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Dems Self-Immolate, Sanders Marches On, and Roger Stone Looks for a Pardon

2020-02-20 | 🔗
Matt and Goldfarb are back to help analyze the ever-increasing bounty of Democratic infighting in our latest episode, <a href="https://www.swagright.com/collections/washington-free-beacon" target="_blank" rel="noopener">sponsored by SwagRight</a>. Michael Bloomberg took the debate stage for the first time and faced a constant barrage of attacks, and the gang doubts he or anyone else can stop Bernie Sanders's march to the nomination. But with Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Biden, and Pete Buttigieg all staying in the fight, there was plenty of antagonism to go around Wednesday. Harison is keen to celebrate the party being in disarray, with everyone from Barack Obama to Hillary Clinton deserving some of the blame. But the Trump administration has other matters at hand, namely the case of Roger Stone's conviction. Trump tweeted support for his former adviser while Attorney General Bill Barr recommended a lighter sentence than the one prosecutors asked for. It turns out Barr was right once again, and Stone received a 40-month sentence after a judge decided prosecutors were out of line. However, he may not even serve that if Trump uses the pardon power again. With Michael Avenatti being convicted, legal correspondent Victorino Matus is on hand to discuss what comes next. More trials and a whole lot of jail time, it appears. Kitty has updates on Al Pacino's lackluster love life and a Yankee stalker. And finally, a Free Beacon Podcast first: After soliciting questions for an advice segment, we're reading a few on air and giving the most sage counsel available. Listeners can learn how to better deal with the libs in their lives or to keep hope alive that Hillary may, soon, be locked up at last.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead, make mightier below and welcome to write and writer. The official podcast at the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by swag right. I'm, your guest host Liz Harrington, you can follow me on twitter at Liz are and see. Join me from the right today is freebie, confounding, editor, Matthew, cotton Eddie. You may remember him from such programmes as the National Affairs Podcast and the as red lines.
You can follow him on twitter at caught napping, some of my greatest her. Suddenly I should tell us what is that I remember those who the world they ve. Everyone remembers and further to mats right is free, beacon. President Harrison who, unlike many MIKE, has never used the term quote horsey face Lesbian were not exactly sure this will be of use that term I've never be logged on pop Not exactly sure does the office, but besides the Czechs and that's good enough for us from Harrison ALERT and returning to the programme is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, international men of mystery and licence republican consultant. He keeps her palace and line had to go back in the memory of Long Oglethorpe, always good to have you back up first on right and writer who knew
group of seventy eight year old, millionaires and billion airs had it in on after months of near comatose, so called debates, we finally got what you would expect from a bunch of well socialists and communists fighting each other and we're still counting the casualties. It began with Elizabeth Warrant, taking her fourth place trophy from New Hampshire and using it to club many MIKE Bloomberg. It ended when, just as we are about to finally here why, after thirty three years Joe Biden is running for president incoherent scream, from open border activists cut him off. We may never know. Well anyway, I met many MIKE and the Dnc clearly were not using their superior
a matter when they changed the rules to get him on that debate stage doesn't seem to have worked out as planned. I think Elizabeth Warren is kind of playing the role of Chris Christie yeah in the twenty sixteen cycle, when he kind of did that suicide run against marker Rubio ahead of New Hampshire. I don't know, maybe this will give warrant the difference between a fourth in third place, venetian about I'm not sure, but maybe there
upset brewing, they look. I think this is like the scene at the inner reservoir dogs, raw shooting, each other's pools of their own blood. It help Bernie because it again this to go back to the twenty sixteen parallel, the Anti Bernie votes divided and that helps him a winner actually he's doing much worse than they did in twenty sixteen a much worse than Trump ever did, but I am at the I think it's enough Harrison people actually watched this debate. That's probably a bad thing for the Democrats, bullets often yeah- that was, that self emulation on us. A million like that that one I was incredibly entertaining actually thought this with this debate was the first one where you could actually say was good tv daddy. I were there were slings and arrows from from Pocahontas right off the bat you know yet, but crazy, Bernie Red faced and screaming at the top of his lungs
kicking the crap out of many MIKE I, which I thought was kind of almost bullying of surprise. There weren't any of the insight bullying advocates that stood up and were located. Off many might give rise early. I thought he was make Amy Cry was now when anyone like other and she was like all your perfect PETE yours.
