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Caravan, Roger Stone, Airport Drinking

2018-11-02 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ Free Beacon podcast, the gang with guest host Vic Matus discuss the oncoming caravan of migrants, the latest "bombshell" from Roger Stone, and the proper etiquette of airport drinking.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make my gay below and welcome to write and writer, the official podcast to the Washington Free Beacon, I'm your guest host Victor MAD ass, you can follow me on Twitter Advocate Rina. Madame was Harrington, is on assignment the free begin. Podcast is available on Itunes. Google play in stature. Please proscribed till your foot
leave review and don't forget to join us for our special red wave election night coverage next Tuesday. You won't want to miss right and writers, analysis of declassed, twenty eighteen hashtag sorts up joining from the right today is free begin editor in Chief Matthew, Content Eddie, you may remember him from such mainstream Choses NBC meet the press and Fox new special report. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt, I've add further to mats. Right is we begin. President Aaron Harrison A: U S. Citizen by birth, we're not exactly sure what he does around the office, but he signs of checks in that's good enough for us, hello, Harrison thoughts and prayers to lose Harrington. Yes, indeed, up first on right and writer. President trap is all about immigration. Righty delivered a strongly worded speech at the White House, were setting more troops over to the border to deal with that Van he's warning anyone that anyone that assaults are forces can be shot and is back on the campaign trail delivering
same message. There are only four days to go before the mid term elections. Erin is this. The right strategy is working course. The right strategies I've been preaching all long since the beginning. The cycles look. This is this is the eye environment, J Immigration, borders. Ok, that is exactly foreigners, begins with the bees by its part of comprehensive strategy to enforce the laws of this country, for that it is difficult concept for a lot of the lot of the moderates out there now a lot of chamber of Commerce. Republicans, if you will, who want to reassure those who want to enhance their business growth in their profit the bottom line through slave labour from south of the border. Ok, but what I am talking about here, what troops talking about is enforcing the law country you either. Have you not borders and you have laws and you in, for
the borders in your forced the laws. That is the way countries operate as a successful plan, not only for a mid term elections strategy but for successful, prosperous, safe nation Matt man he's trying to would be that the whole point is used. I get the voters to come out and vote, don't stay home and vote. Is this really the best way he can do it first? I just want to say I am not certain that air Aaron Harrison was a? U S. Citizen by birth. Have I seen your birth certificate? I dont. Where were you born I am more than happy to provide not only the short along form, but also along form. I will provide very However, in one state, were you born in video evidence that they do not even have Kai quarters in eighteen? Eighty one, oh I listen. Haven't you seen any use, PBS documentaries. I actually had one of those those hillock hands. We're gonna, look like a little minor coming out of coal, mine, rule, white flowers,
the way they were absolutely it was PV, was educational and and honestly was groundbreaking filmography at the time, Aaron Harrison anyway. What municipality, where it was worth? It of warning. None other than lost Angeles County, California, Hollywood Hollywood Harrison. You heard it had first folks, I wish those Oklahoma You would like Earth Margaret went Heroin, do just one behind the music right and writer, we'll get the old Harrison Bio. Look from the back, MRS, that I have lived in several different regions in this when I, which knows, keeps merely alone erika so much of the people thinking you have it I think your analysis is pretty dead on. I think what Trump is trying to do is rally his base ahead of them in terms, as he said in the rally in Missouri
ass night. The momentum was stopped by Mr States, our say off the pipe bomber and then, of course, the awful awful killings in the tree of life synagogues in Pittsburgh. So what's he trying to do to recapture whatever momentum the Republicans might have had in early MID October, it is to rally the base against the caravans and against this idea, birthright citizenship. I have somewhat leary opinions, certainly on this latter issue and for growth rates and ship. I think that's Trump is advocating a solution in search of a problem on the caravans according to come about how to think about the caravans. I do think the caravans need be stopped. I think they are in a space, basically a protest or a kind of baby. You know an attack on the idea of american sovereignty.
