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Endless Investigations, Hot Dog Sushi, and the Return of Pondriver

2019-03-05 | 🔗
On the latest episode of the Free Beacon podcast, the gang asks if these investigations of the president are ever going to end, gags a bit at the idea of hot dog sushi, and celebrates the bipartisanization of the show via Dr. Leonard Pondriver.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners listener. Discretion is advised go ahead. Make my day welcome to write and writer the official Prague Castle, the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by honey book. I'm your hosts Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, We can put gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe to your friends and leave a review during me from the right today is free beacon, editor in Chief Matthew, cotton Eddie, you may run
for him from such mainstream media outlets as national affairs in the Boston Harold, you can follow him on Twitter, at cotton, Eddie, Huemac, hello, lives and further to match It is free being present an Harrison who also has a ninety three percent approval rating with the GEO when exactly does not the office besides, the Czechs and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison Good morning was returning to the programmes is the chairman of the free we Michael, my Goldfarb, international man, a mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our palaces line hobble far first on writing writer and what's definitely not a fishing expedition. The Democratic House Judiciary Committee sent letters to eighty one people requesting documents to probe the Trump campaign, the presence, business and family view first at footing from tower you probably got a letter, but that's not all the ways and Means Committee is preparing to demand. The president's tax returns from the IRS the overreaching investigation, so many to believe the Democrats have already made the decision to impeach the president
the. What, for you might ask, will that's what the investigations are for President Trump Card, the document requests a big fat fishing expedition desperately in search of a crime Matt. Will this backfire on the gems Mahler was an investigation in search of a crime and what found little, rhymes in her eyes, ass as crimes in the course of the investigation and never landed. The began shall lotta, which was a proof of conspiracy to hack the Dnc in us, influence the twenty sixteen election returns. Maybe more, has anything but had something that we don't know that. I would say that all these moves on the part of the Democrats suggest that they scared had nothing and that Mahler is, is gonna, be kind of turn out to be a nothing Berger, and so they moved to stage
to which is more or less harassment. I don't think this is the beginning of impeachment, because I think that the democratic leadership knows the second. It actually turns into an impeachment. They will lose and so what they have to do is they have to walk right up to the line of impeachment through all these various fishing expeditions, but not cross it, but that's hard game to play and you're. Really your parties really driven by Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez and Russia to leave Olano more Harrison there so on message, art eighty five investigations. Three thousand subpoenas the list. It goes on everybody. This problem, when you What the like this. Nobody can focus on a single things. The messages model that you started. Exactly right in the introduction to this. They are in search of a cry right. This, like the x files, Right, more mauler has become Fox Mulder. That yet
This attitude is able fuse to let it go like this truth staring them in the face. The truth is just like nothing, tat. Ok, so that's the truth is not where the and they have to find some thing, which is why there throwing at all against all twenty way. What this isn't anything goes to. The problem with the with the special prosecutor in the beginning is at issue here that the scope of the investigation was so broad that it could be any to anyone in it. Goes on and on and on and on and on. It'll go on forever. Other gets going on, for ever. I think I think is really going on in a hundred years still would be over twenty hits. Sixteen Goldfarb you note to two things about this one now Adler is indicting, so many people for no good reason. He is going to end up basically putting every lawyer in the city to work. For one of these costs and finally really does wonder how much of this
is just like all. This is great for everybody right like they get to cast. This new per wide net. All their lawyer bodies get the you know. I mean everybody there already so many lawyers workin on all this trump stuff. I think some issue. Are genuinely going, you have trouble finding a lawyer in town who doesn't have a conflict on this is gonna, be really difficult for these folks to get to get. You know fair legal representation, the other piece of it is obviously doesn't have anything if you're, if you're into if you're, supporting seventy people and the problem is these are not the FBI, they are out. You're out that smart. They don't really know how to run investigation of a democratic staff that hasn't been in power in what ten years. How long has it been? if the house now eight years, okay, so how many people on that committee, staff, wise actually have real experience in running an investigation not allowed I'm guessing so they're starting seventy people and they ve got a funnel their way down and find a crime it'll take em eighty years to find out. You know