Oh perfect, that not everybody can remember everything like perfect peak maiden mayor, cheap has a woman problem. I think after last night was man. He is a woman hater that did come through the its he's got an issue there, but it's not really gonna matter, because this whole things get about to be wrapped up die, I'm thinkin twelve days from now. Bernie Sanders is getting. You walk out with the democratic nomination firmly in his grip Magri yo. You look at the pulls out a California. He is rising massively he's our yard. He had a big led out, there's only getting bigger using them load amid thirty's right now, and nobody else is quite cracking that fifteen percent threshold that they need to get any delegates off of burning. He may turn California into a winner, takes all state. That would be amazing because they like altered these, the rules of the nominating process when the damage
Party to appease the people that he brought to the table, who thought they were screw in twenty sixteen by Hilary better than they were, but they should they condensed this calendar so much. There are no longer incentives to get these candidates to drop out. Usually, if you have two to three weeks between primaries, that's two to three weeks of money that you have to spend in staff that you have to pay. There's no centre for these guys to get out of the now. You're gonna have a third a basically national primary taking place over the course of ten days like them. Money has already been spent months before and when here might, but my one thought is, if you get out a super Tuesday and burning clearly is and lead, but he's not projected to have the majority
on the first ballot, then you'd have even more incentive for them to try to find ways to remain in the rest of they might have something to bring to the table. I took on the sale and maybe I still think Bernie gets it and I can sets a tough herself for their voters, because at that point you're saying will listen. We know we're not going to win out right in and then at that point, how do you get people to come and vote for it? division rather taken away, but it is just a disaster I don't find. I mean I don't really described the lanes thing anymore. I guess that's been pretty well the bonds, but I do wonder whether warns performance, which was pretty strong. I mean she did a lot of damage to a lot of people there. I don't think it really fundamentally changes the course of this thing, but I wonder if its staunchest, the bleeding a little bit too Bernie and so like. Maybe it just prolongs this thing a little bit more
because, if you're in California, in our one of these states and all of a sudden, is kind of like second look a warrant, she she's, you know really be Diktat Bloomberg last night, and so it's like of a viable option for you know that lunatics in their party that, like she, has become a little more attractive after that debate, twenty million people watched it a bit like at least half of them were Republicans who are Justino, eaten potter and enjoy. It Debbie Alligators Buber guy extra, while now watching the great Trump rally, we're probably hate watchword, antibody do no. She yum she's, definitely not gonna win this thing. Bernie looks certainly do that. The only thing that makes me nervous about that, even as the like, the conventional wisdom is so invariably wrong and the conventional wisdom has now become that, certainly on the left that actually Bernie will be a unifying figure in the party and actually wants this thing right:
sounds like a democratic voters. Actually really like him, and all this you know, from the moderates, enchantresses overblown. You know only both and so Any time there's a moment of conventional wisdom on the elite left. Unlike wait. A second there's gotta be something wrong with this theory by another, take away from the debate and it concerns before, vice president will he which we here we haven't mention, and I don't think anybody really is mentioning today I mean when you come and fifth wealth, but he was like this. He was there, but he looked lost. He was doing stuff where he was mixing words and forgetting things and Yelp Biden. I'm not sure what the rations
is for his candidacy in I'm not sure what the rationale he's never had. Well, I just read it mantra: soldierly never had one. I got a question for like my friends in our listeners, members of anti far and in the Chap house or Jerk TRAP house gang. We allowed a hard core leftist helpless to the show, but what's the real motivation behind the Biden candidacy, I mean he. He talked out being the number two to the first black President United States. You would think that that would be enough for anybody to have as a capstone to their very long career. Why does he feel the need to run, as is some kind of an inferiority complex as you. What does he have to earn sector needs that he needs that harden large island, not that if he had run and twenty sixteen, he would have won hoddan, but not to end this time. Obama didn't say