However, I do think that the troops to the border you, fifteen thousand troops, the can actually do anything. This is the issue we can help the immigration service. The real solution to the problem is changing. The rules of engagement is remember. That was Trump and sixteen without so. This is the real solution. Is congressional rights it in some way trump is kind of backed into a corner here, and I think that's for one of the reasons is rhetoric has been escalating. Is he he's kind of tied and not by Congress, and so he's trying to do whatever he can in order to address this problem, which is something they can paint on and sixteen which helped him winter, which could help Republicans when in twenty eighteen? I just fear that he's he's kind of over promising for what will be under delivery? Ok, thank you met. I'm just
actually waiting for the overturning of U S: Visa want king Mark and then I can be deported to the Philippines. I can be a millionaire. There was the Europeans when they hey we're Lear illegal residents, whether resident. I again, I don't think we should mess with this and I'm a little bit annoyed, because the arguments against birthright citizenship are coming from. One group of conservatives is literally one group of conservatives and I dont think that their legal arguments that they call themselves originally by the way, but I dont think their legal arguments tat withstand scrutiny. Farming on the upside that we ve been looking opened. The Philippines bureau for long time. Look bureau so yet look like I'll have, sir. I can afford. Servants will be very exciting to look at the good look, don't discount the fruits of the other side of the line you well. Thank you. Thank you. Erin. Next Roger Stone is back in the news they sometimes trump advisers under scrutiny from the Mahler investigation. Regarding what precisely was this connection, if any two wiki weeks there are new email revealing conversations between stone and from him
hey Manager, Steve Ban and man, I'm reminded afraid, potentially godfather part too. You know it moment, he's a close adviser to Michael Corleone and the next moment he set the committees No, no! No godfather! I don't know what you're talking about. Is you getting in trouble for pretending? He was more connected to wiki leaks. Any actually was, I have to say, the New York Times build the story of emails between Roger Stone, Matt Boil and Steve Ban in it. Sometimes a scoop. I don't think there's any thing there. I read the story. I read the emails Roger says that he was just going off public statements by signs which you could read that into these emails because of the timing now did Roger have some other way to get in touch with the science we dont know. I presume Robert Miller's trying to figure that out. I think I think overall is just thin grew.
I was I was so amused by the fact that a ban in wasn't returning stones, calls and he's. I then he's been, and only after this comes out, it has to get our friend Matt Boil Freebie commanded the year due to kind of a range, a rapprochement between the two of them. I think the big take away those clearly mothers after after stone question is What does he got right? I mean Harrison. I was thinking about. You know every was looking for collusion, and now we see oh there's a connection here, a between stone. Berlin that perhaps can be extrapolated to meanness Lucian between Trump and saw it right. This is it. This is not. The real collusion here is the collusion between the Democratic Party in the mainstream presses. Matt says the New York Times leads the story as though this is massive scoop and they really uncovered. Finally, the collusion this is this democratic party. Get up the vote. Effort to remind
People in saying I know you in reply, but you know who Roger thinks leaked Bannon of what we have any Steve leaks everything the guy is the biggest media suck up out of the past four years, because the biggest hypocrite and is also an incompetent more on the facts, couldn't strategizing way out of a paper sack if you what better. If you was listening to Roger Stone, we actually have. The lagoon is era is showing of his new movie. Instead, an island, I assure you, I voted no one likes. You know I attended. I was one of the dozen showed up the days in in not outside and Jacksonville Florida a couple of weeks ago, as he was doing his World Stadium Speaking tour wrote, promote this epoch. Blockbuster trumpet were trumpet war, which is what I understood. This is making Steve a lot of money and good for him. That is the way that this capitalist country in this economy, with it, which has by the way three point- seven percent, employment and just out of two hundred fifty thousand jobs
That is why we were well. You know what they're not in the caravan, so we're not, because I went by the way you did you know this yearly incomes are up three almost historically great number Harrison Lot of this post link or not the current, not care. If we care about the caravans, while person issue hundred museums and criminals in their very today. That's what that is Two hundred and seventy two many that's ran and we need to enforce the borders. Ok, this is one of the reasons that tromp was elected: ok jobs and the cock immigration, strong whatever punishing around, which I understand we did today after a very threatening article by Adam Creta, when the rebuking yesterday, the administration clearly read that change course. And now we are re, imposing sanctions of IRAN's yourself enough. If it, I think I do what I take issue with Euro accusation that Steve Man in his fat, I dont think he's. I think it's
layers that given the impression of being fat a few of the ten layers of clothing, Listen, I'm! No fashion! Expert! Ok, ok, but I do think that I can tell just from his person, slovenly appearance, but the man could drip, stand a drama. But I thought it was on Cato. You know that it was on the piano diet and imminent targeting all of all the fast food and the fat out of his dying hasn't work. Terrorism is also why I don't have universal body image consulting he Moonlight says that so to take, I take him. Helping young ones, and I go off on anomaly on sloppy Steve, so hard is because about a year ago decided to. He said he was gonna, come after the free beacon. What I've got. For you Steve nobody's coming after you, because nobody cares about you anymore. You, incompetent fats, enjoy the wilderness you're not coming back.