thing, something that's actually useful and meanwhile they have eight other different investigations going the just isn't the amount of talent on the democratic side. The prosecute this effectively they have in their own enough lawyers in the city, the cover everybody has been subpoenaed, so I just think it's gonna be a joke. That's why it's death by a thousand cuts? That's you don't need to find a crime. Look what happened! Cavanaugh There is nothing there. They made it up now them them he's up out of what the with this committee will not happen. We want why may well. We could well went again by right. It's it's gonna, be a constant nuisance for the president and all of his allies of until until they lose the house. That's exactly did they made it up the last time they were in power of anybody remembers the? U S attorneys fake scandal. That was a gigantic waste of time for six months up next Johan Omar is causing more headaches for Nancy Policy in the house. Democrats who are moving forward with the resolution condemning anti Semitism and responds to her latest anti semitic comments, the media
rises, Omar are as allegedly anti semitic, because it's a very subtle to call Israel evil keys. Israel hypnotize in the world, because it's all about the Benjamin's and our latest, suggesting jewish people haven't allegiance to a foreign country. I fear there might be a pattern here. Yeah I mean it's a huge problem for the Democratic Party, one that they're not necessarily handling all that well in this region. We should prepare Nancy's appearing on rolling stone with her like ended in my mailbox yesterday that very time that policies preparing a resolution and disapproval that doesn't name Omar right to go before the house floor on Wednesday. The day after we record this here's. The issue is that accidental is on accidental behaviour part, she means it. She knows what she's doing she she's believes all of this and she is- and this is that this is what so terrible about it
she's mainstreaming, Anti Semitism yeah by by forcing a debate of her over her comments, she's, making it more acceptable to save them public sphere and unless she's defeated in a demo, product primary she'll come you to do that and should continue to serve in his example for other people who share her bigoted views oh she's, just ask questions at the end of the day sets write code far. Well considering this new evidence out West Virginia this week of her role in the nine eleven attacks, I think he's being three quite graciously by the Congress. You would think that would get some condemnation no I mean Matt makes the point that she could she could be challenged. Primary, I dont really see how the hell that's gonna, Schwann with eighty percent of the vote and that district, but I sort of Take the other view, which is she is
a nightmare for the dams an end. She refuses to learn the lesson she, I'm not sure Does she really understand what she saying I mean on some level, I'm not sure I mean she can Stepan on a rake like the sophisticate The anti Semites know how to say this without creating imagine ramifications for themselves. I don't freeze, ok choices on great, I mean it's sort of a blessing that, instead of Alexandria, casual Cortez is pretty face of socialism. We get this scary face of socialism. That's on tv all day. I think scare them at a people. I think she's a very useful cudgel for Republicans in the next election and Welcome this clear contrast between the inner reply, Working Party, which is on ambiguous silly unabashedly pro Israel and the they want or more who hates Jews and that's your choice, and maybe we finally get thirty four
Percent of the Jews devote Republican. This know what the hell is going on, Minnesota's fifth district. This was Keith Alison's district, I mean so what what's the primary gonna, be it's gonna be like someone water. We should point out that it is yet another, so we figure out. What's going on, I mean you find someone there who shares Oliver views thanks they saying these things repeatedly and on a ban. Bashfully idea just have already than in public, and they may we go over to Somalia, work the refugee camps. If we can't, you know, there's a sure there are plenty of somali Americans. You don't share her view, scan impact, you're right, but I'm not sure I think a red and independent redistricting commission for the State of Minnesota needs to be a sun up next. That democratic field was stout a crushing blow and Eric holder announced he has not running for president, but an even bigger defeat came when Hillary Clinton said she is not run
either, but she assured us she's not going anywhere and will continue to play an active role and twenty twenty Goldfarb too bad. Yeah. It is too bad. I gotta say I'm surprised there's not running because I see that you would have him formidable he's smart like case these, like we know not a polish politician, but he said he would have had the Obama base. I think pretty excited about him. I think Obama himself would have been pretty excited about him. Obama might be no endorsed it ultimately and been sort of her stealth. Endorse her of his campaign. Matthew looked scared. You ever seen a man pocket it it s, not a cold fish she's like is like deep frozen fish. He. He is the opposite of career, really I so I dont think you would have gone anywhere. Also
I'm a hesitant to say that Obama's gonna endorse anybody other than himself right. I mean seriously fisheries, everyone Michel! Did you see his comment? We need to train a million Brock's and Garcia well. But a hidden loop are also got in what you say, but then, but you don't just ok, I grant you hold her. Had a better shot might have been meant. That does not just mean an exciting news: I'm twenty twenty this weekend, Jeff murkily from Org, quickly? So you know there's another there's. What are you getting a lot of people saying they're not going around. That's a humorous special special now sure Sumer was that get up. My entire now open sea ass? He had to decide on real at our house. Do that? What is I had told and it would have been impossible grab sad well, look think Hilary is going to be an albatross over this over
