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Dems Denounce … Something, Brown Drops Out, and Blockbuster Persists

2019-03-08 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, sponsored by HoneyBook, the gang talks about the muddled messages coming from the Democratic caucus, wonders what Biden's chances are now that Sherrod Brown has dropped out, and reminisces, kind of, about Blockbuster Video.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised go ahead, make my day oh, and welcome to write and writer the official pot gas at the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by honey book. I'm your house, Elizabeth Harrington, involving on Twitter ATLAS, W have be three big impact. Guesses avail on Itunes, Google play in stature fully subscribe to your friends and leave review during to me from the right today is free, began editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media programmes as talk radio, twelve.
Ten w p d, the call up daily spectator you can vote on Twitter account, nutty homer hello. That's your radio voice! I do know what to say: you're really. Kind of at the bottom of the barrel better, like that, like page twelve, you just Google, is there just go back to oppress shaken up and further tax rate is proving resident and free begins aunt, I hate Advocate Aaron Harrison were not exactly sherry. Does around the office be sensitive x and that's good enough for us of heresy. I'm all about equality of treatment, yes of everyone, regardless of race class, gender, Everything else get thank you up. First, unwritten writer, in a very courageous and bold move. Democrats after several tries were able to come to an agreement and condemn all bad things in a house resolution. Yesterday, of course, the final version was a bit off from its original intent. Condemning, albeit without,
the repeated anti semitic remarks of Eel Hon Omar in the end, the resolution condemned all forms of hate, including not limited to racism, white supremacy, anti muslim bigotry, and I l Gb De Q, anti asian American Anti Pacific eyes, islander anti immigrant, They hindu and I guess, Anti Semitism to Omer has never apologized for accusing jewish Americans at all door, Louis Loyalty and now more important than ever. Releasing a statement on the historic resolution as the first to condemn and I muslim bigotry and then retreating a comment calling discussed at her Anti Semitism foe outrage, Matt Intersection reality is awesome? Yeah, I'm just so depressed original and talk about it. I've us wrote a long column for the free beacon. About this basically rate. Everyone should read basically what's happening is
what's been happening in Europe than its come to the United States, and that is the collapse of the centre left and I M so all this that you know the brought the party Brok Obama's now the Party of Ill Hano, Marm and people like Nancy Policy are powerless to stop it. If you think Joe Biden, there's gonna be able to stop it I'll. Take that that the limit this really heralds, I think, is the assent of of Bernie Sanders and in the M twenty twenty presidential contest, because you don't just as tromp was able to kind of ride a core base of support through multi candidate field and game lament him that way. I can easily see how Bernie could do that now that he's in a sentence with the ill, Han and Rashid earned a Yossi heresy I have been far too soft on Nancy Pelosi on this podcast over the past couple of months. I always gave her credit. I bought them,
stream media narrative that she was there iron old that took notion in couldn't get pushed around and kept her members in Lyons Control and was an ultimate enforcer. If not even an executioner of polluted the careers that dared question her leadership. What cowardly display a feeble display of leader, ship by Nancy Pelosi yesterday by now naming ill. Hano Marty only reason that they even had this vote because of your Hano Mars, abject anti Semitism, repeated over and over and over again is a great super caught. Also on our website. Everybody should go check it out of media reaction that democratic excuses that are made for ill, HANS, ridiculous, awful statements, and that is why This whole thing was even broached in the first place. There is only one person that that caused this resolute, to be brought up and
