves more room for subjectivity and imagination and you can listen to it anywhere. The formats very a naughty story, a guided masturbation and acted out seen. Sometimes these audio stories appear and read it: threads blog posts and podcast podcast, like body storytelling and kiss me quick. Many of the creators are women, I do understand the do they think they like invented phone sex they those like when I was a child. This was every one nine hundred commercial when I was kid. That was all there was, and then I don't know what happened phone sex. I think it was subsumed by internet porn yeah, but they have justly they have reinventing the wheel here about does seem like this is like a nice solution to the problem of all these random random freaks that are like on aeroplanes and subways watching porn. Just like our open now, instead of like oh wow, this guy's actually like enough to live for you, you just be like. Oh that's, just a guy with headphones boner like it had its mandate
add a blind people, though that's what Bernie went away. She take it up. Didn't think of it. Fares are going to have a proper slur for a blood pressure. That's that's allowed me like that. Ok, we're gonna look into that comment in moments of free, because I got so there's that, yes, it is apparently a guy, Jim Thirty, five who records audio porn under under a you know, an assumed name. He has a day job, but he thinks that in a couple of years he could be make enough money to support himself through the recordings. Jim himself prefers more traditional porn. I like visuals. He said that. I believe that we could add that now, ok, visuals always always key unopposed cast. This is your. This has been like audio pornography. This let wisdom
senator of freezing potash listeners who listened with their pants off we astronomical. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have voted. Only. That is all the time we have for today's edition of Right and writer, with special thanks to our producer, Paul crooks, then, and of course our free weaken, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron Harrison Michael, go far. Victory no Madison Kitty do pre. Remember find us on Itunes, Google plan stature, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe. Tell your friends. Friends and leave a positive reduce. This is a good one like listener range. Edgy twelve, who writes Alina, is an awesome host, but the food and beverage correspondent, Backslash legal, CAN Felton is probably the best part of the show until next time.
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