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Impeachment, 2020’s Anthony Weiner, and a Rough Week for Milfs

2019-12-05 | 🔗
The gang discusses the latest impeachment hearings, how Hunter Biden is following in Anthony Weiner's footsteps, and the sad persistence of discrimination against hot moms. This episode is brought to you by <em>The Spectator</em>, the longest-running magazine in the English language.
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The programme that you're about to hear contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener discretion is advised, but good, make my dear. Why hello and welcome to write and writer the official pon cast of the Washington Free Beacon, sponsored by the spectator, it sort of weird one publication sponsoring another Spock ass, but I like it. We are back from our Thanksgiving Break and
more than ever. I'm your host Aliona Johnson, editor in chief of the Washington Free Beacon, and you can follow me on twitter at Aliona. Why Johnson, the free beacon podcast is available on Itunes, Google play and sticker. Please subscribe. Tell your friends and leave a positive view joining me from the right today is free, beacon, founding editor Matthew, continuity. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets. The New York Times Fox NEWS is special report and blogging ads. You can follow him on twitter at continuity, hello, Matt. Early on, and I too am surprised that a publication would have enough money to sponsor another publication. That, to me, is. Confusing the work rate of around five, where the great hateful and happy and be clear, we're great. Yet employee share your secrets. It addition here sponsorship about how one obtains the revenues that a name,
one to sponsor other part gas. We welcome with open arms further to match right is free, beacon, president, an orange theory customer Aaron Harrison. We don't know what he does around the office. We spend so much time at or theory, but he signed the Czechs and that's good enough for us. Tired for theory that he could barely get the words out exhausted retiring area, intense high intensity work out. Only Maggie types allowed business, high testosterone class tat is what they offered for thirty, especially where you go at its does line of like semi retired Maclean Momsey up yeah well, but you can use that bad bad acronym,
Our returning to the programme is the chairman of the free weaken Michael, go far international mad of mystery, unlicensed Republican Could Sultan. We also learned this week that he was once a connoisseur of white suits, as a young man key always gives our paneless online Hella go far. I've still got a dinner jacket, extra rock nothing up. First, the public impeachment hearings entered a new phase on Wednesday. When Democrats on the house, Judiciary Committee brought three law professors forward for several hours of public testimony that made first the lady Television, the scholars, debated the constitutional merits of impeachment, with the three Democrats arguing that president await, I mean neutral, learnt skull
is arguing the aspects that President Donald Trump has clearly abused. His power and one expert witness arguing that the Democrats are rushing the process and simply having proved their case. Twelve hours later, how Speaker Nancy Policy announced that the house would be in drafting articles of impeachment telling reporters that she is incredibly sad about this, but simply feels she has no choice. Where do we stand after two months of impeachment, good or bad? For the Democrats, my big take away from the hearing was. I would never want to be in a class with Professor Karla. I don't think that would that would be, oil and water. I our daily work out the good thing. I decided not to go to law school and stuck with journalism.
Were where we thought we would always be, which is the house's kind of steaming ahead for holding up what will be a party line vote to impeach Trump and then a move to the Senate. If they are lucky it'll be a party lifter like you right against it, I mean it's certainly be party line on the part of Republicans. I don't. I don't dared Naga me, no Republicans. As far as I can tell who were going to vote to impeach, but there may be, as you point out a few Democrats who decide that some, the articles aren't worth it? You know it's funny how this debate there having right now about whether to include new articles related to Mahler. That might give some moderates away out of having to vote for all of the articles so that they only new vote for two and vote against, say the mullah related ones, and then they can go to their constituents and say well, I'm a reasonable person. I did vote for all of the articles impeachment Harrison I hear you spent.
