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Cohen, Cows, and Handmaids

2018-11-30 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang discusses Michael Cohen's latest problems, big cows, and a new book from the author of the greatest, most prescient novel ever written.
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hello and welcome to write and writer the official podcast of the Washington Free Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F, b freebie compared gases available on Itunes, Google played sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review. Joining me from the right today is free, beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as the Glen Back Programme, and the daily signal can follow him on Twitter. At continuity, hello, that, however, and further to that's right, is free beacon. President Erin Harrison, who has also handcuffed himself to Twitter store exactly surety, does around the office. Besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello Harrison. I don't even know where twitter is located.
Couldn't funded on the internet. If I looked so, I saw and returned to the show today is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our penniless and line hello. Goldfarb follow us up. First on right and writer, Michael Cohen, a week person and not a very smart person plead guilty to line to Congress about when he and President Trump discussed a potential trump tower in Moscow, Cohen, told a federal court discussions about the tower that was never built did not end in January. Twenty. Sixteen, but continued into this summer during the presidential campaign, fake NEWS, ABC is also reporting. Cohen, has given more than seventy hours of testimony to the special council and has been determined to tell Miller's team quote all he knows present responded to the news by saying
coin is trying to get a reduced sentence. Matt. Could this mean that the Mueller probe is finally nearing an end? Maybe maybe you know, I'm only predict I'm looking at the fact that Trump gave his answers to Mahler, yeah, ok, and we don't know with questions we. I think scene and report on two of the questions there involving be Trump Tower Meeting but bore the questions involving this tower in Moscow and if so, what did Trump say now? We know what I can to insert a breaking news update here now to ensure the near time story on us, where they said that, in fact, broody tells the times that they answered specifically questions about the Trump Tower Deal in Moscow.
And that their their response echoed what Cohen pledge to today, and it is their view that this was essentially Mahler, laying a perjury trap for them and therefore, when they submitted the answers that coincided with the truthful, now truthful statements from Cohen. That's why Mahler move so quickly to bring this to court, because that trap was no longer relevant because
in this is rubies account of it so, but that that is what the time while they were out of now, if that's the times report is accurate, and that means the President dodge the bullet there, because when you have these people, talking to the special council, are pleading two different statements and their information is relate, forgive collusion, but it's you know it is related to what he provided that present provided to the special council. Now all those answers will be checked against what he provided and again the the charger. Perjury is a constant threat. Rack Harrison. Michael Cohen. That rats has once again hijacked another new cycle for no reason disguise the most in years. Most on credible is that word is on credible. As mentioned already nine out of all mankind not
The UN's I'll give you my story is not credible, so you're saying that he is not credible wreck had. The fact is this guideline for a living for like forty five years. Ok he's out of what the hell? Why Mahler Trust this guy? All of a sudden he's, probably given aimed at thirteen different answers to every one of these questions, and I think that is the trap right there is a trump has given a written answer. That is the truth, mighty corn has given multiple answers. Have you seen that are going to answer whatever colleagues and were you in the room? Could you help him right? The answers that we just obvious? This is obvious lecture. We we know, We believe the present on the show present. If anything, is a truthful man. He is looking out for the good of this country and he he tries to be now it'll, just great job? That's why you know get messes up sometimes, but not president trot other people screw up around.
Until you always been all over the matter Cohen. All these stories he's alive flopped around here is a liar. He cannot be believed, so mauler takes more all all eighty of his different answers and he's going to find the most contradictory one to trump. So this is what you're gonna. Do you gotta get the press with a pardon pen ready to rock? Mr President, it is time to start letting everybody the hook in the damn investigation, if you're not gonna fire mauler, then you need to know would part on Cohen, even after all, he's done get him out of here. Just talk with him with a part of the danger. Is likely to be pardons. These people now with the Democrats coming in they're gonna teach him on that alone. Right. What are you ready,
I would say, if your pardon every five years and no matter what the I was right and so the reason why you have to wait until this is why Mulder has this sword of Damocles over because as Anti Mccarthy says, if you, if you wait until Mahler files report and then pardons them, ok you're right Democrats. What impeach many we'll go had him if he Does the pardons before the report is filed than Mahler will add. Another chapter in the report say hardy strata. People say this. The like this is serious at the print. The present has the power to pardon anybody who wants to that's that as an executive power that he needs to enforce, because if you give it issued a part, as there are no more investigations, these investigations are these. Damn radicals go on for ever and ever and ever that is the distraction here issue the parties anytime Waller, was investigate somebody else, you'd just pardon and distort gone resting.