what was really I mean it's, not shocking, but it was just so transparent as to which team the media plays for here. Is that they started Loring policies, masterful strategic way, inclusive, vows, eight resolutions, script, Republicans. Yet somehow we get the Republic hymns to vote against this anti to an anti discrimination toothless resolution. It literally means nothing. They are an opportune. Need to censure Omar. They refused to do it when the Republicans end up having it politically political vulnerability like Steve King- who is just had a litany of of ill thought out, comments over the years they took, If the committees there was punishment there, because dammit there's just like you, We take so much from these people and the democratic not willing to draw that went on in the sand amongst their own. They are cowards, and for that for the media to by the police
see you get This was somehow a master stroke of leadership you to get the Republicans to expose themselves as being again calling out bigotry, it was a joke. So I want to give kudos to Lisbon. That is the key for the house. Republican Congress in the United States has for showing actual backbone in leadership yesterday in voting against this, but this nuns its resolution, and that five or so people that followed her kudos than they are the true heroes, the house, because their cause, the policy in the Democrats on their way to go
it's actually it's really emitted makes me mad the rush, the hope the whole party did vote against it. They went ahead with the narrative. The Democrats wanted them to take, but it was grid job on there. But that part, I think, she's got a huge future. Her up next Paul men of Fort was sentenced to forty seven months in prison for tax and bank fraud, which had nothing to do with his time as chairman of the Trump campaign in twenty. Sixteen, the sentence is a little shy of the nineteen to twenty four years that Robert Mueller wanted effectively a life sentence, federal judge, TS, Ellis called Miller, sentencing request. Excessive and added that men of Fort sentencing has nothing to do with russian collusion, but Harrison. That's ok, because it's perfectly fine, when you have a justice apartment targeting people instead of crimes, they'll find the crimes eventually knows, walk now the office yesterday and I happen to catch on television, the rear. Of the eighteen person, MSNBC panel,
there are really shopping at the bid to watch this door ring old, hobbled fool, Paul man afford get sentenced to life for a multitude of crimes which he wasn't even being tried for the breakdown from the David corns and the rest of the world. The clown crop car panel that they had on on MSNBC last night, when this verdict came in it was just the tears were delicious because what they wanted. Does they wanted retribution to metaphor for past the at you know screw up in here and immoral judgment in behavior. It was day we just like have little literally said on the air. Has the church never read an article about Therefore, no guys like that,
No, that's how just as argued that's how they wanted to Berlin COO Ee. Oh he he represented all these dictators in the eighties. Ok, what that guy? That's not what is being tried for. Ok, look when it gets back, don't know if you want to talk about men afford himself what this is just karma, catching up with them hey, that's what it was, but the fact that the only reason has a target in the first place because he worked for trumped. Absolutely no! That's the problem. I feel like I'm sure. Yes, he's done bad things, but it's just the whole start of this. It is political witch. If Trump didn't Wimpole manner Fort would have never been on trial, Paul Minimal ever been charged. It is so good luck. Folks, yeah, I mean the media's reaction is like a blood thirsty mamma how I saw the Cairo this morning on. The today shows outraged after man affords. And, unlike for years out, nothing who everything who is outraged through the democratic
and the media mouthpieces, and the reason for outraged is because of their anti trump hysteria less. Why and then you got into this larger things just shows you know, I've read somebody said just shows you the inequities, no american justice system that you know this. Guy's, going to jail, for years for Well, you know someone gets mugged or something you need it so someone mug somebody and he gets a four year sentence and when you know that the truth is there's a difference, in my mind, between violating Farrah yeah and your taxes- and harming someone's bodily secured rhino with white, like the reason do There is a reason for the difference in treatment between white collar criminals and vice Linda criminal offenders in what's even more Third, to me is the same people who
