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Horowitz, Barr, and the Victimization of Katie Hill

2019-12-12 | 🔗
The gang discusses the inspector general's report, Bill Barr's domination of the media, and why disgraced former congresswoman Katie Hill is already touting her comeback.
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bring him from such mainstream media outlets. As commentary magazine the late weekly standard and the Claremont Review books, you can follow him. Twitter. You can follow me on twitter at continuity. How a man hello away on a further two mats right is free, beacon. President Aaron Harrison. He is spent asked weak fever Lee finishing up, putting the finishing touches on the inspector generals report over at the Justice Department. Thank you for your hard work. Harrison smooth out a couple. Now is the pretty happy with the final product express total exoneration bodily we No, nobody does around the office, but he signs the check and that checks and that's good enough for us and returning programme is the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, International, Madame mystery and licence republican consultant. He always gives our paneless in line. How a golf cart oil up first.
Movement of Justice Inspector General Michael Horwitz released his much anticipated report on before Pfizer applications. The F b I submitted to survey one time Trump campaign AID Carter page. He a little assist from Aaron Harrison they take away according to message, MRS Nicole Wallace was that the FBI has been exonerated from the oft repeated conspiracy theory that bureau was out to get the trunk campaign. In the reality based community those who rather we saw that it exposed seventeen tiny inaccuracies in the warrant application. The F b I submitted to devise a court. They were also revealed that the FBI's application relied quotes. Absurd finally, on the steel dossier, which said report was unable to verify Matt where we stand after the release of this report as well.
Think of the mainstream media has one eye on their faces. I think, if you want to see a example of brilliant public communication, you should Google attorney General Bars interview with PETE Volumes on NBC. It is a master class and how conservatives ought to deal with media and he just blows the whole thing wide open there. Abuse the FBI, abused its authorities in itself, surveillance Carter, page anything. Any one can read the report and not think otherwise, and, moreover, my favorite part of all this is that, at the end of the day, it turns out that Carter page with working for the CIA that gets back to Russia as Europeans, any other evils. Other government agency at so many, even when you look back in history, Watergate that to be the war
between the FBI and CIA, plays a big part of that schedule, so it's like really willing to start investigating the investigators every day. This was an example of that, but this is all: turf battle between CIA Fbi, and it just happened to you know, eat up what the first half of the trunk presidency incredible Harrison. Are you being the faith in our FBI after this clean bill of health, no unterrified. In order that the lesson that we can take away from this is that the Democrats or more concerned protecting the rights of foreign citizens in opposition to it now U S national interests than they are about protecting? U S, citizens against our own government. They should scare. This should see that anybody in this country, because the government can do whatever they were you don't even have to base starting, Not they don't even have to base warrant applications on facts, just gases. What we think he might be. Or an agent. We carefully prove it
here here is our initial request for Fer a wiretapping they get it combat a month later say: ok, would you finds personal foreign agent? Yet No, we can't find any evidence of that, but you know did make up this report a month ago. That said that he might be well before. I support that says: ok, ok, you gotta keep got, will any jet. I do think we saw it in Europe, but I do think that we need it also pay attention to the court itself right because the judges be a little bit more incredulous when they get this information like when, if you see a worn application that has part of its documentary record an article with the byline David warn them. I owe you don't think o this might not be down the middle reporting. My might not be straight salary and say how I like David a lot, but I am not sure whether an article of his should be used to justify the the surveillance of a of an individual. Perhaps the webs had a point. After the two thousand sixteen election
news. Literacy in this put in this country is a major problem, and clearly we have federal judges who don't know the difference between Mother Jones and the washing free beacon you. I did now watch the man's testimony. I saw some of the highlights, including the bit where Murphy tried to get him to say that, like this thing was produced, useful information is like Alan. I wouldn't call useful is like, but it was producing information. I guess there's information must always useful information. I did leave through the report last night, though, and one thing that really struck me about the document was like this by The fact that the biggest story in Amerika for some time was who commissioned this steel dossier, despite the fact that
