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Horsefaces, DNA Tests, and House Races

2018-10-16 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the group discussed Trump's new nickname, wondered how dumb Elizabeth Warren has to be to fall into Trump's trap, and picked House races to watch over the next couple of weeks.
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hello and welcome to write and writer the official package of the Washington Freed Beacon. I'm your host Elizabeth Harrington can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W F B, the freebie can pot gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a review. Join me from the right today is the editor in chief of the free beacon, Mattie gotten Eddie. You may remember him from such mainstream media shows as PBS News, our and fox and friends. You can follow him on Twitter at Continental Club. That I was further to mats right is free, Beacon President Aaron Harrison whose DNA test results reveal. He is one hundred percent American were not exactly sure
does around the office. Besides checks and that's good enough for us hello, Harrison, you ve got card to prove it up. First unripened writer present tramp set a busy day on Twitter, wondering where Attorney General Jeff Sessions is on the scam witch Hunt and celebrating the news that a federal judge dismissed defamation, love, lawsuit, against him by Stormy Daniels and ordered her to pay the present legal fees quote great. Now I can go after horse face in her third rate lawyer in the great state of Texas trouble said she will confirm the letter she sighed. She knows nothing about me, a toad. Con man. Does he have a boy? You know it's trapped with. You can't just say yes to a victory, so he of course create net, but then I
a person from cuckoo land. Like my own faith, are you? What are you calling seventy horse it? On the other hand, think about it. He tweets out this news that he has won right, though the lawsuit there he does if he had just tweeted out hey, I won the lawsuit, people would probably downplaying. Instead, he call stormy Daniels Horsefaced. And now everyone is going to talk about that, but in the course of talking about it, they're going to mention oh yeah claim was thrown out and of a naughty is now over two in all in all their resistance. People that funded her go fuck me are now paying for trumps leak of it. So I have to say you know, obviously in Cock Lamb, we dont tell our children to call people. Those names
in Amerika of twenty eighteen, its par for the course, and, I would just say, may actually help Trump and his messaging wars. Harrison MSNBC was, concerned that all the suburban women would be very turned off because they identify so much with the porn star Well, I'm sure they're very concerned at this one, because you know they spent about three weeks talking about trumps Dixon S right so here we have just started at raising our resell. It like this is a look in trumps. America in Real America in America that actually stands up for itself has a backbone. When you get punched, you punch back and you punch back harder in new punch back to win, you punch back to end the fight is on a roll right now. Let me tell you what we Well, he's gone, Stormy Daniels horse face, he has taken back and he has spoken
football. Anybody, watches college football and felt that's what people actually want. It's the authorities, the powers that be hate, the celebrations they punish celebrations, but the fans Lovett they want the touchdown dance. They want the football spike in your face of a knotty. Take that you loser. Ok up next Pocahontas the bad versions elicited a dna tests and apparently thought it was a good idea to release the results which found the vast majority of Elizabeth warns. Ancestry is european, but there may have been a native American in her family tree in the range of six to ten generations ago. That makes more and either one sixty. Fourth, american Indian
or one one thousand, twenty fourth Merrick, and indeed in technical terms, she's whiter than white worn seems to think this puts. The issue to bed, however, doesn't really answer how having less than its a tenth per of indian blood, which is less than the average White American, has, would prompter to list herself as Cherokee on Powwow Chow Recipe stole. From the New York Times or to identify herself is Harvard laws. First, women of Color Harrison Welfare, shameless cultural appropriation ever and it will not sheep somehow believes of one. One thousandth of per citizen per cent right, one one wires and one for setting one plenty for north of a percentage right. We can even partly that's not bad well. Number is less than five percent reward. And I have consulted a couple of geneticists on this, and they actually in
for me that the dna samples that were used by the twenty three in me, but doktor, genetic ology from Stanford or wherever the hell this is doctor loose on Davis front Don't even have any native American DNA Comparative they out, the closer you like, like a bit of young Mexicana, Lou, her some other stuff that they have, and they just say, hey Willie call it native American, and I think that was a have reason I would just interrupt their did- have reason to think that right, what's areas more mixture, without even having if we want to get into the nitty gritty. Here I mean she's. Actually you know one one thousand and twenty fourth Peruvian