The US has not gone if there is no clear cut front runner in this thing by October, halls were calls are going to start back, Charley Wade to get her back. Because she's, the only one that can just she and Joe Biden are the only people that have the luxury of waiting. Long enough, where they do not have to build name recognition. They have. Percent name, I d in the Democratic Party. That's what that is that. That is why you getting earlier to build that name I over the core so the year she can just jump and from the rafters at the very end, like you know, sting come in and W C w starting nightly said I would also like endorses Bloomberg and then not, and that way she gets the stick at the burning and she gets a bit. Fat donation to the library when it's all over. Why should you You don't need you, but I'm not sure that sticks it. The Bernie. I think that actually helps Bernie Burnished is left wing credentials because he, his criticism of Hilary, is that she's been this moderate wanting to compromise
crescent values, your entire life honestly, I think, bodies the front runner at this point. I dont see anybody that has a cohesive message and in a fervent following that matches is at this point now it's time to check in with our sponsor book
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It started honey, but D come today in these promo code WMD for fifty percent off your first year. Again, that's honey book, tat, calm, promo code, W F B. I were pleased to be joined and once again by Doktor Leonard upon driver, the vice president of the David Gorgon Institute for excellence in bi partisanship, her doktor contract but your head. I know you ve been having some thoughts, the institute, the China by partisan eyes, this ill Han Omar situation thanks so much for asking the house- and I listened to the earlier segment- and I hear a lot of anger- and I understand why many Jews and pro israeli Americans are offended. But you know what I hear: what David Gherkin hear, what he hears a cry: I for help years a person whose new to Congress doesn't know Washington very well, keep saying things that are controversial and he's hearing and opportune
So what do we have coming up in the next couple weeks? What's the american Israel, public affairs at cop committees, annual policy conference now, of course, also known as APEC one of the great organizations as far as the Garden Institute is concerned because they are fiercely devoted to bipartisan just look at their great record at the second term of Obama, where they really got one them a lot. The acts of lotions, owing by party with anybody, can understand the European Institute Vision, its energy, they re. So why not do something? Bold? Let's invite Ill Hon Omar to address APEC, This is not a speech. It's a dialogue others, Ireland, it's a conversation, is years had of the box bipartisan things better, like you bet it because here you have one person who have a new member of Congress, it doesn't really know much about a pack is gonna, say things that are not exactly true
and here you have an organisation that needs to reach out to the somali American community. There are not a lot of APEC supporters. In the Somali American released. That's what our preliminary, maybe this large has shown, and so I think it's a win win! It's out of the box, bi partisanship, and I don't understand why Howard Court does not jump on this idea. Ill Han Omar Policy conference. Twenty nineteen really bring us all, as it may be that you wanted on the main stage, not not a break out session or a panel. You wanted on the plenary I wonder why do I comfy couch Jeff Goldberg, yeah one Omar APEC under the whites you the institutes so been studying the situation in Venezuela. Yes, and it's what have you found well it's it's really it's. It looks like we're at a situation our it's hard to come up with a sort of fifty fifty solution,
and it looks like you know, one size, gonna win and now you know, and women's rights in this guy has no sympathy for Nicholas Maduro. He seemed like a pretty bad guy. It's more than he's made mistakes. So let's just get that out there. Ok, but when I here, all this discussion about how he's gotta go and, like you know, I look at market Rubio, twitter feed. I'm seeing you know a dead cut off, Dad Ceausescu and it's like. You know we're getting the picking. No, that's not going to lead to a compromise. That's not gonna lead you to a bipartisan kind of style solution, so we need a kind of conference to bring everyone together, but Who can do it now? Unfortunately, Kofi Annan is no longer with us as true. He was my first choice and, of course I love to go. The United Nations are so see right now with Syria, and you know condemning Israel and everything. So I have a crazy idea who has credible
buddy, I'm all cloning with social. I know it's not him up when you that's my back. Who has the credibility right now with Socialists Bray, but has also been pretty good about talking about monetary conditions in Venezuela. This one guy, Senator Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders, you're, looking for an opportunity or running for president. You want to see a sort of something on the world stage that says I'm a player, I'm serious, I'm a big boy he's gonna go to Caracas. I want him to go to Caracas and listen. And had the love their people to listen, because I don't know of any other american right now. Besides me Ben Roads, Who would have that kind of credibility to walk into the presidential palace and ground much credit day? I'm sorry Nicholas Maduro. As a fellow socialist, you may be gone too. I'm not saying you should leave but trundle listen. What if we made like a Kofi Annan, Hologram,