You know that they said that Nixon was advised during Watergate that, if were to issue pardons for the, the visuals involved that could be considered obstruction of justice, but there you had Nixon, who was sort of directly culpable for real crimes committed by these individuals had directed and overseeing that criminal activity. In this case, it's like God I mean, I guess, the campaign finance violation with Michael Cohen were put its like penny Annie. You know domino Dahmer stuff that doesn't necessarily touched on trumpeters, not obvious to me that that's a direct parallel to turn to Nixon in where the pardons could have been. Not that I'm endorsing the Harrison legal strategy by the shotgun approach I was I only meant Michael COM, one time, and it was at you got yourself a fundraiser, a Trump fundraiser and Michael Cone was heading down shortly to the hill to testify to the Senate.
Talents committee on their hands. Where was the endless, cried a joke about how you know if you, if you got real legal trouble, you want and drew a Jew lawyer, but if you, if you're it, if you're going down the Congress, then then you need like the most Galicia lawyer you could find, which, as tromp is now pointed out, third rate legal advice from Mr Callanan not take my saying always go with the jewish. Lord always got U k next. President Trump isn't Argentina for the G20 summit and announced on Twitter. He would be cancelling his meeting with Vladimir Putin because of Russia's seizure of ukrainian ships and sailors. I look forward to a meaningful summit again as soon as the situation is resolved. Trumps said the present still has meetings with the leaders of Argentina, South Korea, Japan, Germany and India. Before ending the trip with a working dinner with chinese President G Harrison are begun, a season deals are what world were gonna see. Some
execution of leverage like right now like tromp, is taking command, he is weapon, it out is thrown it on the table, and people are going to start answer in some damn questionable around here. That's some dick weapons drop is ink, is in command, hear this when he's not haven't any these nonsense, both meetings, where he's gonna get jerked around he's not going to waste. Your time is now going to waste anybody else's time when they are ready to come to the table with serious deals, we're going
x and deals, but until then, but don't waste any time now that you know that the clock is ticking here, and that is if no progress is reached by January. First, a whole new round of tariffs go into effect and there is. There are some signs that the tariffs so far has caused great damage to the chinese economy and also some damage, perhaps to our own. So Trump needs to he's getting to the point where it. If he's gonna win this war, he's got a win this trade war, because the look we're in the final chapter of this first administration and the economy only at this point really the only way he gets reelected, is by continuing to have a booming economy. So I think that is weighing.
His conscience as well as he goes into this meeting, even though I'm very pessimistic that there will be any breakthrough Calvin. Ah, you know, I do think the idea that the meeting with the President of the United States is is some sort of arm in a ship to be in the car. Of Kim Jong on it was deal to have a meeting with the President of the United States in the case of Lattimer Putin. It is not you know, oh he's, not gonna get his meeting with Trump and that some kind of big hit fur for Vladimir Putin. So it's kind of a trifling issue. I dont know why you, flipped on it so quickly I don't know, what's gained from not doing the meeting, verse is doing the meeting, but it seems like a pretty if that's the response to the attack on on the ukrainian ships. It's it's pretty pathetic. You know it's time to like have a real and not even sanctions. I mean that they need to they need to escalate the situation in Turkey,
in the way the Russians have escalated. The situation and Trump hesitated has at his disposal to do it, on the other hand, will have more flexibility after his election on twenty two May, they'll communicate that many of those arms sales and Psmith Real Arundel, valuing that aren't we would we have we, we ve sold them some anti tank missiles. Maybe you sell summit ship missiles- would maybe maybe that changes in the balance of power little baby in you fly some be fifty two's. I mean russian territory, maybe sell some fifty two, maybe I don't know what happened
Criminals are not you're, having Slim Pickens go out on his be fifty two. There are playing. Johnny comes Marchandise greatest point. America's ever invented that bar not now look back to the territorial, quick, our real good economic point that he had looked the economy has factored in these tariffs. Already everybody gets panicking over the fact that these tariffs are going to get our possibly going to go into effect with all the chicken little out there in the sky is falling. When these things do actually drop it, we have not really sunni actual tangible proof, other than than than sporadic market reactions to rumours of tariff installation, get this cut that the current economies are strong enough to absorb them for by the economy's way more reactive to the actual interest rates, as we ve seen this, when Powell suggests that we have one more red increase, this would this year and next year we