The steel dossier really was what they relied on for these vices surveillance warrants. The FBI seems there their defence to the idea seems to have been well. We didn't ask you know with him. They didn't want, impress on it. There tell us and we didn't press the issue that you can call me says in his public. Apparently, just leave want to know. I mean what the is that I mean how could you and then at some point of course it does become clear to them. It doesn't seem to undermine it in their view that a partisan player, a partisan agenda. The finance the Foreign national to come up with really fantastical like on its face both stories from other foreign nationals from other foreign nationals. Like look the first time, I read that document when an Buzzfeed published it- I wasn't. This is pouring like how could anybody if I thought this was
no look if they had back of early. No, I understand fantastical things happen in the world. Sometimes you know the truth. The stranger them sure, but in this case it look like bull, it smelled like bold and they didn't. Questions about where this book became from what there anyway to verify it and they put it in a fight, a worn out, eight eleven, the tape itself. What you don't you know in a weird web Ben Psmith did a favor, I think totally green because he came under a lot of criticism at the time for publishing it. But but when you read it and then you see the weight given to the p tape, and- and it's just like this is kind of crazy and then of course trump. When that infamous press conference, were you know the kind of preview of administration to com or use like that. I'm married your mind. I away they already had arts screaming at a cost that everything- and you know it is right. With justified his reign, is justified about our friend Josh Rogan, who interviewed Carter page when you left the Trump campaign and I read that
he's again. Last night s charge was like a reasonably during his own horn, which he does frequently. But I everything in that turns out to be true, it was all, but it was all Smear Anne and it was used to justify like really in this case, what was clearly unconstitutional surveillance of the Trump campaign, for I think you have to start looking at the politics of the people involved. I mean how can you separate them in such a heated contested election when you have the deputy director, the FBI, whose married to a vehemently partisan Democrat You have an entire team that that seem deputy compiled, which is nothing but partisan Democrats, and then you are appealing to a judge or egg a panel of judges, a judge or a panel of judges in the in the face of quoting it's a panel, a panel of what could possibly be three democratically appointed judges to read, This process is like it:
this is a railroading, and this is what the government can do if they cherry pick the information along the way. It's really terrified me in the report was the Idee says they. They included all the information that pointed to pages possible, killed in airport. They excluded all the potentially exculpatory information from the report, and then he said while we can speak to motive. We can't speak the possible motivation ears like really understand earlier him out of its. He needs, like literal documentation that they had by So this is why the Durham investigation I mean they so important. I mean I because Durham doesn't have to abide by the idea, stand it's like this lot. Ali sloppy is leaving out like one thing on,
One thing on this side, and one thing on the other side is not like there's a pattern of what was included in what was omitted, pointing to like something very clearly is the election of balls has exposed so many american institutions as being. Ah, you know rod it out and and you had this idea the FBI's kid like it was this. You know these were like guys who were on top everything, a look and others. I don't know what that is, that they re. I re lovers is not the first, but this is like really disk. Allowing the seal of tax from struck and page and then, like the her behaviour of the past few weeks I mean yet from. Trumps electable like they came after easy on that retract I'll, give you the opportunity to retract I'll just movie for ages? I will raise move ahead. I trunk is juvenile in the way
he has, but he has lent triggered Aruf playful, fair claim for here two years under the fight in doing it like I don't need. This is the head of the FBI, unlike in his mistress, who work spiralling in there you know, flirty tax did too like abandoned action. What we knew that window, when was it was last year this year when struck testify foreclosure, I mean everything. Kind of runs together I've, no sense of time and again, unless one as soon as struck was there in front of the cameras I mean he looked like just a lunatic. You knew that something was gone terribly awry with this investigation. So the other thing that we need to talk about
are all of the media mistakes exposed in the idea report and then the way the media handle them their CNN that posted and editors note area without saying that their reporting was incorrect. So what are you guys? Thoughts on the media, access? How how the media should have handled right corrections. I mean I was just appalled by the by the lack of coverage of we'll know very clearly the inclusion of Paul their conclusion was investigation idea. Determines investigation, justified alright, as he says he felt a bit about all you need to start. The investigation are some basic,