screaming bloody murder over this pure perfectly just sentence. Are the ones who are demanding that we reduce the in population by fifty percent release everyone except the people that work for the trunk can't movies on the wider criminals yeah. But if you work for Trump, EL your member of his family. You get firing long allowed yeah like that. In my view, there is one more point I wanted to make about the man, a defence team. There's one criticism that I have is that they brought him in only wearing the foot cast due to the gap that he died. He suffers from so we had the key in India, the cast those in a wheelchair unripe rose. You weren't part of the men, afford to feisty less aid allocation pro bono ages. There is what there's one tried and true tested: Harrison Rule for all defence sentencing hearings and that as you, where the neck, brace
without the neck race you're not going to get the full sympathy mind of the judge in your area or aid to walk in there. What race look at work for the candidates? We honestly, I can't wait. Till Roger Stone comes in with one because I know he will out in he's gonna walk, but I honestly think, like you know, the minimum sense for suggested sentence for Manifold was seventeen years. Team, the castle the cast, got him down to four yeah right. That net wastewater God, what a gardener? Meantime circulation right! Next, I was senator, should share. It is shared sure. Shared brown will not run for president twenty twenty rounds decision reportedly had nothing to do with the expected entrance of Joe Biden into the race but that the populace entire ultimately decided he be happier in the Senate and lacked the consuming drive to become president. The New York Times notes brown face obvious practical obstacles to the twenty twenty nomination for a sixty six year old white man with a mix of liberal
and moderate views Gross Matt. I guess this since the field to bide an end, the Commies I am using a different. More reasons now lies depressed. There's, an attack on the Washington Post and Joe Biden for his comments about with the post describes as desegregation in nineteen seventies. What biting was talking about where the forced bussing programmes yeah, where people were sent you known hours away from their homes, to schools in order to meet a mathematical equation of racial per? personality in schools this wasn't desegregation! It was forced integration that was extremely unpopular, extremely unpopular, led to republican political victories. It was opposed throughout Blue America, Democratic America and it is reduced by the Washington Post
it's a simple language of racial morality that it that is everywhere in american society, and it shows you the the hurdles facing Joe Biden, presidential candidacy, shooting which seems likely remember too not only Brown dropped out but bloom, announced at random running too so Biden is. The front runner on paper, because he has. He has the polling led though, the New Hampshire level, that's been challenged by Bernie already and he'll be able to attract a lot of money presumably Bloomberg, would help finance abiden campaign, but he's got this problem, which is the democratic base and their allies in the media. Our have gone absolutely insane we are now trying to tear down everything everything and in and looked through everything look at all peoples pass.
Judgment, american history. You know you had a piece yesterday about how Booker's said that were that founders rope, big trees into the constitution, you know it's just open. Whole other. The tyranny of the now cannibal remarks on rising says: that's what presenters view everything or now values and that's gonna hurt reject onto the pat right and others say. That's gonna hurt someone like Biden who unit around forever and is already a reluctance to have someone with that amount of experience or slash baggage, be the democratic nominee. I, like I say I just see this heading toward a Sanders nomination and then a shots candidacy and then
my god. If those are the heroes of the options, is gonna try Lystra, absolutely Harrison. This has been a really bad weak for Joe by and it's just because he suddenly in that field he suddenly becomes the only self proclaimed, I'm running trivia self proclaimed. Officially he's probably have to actually come out, make a state. As to whether he's a capitalist or not right. If you need not be afraid to do it, you NGO and you know, what He is only had to apologize for calling my pencil decent to rub. It is the only cap and salt described capitalist in the field of the Democrats. He becomes the target for every single one of them a hit you saw it with that coward from Colorado. John hidden loop yesterday coming on saying No, I don't. I wouldn't call myself a capitalist, knows where the parties that credit to him.
