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Invading Caravan, Russian Aggression, and Door Opening Bears

2018-11-27 | 🔗
On the latest episode of theĀ <em>Free Beacon</em> podcast, the gang talks about the migrant caravan invading the southern border, how to handle Russia's aggression, and the growing menace of door opening bears.
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The programme that you're about to hear, contains material that may be offensive to some listeners. Also, it should be taken to seriously listener. Discretion is advised, go ahead. Make my day low and welcomes the right and writer the official pockets of the Washington Free Beacon, Eimer host Elizabeth Harrington. You can follow me on Twitter ATLAS, W S, be free beacon, pot gases available on Itunes, Google play and sticker fully subscribe to your friends and leave a review during me from the right today is free, beacon,
Chief magic got ready. You may remember him from such mainstream media outlets. As empires opinion page and the daily beast volume on Twitter cotton. Eddie Huemac Heller was further to that's. Right is free beacon, President Aaron Harrison who, also looks a lot like Elvis neglect. Surely the US around the office, besides the Czechs and that's good enough for Us Harrison. Thank you for that. Fine complement, a hunk of burning La Bearded, Elvis now beard she's right now returning to the show today as the chairman of the free Beacon, Michael Goldfarb, International Nanda, mystery and licence republican consultant, he always keeps our palace in line Helical five, first on right and writer. President Trump held two rallies in Mississippi, diffused Republican Senate said it. Cindy hide Psmith before the special election. The rally into below is a triumphant display of his victory in the war on Christmas, with Trump entering throw chimney to stay up adorned with trees and stockings as fake snow,
fell from the rafters. The president praise NASA's spacecraft landing on Mars and pointed out his uncanny resemblance to Elvis I shouldn't say this you'll SAM, very conceded, because I'm not Trump said, but other blonde hair. When her is growing up, they said I looked like Elvis. Can you believe it? I always considered that a great compliment, the media is going online for Democrats MIKE s feet, but man. Why don't? They want to see the first woman elected to Congress from Mississippi? You know if we get one thing out of the Trump administration. It's it's gonna, be that we saved Christmas. Yeah, you know I was viewed if it was a beautiful display and we don't have time to cover. Maloney is decorations the day, but what maybe later in the week, when talk about the red trees, a realistic anyway, so yourself therefore, maybe eight years will look back and sure the judges were fine. Sir ray balanced, our relationship with China. Sure we went to
with IRAN and install the democratic regime there, but really at the end of the day, what matters most we won that warrant. On Christmas Eve, Ed, Harrison Domini nuclear. This was the equivalent or even hear anyone say, happy holidays anymore. Nor should there happy holidays and offensive term. To me, personally is an American. Ok, we accepted heard it yesterday when they we talked about the free beacon, holiday, partial. That's not that's! Not what it is. You need to get this office in line trumps. Doing his job is actually going to take care of this in an authoritarian manner and protect the greatest hall day that we ve ever invented here in Amerika Christmas. The fact is, Santa Trot came down the chimney and he's bring in the United States Senate, another republican senator just what cocaine only what are its, what a gift she they'll listen. I MIKE Mike this is the last upset. He was like a little suspicious of her
you don't really think that maybe she was the greatest candidate of all time and I'm starting to buy, and because what I didn't realize before was a what her name was a private matter? Well, right, usually it doesn't, but I think there is a cause for concern. What what does a republican woman doing with a hyphenated last name ok, require any time I see a hyphenated last name, I automatically in Life Ass Lynn status. That is as a phd. Does that? What do you need for? What do you need to name your berries? I know many of proposes to a man, that's exactly what I got loose Harrington and Natalie Johnson. I do not employ may either. I don't have any any like buddy going off the reservation there. I can trust the two of you guys to give me some honesty and some conservative thought in takes in the hot hottest of hot, takes on on the issues of the day when it comes to the United States. I do want to thank Senator Smith. For supporting George Cavanaugh, when she had the opportunity to the, but I just gotta say that, like I am a little weird,