with some premonition, some fatuously, although they look at the sky he went over here. We want to investigate. That's enough european and reported the poor man for re election in a lot of other on air, be covering the fact that we sang it out. We brought this news to you, inaccurately. We apologise, we're owning up to the mistake. That is not what happened. Well, well, you know CNN, oh yeah, yeah. We really expect that almost CNN contributor early on that you will you approach agree with my assertion that what we are really seeing here and what this whole process is exposed is a routine violation of journalistic, nor And that you I've never been so concerned and so confronted in ones are being the concept of norms since Since the troll presidency started, I mean look at and think about this. You have an entire, be federal bureau. I a deep state. If you will, who are very
Sir, the President Tromp, who ran as a reformer and ache in an agent of change and was goin to early via. Some norms whence he became president and So that's really what I am concerned about it. They didn't really can consider Barack Obama's change as being a violation of norms, because he ultimately was only two embolden and strengthen the deep state and federal government Donald Trump. That's no he's the real reform candidate, because you can terrified of ok they're, so TAT Part of him violating norms that can't even see the family they are so blind to the fact that they are the ones who are violating their own norms of their revered institution. The forgot
practice. How much I love the. I love the response to the straw that the trunk campaign did with him his face on the Santos character and there like two there. It's a couple, very influential journalists in Washington who react with horror at the street and they treated at this. I cannot believe that in my day, the president, not like an himself to a supervillain who annihilates half the universe, and I wanted to scream at the dodge. Get the can right. I did amazing it's amazing. They have never got the joke, they never will get the job, which is why election night, twenty twenty gonna, be one of the greatest performance arc peace, harmony that end the world has ever seen and he's going to be the most hysterical hilarious night that anybody is, unless its clear beforehand that it's gonna end up. The way
in trumps favour manner? Allow that to be good. I just don't think so. Don't it'll be like a five minute. Breaking news now go back data showing our reruns of black issue whenever the network as well by the way don't rivalry like an iron biggest problem, is going too far the other direction and in the last minute, they're gonna, try and pretend, like it's close right to scare people to the Poles right, but liking were now
gonna get a fair read of where this re stance from the press. I just don't think they're capable of it. Ok up next, the Brits are voting as we speak in their third general election in five years. This election pits current prime minister, Boris Johnson against the Labour Party's Jeremy Gorman at issue not just breaks it, which is roiled the UK for years now, but also carbons Anti Semitism. A recent poll found that, while the vast majority of british Jews, like their american counterparts, are lives and historic supporters of Cormorants Labour Party, a whopping, eighty, seven percent of them believe carbon is anti semitic. We don't know what's going on with the other thirteen percent Matt, what
The implications of this election rather terrifying, carbon wins, I mean, and you know you can't rule out. The possibility were recording this Thursday afternoon. The exit polls should come out in a few hours was, will find out what happens I just I don't know. Do we can't really say what the consequences of a carbon a prime minister shit would be accepted? You'd have the most left wing, Prime Minister, in ever half a century I mean for Amber watching the crown and how at the continuity man's and their dealing with the Herald, Wilson, who was pretty left labour, but I'm not sure how court he might even be slightly to the right of carbon enough. Certainly on the jewish question.
Now, though, I don't know, I have to do more research in her wasn't in the juice, but no us it's scary so, and it says something that you don't. We don't really know how it's gonna turn out. The British, the british political electoral system is so confusing. Am I right no way of making heads or tails with at. I think I'm just gonna be another stalemate by wearing. This is what they want. This is what they like right, Stillman younger! It seems I can't you know Henry Arsenal who who follows stuff very closely as over there. He had it twitter thread before I came to record. This policy will basically be yes, he is like it's gonna, be either a narrow, a narrow tory what majority or hung a parliament itself
put yourself in their shoes. I just if you know our election seems so trivial and away compared to this election, where it's actually the independence and sovereignty of the country. That's on the ballot right All this economic fearmongering about the consequences I started. I don't understand why Boris Johnson and an Teresa may before him. Why are they are incapable of looking for inspiration to Churchill as one should in almost any circumstance and make the case, the people that it may hurt it may not. We don't really know what the consequences gonna be, but if you thought you know, you're gonna have to pay five percent more in taxes or your incomes. Gonna go down five percent and in exchange for the next thousand years your progeny will have their freedom and independence.