Being smart enough to at least understand who votes in these ridiculous democratic primaries. So if you're, if you're, ledge, moderate, like chicken loop or can't say the capitalist. Where does that leave smoking Joe by it leaves him on the firing like he is is the get. He is like that that little kid and game thrones about the air arrow shot out I'm running through the fields I hit is bad news for Biden. I dont where this really goes: vignette Pinnated Bloomberg in the race to take those. Arose because there is no bigger capitalist brightening view. We are only wine raise the only one it just becomes like this is this is the old sad more the same democratic positive bite goes in which you know, maybe it's a huge had fate, but it does seem more likely than not at this point t MAC Prob
Doesn't right right right is they're all trying to make room for Biden, but you make a great point which is at paradoxically that could hurt him yet has then all of a sudden he's the right most Canada. And this is what we have one more point I want to make an in that Biden also doesn't have the Insulated fact that that the democratic base doesn't see him as a radical like here at heart, like his heart. He is the deal maker at heart who pretends be this like big time, liberal trailblazer, Hilary go back to that, She was viewed as the as the year as the deal maker, the compromise or but at her heart she was this left wing. Radical, get widened
Second, reverse thinks that there's no. What I'm saying is there's no basement of, so that the basement for Biden is real love at em used. That is my column. I said I quote: ailing came arc of Brookings, whose very smart and was part of the kind of the basis for the new Democrats. Now a generation ago when she she's been running this theme since last year that the Democratic Party, despite everything we see in the media, is actually not socialist. Not radical left us not yet Ellen Omar Anti Semitic that most Democrats are still does basically Democrats. They like government benefits they want to help the poor through. The government and their pro abortion approach twice it now, if she's right. That means that there is more of a chance for Biden, then were giving credit for, on the other hand, it's hard to, let you look at
third data. You know, and she has Dayton's few surveys and stuff and then look at everything, that's happening and not wonder whether each even if the most Democrats are kind of still resistant, Sanderson synergism, just the that the movement of everything in the way that the media works and the where the primaries work will benefit sanders and hurt bite in the same way that the more of the respectable conservatives like Job Bush, you know, and Marco Rubio were harm. Not helped by.
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we get finally happened. Bachelor nation came together and freed. The desire really when coltan jumped is eight foot fence amazing. It was well worth the way well worth the way so jumped. While you was to feed the applicability of Cotonou, she would have acted in a fair way: He launched himself over that thing because his heart was broke in this way. It was supposed to lose his virginity. This is like out of the crisis, so amazing he really thought it was gonna happen. He thought at all and on the other, Cassie TAT has his or her here's what I say. I had never seen a bachelor get his heart ripped out of his chest. This early right, if, like the woeful wrath Wigand,
Let us now. This is the moment when the amazing thing too was a Caskeys dad came in for the dad blah shows up in Portugal, yeah for the dad block. I was amazing, so cotton tells Cassie that he did not get her dad's blessing or the hum tat there could show after four days some new models. Skeptical sarcastic goes back to the hotel room and her dad sitting there saying, like you know, I could you're, not really that entails. You know this. Guy knows what he's doing. Let me tell you something: yeah, dad of cash dared not this castle that castle and talk about Jeff I so they went to the hometown visit. I couldn't tell the difference between his wife and his three. Broken heart, daughters, It worries me wore a display of fine females there. Yes, but I trust him all the way to the edge of the earth, but
there's gotta be a record, though of the number of girls who have broken up with the bachelor he must have had a lot of people leave. I will say, as he cried for like forty five minutes. I don't have any sympathy for him. No single girl who left warned him that casting Kalen renown, here for the right reason eyes and they were right and funding there. I think I have easy realized if she went any further that they would never make her bachelor at because you know she would have to issue it out here, and I think this was her exit plan and it has gone whore So then we of course have the women tell all, which was I mean Danny. They one that had the mom in prison, total envy, p gas. She evidently that either offering of Paradise, the all these girls come in at her and she should strong Independent thrown our one liners role, whipper, snapper and demi. Will we also