At a time coaching democratic, witness, PAMELA Carlin for yesterday's hearing. How do you think she held up while she was a combative as I was so as as I would hope she would be my pictures throwing more dirt on by the minute onto the grave of the Democrats of Edith. This was horrible for them. You got this nasty old people out there. Just just being egregiously mean The whole thing with her bringing a barren trump because she thought I guess democratic Control the? U S, house, let's any liver, professor come in and think that they're just like in the car you know in the faculty, lounge Kanjuji fuck it up with whatever off color joked. They want a pleasant even and I was just weird it would we eatable resident can name his sunburn, but can't make burnt, who who says he can
Clever report I mean no one says that he can. This is the problem of professors. Writ large is that they are not fit for normal society, so they are kept in these tenured positions. So they keep you away from like that. More populous because they can't function right settled at EU level that that's like. Oh you know. I have actually I'm sorry. It's idiom area Yakima, you created a new word by combining idiom, an axiom, yeah, Listen: I've been taking these doktor Gorka fish pills, editor my dream at your mind. I could give many words new powers. I didn't know. I had three that it is there that work out, so I went out and if we allow somewhere man out, it's that brought here is how awkward yeah yeah yeah you get the mental acuity that is necessary to pursue, through the most difficult portions of your high intensity worker docked. Gorka. Thank you. Your next infomercial, but it with the phrase I was going to bring up as those who can do those who cannot teach
As we saw yesterday. She kid you much of either she was on a Supreme court list, I course. She won't remember, along with, like Neil Copy, all that we can create a young lawyer, she's not going to be on anyone's list. If the Democrats, when we talk about judicial temper, more like judicial in our target will grow our chooses the mass of you blowsy. She shy I just I had. The same reaction is mad that, oh, my god, if I was in a classroom with this woman, is your worst nightmare. She was just just painful to listen to and actually thought me gates got the better of her in that exchange, and there was like this rift out there that you know what would you like Middle America? Were women? and when they see this, but I mean that's like She was trying to provoke a hostile reaction. All days, talent, congressmen, she's insulted by them and so
strident and like you're supposed to be up there just being an expert and like trying to give a clean view of sound and then she was like it is. My first amendment right to respect like no, it's actually not your first memoranda up whenever you want. We have like a tear his owner. I don't wanna be syndrome. Yet totally you know, like Fiona Hall was not smart. Will that that might work in France or just not pictures, also active british accent, which always gives you extra points in these in these settings, but fairly now the owner, who was very expert, was able to kind of throw back, but not a way, not in the way that quite Christine lousy forward, but would like no grope appeal to slacken. Just a net. All day said nasty woman, you shocked, fall. That's! Ok! Moving up next come over here this week, what we ve
known for a long time. She won't make it to the ILO Caucasus. The California senator told supporters she is out of money, are Ip Camilla. More importantly, Harris's debate you're from the race has one of her competitors. New Jersey, Senator Corey Booker concerned that the Democrats who have qualified for the debate later this month will exhibit quote no diversity whatsoever. Those Democrats are Tom's dire. Elizabeth, worn, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, PETE Buddha Judge and Amy closure depends on how you define diversity, a guess, firm. It isn't Michael Bennett, storeroom not fall by further is the limit. While a five hour debate in a while. I thought they were always eyes. The big questionnaires sewed Yang, hasn't qualified, yet no yoyo either is to see a we If those numbers up yet again called call all the hotlines goes beyond owners. Small donor, looking at you,
so Matt. Where are we heading into the six democratic debate later this month? I didn't know that women not does encounters diversity of no value. But which are made it yeah closer more and will be the two female Canada's there. The tvs, Prego look like I think bindings in a great play, ignore you think of violence in a great place, and then, just before we record this progress, this video clip of him. I think that vote I am sure, a loser at a liar that challenging him to an both than I q and a push up cut as you like, God bided so revitalize is saying something happening? Ninety! Seventy six yeah right, I mean like fifty as long as Biden as out of the spotlight. He is good as new
This is so true of so many politicians are better off when there were no one is paying attention to them and with binding as soon as he gets into that spotlight. You're just reminded of ours flaws nevertheless, does not mean you see any change in the race with cameras departure. My big take away was Medicare for all. Is a campaign killer? My call this week? I just think I think their brutal when these progressive think that Medicare for all eagerly guys matches, gave you sneak Peter alone. That's what we're that's, why you listen to the pond cashier in that sense of three match for us. Finally, to start charging for the subscription. I get the preview the so she and war in both made the mistake of thinking that Medicare for all was way the future they end up being chow, from the details they flood them, when they back away from Medicare for all? They look in often dishonest, so stay away once an opt in