Ok, so I don't know what your problem is with any rule has been got away from her, and you know you you can't I just I just. I guess that in college admission processes and in the affirmative action world than Elizabeth worn with spawned from it just the probably reward native Americans, because there are so few of them a little heavier than they do the Peruvians Hispanics out there. So I dont think that Elizabeth WAR is going to get away from it controversy, she's embraced it, but she did it have really haphazard way. This was a self owning of epic proportions that I dont think Donald Trump. Going to forget any time soon. If anything she has cemented her reputation is Pocahontas or folk, a harness, the fake, fake indian out there I mean go in study everybody's dna in this country- I wouldn't guarantee that ninety nine or ninety five percent of the population has one one thousand of native American, while the average they said has more rest
twice arab world, and not only that, but you have you know are more concerned about the fact that, like Elizabeth, worn she's, as you know, this was ten generate. Ago, what what's with the gender wit, what what's with the genetic purification over the Pre Nine generations had happened after that. Why is your family so races that they love heritage? Where are the rest of the Indians warlords and more inner inbreeding? Instead of this blonde hair, blue eyed woman from Massachusetts from Oklahoma we live in Matthews. Well, What I want you leave and sell out to the northeast liberal, northeast, vague Oklahoma, should expel her she's valve ocean like she comes back
and she visits that. I guarantee you that's the last time she sets foot local home over the next thirty years. What did you notice how they had? So what was so fascinated me about this whole thing, and it really is fastened view watch the movie. There are these scenes which come out of a very typical bio film for a presidential candidate, and it's her kind of hanging around the family room with her older brothers rat. Three older brothers are all registered Republicans and are all these great grizzled, mere middle american types and drinking beer, and if it is just that, like oh wow, Warren has a chance to connect with middle American makes minarets. Instead, though, it's this wrapped into this psycho drama involving her that the family basic myth, which, by the way, could very well be true that somewhere in the distant past, there was somebody who was Part Cherokee and married in the family, encountered resistance
That's, ok! So that's a whole other thing: that's fine! It's an interesting family story, but then it becomes inter cut with Trump who occupies about half of this five minute film. Making people laugh by calling or poker high funny as parts of the video are, when its Fox NEWS Enshroud bright, making fun of her eye and then then cutting to her shocked aghast face by the way she has been alive. Over the last three She is aware, as anybody else how american politics works today, her shocked facing trunk can't take away. My american Indian Herod well hold it yet. You know if you had one relative in the distant past movement that something, but the controversy started because seem I d
five herself as american indian- as am I nor any and she's? Clearly not you not in it, so that so what has happened here just to conclude, is that, once again, a candidate has fallen into the mould which Donald Trump creates for them through his nicknames and use these see it again and again, we sought throughout the republican primary twenty. Sixteen we sought with crooked Hilary in the general election, he's now doing it on the twenty twenty Democrats, crazy, Bernie and Poker. Harnessing you see is both of them are starting to Canada, basically take some real dense in their armour politically. So the question is: is he gonna be able to keep it up? Is he gonna be able to continue to define?
all the other Democrats were proliferating to run into what that's that's. The genius of the trunk Pratt falls that he sets is that he gets these people to play out of their professional guessing hoary. Did it for himself right what trample just come with shrunken Sparta? ok. I don't think so. You haven't said anything about calmly, but this goes back to the primary and we think about low market like when will mark or decided that he had to rebuild himself as a lighter. Gee tat. He got out their unembarrassed them sign tat once your Bush wanted to that he wasn't low energy and started hop around like it? It's just highlighted. I want you was in her eyes and my wife no right
the next stage, because tromp is a purely when it comes to this stuff, and it's like the next stage. Is you either highlight or yelling the face? This highlight reels from the debates are so amazed he's doing it, and I watched him what area and in all opponents on one, and this is why I think that he is going to be favoured to win in twenty twenty, because the democratic field is so huge. She only where you're going to get any of attention, is to do out landers we're here, a tramp tramp. You can't outcrop drop and when you do you in the burning yourselves crazed hurried up next we're just twenty one days away from Dick last. Twenty thousand and eighteen and races are heating up across the country, Harrison what House race or you watching Right now, I have actually watching the resilience of the indicted members of Congress early elections fight. If you want to talk about a bellwether for Dick lashed twenty two, twenty eight ten, you gotta to San Diego and you gotta looked upstate New Yorkers Collins up. There is a deep problem with insider trading.