I have one more day to go to the other shoe horn, the thirty eight second, this is a second fantasy sweet, so the first one he didn't you know it was you anything my mind. Second, wants jumps defence out there and then we're like heading four, then just sitting in her room trying to figure out what to wear. Tomorrow night he asked ITALY, It's not good so my my bachelor at protection- ok, is Hannah, be Alabama Hannah, yes, she came across. I think I don't think she's that caught no offense, I like standing on, like the Marrakech sweetheart, I think there are setting her up to be the best. Wait. A minute she's, not the Smiley one right What do you do the whole island? Gmail
the parents is energy and Hannah be handed she's, the one who still sitting in her hotel room and hand of God if you approve the as yet another great why so, we had next week another to night to see if he probably ends up with no one, I'm guessing, I think he's gonna chase Cassie down and date her that's my prediction that Crawley broken up since the probably what else going The New York Times thinks that men should be wearing more hair, scrunch ease. This is what I shall collapse. I only read the headline I couldn't you have so much Jason Mama, who I only numerous cauldron, but apparently he's right he's a common good for Hannah yeah. He wore a pink
crunchy around his rest to the Oscars. A pink velvet is currently not in his hair, not even tighter on his hair. It's like you're gonna, be all right. You know I'm here now. Oh yeah Magi are those and he has more here than both via yet he wanted a pink velvet suit to match his favorite pink velvets. Grungy infinity came through and so near times, once more men to do this. They think more men because it can help prevent a receding. Hair, literally nags, less on your hair, followed early, the enemy of the people. For you know this. I will thank you Cassius this much It was a minor scrunch. You as a friend it almost rate, I call them as it was spoken- a collaborative scrunch. A very similar to varies where the baby one more time bring the actual scale worthy skirt. Since we're talking, that traxler address here. Did you so I dont know if that person was skirt
I saw the picture. I didn't even read the caption cause. I just tried to avert my eye just ass, you small awaiting with matches. I will thank you Cassie. This much needed, update, First in our culture, around a new luxury retreat caters to elderly workers and tech, ages. Thirty and up the New York Times reports. Anyone over thirty in Silicon Valley has anxiety about being almost person at the office needs an escape and to learn how to deal with their millennial. Peers enter quote modern, Elder Academy in Mexico, which accepts applications from so called elder workers who have to pay five thousand dollars a week, which includes writ restored of yoga, contemplation, gardens and three locally source meals a day, after beach meditation, the group wandered the shore collecting sticks the times rights, one attendee levy, one is having trouble dealing with aging quote of all.
When the youngest, I'm kind of surprise I'm actually getting older. She said now people are coming to me for advice and I'm saying myself the someone who's lived. Experience is worth passing on. She is thirty, eight Matt as an elder of the free beacon do you want to pass on to us? I'm going there I'm my application is in the check, is in the mail cuz, I'm tired of the socialist anti Semites who are taking over the democratic, I'm sorry you're out a year, I forget about aging, but just do not looking across the river. Washington has been so disturbing to me these past couple weeks. It I'm gonna, go on the beach and collecting sticks and some skin cancer I will get the upside here that they know how to cope. It, doesnt there's gonna go against the whole learning to code crowd. Then I learned how to cobia that's supposed to be the job of skill levels that will carry gay and hate speech. Yeah. Beer from Twitter. Oh no! I
what to say about this. I think sounds like a vacant, their correct any knowing your problem. While they are right in knowing that their aging out of like the cyber trendsetters it is probably psychologically damaging, because the fluency online know what none of them are. North authorities now and Elizabeth Warren breaks up all of the company. Will that lead to more job opportunities for these folks were less than an hour retreats for Palestine, Iraq that I've been onwards, we get it now. I hurried up next. The world will soon be down to one glass blockbuster the store and Bend Oregon will become the file store, the movie rental chain when Australia closes its final block, those but blockbuster at the end of March, but the final store has no plans to close down any time soon, as its not only profitable but growing. Adding five to ten new accounts. Every day.
