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Climate Kids, Knives Out for Bernie, and Breakfast Beers

2019-02-26 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by Calm, the gang offers rare praise for a Democrat, notes that the knives are out for Bernie after his entrance into the crowded 2020 primary field, and wonders if Lucky Charms-flavored beer is modernity's greatest innovation.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised go ahead, make my day low and welcome to write and writer the official pockets of the Washington Free Beacon sponsor by com. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the free beacon podcast is available on Itunes. Google played sticker play, subscribed, tell your friends and leave a review
during me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets. As the New York Times and real clear world can follow him on Twitter at cut Nettie, hello, hello is there too mats right is freebie can present and Facebook content monitor errand recent were not exactly sure we does around the office. Besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. I also monitor the content on the freebie is well smart. Various quality control up first on right and writer, President Trump is in Hanoi. Vietnam, for a second summit with Kim Jong on trumped, will meet with the north korean dictator. Over two days. First overdue with Secretary of State might palm pale and chief of Staff MIC Mulvaney quote: we want dean. The liberalization, and I thank him. We'll have a country that will set a lot of records for speed in terms of an economy. Trumps said before, leaving for Vietnam Matt. What do you expect will come of the second summit?
well, we really dont know. We know we're here again for a second summit. There's things I would like to see a beginning with an inventory: of the north korean weapons, which they have never provided us Nicholas ever stat Peace written by Henry Arson in Washington Post suggests that Trump might also ask for the ability to send a one minute message directly to north korean people on state media. Some small would be a small concession. Yeah, but the worry is that the president just gives Kim unilateral concessions, and that would be a defeat for the United States, but we'll just have to wait. See what happens Harrison. The only thing that we're gonna see out of this is the media. The democratic Party
teaming up once again to claim that this is somehow a victory for Kim Jong noon. We at the last meeting. It really well and I mean that this- that was the opening of dialogue. Okay, so that these are the same people that that talked about the virtues of obese when negotiating with IRAN over the previous decade. So then, just because trumpets here, talking to Kim Jong, and you are now going to see the reverse of that happening, because now it's bad to talk to these dictators and try to like Blue, establish some form of world peace here in a region that spin. Act up and threatening its neighbours and threatening us over the past seventy five years. So that's what I expect out of this. I dont know: I got matters, we go and see where we're little early in this process to see where actual negotiations are gonna go, what the actual concessions are to be made by the by the North Koreans in D C, if
actually want to modernize and maybe look a little bit like those commies to their south in Vietnam who are now. I can honestly thriving one. Just one alternative is this. You say: ok, you have twelve warheads. Keep them. This don't make any more and get rid of missiles, classes of missiles there. The issue is: are you going to demand that you get Only the long range I see becomes- or you also gonna say you need to get rid of the short range- miss because, if you only go for an agreement that bans the North Koreans of from having be intercontinental missiles which could hit the United States. Theoretically, while that that exposes
Japan, and so you could go down this path of weakening the alliance structure in the Far EAST. If you don't act prudently and we'll just have to see how Trump ACT scotch giving good idea there are allowed to keep the nukes, but they have to use them only on the Chinese. That's a good compromise peacemaker. That's when I think of you are it up? Next, a horrifying seen took place on Friday. When I see many commies, brainwash by Alexandria, Cassio Quartet stormed Capitol Hill, but have Fear and unlikely hero was there to thwart the back the chill from the sunrise movement call brought over Oversized green new deal and asked Senator Diane Feinstein design. It quote some scientists have said that we have twelve. Years to turn this around said. One girl born in the group
his prosperity the world has ever known, but his convince she's going to die because of the weather quote well not going to get turned around ten years centre, Feinstein told them. I've been doing this for thirty years. She said, I know it I'm doing come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don't respond to that hairs, and if we even have a Democrat, crushing the commie dreams of our youth? Maybe there's hope for us yet. Good luck with that, because they are the damage, the the education system and everybody. The youth of this country is keenly brainwashed from the we have six until they gradually high school and then they just get to go off into college is rarely get ready to. Studies are very important. Sociology degrees are very important. University studies degrees. Whatever the hell case, your Cortez was studying at the fiddler question,