Finally a lot of Democrats, I think, are excited about the allegedly impending blue wave and everyone is speculating who led the Democrats from twenty eating into twenty twenty I think it's Nancy Pelosi. What do you think Harrison its Maxine waters soon to be sure that the House Financial Services Committee? If the Democrats when look there, Problem here are the May act of the Democratic Party. The most far left wing of their party are also also happen to be the most senior members of the House caucus which means they're going to control the democratic agenda. Our side doesn't get out and book. So this is the most important election of our year of our lifetimes, as everybody said, the Republican Party needs to get out and they need to vote, and the Russians for Poland's damn strings. If we're gonna put you weren't awaiting us out of a written your times for second for someone, headlines come in and I started to say that, like that was the only way that we can win this look,
Let us by other laying the groundwork. All the collusion stories are starting to pop back up. The voter integrity stories are starting to pack up because her laying the groundwork for the excuse when the red wave hits them in the face and you're gonna have to clean collusion, corruption and anti tampering at the ballot box. It's the only way that they seem to be able to accept a republican victories of which she so get ready for that. Thank you, man, out who the democratic and turned to, because I mean everyone is talking about. The house is obviously not the Senate cheese
hands, but I still kind of think that leader to emerge out of this is gonna, be somebody from the Senate, perhaps from California, former attorney general woman Benwick go ahead, who oh come on yeah right, whether two questions there is the deal, who's gonna led the Democratic Party, and that, of course, is whoever they nominate for President Way and which will start very quickly after the the midterm. There's another question: who will be the big stories, the democratic stories from the mid terms and there I think you have won the really them the main one is Andrew. Give em. If you kill em wins the governors, Florida, he becomes a major democratic star and powerhouse. Its key state people are all people are already telling me always gonna run in twenty twins, Conrad, I'm skeptical of that, even if he doesn't run, he still gonna be a power broker in those decisions. So this is all
he wins mean here's the deal with everything I say it afforded shows a very tight race and both the Senate and the governorship. So if he doesn't when well the sorry Andrew to same thing with Stacy Abrams, Stacy Abrams somehow pulls off the upset over a decade and becomes a governor of Georgia. She's gonna be a huge democratic starch, yet Oprah there yesterday opera gave him, I have to say the big, but maybe take away as Democrats better beyond Ernie's praying for open to run for president, because. The speech you gave yesterday was pretty damn good years. Unfortunately, for the Democrats, Hilary will never let that happen. Well right here you got every hungarian right of everyone to never sent the spotlight to any ITALY's rising stars until she is six feet under. That is a simple fact. She believes that she should be present United States until she is gone for good. I don't discount Hilary as being the Democrats rising star. We should
but we should be so lucky. Thank you, gentlemen, and now for a pop culture. Update would stuffy their wicked fanatically jotted, whose also out of five and hollow Stephanie hello, back. What's going on as some big news in conspiracy theories Avril of in finally address the conspiracy theory that she died in two thousand and three at the age of eighteen and was replaced with a double gang are named more severe dollar everyone. Her from Melissa, I mean this might be more sir. The theory began circulating in two thousand five after she drastically changed her parents following her. Second album release and fears say that the album as to Levine's death and its clearly morsel morning, Admirals suicide, so dressed in theory with the radio host Avril simply said it's weird, which is not a denial, do what else we off
The New York magazine interviewed twelve young people about why they were voting and there's some pretty disturbing stuff in this article. A lot of people do not know how to use the post off ass? One man said I hate mailing, stop. It gives me anxiety. Their woman, she didn't have a printer to fill out a form to get an absentee ballot. Socially just gave up a lot of people. And how the timer energy and then one person suggested social media is the way to get young people to vote. If you put the voting on through Snapchat, young people might actually get out the votes. Have you wrote it struck me ever Yes, that is where are you registered about most in Washington DC aside? That doesn't mean I'm getting. When are you moving the Virginia, not TBD Agri, that is more and finally, we have snuck is go too drunk food is asparagus, which is disgusting,