And sovereignty. That's like a pretty good deal. That's actually something! It's worth. The sacrifice and stop the we're always arguing about it's like trivial that might cost you. The same a little bit more in taxes. You know a little bit lesson income! What's what's your independence worth, I just you can put a price on that at an I'm. Just not for tax increases were large, so Harrison put a pragmatically yeah fifty two dollars and I do not want any more. That's that's how much that onto more joyous topics. At last weekend, the former California congresswoman Katy he'll, tend in New York Times up Ed, to send a message to her many fans. The headline it's not over after all, killed
Writer Hill, writes about the going away party, her freshmen colleagues throughout the Lisbon. Over quote. At the end of the evening, I sat uncomforted uncomfortably on a bar stool. She was parting, big party and cried, as my friends went around the room and said the nicest things, things I needed to hear each and every one of them told me that I wasn't done Alex. Oh see as people like to collar said, I the warrior and always would be. I dont know exactly what's ahead for me, and I know there is a lot more pain ahead, but I'm in the fight and I'm glad it's not. Oh, it's not all Over after offer would shoot airline again. She gonna run for the sea shore she's, leaving us very twenty penthouse pack a lot. I probably some some can work out. Therefore, her yeah yeah
kids easily get like ten one minute for that look ass. If, on the other, Nelson right now, I'm terrified per hour right. This is the one person that could actually that Kitty actually challenge him for the democratic nomination fur for governor in twenty two that has that could possibly establish a more comprehensive and more radical, a personal evolution from moral degeneracy to the heights of state leaders right now, Gavin is like the degenerate and chief of California. You look at his background wholly. Let me tell you something is special. It is not eight hundred Biden, but I'll give you a few more years. We might get their Katy Hill. Like me liberal than Gavin and honestly, like we more accepting of of multiple partners in a marriage. The people, even though she is
I mean that's why she acquired some of its hands out. It's like it's you of Irish. Why she's my country, I imagine the new, times giving Jill Barton Op Ed that, like defend himself like Dick PICS online Larry Craig, yet yet Larry's, not oh yeah, I'd stand yet our times. How pin I like hangs over the actual story right likely boycotted Lowery, and then they let in elected its elected official, like she's she's, hunger. Someone really cares, so Where's led the press did a whole said a whole panel segment on the bed and no, I swear last Sunday so that got me worked up. So all the women on this panel really powerful powerful words. Just I mean everyone was left speechless by via the the Abed so gets true, so they wouldn't cover the
actual scandal, but they are moved to tears now. How interesting that, like her victims, are the real the connection issues, a progressive woman? Why That's, why does your quit? That's the automatic exonerated voters would have kicked around, obviously cause it's ridiculous so like. Why do we have to have the pretence that, like she was Orson, Welles she's, a progressive? Would that's? That's exactly right got ex cop acute you from any type of accounting any any public shame if you're a progressive, you will never be shamed, just like Bill Clinton who could rape, checks and stuff they sufferings in interns, the oval office, and he had no shame about it because he had coverage on all liberal fronts. Why? I also think that they that there is a belief that, like when women can't be sexual predators, self, a woman is in there in the relationship with some. We understand that is not there's not that big deal. You're really just met lots about a growing after parental leave men to account. That's true. That is true, but I am sorry that sorry, you can
your sexual brother. You wanna be a sexual printer that come on nobody, nobody actually gonna believe that, like a woman could be a sexual predator, lesser chapelmaster? Ok, then, like, let's just say, These rules only apply to the men. Ya because I'm Democrats would never say that right, but where there are a lot of eighteen year old, former high school students that have got some teachers out there, that I'm sure they would love to have them exonerated through this new reform of the treaties will be pushed ok we're going out to our legal correspondent victory. No man is tomorrow who's gonna glades you are, would that be averted, say there will be pushed it all right. Ok, hello, Aliona, Actually, I'm actually here today with some sad news, the Justice Department is charged ten former NFL players with healthcare fraud, one of whom is our cities, beloved former Redskin running back Clinton port? I believe it is entirely
day after ran down abandons us free. I don't know its exact just like one after another, the Justice Department says the accused involved in a scheme to defraud a medical reimbursement. Account plan by filing claims totalling three point: nine million dollars from twenty seven to twenty eighteen Are they supposedly received three point, four million and claims for things like a hyper Barrack chamber, ultrasound machine, but they were neither actually purchase nor received now how it as you find, an ex player eligible for these services are purchases. You fill out a fake. Voice or prescription use fake letterhead you submitted insurance and part of the money comes back to you in the form of a kick back and apparently that illegal.