seventy five thousand dollars a year, Boston, university education that she paid for in clearly informed her ass, though the way the real world works, and anyway she's in Congress now making the world a better place Well, that's the problem! These kids are brainwashed. You saw that you got these ridiculous parents out there that give the kids like four five talking points the tis to test the members in the hallways. They get into these ridiculous conversations in the second letter that a senator hit somewhat little bit a reality. What happens the parents I've been to get to say their peace, because the parents are, are too. I don't know why they do just exploiting their kids when they can do get in line like the rest of Amerika and talk to your representatives and make your stupid point there. But now we have to put our kids on the front lines to take all the all the shots in the barbs again to jump the London. It's just ridiculous and threats baby, it's a sad state, but I don't think they should allow it. The capital, that's what you haven't thing
the cocktail. Complainers really goes. He doesn't think people should reproduce rail. Why should we leave and listen to the kids way since their exhale carbon dioxide, exact, annoyed striking is just the apocalyptic autism. Of a failure? Leisure enough for people at both? Not even I'd like up peaceful world I wish that thinks that the millennium is imminent and when You know when you make these apocalyptic claim, you're gonna do anything in order to either, you know, hasten the. The more the end of the world or defeat. You know prolong it in the day. I guess they want to prolong it because they were rather than whether delay it beyond the twelve years, So that's why you have such radical proposals like the green new deal. Z really think that the world is about and in a decade and that's it's scary, what happened? The hopeful message is that
for these these kids with stronger what happened, I hope and change to hope that its use kid kid. You save us by giving us ninety three trillion dollars. Senator oh, my gosh, I write up next to climate change is an existential crisis and we must accept moral responsibility of planet, but that hasn't stop Bernie Sanders affection for private Eric of Hillary Clinton. Aids are throwing sanders under the charter plain leaking to politico. That, Socialists repeatedly requested use of a private Gulfstream plain when he was campaigning for Clinton at the end of the twenty sixteen campaign quote his royal Majesty King Bernie Sanders would only deign to leave his plus DC office. Or his brand new second home on the lake? If he was flown around on a cushy? Private jet, like a billion, are master of the universe, said former Clinton, staffer Zack Pit Kansas Sanders AIDS sniped
Jack quote. You can see why hill her is one of the boys dislike politicians and America she's, not nice. Her people, not nice, said Michael Briggs Centres. Twenty sixteen campaigns books. It's meant calling send her staff the biggest a holes in american politics, Matt Primaries great here. You did you see from this just how little most Democrats like Bernie Sanders most Democrats, especially the d C Democrats. The part of the establishment they hate this guy he's never been a party player has never been a democrat and he comes in and he thinks he can take over the whole party. If not by winning the nomination, and certainly by propagating his ideas and to some extent, the very successful with with most of the senators who entered the race, so there's a deep dislike of sanders. But this is also, as you say, a preview of what's gonna happen once the keep primary begins
in earnest, which is there, are gonna, be leaking against each other and trying to find some type of advantage is kind of like you know, in the dark night, when the Joker says it's at we're having job applications and he breaks the pool, q and half and then says your fight it out amongst that's what it's twenty two primary on the democratic side. Everyone here, I d, these are parties the Joker twenty people, yet twenty people just scrambling hears it all. Q yeah in the middle of some dingy bar trying to come out on top dog Bernie Trump, is the Joker Trot. While the shock troops there let's be off no drop when line
in areas because the Democrats love tearing each other down. But what what I'm really struck here is that the it's this this quarter quotes smart Democrats that hate burning because ain't they see what he is doing to the party. He has the hearts of the activists of the party and they are the ones that control the ILO. Carcasses are the ones who control the New Hampshire primary. They are the most important Important people in the primary process and they freakin love Bernie and what he would do you see is that its views are his basic ideas that he has been fighting for this entire life Medicare for all free. This free that you out damned the defence department, and what happens is that you get people are Harris who are in care who are countered were or who are asked, questions about these policies. Do you support Medicare for all? Well, what does she to cite the knee jerk. Is