for three years that some areas where glad she would have been, you lose that the double bind, because you lose both to the actual socialists in the Democratic Party in Germany. By kind of you know capitulating to the forces action, but you also lose the people who think that you're being a forthright an authentic by standing up for Medicare for all, and so it's just clear that the safer option- and it is the one that Biden about Adjudge taken, which is just pretend you know that, therefore a public option that would include a Medicare by an Harrison. What do you think it is filled which looks to me like whiteness, manifest well fed? You say some sound? Well, it's been a good week for white people on the Democratic Party had say, but that's a real problem for the candidates actually running, because your yours here this phrase is well you're. Wants these vote
get to know the candidates better, though I don't like him. Well, that seems to be the opposite in the entire democratic feel. Like the more you get to know more, you get to see these people, the law You want, you less, the less. You think that their capable of running our of of executing the office present United States. It is caught embarrassing. Biden is still out there saying that he needs to be introduced to the people of Ireland is run for president the state of I three different times: not only but he was a vice president on lived with the other time, are all six feet. Under his he's. Got entities is under the new minutes really kind of pathetic. Can we look? Look yes, whose numbers are stable? Yes, using the topping up to boot using the term. Three and basically every Paul, but his numbers also aren't going up that. That's the thing. I think it is the biggest. Hell that there is still a weakness for the candidacy of your body
the more they get none the less. They seem to believe that he's going to be the press, which is, which is why I think, like it, habitable. That worn will have some kind of bounced back. I mean she's been she's been badly is everything. That's theory is, is very credible that you know that was a huge part of what did Kemal and how flip she was about it unlike the evasiveness, with worn it just fed. Into all this, both about the indian stuff, the lying about her prey. And see lying about her kid you're, a public school, so She has like I'm a genuine authenticity problem, on the other hand there like nobody else, and I just think they're gonna, like there's like inevitable there's another moment where people going. Combined and his eyeballs going to explode on stage her arms fall off for Somethin, Anne and they're gonna say: will what choice do we have Buddha judge can't possibly win We know it in their bones: it's not viable
and so, where does that leave you all in or a burning most popular? candidate amongst college students it could have been analysing out and out on this, you look at the poles from twenty sixteen and in a lot of the second choice. Voter are the first choice, lot of voters who voted for Trop and Hilary was actually Bernie, but you know, just remember the rules that right now, a cholera points out in his calm today that right now the three Canada's three candidates would get die. A delicate said. I were because this was soon as you meet a fifteen percent told you start getting delegates, and then you have a scenario where Island New Hampshire, South Carolina, not Nevada, go I've got a different candidates right because, if booted YO, Budapest even say if Buddhist sweeps eye when New Hampshire he's gonna hit a wall and South Carolina owning anyone doubts that they don't want to talk to Africa,
voters down their heard- that one that one wealth they will see were highly one never happens. Is whether Democrats are ready for Hilary again still ready, still waiting she can get in at any minute. Watch up up. Next, the Washington Post,
profiles noted anti semite Valerie blame the peace included, informative nuggets such as the fact that plane looks quote astoundingly good at fifty six as if the high altitude desert air has preserved her skin. Since the day she arrived here twelve years ago, it goes on on planes left ring finger. Is a beautiful emerald engagement ring, it's not. The one Wilson gave her. It's the one her dad gave to her mom not mentioned in the twenty nine hundred word. Peace are the series of anti semitic tweets blasted from claims twitter account two years ago, when she sent out an article titled, America's Jews are driving America's wars, a move she defended, arguing that quote many neo con hawks are jewish eventually plain was forced retract those tweets
Helping the wrapped followers of her twitter account that she hadn't had time to examine the stories closely enough because she was moving MIKE. I mean I was after she told people who are saying to her. This was anti semitic and she was like no no read the whole thing you gotta revolver had better get the whole picture here that that's Where was somethin, not a very critical look, at. I want one of those profiles. Everybody wants one of those profiles. She does look ok, but then they show the pictures of her standing next to was a Naomi walked. I thought the same thing. I was like all I do not want to picture myself near. We start damned like no one now me watch like drank the wrong grail. You know and that's that have you seen the the photos of that of like Charlie's thereon and Margaret rose Robbie for the M than you fought for the few fire this comes out. What you're talking about is is there to like they're all portraying extremely attractive.