Quote its customers, aren't technophobe and hold out stuck in the past. Even use ABC News reports. There are a lot of younger people, her moving to bend in search of community and stouter Matt. Maybe all millennials aren't so bad Where they re stories in our pockets? Like me- and I agreed- I read it before- I knew that you have signed it and because I m fascinated by this- and it was a very interesting stuff- one I didn't realize there were any laughed yeah. This is, will finally be the last one day's pay of licensing fee here to the company of that bought blockbuster a decade ago. Liquidated, but they have a quoting. There were the talking about how everyone has fond memories of family movie, Indeed, I had fun, I'm lives, as you know, you'd go to the grocery store and then, after the grocery store, the blockbuster was right there and then you go into the black. Was you get pick up your movie watch movies and what it's not the same experience scrolling,
on Netflix or Amazon Prime or around your smart Timor, guiding the Andaman. May I think Verizon has a team of sadist who, like spend all day in a room, trying to figure out the most inconvenient ways to organise the Andaman menu rights. So it's not the same experience. There is something sir it about going into the store. How that looks knee? yeah. Maybe what everyone gets it can I watch the rate at our movie. It's so I'm fine. This. I like this, maybe I'll, hit hit the blockbuster up on my way to the beach to collect the sticks, artisan But I was never a blacklist of guy me because that's where the rich people went so
we were too, we were other side of the tracks of small business owning you. I wouldn't want anything writer of the real sinister, though that's where you had like Quentin Tearin Tino work. I willingly hats where you had like the curtain and all your language tat s ever you wet yet, then all their common doll right up all the all the gene still stood still today relevant culture. But now I just with blockbuster was never big thing for me. Occasionally when I go over to some proof: bodies Maybe you there'd be a blockbuster than I just remember. They had all been China can ever you didn't get the movie cover existing generic? Why you now that's true, but the covers were in the store right That's a great help. Then you had to get that. We never went to bypass turkish me, that's right and those who are independent ones. You actually got the whole case. We movie right in
was this whole business model might, if I do recall, wishes late fees, so you ve got more than forty eight hours over the due date. You basically on the movie, even you own, the movie. At that point, they just keep charging you you'd. In the thing I had all along, I was before black bus releasing the DC area, their words aerials video, I just recall because is at I'm when home video is starting to be a thank you rented, the movies, because the actual cost, the video, sometimes you'd, see
the price per hundred hung out of dollars for the army, with powers of air or lack of chocolate. We might have been a skirt and finally, there are people out there who eat the same meal every day and they aren't in great school. The Atlantic introduces as to the creatures of habit such as Burn Loomis, who ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with side of fruits and vegetables every day at work for twenty five years. Now that he's retired Verne still is the same launch about three to four days a week, its unknown. How many people like Verna out there, one study in great Britain, then the number at seventeen percent, the Atlantic rights eating the same thing every day can come off as moderately charming quirky an indictment or an indictment of one's lack of creativity or a signal of professional focus and drive. Currently a twenty eight year old who lives in a lay a oats every day for about six months now her staple
is a turkey sandwich with Thomas Avocado, irregular and cheese on gluten free bread Harrison. What's the go to MCA lunch still, Hotei ragged shadows, the darker pepper, big rights they go beyond. Does your big go? I will you say beautiful clean call at the powers that were power. You're the larvae, that's our powers, the manufacturing witness. Have you hugged flag, that's what we're gonna do while and I knew I was so beautiful. I want some note the flat ok! Well, your president hugged while I and I like that he has the commander in chief, everyone has not demonstrated. I think at the end of the pledge we shall give it a hug Hap's and eat like a big black. Well yeah. It's like the Donalds every day that
the trail, while that that would be a keen candidate like that, and that an you die I've that, while the berries will we were really kind of missing out here, because there is a certain licensed political consultant who basically lives this life. I it's about three: the eats Eggs Benedict a Turkey club sandwich with american cheese and extra and he's not he's not here without any fried chicken salad, and there are three things that fact and that's all these Eden, since I've known him works for and it works like routines, it's nice, while those are the three pillar that I've got. There's three people in my mind that do this all the time it has worked out pretty well form. One of them is Michael Goldfarb than the other one is next, even if you re not raven the other one, is every person who's ever made it to a hundred years old.
They are dangerous, lab rat it doesnt matter, waterways, whisky at night, one cigarette a day. I think, there's something that actually leave used, us about this? There's? No else I can do about our friend and make a decision, so that could be it's terrifying, but yeah. Probably unfortunately, give its all the time we have four days. It isn't right right, I'd like to give special thanks for producer L before it, of course, are freebie, guess, massacre many errant, Harrison and Cassie sure remember fund, is on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a pause, a review like listener, goose, starred MD, who says after enduring here. Since Roy Rage and cotton eddies, Loki, pouty, Mouth Rance, Doktor Palm driver is a welcome moderating voice trying to bring both sides together. My favorite until next time,
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