oh yeah, sure yeah, of course like these out. These are assuming that, like people, either Mala Harris have been fighting for their whole life. They have put any thought into it, so they just have to give this knee jerk support because they see the second that they go against the radical elements, the party they lose the activists and they put them in a very bad position. The primary. This is gonna go on for the rest of the year and I'm in love it now. It's time to check in with our sponsor com. Stress is a worldwide epidemic. We're working longer hours were an undated with the constant new cycle and where more connected than ever before, stress is a part of life, but it can very easily affect our overall well being that Why were partnering with calm the number one apt to help reduce your anxiety and distress and help you sleep better? More than forty million
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it's time to check in with writing writers? Chief legal analysed victory? Nomadic slavic hello lose how's it going where you have a very interesting update. I do this is just the terrible story with no happy ending so not liking to calm, store there isn't it? months, long sting operation and Jupiter Florida involving numerous days, spas that apparently were funds for institution who knew I didn't I did notice was a thing about these pause and prostitution. Now, there's all sorts charges involving sex trafficking, video surveillance? So it's really unpleasant. In any event, was the police that apartment of home security in the IRS and more than a hundred Johns, as were called, I mean, as they are called the name of one of the places. The is the orchids of Asia Day spot with sound. I had sounds exotic right. Well, they met at twenty five Johns, including one Robert Craft, as in the owner of the New England, Patriots,
so he's gotta residents in Florida Massachusetts and apparently he came twice to the day spot ah supposedly charges fifty nine dollars for a power in seventy nine dollars for a full, our economic, five minutes for nine dollars and eighty three cents. That's my question because you can. I think it is asking for a friend wording of the police or the laugh over aided saying that radio programme and I did the blow rated- welcome according the police for many American. I think that's exactly as long as he spent in a spot that will they you sell so crafted curved has been charged with two counts of soliciting another to commit prostitution which sound serious. But in fact it's just a Misdemeanours said the other day on MSNBC. The headline was Bob Craft could face you're in jail. That's not going to happen! He won't even after shopping for his arraignment on April, twenty four there's, no purpose or handcuffs his lawyer guy. The summons. In fact, you can just plea in a letter not guilty, which is what he's going to do My legal hunch,
is that his attorneys will urge the court to move to what we in the legal community colleague preach while diversion it's for first time, offenders itself seen by the: U S, probation service, you avoid getting processed by the criminal justice system. Remember he's a first time offender with spotless record here Seventy seven years old, a widow he's done a lot for the community, so I'm that he just gets a slap on the wrist like the misuses lacked you. Thank you back. Such a third legal analysis that we need to really massage the fact that I will hidden do what they want. They went through fifteen hundred customers. Your roads, wow reaches its really making me rethink, might go to Valentine. Gift, Missis
I usually get her a visit to the Ark advice as something similar event. The play a little I'm just a little nervous. Now I've been Yelp reviews were highly compliment. Well, everybody was very, very satisfied upon their. You know they ESPN had images of the interior. The other day it didn't look like it was necessary. Leanest. No, according to an old, yes in cuisine, restaurant where'd? You get it that its according to the point report. It with the hygiene was quote minimal at best, that's weird, because I've always been. I've been told the most those places smelling bleach then why don't you use all related run no first hand: knowledge, no right, thanks back up for her stood our culture around your fancy, new brow
place is probably colonialist and you're a colonizers. According to NBC News, Simon Moya, Smet's rights, they hipsters are ruining neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Denver with their gentrification, which he calls modern day, colonization that comes with a side of eggs Benedict and bottomless mimosa. Why a Smith won't stop until he ruins everyone's busy breakfast with friends, but there is no immediate solution to this scourge of gentrification, mainly because we live in a rigged, Corpora core policy and an evil oligarchy. He writes that. May be just maybe next time you order another round of those sexy sounding high price cocktails, with the mint sprig on the rim and the newly name neighborhood you just really relocate do. Consider those who are no longer there and remember gentrification is never a good thing. Matt. I always like a sight of white privilege with my branch.