And yet there is so much for even more attractive than they very attractive women there. It's amazing like move out, or maybe great she still looks great- I'm not trying to take anything away from the fact that she looks great, but I feel like some cheap as a fact. She will never look as good as she didn't move a Wall Street and, like I always on that level jarring. Now nobody also get really good and once upon a time in Hollywood, I just saw that she's beautiful down, maybe there's something about the perversity decadence of that film that appeal to you. It was sexual ized role, you're talking about a great role in any case fact, Valerie blame. I mean- I guess she could be when this thing it's kind of frightening- that she like leads in the money chase and Anne. She gets all this. No profile, but I don't know if I was running. The campaign is like an glossy, like style section in right up in the washing imposed like what are they doing today,
anything in New Mexico, or is it just all like trying to cater to her? Like you know, Andrea Mitchell, type, friends in D C, literally, do anything New Mexico pretty I hope that we can write. Ada Wilson died, rabies, he's dead, he's dead and so is Jeffrey Epstein. He was always a large new Mexico property owner. That's interesting connection there, you think, they're my belief that you might be a connection with you like? No, they don't do anything in New Mexico, like they do a lot of UNESCO. Ok before our legal update, a quick word from our sponsor the spectator, which is launching in America for those of you that don't know the spectator, it's the longest running magazine in the english language, having been published in the UK for a hundred ninety one years, and now it's getting ready to launch it's. U S edition If you sign up now, you'll get to take advantage of these special Christmas offer. Just seventy nine dollars for an annual subscription will that's how they make money. Matt, plus you'll, get
a free Amazon gift card worth twenty dollars, dont know what to get the person who has everything the spectator makes a great gift, just go to spectator dot? U S, Backslash holiday and use offer code, W F, B, that spectator dot? U S backslash holiday and use offer code, W F, B, We go now to our legal correspondent victory. No man VIC, I hear you have, Hunter Biden related NEWS for yes, hello, Ellie, yawn of a hunter is now the hunted, as I mentioned in the last show London Alexis Roberts was able to prove by means of a dna test that hundred widens the father to a recently born infant baby. Dough hunters not contesting the results making him in good terms, as I mentioned, the acknowledged father, which really puts London Alexis in the pole position: she's ass, four hundred to pay her eleven thousand dollars and legal fees, but more important child support based on the lifestyle of the father. What does
mean we may, actually never know hundred filed. Effective last week to stop the release of its financial records to the public, a core. To the lawyer. Those personal rights could be used in a quote in a Praetor, malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with proceedings. Frankly, I think Subserve I mean what does he think we're gonna do make jokes about him: spending money on structures, students and cocaine. I mean you know where a very classy operation. We would never do that, on Tuesday. The that cancer ruled that both sides have to provide the acid, if a financial means for the last five years Little we know is that London, Alexis works and some capacity for her family and that is below minimum wage, in other words sheep. He doesn't have a lot of money, but claims he doesn't have a lot of money either. He says he when he either. He says he owes large amounts to his ex wife. Kathleen they'd have worsened twenty seventeen and is unemployed,
but I saw that interview on ABC with hunger in the kitchen at a nice kitchen when those fancy cream- full italian marble, I marble islands, I like I have- I would envy I want that island, so I'm not buying it the judge he wants off actual records in the last five years, including money. This is EC, important money received as gifts. That would apply two hundred and then also bonus. Also tips and gratuities that could apply to London. Alexis. She was an exotic dancer. Although London Alexis is not her stripper name, you know what the stripper name is. No, it was a Dallas and she were, at the Empire Club on ELM street. You guys know the empire club on ELM Street right. No idea which are you mad? It's down the street from you can walk data Lodge. They got a roast beef special, ok the next year and will be on January. Seven states whom I have a legal question. Yes, yes, man, I I so I thought that Hunter was still on was still on the board. That's not