Not actually be accelerating them as rapidly as we have just seen, and then all of a sudden market starts going haywire in the good direction back up north back up into the trump shoot you train charging economy, I know honey stocks. We should be looking at this environment in earth any act as our new paragraph. Twenty nine entailing penny stock analysis featuring your favorite errand If a continent where every week and more distant denies it is, I learn. Some workers were going parabolic next, emboldened by yachts, pennies doktor by the one parabolic. That's. Why a further rules out. Our rivers show real money. Money now is it. Yeah. Don't be mad,
at any rate it up. Next, emboldened by easily securing the House democratic nomination to be Speaker, Nancy Policy is shutting down her critics and is no longer considering a plan to be a transitional leader with a timeline to cede power to a fresh or face. Policy is already gotten Marcia Fudge and Brian Higgins, in line mysteriously. Just after fudge said she might challenge Pelosi NEWS articles popped up how fudge had previously supported democratic judge and wife Peter who is now accused of killing, said wife Fudge said she would know lol be challenging Pelosi, Weird Matt, you would think it would be much easier to private gavel out of a cold semi lifeless hand, but not so much modifications Furthermore, this is I've always viewed. Policy is a tough cookie yeah you thirty. Two Democrats voted against her and the real problem for the rebels. Is they have
no alternative to her, and I know in Zaire my after seven molten. This is not well liked because you think that you just gonna go for yeah. There is it. They found a challenger, there's still a chance and the speaker vote in, white man right since July is what is interesting. Is that the three large over whom I had a letter was that there was, while you are making serious shuttles here? Let's get one upset that I think deserve notice in this came Jeffreys one that number four position over Barbara Lee who and Barbara early is now accusing her loss. Savourless is based on racism and ages them, of course, I'm a hockey Jeffreys, those sexism and aid has as yet- and you know so, between how came just raised then remove on who one another. The fifth position you do begin to see actually kind of the next generation of house Democrats taking shape and they're. Not quite these two or not
radical I mean they're them more in the other, deftly more diverse than the Democrats, who have led the carcass for last fifteen years, but they're more and kind of the main stream laughably commies them profitable heritage. I just wanted to know who is gonna tell representative Marcia Fudge that there will never be a speaker, Marcia Fudge? That's not! You can have a name like fudge and be elected speaker of the United States. Is the House of Representatives never gonna happen, give up. If you know a lot about it, your name was putting the exact same ass, your saying all kind of you, no food product. You can't have any proof Is there a speaker candy or maybe we could get away with rice? That's blood, that's what are you gonna do yet now, like Marshall, fuck, you ever gonna, be I'm sorry and like. I can't believe that anybody took her seriously based on that information alone, but
I was sad LE didn't last very long and she was like I'll make a decision. Everything's giving Europe is like three days before things. Look. You know why, because closely less vicious. Queen, ok, she rules have lines it is in. The Democrats are terrified of Nancy Pelosi, the ones that are actually standing. To her, they all full because she starts Lytton throats, left and right. She is a vicious vicious person and, like I respect her for that from the purely machiavellian such that the of how she operates, everybody is afraid of her she's, a great fundraiser for them she is bonafide psychopath, but the guess what like she's, not letting go power anytime, sir gunfire, I think she's, not Owing to live forever. I mean she's, very prediction: another. I prediction How long were you? Rendition is lousy surrounding this, like that, she's gonna happen.
Yeah, she's, gonna, third fresh based die by ITALY in office. I mean she's, not going anywhere. I just I just don't know these people are old, they get sick, they die and I just like the idea that well she's gonna hang in after twenty twenty I mean- maybe maybe she's hang around for that long, but she's super old. That's my view of the central interesting point. This report looks very relevant, grew in the democratic August of loving it is this a lot of users? Ok, now it's time for our pop culture, update with Natalie Johnson alone that Leyla live. What do you got for us? I have got farms favorite topic, a royal tiara, apparently worth Millions- was stolen from its display case in England. Lastly, oh no ground rules, I am among them. The thieves used power tools to smash an armored glass case, holding the diamond encrusted tiara, which was
It's ok airs thy Harrison Amazon spot a cook on me, which was created for Winfried Duchess of Portland too, where to the nineteen o to coordination of King Edward. He said: oh, it's that historic yeah thoughts, but Kate, Middleton WAR Now it was. I thought I was hers now alarms went off after the theft, but authorities were too late. Secret service miss the thieves by ninety seconds. Lease arrived two minutes after they had disappeared, estimated value. Millions as what they just said, million on those sites is often that's what the article that my facts track and here again- and it is millions with and am not happy Ok, we were very, very scrupulous with our numbers army. I've hold her up. The army of men and Buller has worsened
If authorities do fear that similar to what was the oceans that we saw over the summer. Since a lazy ocean. Yes, where actually quite good. It was they stole a necklace and they broken apart and then individually stole are sold the diamonds authorities.