out by the hive made last night. The failure ok go farm while yes, she's not agree college. When in a landslide there right. This thing is now. We particularly close the media has disgrace themselves in the course of this. By turning her into, I don't even know what these sort of female you no equivalent is. You know, the robber bird yeah exactly is a very good like an actual clansmen, the common wasn't even offensive. It was not If it was stupid, it was this the thing to say, but it was a racist and then they Lucius NATO, hang these nooses in the tree. Yesterday the Democrats democratic rights- and they know me we ve had our it like see me. I'd Smith is bringing back the clan they're out in force there out and proud now, because they ve got there cannot their chances of King Democrat put it uses in the trees caused not to mention the fact that the whither
during this. As I was looking online last night and there's like a Washington Post reporter who saying that trust his quote, dragging her across the finish line, but give me a bit like what would look at that imagery talk about sexes, unlike what she can't win this thing on around around raw material. Next, hundreds of migrants from the so called caravan rushed the border over the weekend. Forcing U S border agency, to shoot several rounds of tear gas after many stone, cold criminals were throwing rocks at. U S, authorities President trumpets threatened to permanently closed the southern border, and the media's new angle is that tear gas is banned in WAR Harrison. I guess they ve moved on from there talking point that the caravan is hundreds and hundreds miles away. Well, reality sometimes comes back to buy them in the ass. Doesn't it the video we were seeing coming out yesterday from the border, looks like a final act, a scar,
it's ok. It's like Sosa sent his troops and he was the camera killed. Cockroaches, look at them their storming over the freakin border. They learn like an invasion. Like I dare say, would you say that I well, you know, according to gender Costa they're just coming here for asylum, but then, according to MSNBC yesterday, you have their own rapporteur blow up the entire narrative for the entire country to see where this, she and rule to the biggest communist on cable television. Gone. Cable news today are out there trying to different talk about all, but what about the families that are there? They could find a kid in the entire camp. There was like three of them, but what are they? the porter, save on the grounds that another, these mostly or are guys like you're coming here for a better life. Allegedly they are coming here. Not not as a political asylum seekers they are coming here literally. Just like every other limit. Illegal immigrant comes over the border and your guinea
hostile and we need enforcement at the border. We ve got a border bill face in Congress. Right now, Trot needs five billion dollars for the wall and additional border security. I hope that goes through this week. We we believe we are up against
The wall so to speak out when it comes to actually having republican majority to authorize these funds. So it's time to act now. You know that the real story is this potential deal between Mexico and the United States on locating the asylum seekers on the mexican side of the border as their claims or adjudicated. If this deal were to be reached between Trump and the incoming mexican President Lopez over door, it would be a great step toward the kind of resolving the issue of the caravans, because otherwise there is really no end in sight. Inaction keep that's gonna, keep happening, and you know the Brian shouts. The senator from Hawaii on Twitter said that the use of tear gas may have violet
the Chemical Weapons Ban Treaty right and that this type of soft headedness is so ridiculous. Tear gas is used to break up riots that echo what was happening and unfortunately, no one seems to be able to communicate to the to the asylum seekers on the one hand or to the economic migrants, which seems to be an increasing number of these people, that this is not the way to enter to China. The United States that we should be using mustard gas can't part and extreme I'm. I am struck by the fact that, in the midst of all this wall, but what do we have you? No three weeks left of republican control of the United States. What are they? Gonna do than are going to build a wall to keep out the criminals
they're, going to let the criminals in this country out of the jails jailbreak they're gonna have a jailbreak in this country risk. What what's that he's back till when the Democrats have the have we gonna do abide partisan. It could be twenty years before we have this control of the government and a chance to do something to denouncing inevitably was dead and instead they got this stupid criminal. The former HIV any normal conservatives who sit there and be like what is this Are you doing this? That is a deal work out with the Democrats later. Maybe you get a little more. Maybe a few more criminals get out. Maybe if you last, who cares one shot to do something conservative before it's over and this is what they're gonna wasted time. Any also remember, as the only have three weeks you got about thirty five judges, I think that they could still confirm in this in the Senate and that's been Mcconnell parity all the time to there's plenty of other things.