I wish there were. We would be well. I am your baby. I can't get a grant for the year. We could make a hologram like they didn t. Have him led the commonwealth? Listen. We have summer fellowships open. You aren't you want? You want me to live for that's the kind of out of the box, my partisanship that gets. It gets really really going. I just see that Senator Sanders. You know because I have been like I've bliss and I love this internet thing. So I go on the internet and I've seen all these old videos of him in this union to relax the puppet anything iron he's got the real deal socialist credentials. Not a lot of american politicians have that he's got a pyramid, applause shows we were I to rocks is like me was therefore Daniel Ortega when it mattered talking about in the eighties. So so here is a guy who I think I could maybe get through to him. I we. What are we gonna? Send
he Hayley MIKE, compare like with it was. I love them their great their great by partisans in their own right, but that there How can I break food or Maduro? And I think then roads is not Seasoned enough, yet, even though he did so careful work with Cuba and Roll Castro at this point, you is does he have the stature to address Maduro? Not though the Bernie Sanders. Can I mean I I would. I would love to sort of get that idea Bernie Sanders or you know some people, his staff, like mad dash or something like that and into certain say you look, here's an opportunity to make a real difference. Well. Thank you. Doctor pond driver please stick around for culture around when up, hers. Google set out to address its gender pay gap. Turns out. It was men who were paid less money than women for doing similar work, the end study led to pay raises for thousands of men, which, of course, are not make everyone happy Joel Emerson, a diversity consultant till the New York Times
Google was advancing a quote flawed and incomplete sense of equality by making sure men and women receive similar salaries for similar work. Instead, they should be addressing equity, which would involve examining the structural hurdles that women feel, as engineers whatever that means. Google uses an algorithm to set in place, allergies that uses factors like performance, location and job, which means even the artificial intelligence is biased. Man that the war on men knows no bounds, that's funny, so the algorithm was sexist against Yan, fascinating fast. The threat of war, I'm gonna have to reject the algorithm that determines pay for every beacon, employs rise, will make sure it's working terrorism, while anything that can confirm.
Preordained bias, I suppose, is what we're really in search of your right by the disappointment that must have hit the Google. You know why the Google books that are going to put the Google plaques walked back there. That did this work, but that study is. It must have been so confused by the, and I don't know what to think about it. I mean it's just look. If you're running a successful company which I assume Google can be considered most universally because its work, nearly it in dollars at this point, your guy and to pay based on merit. That's what this it really is about it- is about the best, be higher the best people for the job pay them appropriately and you're gonna have a successful. But he saw like it just shows that either this is Google propaganda or Google's actually Emmy, Google, it's getting away Calvin. You know there are. There are structural
problems, but I think the women are sort of at odds with themselves over how to address these things. I recently had a conversation woman about this, which you know that stuff, like ok, you know that the structural issues are like places like wool relationships and connections. Where business gets done and those kind of things and women want to say. On the one hand, you know we want to be treated fairly, but on the other hand, I don't want to go to them. Business meeting at the Strip Club where important business is going to get done and and and like new initiatives are gonna be devised, plant have not all now and insiders convey needs are resolved for themselves. You know why are they willing to do the things that men do to get ahead like I'm with to do. I go to the meeting wherever the meeting is ok I know that's where I go and if there are To do that, then you organize higher that yeah. I respect that put, but then you can't complain after the fact, especially
when it turns out that your complaining was because you are actually, paid more than the guys doing the same job. So nexus shooting an epic game of Thrones battle. Sequence sounds unbelievably traumatic. According to courts, the much anticipate final season will include the longest consecutive battle sequence ever committed to film the final battle eleven a Levin weeks to film shot entirely at night or performers and crew battled for in temperatures, icy rain wreaking manure and fish scented choking smoke, the term you're just broken as a human and just want to cry said: Maisie Williams, who plays Arias stark everybody, crazy. Never have to do this again said roaring can who plays the hound Harrison? I really feel- for then at five hundred thousand dollars per episode, yeah, it's gonna suck when these people looked back at one time that they were employed on on the biggest tv show right world twenty years from now, and there really gonna look