That's what we got a hobby hat thief, young guy. What will stay on the case, then the child and I have no Goldfarb gateway. Mariah carry explained her J low shade as an attempt at being nice. Oh really, despite the two having met before when a reporter ass Mariah years ago, about Jennifer Lopez, Maria carries mild, shook her head and said man or know her. Oh really ass. It became a huge meme on the internet. Jailer has said the pair do know each other by Maria has consistently said. While they may have crossed paths, she doesn't quote no her like no, no, yes, I am now years later. Maria's finally explained the moment as an attempt to say something, nice or say nothing at all over the house, but nice, I don't get it ok for him up the democratic carcass again. What these all women, yeah basic labour
I just man because jailer still looks great gray. She doesn't look a lot better than our own I really had Lama Travers yeah competition, but we have a interesting Amy humor. Update. She really really are very disturbing I'm. She responded to the victory of Cindy hide Smith with a video of herself puking right, because she's a very well and it wasn't a special effect. Now she waited for she posts, Did you actually how absolutely nobody wants? I rose. I I've heard just click. First. Second, immediately turned it off because I heard the sound so after Hide Smith was announced, the winner in the Mississippi run off shimmer posted the puke videoed Instagram, saying it described her feelings towards the election and that hides met has a quote: crackhead looking mouth and quote: tiny races, t it's not very nice.
Especially for like a feminist, like hide Smith, but I've been in love. I now she's the progressive one. They broke a glass ceiling. You know first female senator from Mississippi Gasoline and Iris, but also this is anxious kind of insane. The video of yourself like making herself, throw up no Apparently, apparently she look in the mirror. And I thought actually a video of her pregnant Peking by she oak red man. It's hard to tell.
So you know well congrats to her, though that's nice are, I think you Natalie them so informed assume greater happy. Today. First, in our culture around, we had a very special report from writing: writers, chief legal endless victory, no matters on an update on our creepy porn lawyer. Michael, have not a big put us. Yes, the hits just keep on coming for our favorite lawyer and presidential hopeful, Michael having already, as I mentioned two weeks ago, one of em before teen he was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence. Now the interesting thing is the elite. To turn these offices not pursuing charges, but he could still face misdemeanours. Ok, his accuser is the beautiful and talented actress merrily many unity. We'll find you might have seen her in the movie chuck. She played schoolgirl on credit, I also saw her own Google image search that yes, a good move,
a lot of dialogue in that when either but also looks like, however, could be splits Ville for Michael and his number one clients. We Daniel yes on Wednesday, the adult from star said avenue: naughty basically gave her the shell, she issued what they meant to the daily beast quote. He has spoken on my behalf without my approval. He filed defamation case against Donald Trump. Against my wishes, he repeatedly refused to tell me how my legal defence fund was being spent. Now he launched a new crowd funding campaign using my face and name without my permission and tripping words to me that I never wrote or said Anne quote. If this is true, then he is at risk of being sued for malpractice, so we'll see about that. As for the legal defence fund,
was the initial funding. Now there is a second fund that he set up. It's all on crowd justice that the first one raised over five hundred thousand dollars so we'll see how he does with the second one. Have a naughty responded to these ok, so he responded to these claims and he said This is not a scam right. This is merely a reset that the vast majority of the money he says was that you know it was spent on stormy, Daniel Security detail. He said that's where the money went to. He says he only took a hundred bucks from her and monitor Doll hundred box and none of the crowd funding has gone to his attorneys fees, which are estimated at more than one and a half million dollars. Finally out, let me just say this: you know say what we will about my clever naughty, but these attorneys fees do not include his time selflessly promoting her cause on television. He pointed that out, because if you cannot always tv appearances, it would come to over a billion. According to my s, and he did
Those just for just forget selflessly that I mean yeah. That's when out of his way, those o mighty no longer represents her, oh no! No! No! They haven't so that we too have a tete, a tete mind you know hopefully shall straighten him out. Thank you vague Harrison thoughts on on this latest saga, so money, so many thoughts, yeah that was the real legal money? Shant there I don't even know what to say other than the fact that, like I who could have seen this coming year, nah right, yes, Mary Way with the with our friend Mr Evans body, the sky was totally in it for himself since day, one
fall has been Superdome. That's all you think would have guessed arises: sleaze bought a rapid rate, of course. How fast is actually happening? You just thinking the other dates it just insane to think that a year ago we did not know who Michael Avenant, it was no be the country that hurt him before then. Suddenly he has the most famous person in the entire world is on tv.