To do yet? Why wasting time on the criminal justice reform? Is it just shows you little has been done with this majority in the two years that we, that is, the clock, we are taking on the judges or some job. You can always reminders the anti renominated rang. I think it has to go through the process again with Zog with the next Senate, but and then there's this issue, flake being flaky and saying he's not for them not for me yeah you want to go. I gotta mills have at their gonna, kick Kemal a higher softer judiciary committee. That's no. That would be something to look forward to an excellent. I love they all do. You have touched on it, but look at the contrast in actual political leadership Mitch. Mcconnell actually has his people like onboard, marching forward in progressing with conservative actual policy in confirmations in the United States Senate and the house. Paul Ryan.
Utter failure of leadership or jack and around my allotted criminal justice reform, it's a really is. That is why we lost. We did not have a clear, cohesive message and we did not have decisive leadership and United States House that provided a vision of a conservative America at next Russia blocked and opened fire on three cranium ships and took at least twenty three sailors into custody. Young ambassador, Nicky Hayley condemned Russia for taking outlaw actions and said the United States will maintain its crimea rule related sanctions against Russia. She said Russia's actions will further undermine Russia standing in the world further sour, Russia's relations with the? U S and will further increase tensions with Ukraine. Present Trump said he could not
Happy about the situation before his plan meeting with Putin at the G20 mad. What should the response be? Well, that's a big question. I'm not sure at the look. Nato just held one of its largest exercises ever in the North Baltic and I think that to some degree, this may have been a response to that. There is also increasing domestic pressure on Putin over his pension reforms, The social security reforms which, like in every other country, are unpopular and so classic autocrat move. You come under pressure at home city stirrup trouble abroad, Ukraine's of frozen conflict. Could we do more to give aid military aid, in particular to the ukrainian government sure, and we probably should, but I don't see any way out of the conflict anytime soon Harrison. I think there's only one man to can save us in this conflict
any sitting in jail right now, Paul manner. The guy who knows both sides, the equation he went from part in them. He can make him special rapporteur, for maybe Ukraine, Russia. He may not view and ambassador. Are you an ambassador? We want opening here the peacemaker that we need buddies, lay the peacemaker. We deserve that second plank of farm. I I I I have to say have struck in all this. This actually happened, It states during the Obama administration it wasn't. It wasn't like the Ukrainians, gotten a little naval scuffle the arena. Took our boats, yeah and the Obama administration did go. They did not There was no response. They waited a week. You're too, they finally got him released, and that was that in you know, so there no response? Now the Democrats want what exactly I feel it
if Trump, when nuclear. If he went off to handle these the power and say you know it's more bellicose at risking a cold war over an ally. You know you would it your motion they let him take Crimea. Now trust was to go to war. Over three can boats look imo hardliner on Russia. I would like to see them give all kinds of weapons to the Ukrainians. That would be super irresponsible. See what happens see how many dead Russians you end up with. That is the policy I favour, but the idea that Michael MC fall Ben roads are gonna, sit there and lecture the Trump administration over. What the proper response should be to the closing the sea of resolve its ludicrous mean resolve Emmy, my God,
That's where we're at right now, d, nor that of barbarism somewhere or other, took a shot of Wild USA, said Black sea out what you say. It's the near there right now, it's time to check in with her favorite pop culture, expert, madly, Johnson, one annulling alive, but he got brass. Maloney Trump has unveiled. This year's White House Christmas decorations prominently featuring forty crimson top be airy, trees and the east call an odd and fourteen thousand ornaments in the grand fire and cross hollow Very nice is suitable theme is quote american treasures and the right Trees are meant to represent the thus stripes found in the presidential sealed designed by the founding fathers as a symbol of valor and bravery. That's exactly what I