Back that's what I've been deleting semi mail at hearing a beautiful past couple hours. I didn't realize it argues. Yes, everything that a hyper Barrack chamber is a legitimate reimbursable, Gaskell Ex, if you're in the unofficial. Yes, that's part of the gene upshot reimbursement has raised, that's what it's called back. My concern is: how do we know if the individual's here the accused? How do they know they knew? It was illegal, wait. Maybe they didn't know right. So I'm sure how the defendants, lawyers will defend their clients. But if I were Clinton Porpoises lawyer, you have they paid me enough The first thing I would do is often my cooperation for a leaner sentence. I would blame it on Joe Horn or Carlos Rogers probably somebody out there who mastermind I'm betting? It's not gluten Portas It doesn't work, throw yourself at the mercy of the court over nine years, Clinton port earned a paltry forty three million in the NFL in its that much in fact, by twenty fifteen he filed for bankruptcy because of us
yet financial adviser who got him, party scheme. Then he contemplated murdering him, but he did it. He did it. So that is what you tell me. It is that the Eastern for eastern Modal today, I also have an answer to me. Let me get to that in a second here, so he only had a hundred fifty dollars and is checking account. He owed his mother half a million right? He oh say he owed more than a quarter million dollars to Em Gm Grand. I don't know what you would spend it on over the end Gm Grand, but who knows. And he owed he owed more than four hundred thousand dollars in domestic. This support to four different women. They all an end, as you were talking about a hundred each year. And a man as we were talking about, as you just mentioned, a he's out a he's out of a job, so does not have the gig at eastern mode. Because you know your jobs, your credit up until now,
That's all before, if you're not from around here, not going around, even only current players get outside. That's right of Bulgaria occurred in recently ACT, which also in full in the interest of full disclosure. I just want to say that, so I want our listens. To know that I, in fact I do know Clinton Portas. You know those. That's remember this ok yeah, so I first metamorphic man with might have been. I was there. Yes, I was really a rooftop like casino party as sorrowed place in Dc. Vicars. Also number seven. I thought we had a went up to him. Remember we await the conversation, I one of them and I shook his hand. My said when a big fan of yours- and I just one good luck. The season- and he turned to me- and he said he said thanks man while back to you on what is
the full story, but we ve been friends. Are I consider ourselves, friends, oversight, ravages that personal action? New measures like it, I haven't lock him in a wild by a gay up. Next, we go to our free beacon, pop culture, correspondence, Kitty do kitty everybody else than a rough. For women named Elizabeth out there soon. British Elizabeth are dealing a stalker which, to me just means you're, really well known accuracy. The hurly sat in an interview that hurrying Queen Elizabeth have the same stalker Bill Clinton. None of them early, received letters from the man in key sectors in a folder, titled netters, pretty sure that's the name of the file the soccer has on Hurley to you. I need stop Elizabeth early, but I am very curious as to why he is talking the quaint there's. One more
they're having a rough weak geriatric. Actor. William Shatner has announced, tease divorcing his fourth wife Elizabeth. The couple had been married. Eighteen years any filed for divorce less than a week after her brothers suddenly died, they may have a pre, not budge. He is so you won't get any of that praise line money for someone who won't give autographs public, he certainly love signing divorce papers. The wife is getting out of it one better than his third wife who accidently drowned in a pool during their or before their divorces. Vinyl said during my recent I found out that the free beak in that their website, Billy, Shatner, endorsed Hilary in two thousand and fourteen sounds like this pool act
it was an accident in it was a favour that initiated the endorsement, so I'm gonna gone right are dying at her name behind Epstein your clock accuses love, thank you kitty and finally, in the beacon culture around stories today up first Time magazine named teen, climate activists Gretta Tune Burg, twenty ninety the man of the year, the magazine hailed, soon Burke, as quote an ordinary teenage girl who, in summoning the courage to speak truth to power, became the icon of a generation by clarifying and abstract danger with piercing outrage tune. Burg became the most compelling voice on the most important issue facing the plant. President Trump saw things differently:
sitting on Thursday, so ridiculous gretta must work on her anger management problems then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend shell Gretta, shell. No sooner had drunk tapped out the tweet, then CNN had assembled a seven person panel to express collective outrage at the president's mocking of a teenage girl diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome go farm. That's so I mean she is like the perfect symbol of the modern left is like humorless no it all but surely no expertise in anything. You know totally certain that their right about everything totally outrage, that everyone won't do what they want him to do, and totally counter productive in tone, style and substance. A man to me. This proves american exceptionalism because she is huge in Europe, but she has not connected with the Americans.