Thank you. So we ran. So this thing title is once again Ahmed as a have ruin us. He ruins it yeah. I every time I don't know all in four Hilary young jobs, not you your time show how it is wiser Obama choke on the burning indoors? Learn it's gonna be fund. A watch up next Roger Stone, was sentenced to three years in prison for, among other things, pulling and Andy make. In the end, the judge did not take them all prosecutors, absurd recommendation of seventy nine years Harrison we worked pro bono on this case. Tell us your experience, yeah! Well, look. I defended Roger Stone on this programme for years now. I think you got railroaded. I think that I think the fix was in with the jury. I can't. I still can't believe that this thing is going to stand with. Having a democratic activists is the four person
the jury clue. How was his lawyer yellow that that's new that was hell was his lonely, then they're saying is signed off on their out. The deep thrive at around grounded in him had been so I'm sure, I'm not sure he was able to afford the best and end the brightest. For this. This is a witch hunt this the consequences of of which, on the look, I think trompe. No human he's been a very pardoning mood. All week he's been the right and left and right. I think it is time for the president to pardon both General Flynn and Roger Stone. Let's get it over with the thought that way: the deep stages waste all this time for Enough Matt. I thought it was funny
tat. The judge ended up, sending send the sentencing stone according to the revised guidelines that attorney general bar prided too much controversy that a week- and I think it just goes to Show- never disagreed with Toolbar toolbars, always right, and he was right once again call time yet. Wool billboards pretty good job. I, like the guy a lot and an hour, rattled this week by the reports that you don't believe in a failure is called fire. I mean that a second, He reads a lot on your times. You watch and listen to a lot. I m p are coming out of iron, came out and said that he was making possible the job tsar doesn't just like doesn't just come out of his mouth like the guy is pretty careful about what he does and I think it would be tragic to lose our great attorney general, and so I hope they can work out their differences in too much convinced settlers things. I've been reading a lot about any takes a rebellion
view with ops kept here, look of a cue forums. Isn't I ran on. I read in the Atlantic that our entire campaign is this information, so even look over TAT is making America's great again dammit me and the rest, the american people, our loving it you see this. The latest Gallup poll they Trop is above water, thirty nine percent higher approval than doing on the up and up a sort of like a rocket ship to the moon baby. They I'm cold. I sat for sir I'll say again. Forty states trumpets forty stately, you remember you know. The bullet thing was was big. The ball was like a big help for us. You know it obviously for some people. Is not helpful, but for the Republican Party it was aces and I wonder if the corona Virus- not you know, once Bernie Sanders as president, if there's like a virus rampaging through China or Bloomberg. With this connection,
one such last night, where he was like Chiron their choice in the chinese regime. Finally, the area three confirmed cases in point a finger at India. We tell me that guy is not in hock to the Chinese. Are up next. It's not even in California or New York, Virginia governor, Ralph, Coon man. North M, is about the sun new legislation that will grant parole eligibility to prisoners who have received life sentences as minors, a group which includes Dc Beltway, sniper Lee Boyd Malvolio Goldfarb Democrats. Don't just want domestic Harris to vote from prison. Now they want to give them grant them parole. I don't know if you're where those was, but there was a murder at the free beak it today Why wasn't death now that ok, suspicious I had a very, very suspicious and naked man in a parking lot across the street with blood
everywhere. That's like pretty suspicious theory. Oh yeah, I yes! Yes, this is obvious in the crime is getting a little out of hand in this state, lawless, stammered lawlessness. The Democrats took over another's murders at the beacon to your cash. Oh like maybe we ought to stop, and just like you know, until we figure out what's going on? Maybe we should not fling open the doors of the prisons, but what is this fascination with the dam? putting murderers back out on the streets like this new treaty, like that, it's as cases, therefore, if this is, politics, one alone like you, you have to be tough on crime. You don't put murderers out on the streets, especially murders that were incarcerated. The age of eighteen, their entire lives have been formed by the ice in prison. You think they can actually function in society. Stone should murder somebody them maybe get a little sympathy from the laugh, its unreal I'd stick. This is the craziest. Apparently, according to our author, Charles lay