as are the same, but naturally mainstream media outlets. An highbrow fashion. Magazines, are quick to criticise the decorations vanity, fair, add a multiple scroll, article, o and ultimately scroll ass described. I will allow needles judge like up yes describing the look ass could sinister writing that it wouldn't be a Trump Whitehouse Chris, without a menacing touch to what is otherwise a lavishly and beautifully wrought winter run. Wonderland This is so insane. I reckon the red within industry. Yes, yes, and they said the crow in trees are probably died with liberal blood, a boiling I mean this is so in saying I saw the video these declarations as like who ran organisers, seeing I like it and then you look on any rule out loud wineries, terrify it's scary data shining. Are these trees? Naturally, red
leaders, like all the writers, says that they were made of barriers, but no one is exactly sure got just started alien. I thought it look. Like must throw. I thought it was an idea. You were, of the lobbyists very fashion, flyby much energy and knew TAT she plays, and she did this last Christmas, two she played into the minimalist train. That's going on right now and I I don't I loved it, but my favorite article criticising was the Post Washington Post, published an article thing red Christmas. Trees are a bad sign in Europe because in Ukraine, green pine trees turned red after Radio active incident in the fighting is unsure. That's what mulatto is that maybe she was actually under debate. Say: it's a win. Win at another when, when doesn't matter what her intentional those she cant do anything and then
I mean we just there is a ton of descriptions, the. How will it go away? You lied, murderers, avenue, avenue of bloody sure. Yes, yes, lay called them the red Christmas trees of death. So help you she had the same issue last year, another ala had had said if the started with a sense of impending doom feels familiar it's because the EAST call an odd last year was decorated as an ice. Queens frozen layer was also gorgeous. It was beautiful, it's very nice, but the white with a white trees everywhere in the Silver Z there Winter wonderment isn't Elsa my screen yeah like what's wrong, that she's a great ice queen Anne she,
The phenomenon in the movies there shouldn't lived love that don't ever loved of MILAN. It does a sad as very what else you got a Gwen. His pouch row spend things giving with her Ex Chris Martin and his new girlfriend Dakota Johnson, who starred in fifty shades of gray com. In Greenwich, kids, Apple and Moses Rivera, never gets all supported, calls her they now, while other very odd teenagers proteins, are teenagers. How old our closer nature? They took Dakota, that's true. I have no idea probably come close to she's young you re yeah, she's cylinder. Twenty, this weird dynamic. What you spent thanks giving with the with the accident ever younger Alfred and her new higher in her new husband, Brad, full Chuck was there whose headway growing up in an army, not hate her. I mean outermost, usually heritable person and yet she's like making billions of dollars.
People are buying her. I don't understand, get her website. Insane, have you ever scroll through? I don't know it was a goop. Yes, so weird, it's really insane but hey more power tat, so her new has not in any movies any more so than the armed men movies Those are the five years will have. Where have you been with this, though? Making them read some movie, you has yeah. She is now in its own anti virus, she's an infinity world wars good for all, right and lots, and while she then one of my favorite movies country, strong, so never said a classic. Was it like find your straight out of your way? Has a hammer tomb said the conscious speaking of a massive rise in the latter has anyone.
When we had ended the hallmark. Nothing like a bad. Perhaps that plays anyone here and there has been a that is anymore. Now it is denying hustles it's really you. Some of those for Christmas episode is a good idea, so the conscious and coupling is going well, so they can one big, weird, happy family and Hollywood today, I'm confederate their modern family for them. Thank you so much this much, He did culture uptake of course, a first in our culture around the e coli outbreak that shut down the entire, an entire industry and left Americans paralysed in fear of roaming. Let us has been traced to the central coasts region of California. This is a second outbreak this year following
one earlier, where remained was linked to equal. I that resulted in five dead and two hundred and ten sick Matt. Is it time to expel California from the union? I think this is just the latest evidence that shows that California needs The go right because remember the equal I break out, which could be well interpreted as a form of local warfare. Biological warfare on California, from California underestimation comes on. The heels of California is decision to hold a month long election when you were We what every single precinct in the rest of the country is done finished we had recounts in Florida. We had the judicial battles in Georgia all done, but not California there, yet they were with allowing every Republican Lee and amazingly yes, amazingly the election last five weeks.