and pretty desire. I don't know anybody has drunk suitors vegetables said I don't know. I just love asparagus, especially when I get drunk. I just want asparagus, bra, steam saute. Do you know she is at a restaurant eating with her hands and others is that we have struck a leading spearheads Kate. They do not only ok, though, at first and our culture around the electric scooter company lie is recalling two thousand of their scooters because they could catch fire. They have the potential to catch fire, so this is a preventive measure. Erin
they tell me that this is mean. This means the end of the cries of the scooters. Yes, but the scooters. This is that this is a darwinian problem. Ok, they're, going to eliminate themselves from society. I dont know if you ve noticed this, but they don't seem to have any regard for traffic conditions. They don't seem to have any regard for pedestrians, like the deaths and injuries from people. Writing these ridiculous things, arts skyrocket. So I looked at What's gonna happen is that they're gonna become these pariah vehicles, and I just don't see them. I don't see them as a long term problem there.
There too, that there every where in there in the way in they just are not going to be able to win any cap of whatever fight with an automobile, Matt yeah. You know they have like a Tesla problem, because I think tat, if you have to ask me, went as the really started getting into trouble it's when the battery started blowing up, it's always about the battery, and I this is. The scooter thing, of course, are the right and writer. If member who rides scooters, Michael Goldfarb is not with us today, so we don't have his expert here was a tragedy may manage glare explosion these under a bus Anderson. I M just ready for them to go an error, that this is the mystery because they are what they are powered. It's not just self propelled, you're you're, not pushing yourself down rainbow of now he's got little motors, that's gotta! Stop then, there's the writer Walter Current wrote an essay recently, I believe, about how he got into an accident going around them all. With his son and one of the school, Is an enemy, so the pig, the scooters are, the enemies of the people. I think
should have an alliance between, like the cyclists, the drivers in the same way, people, I don't have any more there. Still I dont know if there are ok, a hot dog. Is a sandwich sources Oscar Mire, the meat packing giant recently, tweeted out, we know what's true, but we're gonna, give you twenty four hours to change our minds. Call to tell us why you think a hot dog is not a sandwich. Now. Obviously ask admires ploy work, we're talking bout its generating social media buzz, but seriously Matt is a hot dog, a sandwich. No because I don't think you can have sandwiches are slices of bread and roles
yet not fun? It's all about you re right. It's all about brackets the bread. If you had to make a run, a very superficial level, you would say: oh well, there's a protein in between in between bread and hence that's a sandwich. But now I think, when you consider that you have to consider the category of bread you're dealing with hot dogs are hot dogs. That's right! If you cut up the hot dogs and put him in the Kaiser Old, that's a hot dog sandwich, I guess, but other than as you know, a hot dog Samad right right, because a sloppy Jos SAM assure its spread, but it's on two slices of bread Harrison. This is certainly something that I feel extremely passionately about in the big hot dog advocate for most of my life. Where, where to begin here, a hot dog is delicious number one lover: I don't care if it's a sandwich are not a hot authors the second brief I dont like their their creative, culinary experiences and so
and understand what you get is creature and John right here. I don't know why it has to be a sandwich. You can go to a sandwich shop in order. Hotdog made right get. So that's one though you go to the tsar here, papaya cake and that's just hot dogs When I go to the hot dog stand at the baseball games, I reckon mount up as a connoisseur, the hot dog, a proper consumer. No, you're than seventy five hot dogs over the past twelve months and a lot of nitrates. Just go up, and I want a hot dog on that. There, too, like explore the different varieties of the sandwiches and, like all different kinds of hot dogs of Chicago, the basic ones: spicy dogs and daughter stadium, Fantastic Coney Island- urge those are good. Yet there are good kiddo could Chicago hotdog celery salt? You need the seller result that she is usually the secret ingredient is everything and, lastly, Japan Airlines, CO pilot got arrested at Heathrow Airport in London for being intoxicated cut