of this peace and the free beacon he's is going on in Pennsylvania. That's going on in California in a lot of other states, the country that the debt, are running on. We need more murderers out you're the Guy In parallel we mean attorney general's the guy tortured and murdered a child, and they are going to put him up for pearl vote. Democrat is what you get you get. Is united democratic governments, new states, you get more murders out on the streets before we check in with her legal, updated time to check in with our sponsors, swag right. Yes, right, everybody's been check it out and really about all the gear their wherein on the streets. Ably obscene people in these yellow tromp tank tops walkin around I've. Seen people out there, while with fake news, mugs You know. Every time I go to a meeting, I see a fake news bug. I've told you guys gonna get on swag right dot com. There is a new product out there. It is called bide inspirations it as a whole. Product line of inspired
nor quotes neither helpless in the email where you can. Hang these things you're gonna, open the email, if you sign up to the morning, Beacon on Free beacon, darker get your email addresses in there yeah. Well. What origin example of a bite, inspiration, you're lying dog faced pony soldier out? I was sick at one where we even included development. I quote with a slash line through the report. Your bike where's hunter cohesion, that in a nice lake and brighter well what you can get cover for someone else. So they come out, they come out. That's my favorite out! That's a good one! Is that what you said and now they're gonna have been met with always? Why should they ve ever you gonna tell you the person told him he will support him like driving his jacket, yea it sire girl. Why did you see that only an article that of the came out The headline with the daily show clip was act,
funny to I hadn't seen a daily showed spoofer regulars hears you totally. Export it was going around on Twitter. It was like dont vote for me. What do you see why binds doing so anyway? What these are great, let's bring back their inspiration. Inspirational quotes that you can either hang on why you said running for how many decades and he's still just of noxious jerk like wanting to do iq test with random voters at so bizarre kind of in these kind of an act as a candidate, but anyway it doesn't need only man he's enacted, inspiring you to get through your workday through our products way to bring about like a coffee cup, with this great, where one of these phrases on it or want to Could this have little la la pictured? Hang on the on the wall? Are you Cuba, maybe above your bed at night, so check it out, sweat, right dot com is free, beacon, there's not a free, beaten gear on there and some other stuff they whose others stores from other friendly type
patients joint right. I got the idea had lived from January thirtieth, twenty twenty Europe. I hope everyone, like you dies, does bite into democratic voter in stirring Coffer party unity area. As I finally Neil has it's true. I wouldn't be Hillary Clinton Classic Fun. I am enough. We can now it's time to check in with right and writers, chief legal correspondent, victory, no matter slavic, glow Liz the sea, you your sore eyes and speed,
sore eyes. Last Friday, Michael ever, naughty was found guilty and the Nike trial, where he was convicted, of trying to extort more than twenty million dollars from the main issue company. So sadly, it is now over. The good news is he's: got you more trials to go, as I mentioned in last week's episode, the jury would most likely render decision by this time and sure enough. It took them a little less than three days avenue body, the former media and democratic darling was found guilty and all three counts. Its interstate extortion attempted extortion, honest services, fraud, wire fraud
lawyers plan to appeal, but he could face up to forty two years in prison just for this case alone that it be almost thirty nine more years than Roger Stone, gotten a sentencing today and will be also probably forty, two years more than Roger, so never spent present. In any event, avenue naughty sensing is scheduled for June seventeen, but before that we have his allay trial on May nineteen, in whichever naughty faces, the equally serious charges of money laundering and attempting to defraud clients. It's a federal trial, its unclear forget, sent back to Orange County jail or if he stays at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility Manhattan, where we also have the Stormy Daniels trial now set for April. Twenty one he's busy man, that's the case, wherever noughties accused of stealing three hundred thousand dollars from the former porn stars, but deal and even forging hers.