did he take heed and eleven only lonely. He had our good. Thank you for your clear funds. Got no money, he's got. No money are no money, no problem. I mean this poor kid honestly that can be done unlike binds not gonna, do anything Grandaddy Guide and not merely embrace ramp large pieces. This is actually going to turn into a liability for him at some point, disagrees and people gotta, look up and say your fingering kid disagree. This burnish is Joe Biden Pro choice. Bonafide like you look it Biden here and he clearly wanted this baby aborted when it could have been an so you and so how you appeal to the far left of the Democratic Party, all those ones that are thinking that he might be a little too squishy little moderate, Biden is sitting here say? Listen, I wanted her to abort this thing and
out there it is, is derelict. Son disobeying is orders yet again if Joe Biden embraces em and learn to love this new grandchild of his like what second to do his credentials on the street in democratic problem. Is he can't answer question about Hunter and that was shown and that was shown in that were furious. He gets fury. That does not work. You have to say something beyond that. You say things on the up and up you know, my son is had a difficult upbringing, The periodic deal was a perfectly well. A lot of people are saying that it was the most perfect. You crazy that strategy. A perfect, yet perfect, deal my rehearsal these river is full effect news and I, Never never in my life, never never by my life news out their right to see if he did what he did that, but even that the
the strategy right now. You just gets gets angry again. Combated defended a man because he knows that Hunter is a p. It's is that their re, like that's when you get angry that bad Literally though, the way treated this vote or I dont care, though in New Hampshire guy, ask you hey, I d. Sorry, I heard that you got your son, a job and he just lashes at the voting. You'll see the immediate. You know what the mainstream is out there d- probably, although not right now they don't say a sizeable resident. I learned in twenty six. I agree, don't I agree, but you're going to watch them circle What are its on this on this specific can really? How dare you go? Actors, kid that's another say and how bout that you'll find for standing up for his son in Berlin in this shot down your line, we did not cry. You did not talk about the children right now, it's exactly the fifty year old children, if I use go back to also to the the lifestyle, the Father, the lifestyle of the father,
which, like last, we checked, is living with a homeless woman and smoking crack the intellect, Condo, always nine without sound battle again with the south african jewish women, usually wife has new twenty six year old wives, like an influenza, was after a key that was, after he broke up with the bomb that he was living within. The crack house trap Housing Santa Monica so that. A huge history of honor Biden here that needs to be really thoroughly investigated, but the real question here, Joe Biden, I'd like to see one of our intrepid brave. You know: heroes in the media Ask Joe Biden, which is if the Biden family is oriented, Joe it is not for sale than wires, his brother and his son. Why are they multimillionaires? If it is not for sale how the hell did his his unqualified son in and con artist brother get to be so rich but nobody asked this question. Ok you're because
your body sort of himself. Your reasoning was thrown on the bereavement board was because he was related to Joe Biden. That's I would venture to say that an honest answer to how he's earned a single every single penny in his life goes back to that, the only reason is that, without that that cash is because he's related jobs out violence always threatening to get into a fistfight. We trump watching this video today, maybe thank you could actually be like watching irish charge. He could charge troika, he could charge Trump during one of the debates next year. You really could the way he get its attic and you all the points it Harrison's making trump we'll make at length so even the media gate, keeping isn't gonna work has Trump is doing it and they can't control him so would have been better Biden. Is the best part of this campaign, so he's that he's twenty? Twenty other you already it now. These events key has is trying to block the Ukrainian Parliament, which has voted to open the investigation into bereavement. The story,