Everyone about losers. Democrats, if it is the most remark, we want me to send his election, no ears were trying to do from. These is therefore Newsome look get at it. Have to run against me and twenty twenty. You can be the emperor, California, bye bye. Maybe we are less levies it I'm for colleagues it after this after this latest Why is no Republicans? Because- and this is one of the larger questions I have for the panel Romania's my favorite lettuce and its tainted, What are you gonna and I've been forced to have to offer
the Irish. Can I say this as a good: this? Is it the main it was Michelle Obama behind this outbreak force, everyone on clay also relay unless she was the one on the left. I dont know where she was used prior there with her book. Tour with an ethic man was California, is new to California, arose from my home state to defend them because the actually do provide like all the food for its country. It's it's a wonderful place, but the problem. Is here, is that you have people on the lettuce. Ok, in all likelihood is coming from south of the border. Rivers. We are going to California. The wall, you knew just native Unita vetting, says you so much need a very stream that you need. You need centres that can avail
the way the merits of these silent when would sum toilets in the field, one at that do the trick to it would do the trick rightly so they start small, but somehow, let's just put the Porter Johns out, their job became Baxter your favorite. Let us look iceberg it is my fear, isotopes making this man may re evaluate iceberg. Yeah like that, that's you fit! That's the that is the American. Let us! Ok, it's like a dollar ahead. You can feed a family of eighteen. Forty debate some left over for your pet turtle, because that's that's how you feel it and then you ever confuse romaine with iceberg, because I don't feel like I've been doing that for the less well I've years that the tests are similar, but I will say that a for a single serving you know what one of their hearts romaine is perfect greatest shop, that bad boy up its facets. Easiest thing to do: let me now you gotta what makes you wash off
hoop off, but the for a little more of a challenge, will hearted fresh over the couple a couple of days and crisper fuel rain got fired. I don't think a lot about, let us entirely, but my wife did send me to this. Or over the holiday to get letters for the Turkey sandwiches and she told me no romaine and I stood there like a complete ass all in front of you, no seven. What kinds of lettuce for five minutes strangled the look on German. We have actions which- and I just assume everybody sovereign about this- the stores must uphold the romaine. There was better. I don't know my lettuces apart. You dollars the moral, thereby why you end up with I've, brought two things. Let us all told her figure it out this to random eggs in their lives? They were kind I've been spinach a US. I, like Spain, I LAS Vegas Microgram, groggery eyelids
a car like the super splendid greens- I don't know maybe makes us you. Can you do that? we won't have to worry about this when California is no longer. Products are up. Next, a bare was caught walking into a police station in California, as video footage reveals a bare standing up on its hind legs promptly, turning a door handle and casually strolling through the California Highway Patrol Facility near Lake Tahoe, after checking out, what's on display in a nearby vending machine, the bare then poked around the office before leaving through the same door. It entered Harrison as a survivalist. What is the proper protocol if a bare breaks into free beacon headquarters? It's happened before usually just MR catastrophe that we, like twenty four, handle the situation of great perfectly, the maddest just texted me.
And he goes well. I guess this is smarter than the average bear that is present high, Sylvie failure. I must find a way yes, so right now we sure, as hell, no its not smoky bear. You know he's busy. These days may well he's out of his job. They fire smoking about. Well, you didn't do is work preventing forest fires. Didn't Yan smoky bears. A problem gets no one that stopping prescriber, but most there are probably ever seen a barren. While now and I'm glad I hope they are elusive creatures when they want to be. I almost hit one in upstate New York several years ago, really groups crash right across the road and rent front. Are they jumped into these bushes words like, ok, there's no opening in these bushes like this is with thick foliage and they just disappeared and they come out of nowhere and they will each you yet apparent
I can just walk right into your house, all in Doorn and recovered and parasites. So we look their dirty filthy, vicious creatures stay away pity and ambiguous loud noises are well. What do you do do you like your? We haven't rival, as you are? Well, I'm not really a survivalist on more just practical American who knows that if you move into their neck of the woods so to speak, you're gonna, give that what this problem that this story raises, though it you can try to stay. From bears, but the bears a car commoner. You don't go anywhere. You know you have all this Elon musk talking about how mankind needs to merge with machines. I think something's something's merged with the bears now, there's clearly exhibiting higher intelligence. You see him open the door he's like the rapporteur and Jurassic Park right and once they achieve that type of big claw awareness, yeah we're in trouble because their bigger and stronger than us. Now I got time
to check on my email is written twitter alone. When I look back up, we're still talk about merits. A dyke issue has been like that. I guess you there, you don't care at can you hunt bear yes, absolutely need to encourage that? You cannot the grizzlies that aired or Israel launch a virtual this year. They try to let him Hungary's up. Montanans some live judge that that, but are there, for the endangered like all the not anymore, that's the point is like in another problem than other. Now their danger were endangered. I took them the movie, the edge my favorite movies. Remember they get a loner noted that at the moment on, alas, all round and Baldwinsville Baldwin giving there's a bare totally killed by spikes. At the end, I think, Where's, MR grisly! Yes, don't forget that art the bear he Eightam he was delicious.