Nature on Instagram, Miss Daniels, wrote quote. Sadly, it appears. What might live. A naughty did to me was just the tip of an iceberg of the sea, but it is stormy Daniel. So I don't know who is really just the Tipp tune in the first time right vector? Yes, what we'd foresight tune into the beacon for the full blow by blow because you're probably not going to get much coverage from the mainstream media, as Senator Senator SAS put. It quote it's hard to get air time from the slammer, so Nike, when is cable television loss back to you. Thank you very, very important legal update. Now, it's time check in with noted pop culture, expert kitty, Dupree Loki, Hale S, every line breakers can be messy. Some people, like me, will insult things like a man's family jewels while some may come
about other things in their axes? Pants such as their wallets LP? China's neglectful caretaker, Slash girlfriend, who, let him fall on the red carpet, has resigned from all obligations to the actor and is no longer keeping silent when asked about their break up. She blames the thirty nine year age gap and even refers to bid Chino as an elderly man. She also claims is what and there he is an elderly man you're San every day in the personal column, how old is out right now, he is seventy. Nine years younger, liberal democrat front runners, probably right while the average I've got his same. Eighty might have by a couple months, I believe Bloomberg and and vernier. Seventy eight and burdens are run on their quota.
Seventy nine Albert Genome upper birthdays. Unlike a month and a half, let's get a nice gathered her toward him last Deniro. You must be what eighty five, no, I think he's younger, actually thought them. Look better, sorry, eleven six, I'm not pine and forum that fine, he also blames stinginess for their demise. He may be where Thou hundred and eighty million dollars, but suppose we he only ever bought her flowers. She said he doesn't like to spend money, but his wardrobe and lack of manicure has already told us that, with death looming at those geriatric stars door, it's nice to see you pinching pennies to make sure he is an evening canned cat food in subsidy housing. Is that what you do when you really? Yes, you can play in that? You can't afford food you can food, and then you live in subsidize housing. That's what my future holds robot. If you get that Larry King
that's very heavy up honey America's they were passing started spring training recently and one baseball player is catching lots of curved balls. In this case, one woman loves a Yankee summit. She's gone an unforgettable present from him a restraining order. A Bronx lemon has said the Yankees outfielder Brat Gardiner is her future husband and has been sending her court unquote. Flirty signals from the field. Lots of men can be accused of sending mixed signals at times that this is clearly baseball. Set signs meant for teammates those first second base were not to get to her second base heard. Twitter is filled with tweets, calling the baseball player her future husband and even though they ve never met and he's married with two kids, it's gone so serious that attempts are being made or banned from all M L stadiums. This very Ray
offers time of Euro athletes has not actually cheated on his wife. What I've heard we have some relationship with advice or something we have all types of advice about. This is this be a debut segment la we want an honour and pitch this at the tail end of the last show that that we ve been getting a lot of people asking. No, I think that this summit, wisdom hairs while they just stated in general. The whole cast an hour under your on right and writer are very influential there like well straight. You guys can actually help. You go on. Did you create on any individual up, and so we should
set up, and maybe I'm how you always hinder back so much of our society that time to focus on the individuals. Will we set up an email account advice. It free beacon, dot com for people to email, laws with questions that may be our paneless could help them with its situations. There lives, maybe get them into her out of a couple of jams. So we'd like to give that a role here we got a couple of questions. Kitty has been the year. The keeper of the questions I have said here is our first line says dear accepts an offence who was early on the maggots train, but lately has lost faith in the president. You see she was a single issue voter on the topic of who will like most likely to put Hillary Clinton in jail. So now, three years and zero series investigations later she's starting to lose faith, which should I tell my passionate quarter uncle lock her up friend that will make her believing kept promises again hooker
actually pretty easy. Durham still investigating the investigations are still ongoing, but there's a reason their ongoing internet concluded. Yet we still need Hillary Clinton to get back into this race. What do you think I have brokered convention? Talk is all about that is her master plan to get back in tromp wants her on that ticket, dad that that would be the ultimate They think they get the unity gets. The unity are candidate from your level out it that Bloomberg Hilary story that, as long as long as trumpets president, it remains a possibility that Hilary will be in prison, trumpets, not president, then, to guarantee she she will remain at large. So your friend, these are key,