He is still fighting. He stopped probably gonna win Duncan hotter I've never seen a guy like a pig indictment. The way he has an fight back in the most vicious men are possible, but I respect this is what voters like they want a fighter in Congress. I dont want somebody who's, gonna roll over and played dead and say so For this, I'm sorry for that pushed me around lives with all these fake investigations. All these all these fake prosecution. That are gonna, be going on in Congress of the Democrats when, when I meet look, this is if those guys hang on, if
Scumbags hanging get. That is designed to note the wicked. Now I mean they're, both pretty republic. It illustrates backfire. Harrison's totally right in a typical, responsive, be out to resign, go away and shame and probably actually see a lot of ground in both of those districts to ever the Democrats are there both really fighting and fighting to the nail and pretty effectively hunter more than Collins. I think hunters limit safer, my races, Virginia seven. It is Richmond suburbs kind of call Pepper Virginia in Europe or in the Orange Virginia around near, were mayan parts of parts of it
is anyway near my parents resign. This is a district day brought the tea party. Fabulous. Jakarta was our first haitian of what was coming when he up said Eric cantering, twenty fourteen. I he wanted twenty sixteen by fifteen points, but he ran ahead of Trump, who only one the district by six and a half points now he's in basically a toss up race against a Allison spam burger whose former CIA, employee and he'll be real indicator about how far the Democrats go in gaining if they pick up the sea, which is a pretty republican, see right now, it's time for our pop culture, update with pop culture, expert, Natalie jobs, annual Natalie, hello s when you get for us first, lady Millennia Tramp told ABC News over the weekend that she was sending a message to the media when she worthy. Now I can't
I really dont care. Do you jacket to the southern border, which I feel like we got correct on writing writer. I feel it that's what Matt said it was. It was wet, Matt, an Harrison roles that idea yet ass. I I dont know always ahead of the curve, as are the american people results, we have to give ourselves credit, because no one else I'd I'd, like artillery fans molly- was heavily criticised by the media for wearing the jacket to visit migrant children who had been separated from their parents Maloney a totally. We see that we can. It was meant to troll reporters who she sad, pay too much attention to what she wears. You see again there right there and they fall into the trap. They got up of Sea Maloney trolls just ass, well ass, her husband, he dies. She set her pointless, prevent because the media That is a job it before she even got off the return flight around the trip to the southern border, and so she don't she did a great job. Trolling. Madam, I noticed the skyrocketing approval ratings for the first lady, tackling those outfits.
In Africa. I want to add another no on this jacket, because it also made news in the rap community tee. I has come out with a video clip teasing anew music video. Of a Maloney I'll look alike. Who is it stripper wearing nothing bite this. I really dont care. Do you jacket? So it's pretty degrading. Yet Europe greater feminists on yeah, I don't know, I don't know. I don't like no matter who you are. I don't think that you should support the degradation, especially of our first lady, like that by changing the most bullied one world every guy. He asked worries for common didn't think, have not asked our faith for common at next. We have area Gandhi and comedian. Pete Davidson have called off their engagement,
they got engaged in June, just after a few weeks of dating. So this, as you know, comes as a huge supply who did so they were engaged longer than they were dating, at least yes here, posed to her with a one hundred thousand dollar ring, which she has reportedly return, but she will be keeping their tea cup pig that they adopted together. What a what Teacup pig? It's a thing! It's like! pygmy pig super small like a little baby peg, you can put your purse pet pig what kind of awkward, whereas we I didn't notice, but Davidson actually got a tattoo of the pig on his tortillas weirdo oh yeah, you anyway has an analogy is, and I quote actor and quote comedian on us and also she probably saw the first couple. Episodes them. Wait a season and was tat time to sell on this one. Yes,