I can say our man. That was some so glad that's over now, they're gonna be begging for a job like that. They are to be so the cast of game throats and I watched the show pretty pretty consistently. Now for the basque couple of years, there's a three hundred people. There are three hundred main characters: on this show so either I just. I think these are all very fortunate to have chosen the weather complaining. I don't care if you get a bunch of fish smoke, it's like Germany up and making them not just I dont understand also this up. This really is intriguing to me, because I can't wait to see this because now sounds great. Nothing could be worse for for somebody like me than than like, watching Battle of the Bastards one more time here there was a scene where there was six seven thousand troops and they just started to see. These each other to death. Basically, there was
this medieval battle, that's going on and John snows in the middle and ease just being crushed to death by seven thousand other bodies. It is literally worse than walking down bourbon street at Marty. He met. Did they say how long the battle b and then I don't know it was more than sixty men yeah you I mean just the entire eleven months to just for corn, I mean why does a good ass, an camp the smell like fish while an engineer, visual meet the funny thing is any only wants to see the dragon and the dragon lady. So all these people are negative attitude, regulate yeah yeah. I want to know if doktor pondered over, we know that you do watch television such as empire love, Do you live ever Rajiv Gmail drones? What are you where you thought and it beyond the home Box office? Well, I, like We primarily for four movies, but I have not seen throwing her name is higher. I want a late, you know I'm kind of Bin,
watching now nine or to one hour, because Luke Parry, So I'm, like you, know, season. One area had news for you just start, I just started. I always a good idea. I mean it's it's more than twenty years old, but the outcome, although they re problematic, I am now listening. I travel around in a very low, forcing us to look at some of the issues for like some of those loss, Angeles teenager. That Europe, but there he universal problems at long one, Dutch, Doktor ponder. I do, of course, so look Perry is currently storing on Riverdale,
right now that I re seeing that one, that's the are set in the artist Comic zero, so many television what happened to and it was my killed street blues taxi talking of earning. Surely I mean now. I was kind of a golden era for television and I guess we'll never get back to it, but I mean I've seen too many choices at this point I was gonna ask doctor who incite should breather reply. If they should write him out altogether, they should replace him what the comparable actor we'll Jesse smaller I don't know how that when work, but you know I hate to see just one mistake and promising career life at night the March is National Delhi Meet Month and the national. American Meet Institute is using the opportunity to raise awareness about hotdog sushi. The new colony concept cut beef. She, which you his bologna summer, sausage, corn, beef and pastrami as central sushi ingredients. There's the potato stick crunch maki, which is a hot dog.
And sushi rice and crushed potato sticks and drizzle with onion dip quote Americans have always love beef and, over the past few decades, their love of Zeus. She has a captive catapulted. Sorry, Eric Schmidt and thought of the north american meat in situ. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate national telling me month than focusing on the marriage of beef and sushi Goldfarb, I'm intrigue. Yeah, I mean you know the problem with sushi. Is you don't feel ill after eating it. So they solves the problem. You know you, you eat it and then you'll feel a sick as you do after eating Chinese. That's perfect solution when it. What is doctor p d like see, I do like Social, you dont like this, it sounds disguise. Is it used to steal? It strikes me as a kind of example.
Cultural appropriation. Oh, I didn't think about their own where wrangling with cultural appropriation, because you know we're really of two minds of that things- do not one hand. That's a wonderful man, a dialogue of cultures on the other. It would be very sensitive about. You know narratives, so it's a tough one, but I Just don't like the idea of of of taking the meat out of the sandwich like maybe that's just may mammal, old fashioned. Hurt me a tab and he'll street blues episodes that I'm happy this. This is a tab This is a topic I dreading. Getting to today I was hoping that we were going to ass over me, because you're gonna tell you play little heart today. Now he's been waiting all weekend to talk about, Slowly vodka gave data a big kiss on Friday when you walk through the door. Unfortunately, that kiss happened
laced with nor of Irish and I've been laid up for the past forty eight hours pretty much. Immobilize or anything- and everything is making me nauseous for the entire weekend. I thought I was feeling a little bit better last night, but then I watch part two of Michael Jackson leaving Neverland documentary. It's a real, healthy choice that was wrong choice. There was the wrong choice and now we're here on my head: it they had to take Michael Jackson off the board of the the David gurgling. To do. My part is Jamie. Take his corpse up and re, execute Abbe the fact that Michael Jackson, that did all those horrible acts to those children. Another lethal injection, that's all I'm in we went from put not dog in the she got up, for that is the type of today's right writer I'd like to give special links,
producer before, of course everybody gets mad. You got many errand Harrison Michael Goldfarb and Doktor Letter palm driver member, find us on Itunes, Google play in stature, just search for free began. Please subscribed tell your friends and leave a pause, a review. Like a listener, the real Michael D, who says, I can't even tell the difference between gold farming continuity, but man is it rich to listen to live and Harrison own? The squish is, or should I say, squids squish secret lives. Keep up the good work until next time,
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