won't go away the story that will continue to halt this campaign like an albatross. He is the twenty twenty. We know he's a twenty twenty Clinton emails, but we want something: Pierre, ok, we go now to pop pop culture. Expert kitty. Do free kitty, hello, everyone, their continent, stables in America like Dolly Part and having huge, fake boobs old, faithfully, wrapping Yellowstone and Valiant and Willie Nelson Smoking Weed turns out Williams here for a good time and trying to be here for a long time. The Mary, Jane, loving singer, gave quite a scared to the cannabis communities stating he no longer smokes the ganja the long time talkers that the reason being he has done some damage to his lungs and can't breathe as good as used to after shocking everywhere. This statement,
We clarified as words like a politician and said that he still gets high, but he doesn't smoke the actual flower anymore. So with all that sad, I feel it. Everyone should know that if your with Willie Nelson, the gummy bears are actually special gummy bears so at least some things are changing and from one man whose grass is always green to an actor learning that not all grasses our greener, even with trends things giving is a time to reflect on what you're thankful for but at last Josh brawling complaining about an asinine situation. He literally caution and his cheeks to the wind and took a crack at the new where's, wellness, craze called Peter, name's sunning its claim to fame. That in a mere thirty seconds of sunlight on your bought hall, you will receive,
or energy revenues, energetic knowed it then you will receive in an entire day being outside, which close. I am not sure how long this scientific research has been going on, but just goes to show the sunshine. Should it be round in doesn't come out of anyone's rear end no kidding. What wasn't the apparent aim? Sunning. Wasn't that one of the class is that you took it burning, then I have a bow, and I So you minded and get burned like his dad vast you'd need where protection every sense and, lastly, the singer who once bribe sexy back, has since lost but has not been very in sync with his wife, recently singer just in timber lake, was photograph drinking and holding hands with a female co star and a night out after filming their new movie. There were rumours. Johnson was gonna, take a lighted your task, where his wife of seven years Jessica, Beale to prove his innocence. Last night, timber Lake released a statement. Crew.
River and apologizing to his family for the lapse in judgment. The couple has the pre up what they cheat clause, where the cronies, wife, would be compensated. Five hundred thousand per every infidelity hole That's a hell of a clause ray, I wouldn't even be mad for each woman or for each instance for each instance. I believe There are clear they don't line in their preen up. What cheating is so if you just holding hands and he's out there to me that to you I want my five hundred thousand dollars please and thank you and I have a picture of it. If you guys didn't see, it's not Too bad that around but I mean, if I were her I'd be mad. Who is she that some new girl, I don't even know your name- said Emily CARE, bye. She is the co star in the movie and they went out drinking after filming. For the day, I'm gonna have to acquit on the floor hundred thousand on that that is not cheating. Do you
a ring cobia Kobe Bryant style, we're. What's the clause for you know only raping women. That's that's gotta be a bit more expensive. This is a real one. One picture that is he's not holding her. He won't be going on here, love, but nothing you all the time how much of which is fond of all round her. You don't know what was good. Maybe I mean there. Definitely they don't have enough. The proof is all I'm saying I just I don't know. I feel I can state manner by four five hundred thousand dollars like a cry, some sires in their wherever I think it's the beard baseball cap looked the timber likes Roccanera women find themselves irresistible
and become irresistible than women with look, but he has hair underneath that hat where they asked. What screws me half the time is when I see a hack I gotta be had in any takes out easily. I blame you know, there's a clause, you prize bacon you out. There is the worst disappointment, totally agrees and pretty to borders. Listen! I'm here. I have five mythology licence, I'm not trying to throw shade by. I need to be with a man. Who's got some hair. Sorry, all wireless nervous understand. She walked out what several five percent of the members. Come on yet I want you to broaden the feel ass, my one thousand standards there too, I and finally in the beacon culture round up first former. Miss Ukraine is hitting back after she was banned from the Miss world. Pageant Veronica did do sank, go is suing the organizers of the pageant foreboding her after it was revealed that she'd been married and is the mother of a five year old.