so teams years reporting that the breaking point of their relationship was the death of Orianas former boyfriend Robber meet MAC Miller, who died last month after an apparent drug overdose, Kay add on happier couple Kensington Parallel fives, not irish resistant airlines is too favorite top. That's news. When I didn't see and the royal part of that aid Kensington palates announced over the weekend that Megan Merkel and Prince Harry are expecting a baby. Do this coming spring, which would have been Happy NEWS. Had critics not pointed out that the announcement was made on international pregnancy and infant loss, remembrance, TAT one? This is a thing apparently I look up when the UK and in the U S it is a day to. Member infants that have been lost soon after pregnancy or women who cannot get pregnant people
giving them for they so gathering allow are, they say, deliver a lot and a lot of people took to twitter, criticising them. Insensitive agreed that begins lying oil people literally anyway. I will tell you that there today is somewhat the five different days. There is about love, they call on the radio way in, and I think people should be there's no way if they did they, they die There is actually a member of the Uk Parliament who has lost an infant son and he defended the couple saying that that Kensington Palace clearly did not know that this was the day, I'm in it, and he said he said you know kind of stuff. It was made on this day, but at least now it's getting recognition that it would not have gone just like your trumped. We get
exactly what I am. I did look up the line or what order the baby will be, that a half american royal baby will be seven in line for the throne right behind his or her father, prints Harry. So the? U S is getting that much closer cooperation, the crown area, Zack events, some remind the we ve got arguably a better chance than Elizabeth warns, offspring. Had it been determined to be native american art Natalie. Thank you. So much for this must update up first in our culture around the iconic retailer Sears filed for bankruptcy protection Monday, and it will close another hundred and forty two stores now attempt to keep sears in business. The news brought back fond memories
This year's catalogue for customers who told CNN they haven't shop there in a while at www this year. No, we bought a washing machine there. The apple years ago found the store very depressing, no exhibit empty. I don't know what it was. It wasn't the most pleasant experience. This is creative distress at. I was just thinking about my differing responses right, so in toys arrest went. I did feel this pang of nostalgia, whereas with serious like I'm, not batting an eye Obviously the employees will go elsewhere that there's plenty of other places to get all these things, and I'm wondering why that wasn't why the difference was, and it may just be selfishness. I like toys, more than I like heavy appliances right at all. What kind of university? How happy all personal personal interest affects our views of of economics right. It's not good news when you have to
playwright wager order, I am borders, was liquidated. I was like you know, depressed yeah. We're going around our everything's but but with Sears, some like, but the method failures. But I think this is a terrible moment for Japan of Amazon, because Sears was the Amazon of the twentieth century, and it just proves that nothing is ever permanent. We had a web of these fears of the twenty first century, but because I'm sorry, Amazon is a series of the twenty first, so that a twenty second century right, how we're gonna do to chips in our heads. I think that with Who knows I mean Alexa is
or a lecture loneliness tagging wriggling. For us I mean we would gain a stickler when Alexa. Finally look, I haven't I like that, and I love it when a lecture you didn't elects a finally made it with the robot and I are going to survive nobody. Nobody gets your house, you that all the person you can save Us President drop in the space of us. It is when electing mates with the robots from Boston Dynamics. It's over. It's happening, yeah, you're, gonna, seduces, with sex robot brothels that there are now popping up all over Europe. They're gonna get what the Boston Dynamics Terminator an election
and if you like the whole Skynet operation, that's that's going to our castrate destruction and probably take over the message universe. Where, once that you're saying this serious bankruptcy takes us one step closer to robust, nobody believes the house anymore. He's gotta stay ahead of the game. That's really the lesson here. Look seriousness of what does is a kind of blue my mind about Sears is like it used to be just so all encompassing I actually couple years ago, actually toward it open house that was a seer. Is delivered house like back in the day, and I won you could order through this year's catalogue and- wouldn't you say, It doesn't show up like pre made, is not you. Ve been advocated has Give you all the way to build a house in their like you're. Goes your house, that's when America, when that Eleazer that's what I'm talking about, Sir celebrated we may we may have to get back to that.