For seven and now he has reverted pact being a pariah all in under a year. It's really amazing testament to the way that pop culture works in America in the twenty first century, pretty impressive, right: ok at next sad single women, home alone with their cats. Finally, have something to look forward to Margaret at lead, and now she is writing a sequel to the handmaids tail, proving once again how profitable the resistance is. Adwords follow up to our utopian novel, where women never have to work will be caught the testaments and is set for release. In September twenty nineteen Atwood said. The inspiration for the sequel is naturally quote the world we ve been living in Matt. We are literally living in a world where no one ever said,
talking about the Handmaids tail yeah I mean I don't think anyone around the table as it read the book great I had read in haste. Oh you did read the book yeah I went sunny read the book, did you like the booklet? No, it was awful. And I talk to my mom down she's like yeah, that's just a pro abortion drank of maybe I was always legal ethical of her ass. To the time I found out that she was canadian gas, so I needed to know that's a good point at the amount. Not only should Canadian she's ready because the Americans are doing. This is for the millions of dollars she's gonna make up. I haven't seen a picture of what she looked like, and that is exactly what you would expect an old aging liberal feminist. To look like well, there's our foreign. Eighty five. I think I read her Harrison about that about that extra prynne real. When she was
walk around with the scarlet different book, astern boy about that. What did is it, you remember the hand made people from the doktor cat afford Cavanaugh hearings, we unwell, scary right. That's really! Now we got a park. Your daughter were the protesters because everybody dresses up like a Christmas tree and walks around with a bonnet on their head
I really am huge out there. I don't really understand what they're doing I mean is. This was a psycho Christine Blasi Ford was her like her favorite book. Then she liked to read at which you must try to remember most the book within she couldn't remember all of it. Finally, the big cow that took twitter by storm is actually not a cow but astir knickers. The Holstein steer is six foot for but looks even taller, since he was photograph next to a bunch of wag. You cattle that average at just four and a half feet tall knickers is unofficially Estrella. S biggest and his owner. Jeff Pearson says he was just a run of the mill calf. That's turned into a giant Harrison at first the bears or of ordinary worst, throw to go part all start up. My invitation of the captain of a girl farm first, the bears-
opening doors now steers are turning into giants. The Mandarin duck is going on a rampage leading to be taking precautions. I was shocked to learn. The story was born it is really rather it it's a big cow one leg, however, visa castrate also needs, but going I learn and all this autumn, it's a boy, the air, here is a well oiled, a cow once it had a calf. Yes, what is it before? It has a calf. I have her effort that is going on out this area. Is that this? What is it a steer? The steer, is six foot for yes, they're turning out of iron, the height of Dwayne, the rock Johnson, courted York Times solvable still a bet, it's still a big an. He's gonna the twenty twenty zero hectares
our democratic? We had a meeting with the big cow to our next to our trackers. With recently during the year. We what nobody yet another remind us that he is a girl girl. How does knickers self identify rat? New lady went has anyone else, Nicaragua castrated! So we don't know we regret that a year is one big out of that thing was Mary. I thought it was Photoshop. We I mean those little why you, like you got that we're all surrounding it. Molly came up to his knees. It's a really incredible picture, so it's nice that they'll get along. I figured you would just be angry com rebel. Not only does the closet, another Serbia he's gilded, so Unfortunately, that's all the time we have for today's additional right writer. I like to give a special big sir producer L before, of course, are freebie, can guess Matthew. Continuity earn Harrison. My focus for the
matters doktor, because he Ford Missis Hamley Johnson, was Reuben Hamburger, likeness accidents. Google played stitched just search her free beacon, fully subscribe. Tell your friends and lead a positive review like listener. Andy Philips: five, he says, love the right and writer Podcast Elizabeth Heron Harrington has one of the sexiest voices I have ever heard Please keep her as moderator until next time,
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