I read this peace, unlike most of them that we delete show. It was the most sophomore straight out of the college. Newspaper, you know not even a very good college newspaper Abed, but if a file vendors NBC New, thing, it appeared on end Now a lecture on the NBC website urges the most stalinist, like left wing crazies talk, yeah re space, you know arguments and into one What is going on in NBC harm to the pure idealism is that these views as ever he's a man like it would wouldn't editor. Like I grew you know, I've been doing this for fifteen years you sound like her. I am I. We should be doing it for a while longer. I am still, but you know I had the benefit of having editors word. Adults yeah would like
I wrote a statement. What did you say you know work soulless corporate oligarchy I couldn't even say at court while that Sarajevo, but corpse accuracy, hypocrisy, the editor would circling go. What do you mean? What is the axe? Please or evidence or- no evidence no evidence at all today. It's just I'm glad my neighborhoods chain, but he's not sad. Now, he's not said about what would you want? You want the city Y know what this is, what they want, This is what something I said the other day on the show socialist want you to be poor Then why are high and dry and they want everyone, miserable yeah, because that allows them to control you exactly and so it I just. I was embarrassed for NBC that combat therein that peace lives, that some you'd only be embarrassed. If you had higher expectations for them, I don't, but I'm actually like there are different types of colonization in America's urban environments. These days,
I've noticed is that the true colonizers are the liberals. Like look what happened in Brooklyn, you downloaded this broad, it's out of liberals, global arena, socialist, communist hipsters and they're stupid. Dashes and the ridiculous outfits they're going to make these brunch spots that basically just serve something with eggs, not as brunch money right man, buns and the man bonds. Yes, I'm going away fine window, gender fluidity hopes and their open relationships and their churches. You know I can go on and on and on about these freaks there, the worst. And I understand the backlash to their colonization. Not you look at the conservatives, ok, there's this is, several articles that have been written over how tromp his colony. Ray colonized DC. It's like you, ve got these districts where the hipsters have gentrified former former poppies,
nations and kicked him out and then now they live in these, like hipster liberal enclaves, but like when the Republicans gone. Organised an area we usually picket. An unpopular did space in the city, namely, Navy yard. We're ok Seo Cortez is We hanging out in a partial, actually condominium, put back down there, used to be just chops, drops and, and- and we know, brothels stop it. Nobody actually lived orchestra to quicken dangers, so allies like we do we revitalize areas that are of nothing but blight. We do that
but the labs are the ones you are really doing. The bad next surprise surprise. The super trendy companies offering genetic testing kids with their super accurate results are amassing huge data bases of information. With your dna acquiesce reports, many consumers who take the tests to learn about their family trees may not realise how that data is being shared for other purposes. Mit technology review predicts more than a hundred million people may be part of commercial genetic data bases within the next two years. Data can then be shared with law enforcement, insurance companies, employers and genetic data is already being who's in cold cases. Harrison sounds like finding out your two percent. Finnish is totally worth it stupid. I like what are you think they're doing with this and is an accurate? I I think these things are so full
I've seen so I've never participated in this myself, but I've had a couple of relatives that have done this and they come back and they show me they're, lovely results and what it is an absurd pie chart of nuts That is specific. Now it's like! Ok, you ve got Oh, I don't know four percent. Your dna comes from the continent of Africa like ok, wonderful, but I think it's about that. A percentage that applies to basically everybody on the planet like there's no specifications here that would actually led you to tracking your family history. They just give you a general vicinity of a couple, meet all three for five million square miles from which you can search. So there is a either a scam or there is something else going on here, I'm so Specious and I've seen the final products and they are extremely underwhelming man. What about Elizabeth Warren