Look at all, and when she visited the EU in General Assembly in September, there was a previous round of media hype, sour gratis you're right. It's here, this she's changing world. No one cares, and so here this is another. I think, an effort by the media to you, because I think, like Europeans to basically say oh of merit, You need to join this crusade in this. You know this cataclysmic philosophy, I take work of warming under the most important issue face right plan and it is not just for America continues to be resistant to it, a minute in its heartening for me running, who could have seen this coming tough story to what we in Aberdeen condemned it. Yes this is the time magazine wants us to citizens of the world. It s the free beacon report, was category. I think that it is kind of fire Navy in it
we got them to change it, but you know I, unlike us, if we want our scoop, wasn't a hundred percent correct like this? What time it? The emphasis in question is a trying to drag us when beat you since a jealous. Who would have if your time magazine like The one publication out there that has actually completely stride your concept of person or man of the year with own awards that are far more prestigious than time. Magazines awards like, and this will you have the man the yet what? Yes, I free beak installed a matter. There are former flagship publication, other flagship episode issue of the year, and we adopted we adopt. A man of the year concept for us in our way and we will be a warning: the men of the year, the weak, December twenty fourth through January first,
coming in two weeks away, we will start rolling out the nominees these are, If you don't want to miss, preview, one of them right now to make up for all those who are little but heard over the fact that, with that we elect, ITALY flood a scoop on posting the latest time magazine freak show of the year Hunter Biden will be and what, amongst the nominees, the fight was, he will be all contribute and want to American D There isn't that twelve mile, you tell me a more significant american male than Hunter Biden Internet twenty nineteen years when the time that's because that's exactly what they would have even either give two hundred button or Donald Trump. And now that was what that's probable, tired aid on Israel there there there are men of the yearning working alone and when time, the dog great with issues Papa the year when time named Einstein instead of Churchill, the man of the century, that was, I think, we're thing started, going awry and then in two thousand and six, if you recall the man of person by the time the person of the year, the person in the year, two thousand Six- was you
Oh then it had a mere like issue. That was it for me. That I have never cared about who they name as prison of the year since the mirror issue. Well, since you wanted We are all we all want. You want I'm under President Trump. Has that one in addition to his collection, you want the times he's been on livestock hover over time as like too tight men. Time magazine men of Europe has he did when in two thousand set us everybody everybody. If they have everyone, they are now free will that ended, monitored the dial, nine uptake styled again this one it just. I really loved it. So Buzzfeed posted a video of thought. Jewish mothers, all of whom clave to make the best brisket tasting shudders brisket and their comments on the other mothers. Brisk were so good.
I learned all have to guys have radio, it's not really go to translate the pod, but so one mom claims to make vast brisket gets you Don T get to play, and she says quote: this looks like brisket, but you know it's not a pretty food to failure and Another one says I enjoy Kith continuing with this up to ten billion every year and my yeah and then another one says I dont know what she did to this, but it doesn't tastes like use. Brisket at all, and then, and then another one says I would not serve. This went to my family, not even to my worst enemy. What I serve this one, can I give it a minus one of the best. One was
one of the moms put baby carrots just like a bag of baby carrots roasted with the market and the Euro are one of the raiders. Has the baby carrots say like it was easy to throw the, merits in it was easy to. You know was easy to throw the man I didn't have to peel anything. So maybe she was rushed for time. She doesn't like to appeal, but I think it's really good. It's like the perfect Tommy. Brisket so deserve a yeah, exactly maybe you'll the two worse things about being jewish are the anti Semitism and the brisket I love brisket. I love her skin is the resident gentile, I'm just going to abstain from this topic. For I welcome your refugees, Derek airs. I think you guys have real Brazil, but in our region ladys arbitrator, your bar for getting a little lower. Our brisket is just an abomination. Debts My mom should have been in that in that video
She married what at their own. She would a shout thrown the worst shaded these other, like my mom's, the kind of person who she goes into Starbucks and like looks at the thing a pastries and it's like my pastries- are so much more to which these look dry look very dry ok. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for today's vision. We no longer wish to continue doubts about that thou time we have left for today's edition of right and writer. Special thanks for producer Paul Turkestan and, of course, are free, beacon, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron, Harrison, Michael Goldfarb, victory, nomadic and kitty do pre, Remember, fineness, on Itunes, Google play and stick churches search for free beacon. Please subscribe. Tell your friends, and leave review. None of our beloved listeners have left edition. Review since last week, so shame on you until next
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