Finally, the holiday season is a time for families to come together in a new tradition of finding out more things. Millennials can't do like turning on a tv, the Wall Street Journal reports on the trials and tribulations of millennials with the remote control, as grown children, returned home and have to be how to use their parents promotes quote younger users used to navigating the world through. A touch screen are struggling with the morass of devices, with dozens of cryptically label buttons. The journal reports, the few millennials who don't still live with their parents, have trouble when they come home to find several remote one for surround sound another turn on the tv and a third for net Netflix and Hulu one there, for Europe Phd candidate in Ottawa has to be shown every time how to turn on the tv and she's quote baffled. Another third for he rode off as administrator from Minnesota said. If she gets up before her parents in the morning shall typically wait for one of them to wake up and assist go far, but how many remote do you have?
I have one remote I repeatedly and universal remove it, but it has buttons. It does not I am paper touch screen happy, but I'll tell you It doesn't make any sense to me that the kids, what do they have. What do they think they have the apple tv remote, which has I try buttons, Natalie. We're looking at you and I'm confused. I would get it if it was generation, z, but millennials. We grew out of earth tv buttons. I mean it's not like. We didn't have remote scurrying knave infused by they don't pretend to deal with any more what a user who knows it's explains the were. Or out of hand like that way, if you're using a remote with seventy five buttons on it, Gotta use that, for you, that's your tv and then you while another one with another. Seventy five buttons match for the cable box at the satellite box, and then you got another one with eighteen thousand buttons on it for your sound system. Ok, that is
just got out of hand. Now the only people that can figure the stuff out are the people that are old. You know that it's the booming because they are the ones that are the highest courts, teaching their kids so brilliantly wants to know how to do it because they are the only ones who can fix anything any more than the millennials would just give up. So that's where we're out here, but I want to defend the future generations. Itches technology should become simpler over Ok, for a long time, it was becoming more complicated that go back to Nintendo havoc for buttons on it and the genesis it had like six button. And then all of a sudden. You got every freakin xbox and play station out there. They all got eighteen buttons on. It gets more buttons its ideas I gave up after they out at the forthcoming United Damer anymore now and then a gamer twenty five, because just got too complicated, but what we have finally gun is like: if you look at the Amazon fire, sticklers gothic for buttons on it, but I'll have you any? I gotta do it in the end you talk to, but
I asked the young lady. I am fed up with the amendments twenty times I'm with you on the promotes. I have a first world problem to confess, which is. I cannot use the remote in Fox NEWS, green room. I dont know how first world that is that other leader, I thought they could only humble branded, as I know not a whole brag about. I am leaders, it's a confession of ineptitude because their volume control is this button that you can't. You have the press down, but you have to hold it, but The right amount of ours are greater than those of another working. Also, this makes me slightly sympathetic to some of the people in the story, not the person living their parents who has to wait for them to wake up in the morning that run on a tv like the. Obviously, there are something else at work there yeah. There are thirty four Urology AIDS, English as distinguish between the person with real problems. Mental problems
the person who just is mechanically and now like, without changing the volume at the Fox Green, we'll call Susan's gotten get a run on Fortunately, this all the time we have four days this right rhetoric, let's give special thanks to produce their own before it, of course, are free baking, guess Matthew Canary Harrison like go far and Natalie Johnson remember find us on Itunes, Google play and sticker just search for free beacon. Please subscribe tell your friends and leave a positive You like listener at J put or its who says I love the free beacon, podcast more than chocolate until next
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