till she gets a cow, attested ten times over the legal blood alcohol limit the night before the flight he supposedly consumed two bottles of wine and almost half a gallon of beer. Let you do that every night, but using fire the next morning That is that's building up tolerance as amended, but I think that the story means that this guy gets caught, but in fact, are probably a lot of drawing pilots up the air right now, there's two years. My take on this story is that it is too much drinking. Of the flight experience, because you all know those guys would you go and you you see them at the bar at the airport bar and their already over staying there. Welcome that young and sitting right here in an era of Ireland, we gotta, you are not one of them I once saw. I once saw I was it was an early morning flight I forget, whereas going I think, Chicago or something and amid Jealous- and I had.
Copper, the couple man and a woman and their child. They were drinking a bloody marries, the big you know the big leader bloody marries at about six thirty. In the morning there clearly drunk after ass and they had this child with them home and look. I am all for enjoying a few pops on a flight, especially if it's a long one or whatever, but I do see just so. It's rampant. It's like the new, like you know the alleys in eighteen. Tree London with the gin sellers bulgarian, you walk Dounia, you walk down an airport and you don't know. What's come at Chicago Airport, I've been the two did tried airports you to see if they ve. If there's a nice bar there, there are people, including pilots, who are letting themselves go because this new Bart Martini bar up it Don T give you I southwest terminal, if you're on your way out in the morning flight and no finer way to start the morning than to hit one of those
maybe two of those authorities that the flight take the edge off three thou because then you'll be the ones on the plane. Yes, what was his name? You have constitutional hesitating, a question. That is how it isn't. One of our part time legal, analyse on the show. Yet responded is up. What is the legal limit for a pilot? That's so the next step aside, I'm still up out of the railways are round, and now I know I know there are things you know that a lot of these pilot, you always see these stories about pilots being drunk. So much, though, of piloting, especially commercial airlines, is done by Computer will that's that that I'd, adding re kind of use it as an excuse that they can kind of enjoy themselves because you're not really. But but if that emergency happens, you want him. Let me so you know what I saw the movie flight with Denzil, why he was hung over the land that plane safely sometimes and where you is hanging out with cuts are totally Attila them. Like alcohol has been known to open up certain brain vessels blood
in the brain, and sometimes it can have some seriously good benefits to it. I think that movie is one of the reasons tell me that it was totally sober hit. Me may have been detained, paralysis by analysis right there you would have, and instead he was like able to react with creative solution where foot that playing all the way around only landed. Everybody safely became here. There's one other Drunken pilot allows is going to say or measure the oats get on. The man show back when Jimmy Kimmel was funny he and Corolla went into actual airport pretended to be drunk pilot. The bar this would work. Court everybody's looks around it. Reading panic programme negotiations, Like you, gentlemen, unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today's edition of right and writer, again just a reminder to tune in aunt, Thursday November sex for our special red wave election night episode. I'd like to give special thanks to our producers, K, forty seven and, of course, our free, bigger guests, Matthew Continuity, Erin
listen Stephanie Merrick, remember to find us on Itunes. Google plain stature, just such for free beacon, subscribed tell you and then we were a view like listener dirt law. Man who calls us quote one of the best political pod costs on the Inter WEBS Harrison clips are my new. Tones until next time.
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