If I ever gonna be able to survive into the twenty four twenty second century right next millennials have killed again this time. The victim is american cheese. Bloomberg reports, as America's food outlets are abandoning the century old american staple Wendy's, is offering us Jago Mcdonald's, removed, artificial preservatives from the American on the big MAC and sales of all process cheese or on the decline, but none so much as American, made famous by the greatest generation devoured by boomers on the go. The love object of Jan acts, but not with millennials, who prefer overpriced cheeses. They can't afford or pronounce Harrison. Why did they hate America? It's pretty simple? They were is to hit America is not their fault made in the true sense of colonialism. Is it you can't ever take self responsibility, blame other people. So I blame the guy blame the boomers, like a mere lady assume I do like American she's, but biggest American she's aficionado is not here? Did a Goldfarb loves that stuff? It's literally
the only person I know who actually goes out of his way to order it a restaurant you like he will. He would order PETE. I now minority are an area that acts as its attack is out to go. Not I think there are certain instances where American chooses far superior to any other alternative in the China grilled cheese is with the magazines and urged him is better on Mcdonald's, breakfast sandwiches and ethic. America's is actually a really good little he's a deal in the microwave. I think, there's, like you, know the mix Papua New Guinea, where it might be a little catch up on top. He added I Angela there what is in your Harrison Microwave CASE, India, wages, just two tortures and turn of American she's, its iron any put catch up? No not yet you I just turn, but that you did that in some to steal salts and you get yourself in American made snack man. An arrogant, Harrison said.
I do think it's funny, but so it's millennials or against the preservatives. You gotta help me they like the process called American yeah. I mean that are the main, that's probably the bread, but I don't really have much. I'm a shudder. Guy are finally West wing fans are quote trying to figure out. What's next, as fans gathered for three day convention in America, Bethesda Washingtonian reports, lonely, empathetic fence, other two reminisce about the fictional president. You famously walked and talk around the White House. Reading errand Sorkin insufferable, idealistic vision of liberal governance at one point, the so called crowd of wing nuts wearing resist and nevertheless she persisted tee shirts hummed. The theme song allowed in Unison, Harrison
ever heard of anything. So sad, Heavens, gate where this ends up diving wished. It ended up we're we're probably a stronger place. What the hell are we doing talking about a showed spin off your fifteen years. They are called yeah. I'm reprint, how bigger how many people were Mary, and I saw my story- data still recall in literally, I think, the last ten days of the election in twenty. Sixteen, the cast of the West Wing, held a rally with Hillary Clinton in this was advertised and I innocently on Twitter said. Maybe this isn't the best way to reach out a key democratic demographics of young people. People of color in my mentions were, shall lacked any slide away. A wing nice has you guys hungry wing that must win. That's how Jack the eye?
After an hour, you catch long called out like a slimy right when they say that they were the social justice MOB, though that well that's you know what that's actually, what we're dealing with here and to twenty eight teen is at the very intelligent strategist friend of mine. Again in brand Baker came out with this great quoted this election and twenty eight team is actually again about mobs or jobs which one do you want to get like what the jobs I'm on team jobs. I'm on a moment, I'm on team results are not a team resistance threatening. Can the West Wing MOB B Well, it's gonna look excited it's a microcosm of the entire movement. I mean they they the whole show was. This idea was dick, very positive for thinking. I've never seen it's a fantasy land of armament. Did Obama tried to emulate what we had. That president. I it's over because the actual and ale the show was actually what the Clinton illustration could have been
actually kind of a troll on the continent. Misery because Clinton registration, which dyslexic as this trash heap, a perversion and chaos in like this. This one was actually about vision and forward thinking, like Obama emulated. The entire campaign based on that show, and it failed just like the show is they're both more shows cancelled and social bombers legacy through ok, unfortunately, there all the time As for today's edition of right right here, we have to go see other showing of Democrats I wanted to live, and so we need a runs out in leaner category c that person. So that's all I'd like to give special thanks for user of the board, of course, are free. We can guess magic, Eddie, earners and Anatomy Johnson remember Fund is on Itunes, Google play in stature to search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a puzzle review like listener, simply lemonade. He says I can't believe doses of vital.
J. This strong are available without a prescription until next time.
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