that why she went to an expert acts. Professor. She went deep on that. God knows what she spent on it. We really dont know what how much public money she wasted going in there we find out defined at the that. What was once one, why do you out in twenty one was not worth lives, worn one, one, twenty twenty? I would ask for your that's said: oh so, what's the downside that their aim to crack old cases. Now I dont see the down arrow today. What they're doing man like that they're doing medical research will probably come up with some cures. Gene therapy deal eyes. Fine. Have you done one of these? No but I don't see that I don't see the complaint of people once they hand over the material. I don't I don't want them having my dna levels is terrible that you don't have to do the problem, I'm not Goin trial, but it also learn ache. You it seems to me, I don't know I mean I'm just be asking here, is typically progress, but
It seems to me that when you give your information or when your information is kind of surreptitiously taken from you, your data on the social networks. And then used in a million different ways to manipulate you. That's a little bit more insidious to me than this witches here's your dna and we want to go home and letting until they clone you what they might have a problem. We don't they already do this with kids, when you're born, like that, first, twenty four hours or so the nurse comes over and they say hey you want. You know you to give a quick blood sample of your child god forbid. If they ever went missing, so we could be able to like identify now that happen, that could be used to crisis when we wander off Curzio Courteousness, Commie, they're doin it now in there what they had fingerprint amid the faint dna
well most people don't even know what dna is the votes. I trace your dna, I don't understand over there we now have is weird it out by this. For no reason, I, like big brother, you on Facebook, yeah yeah. I phases Google know more about you is that twenty three in me already Used it in there and when you have your own, our Google listens to amend, I'd, think they, yes, but what are definitely or at the election if you haven't, I do not have that. Where what happens? One Google or Facebook decides to buy the dna company that everybody
we're all gonna die in twelve years anyway. What's in eggs and new lucky charms flavoured, beer is being called magically ridiculous. Smart mouth brewing company in Norfolk Virginia claims their new beer Saturday morning, IP we'll tastes like frosted, lucky charms. The IP designed to remind you of your childhood is brood within house toasted, marshmallows and faulty hydrated marshmallow bits. According to the brewery, it has been hopped and dry hopped with Galaxy and Calypso hops. The nose is sweet and with an citrus with orange and pair of Roma, as it has a soft pillowy body with a slight cereal
based Matt Millennials- don't really need to be reminded what lucky terms tastes like they still either for breakfast everyone. I want to try this beer Jason's gonna guy you describe. My vote is nice and I can see a kind of the aromas fitting in with the nice craft IP. I'm I'm for this meeting yeah so that maybe not for the millennials yeah, but we should definitely elsewhere. Cyborgs refined, then it we sell it. What how do we had em? We had Mattie way something again. Why don't we get some amazing trifling? That's it! That's the preferred breakfast of most state college students it is going out. There were far be it from me to judge anybody run how they start their day. Saturday morning. If this is going to be, you know you drink this, while you're watching your cartoons, like I'm down with you're gonna, find nobody in very than branch, not hurting anybody right. I wealth just so. You know what you think about it
urban breweries that have pop down there all over the place like. That is something that I can drive me not because I think a lot of this whole craft beer movement is just really really overrun. Crap and everybody. I think I PS tastes like personally instant. Maybe I'm just light and heavy its potential This growth is just hear. A lot of these things are just now. I like this since day, one gimme, the cores like Gimme, the Natty lighted you drew, the boy would have you have with your Yeager shots. Oh, if only I could remember, I believe we were drinking us. We were now we were drinking. I was drinking a delicious chiming irish red the belgian railways and Yeager yeah yeah
However, I was a real toxic, which was a normal our work day after for five, more jeez gotta get through the day guise of whatever it takes and then, of course, in the morning you were going to want to wake up with an elixir a little hare, the dough If you well or if it happens, to be free, pebbles, you're, lucky charms, beer, soviet, unfortunately that's all the time, we have read today's edition right right. I'd like to give a special thing. Sir producer L before, of course are freak pre, beacon, gas, magical, Nannie S, Harrison and victory. No man is remember: finance on Itunes, Google, Playin stitches, just search for free beacon. Please subscribe to your friends and leave a positive review like listener. Might garner nine who says I enjoy doktor pond driver on right and writer, but I do have a bone to pick with him. The terms overweight and over calories are deeply problem.
Attic we porkers prefer differently size. Ok, until that aside,
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