the possibilities in mind that also it's only been torn and we get sincerity right, haze, sick and tired of your damn emails. He wouldn't lawyer one week since he has asserted his prerogatives as the chief law enforcement officer. This country will stand so he's, probably studying up on the legal text books and like I he's obviously got the pardoning down Pat, but a bit like the indictments, that's gonna view. I mean she definitely lied about, not knowing, let's see man owner emails, You ve got like form on line where you can sort. I paint by numbers on an indictment look out whatever the whistle blower form online. So why not an indictment form they take us. Maybe you could kicks out like that up to him, it probably does exist. I kinda when they got another one we do
this one is addressed directly to Harrison and Gerson right with a big has already. Nobody does around the office no hand because his name's Brandon and he gave me a shot up, spelled my name wrong, which I'm pretty better about and then send a gm him, and why do I gotta do the work here, but that's site thing. So here is his situation. My sister alive is currently attending the South Harmon Institute of Technology and getting her deeply important degree. Unless,
Indians theory say he goes on to say that many people are wondering eyes. I will probably say at least two. I think I need a partner for those I'm. His mom is a huge, the forerunner of Donald Trump, unnecessary, liver. Also, his main question is: how do I peace, the relationship between my sister and my mother back together these polarizing times it seems like no one can get along anymore, will look if you're gonna look politics getting in the way, you're familiar relations. I think that automatically says that its lips for Baldos, just at that
DE the now it was like the building yeah. That's the lives would not be in a relationship with the conservative but serve more open way. Only warn our yes exactly so I think number one. This is the sisters problem, Monaco and plainly with definite and safe. That and look, I think, it's a sad situation for the man, but I think that the mom can consult herself from the fact that, through every objection of objective measure that this country is in a better place today than it was three years ago and it out it sometimes
There are some things you gotta sacrifice to make society larger again, tomorrow, greater and greater and greater get, and- and I think that what we have got ourselves into here is a it's a little bit of guilt, and I think that the daughter probably feel guilty that this country is doing so well and she has yet to come to terms with the fact that that her liberalism is the only thing holding us back from reaching further heights. I'm shocked even suggest that the mom get a subscription swag right for her daughter. Well, let's move your more on the story that would help the ruling from Kitty now in sayings, though, the buttons version media by separation get her through the day? I think there was a great new edition railway segment advice it free to begin dot com. If there's anybody else out there, our love it as paying it forward. Looking eraser soft,
my community service that no, this actually gives us our airtight broadcast on shortly. Radio Free Europe on the other side of the planet, the export of our requirements, puck serfs Nesmith such will. Thank you kitty now. Finally, if our culture around the near times once you do know the facts about alcohol and climate change, because of course they do an outdated study on the carbon footprint of fat. Tire amber ale found greenhouse gas emissions from one just one, six pack, or about the same as driving a car nearly eight miles. God forbid you drink that six are out of glass bottles, because our liberal journalist betters tell us.
The most environmentally friendly option is almost always the can in order to save the planet. They say we all must switch to boxed wine and cut back on our drinking and quote. That means one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men that we are now energy independent. Missions are on the decline. I refused to live under this on american sexist tyranny. Boats, beautiful though it just shows you how the new progressives or just a temper, movement, no matter what their animated cause was a hundred years ago, when you guys temperance, banning banning addressed. That is here, though I mean one you get to. This is much more. What for it? I think it's right, but I'm just surprised. The times is running with it. I, like my beer out of a bottle and them if they think they're gonna, make
We cannot have a care Nile howling arm, and can I just point out, like one logical fallacy of this study, which is I'm not gonna like turn and throw away my refrigerator if there's not a six pack in it, it was all about. The emissions produced by the refrigeration of the beer, but the fridge are going nowhere, regardless of what is in them. There will be drinks in the report, greater, say literally wanna. Take us back to them. They go it's not about the energy expended in making the refectory duration of its all altogether. No aid will be realised if you're on the West Coast, you can only drink West Coast. Wines in east can say the same thing because of the the transmutation constitution. I thought it was it's crazy. In other words, I thought I thought the damage was from the methane released after the drinking of the beer in certain quarters out various type faceted is by Yossi there or tackle that problem? Next, I wonder she's thought about this. Well, she has brunch on capital. Hill on the weekends
turned out in boyfriend or serving up co2 emissions per day day. Fortunately, that's a whole day. We have for this additional right writer free begin. Podcast is available on Itunes teacher in Google play. Please subscribe to your friends into a positive review like a listener. Hank W he says quote. I hope President Trump pardons Goldfarb soon, so we can return to the pod these palace not been kept in line that the truth until next time,
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