Calling the pageant rules discriminatory on various grounds, including mare status and pregnancy and maternity map. You pick this topic Are you campaigning for Justice, Veronica because I read it, but the story today and immediately got my attention and she's certainly deserves the title she was awarded the title only to have revoked. We actually ethics. Because she was a on Instagram is well yes, he's going to an yes as she is, and and then they take it away. Remember because of her divorce in summer. What what I don't understand, why that is part of the rules, and I would further heard the President of the United States, right now, you, ukrainian relations are in question right, like going on. What better way and what
or appropriate way for the president who used to own a beauty pageant than to him to take Roderick aside problem in sight by the way pro women's liberation and a call for Justice Veronica to have her crown restored, could visited. Lighter ass, a full investigation, the flu admission to the Miss Universe, pageant was wasn't that his yes, you have written here that this war on what she wants to be allowed into line and think there, let's give, is universally accepted when he saw Miss Universal before, though campaign, I'm sure he's still gets Paul, he needs it. Reach out to grab this opportunity whose of rough weak from millstone. Like you knock, you look like you got a guy an absolute time of a right here in Ukraine, getting a title stripped from her that she duly earned through through that. That is like a technicality that they would rip
Round from her, yet this other Miss Jessica, Beale, just timber likes wife getting cheated on ya. We just we Talked about how Valerie play another alleged mills. Is not holding up to two movie star good looks of the past then you got this whole pellets, paleo, oh Tom. What The old, like you, got you in order to get the bite you have to be on the paleo diet, with pay but on how Europe is public, what Palatine our water, The point is that there was another hot there's, a super hot milk that starring in this pact- Palatine commercial Are you getting rag? Yeah has its other cause. It says nothing more sure kid. I mother, she's, ok, she's, a mother of two and she's like, get on the bus to work it out again in one wrote, I pass the her she's trying to feel better about herself back, ok,
nobody's dragging her across the internet for being rich and hot and improved, work on her appearance, there's nothing wrong with that people need to be defending these mills. I will go to buy grave, defending the Milsom America in the world for that matter. I will die on that issue and I'm offended by the new cycle. I just think that, like when you, what whither run your life this world, that it produces, people like Bernie Sanders and people to judge and what Lisbon worn and your butt the world. I want to live in it's what we gotta defended. Twenty one want to imagine a world with the males who doesn't. He's got one at home. He loot, stone, cold facts and finally, there is apparently such a thing: the New York Times reports as a wedding therapist, a business called I'll talk, counselling service for peace
planning, weddings was four hundred and four. I am woman, reportedly hires people to navigate wedding planning. That's your top right here this morning is planning a wedding. Why don't you go ahead way and I, as somebody planning a wedding, I am actually befuddled as to why somebody would hire one of these people are, I guess, who knows say that everyone who has planned some weddings, I will
to say is not what a marriage counselor as before when you go, acknowledge a shining out more money to these people know it said that its fur, like you know, though mother in law, and that's where Neuro Paragon Tapes far EAST, that her hearing, knowing all the other aid, will in time for another master, with some weddings, important Roper's zero need. If we were all day you don't, you know exactly what we ve learned about. Ok, unfortunately, that is all the time we have left for today's edition of right and writer. Especial thanks to our producer poker extent and, of course, are free, beacon, guess, Matthew, continuity, Aaron, Harrison, Michael Gopher victory, no Madison Kitty do pre a very diverse crowd that includes one man of color, three Jews
and two women remember and Paul find us in Itunes, yes and let's for Sis gendered man. That is not good for you, five, nine out of gas producing Finally, on Itunes, Google play in stature just search for free beacon, police subscribe, tell your front of it. What anybody do any of that after this tat, our don't leave a to starve. You like listener a listener. We shall not. Names you rights, foul language is not necessary to get the point across Wolf
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